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#288 Are We Truly Ready for Full Self Driving ?

With so much in the news regarding TESLA Full Self Driving MODE -we are honored to have computer scientist Chris Piche of Smarter AI on today's WrenchNation Show to explore the technology & investigate the current state of the technology. The development of fully self-driving vehicles is still ongoing, and while there has been significant progress, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed before they can become widely available. While some self-driving cars are already on...


#287 Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage History & One Fantastic Giveaway

Richard stops by the show to discuss the history of Gas Monkey, what the team is up to today in the garage, Youtube 1 million subscriber achievement, and that awesome JailBreak giveaway! We also discuss the ridiculous bill being introduced in Florida , which seeks to ban dogs from hanging their heads out of moving vehicle windows and ...yet another catalytic converter stolen, however, this time, it is the American iconic Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile *This week, Rawlings launched Gas Monkey...


#286 Do You Ever Feel Like Your Marketing Efforts Are Going Nowhere?

You're frustrated as recent marketing & brand reach efforts for your auto ops are similar to your go-round at casino penny slots. I have been there, and can totally relate.. after all the costs of bad marketing efforts start to add up and it can truly roll downhill knocking out every single positive detail you have built for your business. What can you trust that will actually perform well ? What does the message really need to say and resonate with your potential new clients ( THIS IS...



We are breaking down the key areas of maintenance, specifically the fluid flushes, while helping you prioritize a plan so you are not stressed out. What services can wait..and what truly needs to be done sooner than later to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.


#284 Why You Utterly Hate Dealing with Vehicle Service -Tips on How to Turn This Around

You have a pretty well-operating automotive service operation, with the latest in technology, and a fantastic team of service advisors and well-trained technicians. Add the glowing reviews that you have worked hard for and VOILA -you have the recipe for success ...UNTIL... .."I don't like going to the mechanic because it always feels like I'm getting taken for a ride! Every time I go, they tell me I need something else fixed and it's never cheap. Plus, I'm always worried that they're going...


#283 Largest Car Show on The Greens Raising Funds for PCH

Peter Volny is the Founder of the Concours in the Hills which will celebrate its 9th year on Saturday, February 4, 2023, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Peter’s career included growing one of Canada’s most successful advertising agencies, Griffin Bacal Volny, whose clients include many major players in the automotive field. He’s been an editorial advisor and regular columnist for several magazines. Peter has helped raise over $1 million for Phoenix Children’s over the past nine years through...


#282 Connected ,Autonomous ,Shared Mobility ,Electrification & Sustainability ZF North America

We are honored to have ZF VP North America Aftermarket Ben Smart pitstop on the WrenchNation show! We are diving deep into all things connected & autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, electrification & sustainability. A fascinating discussion on vehicle technology & more importantly the incredible workshops & training available at ZF to assist your service operations. For more details regarding training workshops & resources for your automotive service operations visit ZF North America...


#281 Open AI ChatGPT Pros & Cons for The Automotive Industry

ChatGPT is huge at the moment. How will it enhance your automotive service operations & what will it absolutely not do? The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it can revolutionize the automotive service industry, by allowing for more personalized and efficient services for customers. AI can empower service teams to quickly diagnose problems, accurately predict future maintenance needs, and provide personalized customer service. AI can also provide predictive analytics insights...


#280 2023 Automotive Industry Outlook & Trends

Happy New Year !! 2022 in general was an incredible year for the automotive aftermarket & all things service and repair....not so much for new and used vehicle sales as the later part of the year started to unfold. With the rise in interest rates and the FED tone of taming inflation, consumer sentiment is starting to warn of caution ahead, as they refine what they will be spending their hard-earned wages on. Join us as we bring in the New Year with a look at the automotive industry trends...


#279 Can Artificial Intelligence Make a Difference In the Service Bays?

Artificial Intelligence is now being embraced as a key part of the technology services offered across all sorts of industries and the automotive sector is definitely a key player. In fact, AI in the auto world is influencing the future of self-driving cars and robots helping on the manufacturing floor, and also Voice AI in the Service Bays with software products like Hey Ortho ! How does artificial intelligence make its way to your service bays? Productivity and efficiency are critical and...


#278 Character. Courage . Class. Are We Losing These Timeless Traits in the Workplace ?

As technology is moving at breakneck speed & the digital realm of communication dictates most of our daily lives -are we losing the very basic timeless traits of character, courage & class? With Over 35 years of experience in human resources, sales & marketing, and organizational development in the automotive industry, as well as being the Author of The Human Side: High-Touch Leadership in a High-Tech World, Dr. Bob Passante brings some well-needed balance and "business fresh air" within the...


#276 Rock A Billy Culture & Pinstripping : Von Hot Rod

A legend within the automotive community, with years of hot rodding running through his veins - Von Hot Rod Valdez can be found at car shows across the country with his distinctive style of pinstriping & lettering details applying that steady hand of gorgeous spectacular art lines on everything from classic cars to bowling pins! With a wide variety of television appearances & travels across the globe, Von is also a sought-after speaker and teacher, dedicating his time to teaching thousands...


#275 The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company

The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? The technology of electrification has taken a foothold as many of us are gearing up with the latest training as "E Techs " ( See ZF North America as an example ). We understand the challenges ahead and are willing to invest both time and money toward the vital skill set that will be required...heck ..we have seen this before right? Maybe? ..Our industry is always transforming and the one thing we do is...


#274 Flying Cars & Driverless Tech : The Future of Mobility

The future of transportation is evolving faster than we know it. In fact, a few renowned innovation and design experts say that some of the most advanced futuristic concepts in mobility will be here in as little as five years because of the lightning-speed technologies currently taking place behind the scenes. Danish design talent, entrepreneur, and author Jens Martin Skibsted has been at the forefront of transportation technologies including the Terrafugia Transition, innovating bike...


#273 If You Had To Sell Your Auto Shop ..Are You Truly Prepared ?

After successfully growing from scratch & selling 5 automotive service businesses over the past 25 years ..I can tell you there is an abundance of planning & strategy that not only goes into the numbers ..but into you. Or …let’s switch gears ..are you ready to expand and looking to purchase a business and make it mo’ better with your brand label? Are you truly prepared across the board? My special guest Biz Broker talent Robert Allen stops by WrenchNation to discuss the metrics and details...


#272 Why Negative Energy is Killing Your Creative Self -Fireball Tim Hollywood Concept Artist & Designer

Responsible for over 400 of Hollywood's most famous movie cars Fireball Tim has the deep spirit of automotive art and design excitement running through his veins. His latest series of automotive-inspiring coloring books with cover guests like Jay Leno, Rob Paulsen, Magnus Walker, Syd Mead, Gene Winefield & many more can be found on Amazon at Fireball Tim Lawrence or on Etsy While reaching over a billion viewers as an award-winning car designer, filmmaker & TV host for TLC, Discovery,...


#271 Why Are Many Automotive Shop Owners Reluctant to Join A 20 Group ?

Are 20 Groups & a Shop Coach a Complete Waste of Time? With the majority of independent shop owners across the country totally removed from any level of coaching or interest in seeking out growth from a 20 Group, we had to ask the logical question....why is this the case? This topic is close to the heart for me personally since many years ago, with my very first operation, ( before I teamed up with a coaching group ) ...I did not believe I needed any help at all and ignorantly had everything...


#270 Latest EV News & ASA Networking Shop2Shop Series : Jeff Buckley Special Guest

This year has been ablaze with EV news and advancements in both legal and consumer adaption. In this edition of the show, we will cover the latest news that looks to be fortifying the future of EV's and also discuss what the modern-day automotive technician will require for a skill set to survive in the future. Additionally, Jeff Buckley of the Automotive Service Association makes a brief call to the show to discuss the upcoming Shop to Shop session covering the topic of recruiting,...


#268 Are We Burning Out Diesel Technicians ?

With the overwhelming amount of technology across the board in the automotive & trucking industry...how are diesel technicians really doing? Do we risk burning out a whole generation of commercial & fleet diesel techs from the advancements of technology underhood & difficulties with modern-day testing pathways to diagnose symptoms properly? CEO talent Tyler Roberston of Diesel Laptops is our special guest. Grab a beverage and join us as we dissect the challenges and configure up some viable...


#267 SEMA HS Automotive Build Programs Creating Student Opportunities

SEMA HS Build Program As technology underhood is evolving to what is a serious amount of data to interpret and diagnose, how will the future technician be able to comprehend & successfully repair vehicle platforms of the future? With so many educators and instructors throughout the country teaching both the basics and the very technology of communicating with modules on a BUS system, for example, The SEMA HS Vehicle Program is designed to promote this vital community of students and...