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#296 Cool Comfort: AC Systems and AC Kit Options for Classic Rides

As we delve into the world of hot rods, get ready to learn about the unique challenges and innovative solutions for adding AC to these automotive icons. From preserving the original look to incorporating modern technology, Rick Love, President of Vintage Air , will guide us through the delicate balance of customization and authenticity. Bonus: In-studio show contributor Todd Ramsey of Ramsey Consulting will also discuss SEMA HS build student vehicle auction to raise funds for the program coming in June!


#295 Is a USED EV Worth it ? Going Green on a Budget: Tips for Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

Rev up your eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank! Join us as we explore the world of sustainable transportation and discover the hidden gems of the used EV market. We reveal a few insider tips on how to buy a used electric vehicle on a budget. Going green has never been easier or more affordable.


#294 The Power of Diversity in the Workplace: How it Leads to Innovation and Competitive Advantage

I know that some of you may be skeptical about the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. You may be thinking, "Why should we care about diversity? Doesn't hiring the best person for the job matter more?" Well, let me tell you, diversity and inclusion aren't just feel-good buzzwords. They're critical components of a successful business strategy. Having a diverse workforce brings together people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This creates a more innovative and creative work environment, where different ideas and approaches can be shared and explored. Studies have shown that diverse teams are more effective problem-solvers, and they're better at generating new ideas and insights. Join us for a deep conversation about the significance of diversity in your workplace, as well as the obstacles that can be surmounted in creating a team environment that values everyone, including ourselves. Special guests CEO Tim Eisenmann,and VP of Business Development Jill Trotta of Torqata


#293 Cool Talk: Mastering the Use of Refrigerant 1234YF

Now, I know what you're thinking – "Refrigerant? That sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry!" But trust me, folks, this stuff is anything but boring. In fact, the R 1234YF refrigerant has become a hot topic in the automotive industry, with experts and enthusiasts alike debating the best ways to handle it. R-1234yf is a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant used in vehicle air conditioning systems as a replacement for R-134a. It is a more environmentally friendly option due to its lower global warming potential (GWP) and is therefore becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry. Special guests Christina Spalding, America's Marketing Manager and Constantine Giannaris Americas Marketing Development Consultant, both representing the Chemours Company ( Opteon refrigerant ), join us to discuss the environmental impact, safety & efficiency of R-1234yf. With over 62 million vehicles on the road today that utilize 1234yf, there is a good chance that your service team will need to be proficient and capable of servicing these vehicles as they arrive in your service bays -grab a beverage and join us as we investigate tips you can utilize for 1234yf!


#291 AC or Bust: Surviving the Summer Heat in Your Car

If you're anything like me, you dread getting into a hot car on a scorching summer day. The thought of having to endure the sweltering heat as you drive to your destination is enough to make you want to stay inside all day. But fear not -we have a great show regarding ac tips that will help keep you cool while cruising down the road.


#290 Latest EV News with Automoblog Chief Editor Carl Anthony & BONUS Industry Thought Leader Lucas Underwood Stops By the Show

The Latest in EV News Greetings, fellow earthlings! We are bringing you the latest EV news for the year 2023! First up, we have the big players in the automotive industry going head to head in the EV race. Tesla, Ford, and GM are all vying for the top spot, each trying to outdo the other with their electric offerings. It's like a high-speed game of musical chairs, and the winner takes home the crown of the best EV manufacturer, as Tesla fans will beg to differ ! In other news, there have been some exciting developments in battery technology. Researchers have been working tirelessly to create batteries that are cheaper, smaller, and more efficient than ever before. Did you know that Nike has jumped on the EV bandwagon too? That's right, they've developed an electric car that runs on sweat. Okay, we might be kidding about that last part, but the idea is to use kinetic energy generated from exercising to power your ride. So, lace up your running shoes, and let's hit the road! Last but not least, the world is getting greener every day. Governments around the world are incentivizing EV adoption by offering tax breaks, rebates, and other perks to those who make the switch. So, not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you'll also be saving some green in the process. Carl Anthony , Editor in Chief of Automoblog , Founder of Auto Vision News, and a serious all-things City of Detroit fan is our special guest as we navigate the latest goings on in the EV space! But first ......Lucas Underwood of the Changing the Industry Podcast & Shop Owner of L & N Performance out of North Carolina sets us up with an incredible announcement of why you really need to take some time out of the garage and attend the upcoming ASTA Networking event bringing both service technicians and service advisors together to discuss the solutions required on both ends for a more productive and positive future of the automotive industry! Grab a beverage for a jam-packed show & remember your comments and input on the topic are always welcomed!


#289 From Inmate to Advocate: A Journey of Reform and Redemption

From Inmate to Innovator: A Story of Prison Reform, Redemption & Advocacy Chris Martin, a former semi-pro baseball player from Virginia who was raised in Kansas, not only infuses for a living but also to keep on living, due to his struggle with Chron’s disease. As the founder of Hempful Farms, Martin is a dedicated family man with five children, including three grown kids, who is determined to end Prohibition by promoting the healing power of hemp to the world. As a 26-year chef, Martin has owned and operated ten restaurants, four of which he co-owned. In 2009, he founded Zonka Bars but encountered legal issues due to unclear medical marijuana laws. This prompted him to shift his focus from product-only to opening a sit-down restaurant. Martin's exceptional culinary skills and diagnosis of Chron's disease inspired him to establish Hempful Farms Cafe in 2014, with the goal of introducing more people to the healing potential of cannabinoid-infused food. Due to Martin's imprisonment, his family was forced to close the cafe and relocate the Hempful Farms production facility and retail store to north Phoenix in 2017. Quickly becoming one of the most prominent producers and processors of hemp-derived CBD, Martin currently offers over 50 items and has established multiple brands, including Weedless, Paw Puddy, and OG Zonka Farms. With an incredible history of so many obstacles and barriers, along with a stint in prison - Chris has been on a mission to kick up the conversation regarding prison reform to higher, more practical, conversations centered around the lack of training programs for inmates as they are released, and in many occasions, because of the lack of skills to re-enter society in a productive manner. We are honored to highlight The Chris Martin Story and discuss how industries & business sectors, including the automotive industry, need to take a closer look at giving opportunities to inmates that are being released with an effective training program and productive future for all sides of the table. Conversations on Criminal Justice As an added bonus political consultant Brian Fox of AZ Valley Consulting stops by the studio to discuss the upcoming panel discussion for an in-depth look at how homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health are criminalized, policed, and handled within Arizona's correctional and re-entry systems of to which many legislators will be in house to discuss solutions. Chris Martin Book : The Chris Martin Story Visit Hempful Farms Panel Discussion Details


#288 Are We Truly Ready for Full Self Driving ?

With so much in the news regarding TESLA Full Self Driving MODE -we are honored to have computer scientist Chris Piche of Smarter AI on today's WrenchNation Show to explore the technology & investigate the current state of the technology. The development of fully self-driving vehicles is still ongoing, and while there has been significant progress, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed before they can become widely available. While some self-driving cars are already on the road today, they typically require a human backup driver to take control in certain situations. There are a number of technical, regulatory, and ethical considerations that must be taken into account before fully self-driving vehicles can be deemed safe and ready for widespread use. For example, self-driving cars must be able to navigate unpredictable and complex environments, such as busy city streets, and they must be able to communicate effectively with other vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure. Additionally, regulations and laws will need to be updated to account for the unique challenges and risks associated with self-driving vehicles. There are also ethical questions surrounding the use of self-driving cars, such as who would be held responsible in the event of an accident. Overall, while progress is being made, it may be some time before fully self-driving vehicles are ready for widespread use. What technology is required to keep us safe? The legislation required for mass adaption on our roadways. The biggest shortcomings of FSD currently. Tesla's latest massive over-the-air update -should it be considered a Recall? Join us as we dissect the current state of FSD & decipher the future of autonomous platforms !


#287 Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage History & One Fantastic Giveaway

Richard stops by the show to discuss the history of Gas Monkey, what the team is up to today in the garage, Youtube 1 million subscriber achievement, and that awesome JailBreak giveaway! We also discuss the ridiculous bill being introduced in Florida , which seeks to ban dogs from hanging their heads out of moving vehicle windows and ...yet another catalytic converter stolen, however, this time, it is the American iconic Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile *This week, Rawlings launched Gas Monkey Garage Giveaway #5: Build Your Own Jailbreak a 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Jail Break Model, with a value totaling $135,000, on his website and social media channels. Details : Fans have until April 20 to enter, and a winner is expected to be selected by May 1, 2023.


#286 Do You Ever Feel Like Your Marketing Efforts Are Going Nowhere?

You're frustrated as recent marketing & brand reach efforts for your auto ops are similar to your go-round at casino penny slots. I have been there, and can totally relate.. after all the costs of bad marketing efforts start to add up and it can truly roll downhill knocking out every single positive detail you have built for your business. What can you trust that will actually perform well ? What does the message really need to say and resonate with your potential new clients ( THIS IS CRITICAL) Why FREE THIS AND FREE THAT offers could be destroying the FUTURE of your business. The talented Mike DelaCruz of Overdryve is our special guest as we dissect areas of brand reach and marketing that you need to pay attention to and what you can do immediately to turn your ship around! WrenchNation Coloring Book Launched!! Combining two great industries: Automotive & Music -get your copy today and help us support the show!



We are breaking down the key areas of maintenance, specifically the fluid flushes, while helping you prioritize a plan so you are not stressed out. What services can wait..and what truly needs to be done sooner than later to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.


#284 Why You Utterly Hate Dealing with Vehicle Service -Tips on How to Turn This Around

You have a pretty well-operating automotive service operation, with the latest in technology, and a fantastic team of service advisors and well-trained technicians. Add the glowing reviews that you have worked hard for and VOILA -you have the recipe for success ...UNTIL... .."I don't like going to the mechanic because it always feels like I'm getting taken for a ride! Every time I go, they tell me I need something else fixed and it's never cheap. Plus, I'm always worried that they're going to try to sell me something I don't need. It's like they're trying to take my money and drive away with it!".... Poor communication arises from the vehicle owner or a TOTAL misconception of what vehicle service looks like in their eyes...OR let's just face it ...you totally missed the opportunity to LISTEN carefully and things just rapidly fell apart across the board. Assuming that you're always providing value and training to get better -what the heck is the disconnect ?...and why are consumers SO frustrated when seeking vehicle service and repairs ? .. We tackle a few tips for the consumer on how to stay in control during the service visit which includes what they should expect from your service department and the critical importance of why you must always pay attention to any shortcomings and improve every step of the way for the best service experience to the consumer.


#283 Largest Car Show on The Greens Raising Funds for PCH

Peter Volny is the Founder of the Concours in the Hills which will celebrate its 9th year on Saturday, February 4, 2023, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Peter’s career included growing one of Canada’s most successful advertising agencies, Griffin Bacal Volny, whose clients include many major players in the automotive field. He’s been an editorial advisor and regular columnist for several magazines. Peter has helped raise over $1 million for Phoenix Children’s over the past nine years through Concours in the Hills. Peter is our special guest today as we discuss what it takes to grow a huge car show like the Concours in the Hills, as well as the unwavering passion to assemble car clubs from across the SW for a great cause!


#282 Connected ,Autonomous ,Shared Mobility ,Electrification & Sustainability ZF North America

We are honored to have ZF VP North America Aftermarket Ben Smart pitstop on the WrenchNation show! We are diving deep into all things connected & autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, electrification & sustainability. A fascinating discussion on vehicle technology & more importantly the incredible workshops & training available at ZF to assist your service operations. For more details regarding training workshops & resources for your automotive service operations visit ZF North America WrenchNation Coloring Book Launched!! Combining two great industries: Automotive & Music -get your copy today and help us support the show!


#281 Open AI ChatGPT Pros & Cons for The Automotive Industry

ChatGPT is huge at the moment. How will it enhance your automotive service operations & what will it absolutely not do? The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it can revolutionize the automotive service industry, by allowing for more personalized and efficient services for customers. AI can empower service teams to quickly diagnose problems, accurately predict future maintenance needs, and provide personalized customer service. AI can also provide predictive analytics insights to help automotive service teams better manage their operations. Kieran O'Brien is an entrepreneur, tech founder, and marketer based in Scottsdale,AZ. At the age of 16, O'Brien started an automotive digital marketing firm and has since founded numerous other brands in the tech and marketing space. Kieran pitstops on the show with a deep background and understanding of ChatGPT, but more importantly, the huge opportunities for the automotive service experience. We are also honored to have Bill Nalu of Interstate Auto Care, Greg Buckley of Buckleys Auto Care & talented underhood driveability technician Robert Stage call in to give us their thoughts on how they may, or may not use ChatGPT in their daily operations. *As discussed on the show, here is the AI resource link with a variety of options for utilizing tools for your benefit. Research it and see what may help your business operations. *Show note : As Todd discussed the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) HS build program - make sure to visit their site to help out


#280 2023 Automotive Industry Outlook & Trends

Happy New Year !! 2022 in general was an incredible year for the automotive aftermarket & all things service and repair....not so much for new and used vehicle sales as the later part of the year started to unfold. With the rise in interest rates and the FED tone of taming inflation, consumer sentiment is starting to warn of caution ahead, as they refine what they will be spending their hard-earned wages on. Join us as we bring in the New Year with a look at the automotive industry trends that we hope you can benefit from!


#279 Can Artificial Intelligence Make a Difference In the Service Bays?

Artificial Intelligence is now being embraced as a key part of the technology services offered across all sorts of industries and the automotive sector is definitely a key player. In fact, AI in the auto world is influencing the future of self-driving cars and robots helping on the manufacturing floor, and also Voice AI in the Service Bays with software products like Hey Ortho ! How does artificial intelligence make its way to your service bays? Productivity and efficiency are critical and voice recognition software ORTHO helps you save time while giving you the critical information you need -simply ask for the repair and service info you need and within seconds receive a response -VISIT HEYORTHO.COM FOR DETAILS Eric Turkington of the RAIN AGENCY stops by the show to discuss the latest in A.I. technology, and as a bonus, Master ASE Technician,and, Instructor Tom Rayk of AVI pitstops with us to discuss all things diesel technology and the upcoming January 2023 AVI Conference Training Conference in Florida


#278 Character. Courage . Class. Are We Losing These Timeless Traits in the Workplace ?

As technology is moving at breakneck speed & the digital realm of communication dictates most of our daily lives -are we losing the very basic timeless traits of character, courage & class? With Over 35 years of experience in human resources, sales & marketing, and organizational development in the automotive industry, as well as being the Author of The Human Side: High-Touch Leadership in a High-Tech World, Dr. Bob Passante brings some well-needed balance and "business fresh air" within the frameworks of teams operating at their peak. Connect with Dr Passante on Linkedin for more book details HERE


#276 Rock A Billy Culture & Pinstripping : Von Hot Rod

A legend within the automotive community, with years of hot rodding running through his veins - Von Hot Rod Valdez can be found at car shows across the country with his distinctive style of pinstriping & lettering details applying that steady hand of gorgeous spectacular art lines on everything from classic cars to bowling pins! With a wide variety of television appearances & travels across the globe, Von is also a sought-after speaker and teacher, dedicating his time to teaching thousands of students at local schools & universities. The master behind some of the most incredible pinstriping performed is a true talent within the automotive industry, but more importantly, his heart is large and his compassion for the community is awesome - catch up with his appearances at car shows and visit his site Von Hot Rod and make sure to catch his annual charity event, Benedict Castle Concours Car Show , where hundreds of thousands of dollars is raised for Teen Challenge. Join us as we explore Von's fascinating entrepreneurial history, dedication to the industry & passion for paying it forward for future generations to come!


#275 The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company

The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? The technology of electrification has taken a foothold as many of us are gearing up with the latest training as "E Techs " ( See ZF North America as an example ). We understand the challenges ahead and are willing to invest both time and money toward the vital skill set that will be required...heck ..we have seen this before right? Maybe? ..Our industry is always transforming and the one thing we do is ...evolve. ...but will it all be profitable as a standalone business model for the aftermarket? Can we look to the pioneers in the automotive space that have successfully launched and profitably operated an EV-based business model as an example? ...(they are not easy to find no doubt at this time)... The first commercial independent Tesla service organization providing engineering and aftermarket support is Gruber Motor Company, led by visionary Pete Gruber, and we are honored to have him on the show LIVE today to pick both his business & tech brain regarding the critical steps required to launching an aftermarket EV service business. If you are like me and wonder what this all looks like from a business perspective -join me today for a fascinating insight into the future of what our service bays will slowly take shape like, but more importantly, how we can sustain a profit doing what we love! Upcoming Automotive Training: AVI Conference 2023