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141: Obtaining The Right Professionals For Business Legal Services with Scott Reib

One of the hardships entrepreneurs face is solving problems that involve legalities. That is why it always comes handy to have a relationship with a lawyer even before you end up in a crisis. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and Board Certified Attorney, Scott Reib knows the importance of having a team of professionals in your business, and he gives us the reasons why. Scott talks about his journey from being a sales representative to becoming an attorney, sharing how he has navigated...


140: Time Doctor: Tracking Productivity with Liam Martin

Being busy isn’t synonymous with being productive. Productivity is actually measured by the output of one’s work, and this is vital for every employee in every company. Liam Martin, CEO of Time Doctor, tried to address the issues surrounding productivity by coming up with a time-tracking and productivity tool called Time Doctor. Liam is an entrepreneur himself, and he shares his personal challenges a few years that led him to create the software. Time Doctor has touched over a million remote...


139: Playing The New Game Of Selling with Mitch Axelrod

Every day in business, all of us are pushing to make more, sell more, grow more, and manage the company better. Doing all of these things for some of us is a struggle. Mitch Axelrod, author of The NEW Game of Selling, takes us to the depth of his expertise as he talks about selling and leadership. He shares how he uses the human language as the equivalent of a business proposition, laying down the leverage points in every business. Mitch takes us to his own journey from doing 5,000 sales...


138: The Power Of Outsourcing with Daven Michaels

To be an entrepreneur is a tough job especially if you are still starting up a business. You have this vision board that translates your mission to achieve your desired goals and income. The vision you had from the beginning would look really enticing and simple, but once the real process is coming into place, the struggles come in. In this digital era, hiring an assistant has been made convenient. Outsourcing has been the most reliable source to make this turnout. Daven Michaels has a pool...


137: Transforming Lives Through Vocal Awareness with Arthur Joseph

Arthur Joseph is truly a legend in vocal awareness. With his expertise in helping people make use of the power of their voice to influence others and to show effectiveness as a leader, he was able to train keynote speakers and celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Stephen Covey, Jerry Rice, and Emmitt Smith, to name a few. Most people are incognizant of how voice can change people’s lives, but Arthur knew that the moment his mother dragged him into an accordion...


136: Building And Growing Your Online Brand with Alex Lombard

We all start somewhere before all the momentum kicked in and led us to where we are now. Much of this is true with Alex Lombard, business expert and Chief Marketing Officer of Invigor8. From making $1,500 a month to eventually founding a company, he had to work through trials and tribulations before finding success. Alex imparts what he has learned from those years of helping people grow an online brand and gives us a masterclass on starting with social media. You don’t have to be a...


135: The Power Of PR with Cameron Herold

Known as the CEO Whisperer, our guest, Cameron Herold, was groomed as an entrepreneur. His father and both of his grandfathers were entrepreneurs, and that’s where he got exposed to public relations in the early days. Cameron has been known to double profits by working with his clients, having built two $100-million companies. He shares his wisdom from stage regularly and has been called the Best Speaker Ever by Forbes Magazine. You're going to enjoy this interview and, in particular, our...


134: Business Success: Where Real Growth Comes From with Mike Watts

Business expert Mike Watts has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. He was the kid in the lunchroom selling candy or the one in the neighborhood who’s mowing a lawn. Eventually, he traveled the traditional route of getting a degree and going out to Corporate America, but found himself frustrated with the environment and the lack of opportunity. Together with his wife, he started hitting trade shows, trying to find a way to hustle and make money. They started getting better and better at it...


133: The Magic In Being The Kind Communicator with Elizabeth Barry

In our working environment, we may have come upon people who demean others in order to achieve what they want. Sometimes, these are leaders who tend to walk out of meetings, throw others under the bus, or simply speak in a very mean and harsh manner. Fostering a better way to communicate is Elizabeth Barry, executive coach and author of The Kind Communicator. She takes us into her book and how she came upon a way that would enable individuals to talk through the reaction versus the response...


132: Conquering Limiting Beliefs: The Journey To IRONMAN with Karen Brown

Having been a child of the late ‘60s and growing up with two alcoholic parents, IRONMAN athlete Karen Brown was driven from a very early age. She had a real drive and will to succeed, the ability to never give up. For 28 years, it was her secret dream of competing in the IRONMAN World Championship. However, deep down, Karen had the underlying thought in the deep recesses of her unconscious mind that she was never enough. It was only after she discovered a mind hack, a powerful lever to...


131: Growing And Monetizing Rapid Growth Companies with William De Temple

Starting life on a ranch, dealing with the care and maintenance of both 350 heads of cattle and many complex farm machines, serial entrepreneur William De Temple learned a way to get stuff done. To this day, he's showing us that he hasn't slowed down. If anybody out there knows anything about ranching and farming, William says they know that the cash is extremely scarce. He recounts how he decided to get entrepreneurial at the ripe old age of eleven, trusted his gut and invested in himself...


130: Rick Chapman: Why Social Media For Business is Broken and How to Fix It

The greatest ideas can oftentimes come from a complaint or a problem to solve. For Rick Chapman, the idea for DiiDit came out of the frustration when he could not get a response to his survey requests. It was the genesis of a discussion about building a software platform that would allow people to log in and find things that other people want done and compensate them for doing it. Rick is the managing editor of Softletter also the author of several books covering high tech for the last...


129: Building Your Email List with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez started out as a low-level bank employee. After stumbling across personal development and entrepreneurship, he realized there had to be a better way. He took the winding road until he hit upon his big idea. He is the CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery now with thousands of students who generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers every month. Navid teaches how you could grow your business by building your email list. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s...


128: Residual Income And Flood Insurance with Emerson Willis

Being in real estate really pushes you between that thin line of selling a property and then becoming unemployed. Once you’re done selling, the cycle ultimately begins again. Emerson Willis, CEO of Yep Insurance, learned at a young age from his father the importance of having residual income as early as possible. He shares his journey from watching his father to building his own insurance agency that has been growing rapidly today. Particularly, he talks about the state of flood insurance in...


127: Systems, Softwares, And Coaching Contractors with Jim Johnson

Some of us already have that entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. Sharing his own entrepreneurial journey from the age of fourteen is Jim Johnson, business expert and founder of Contractor Coach PRO. Jim talks about how he found his true north as a coach for contractors while giving his own advice to people in the industry. He discusses some of the systems he has built at creating a successful business, inspiring you to work on the fundamentals to support our businesses better. He also...


126: Universal Laws In Business And Life with Christy Whitman

The things happening around us are very much rooted in the abundance, or the lack thereof, we feel. What is inside manifests on the outside. Christy Whitman, CEO and founder of Quantum Success, is a believer of this. She sees the unmistakable relationship between success and your vibrations to a higher source. Exploring the source of your abundance, she talks about the Universal Laws when it comes to attracting and creating your own reality, breaking it down with the Law of Attraction, Law...


125: The Power Of Video Creation with Jason Hsiao

As the world has become more visual, it is no wonder that videos have become a powerful tool for businesses to market their own products and services. President and co-founder of Animoto, Jason Hsiao, talks about the power of video and the effect it can have on your company. As someone who has worked as a television producer, he has the insights that could help you push yourself among your competitors when it comes to video creation. He also gives some inspiration when it comes to...


124: The Art Of Mixing Technology And Relationships with Olof Mathé

Relationship is key in business. A good foundation to build that is through communication, specifically one that stems from authenticity. Being transparent to the people around you and working towards the same goals with passion keeps you connected with them and helps realize business goals. However, not most of us are great at this. We still find it hard to communicate our thoughts well, even more so on a regular basis. Olof Mathé, founder and CEO of Mixmax, shares how he mastered the art...


123: Maximizing Income As A Nomad Capitalist with Andrew Henderson

Growing up, we have always wanted to become successful. That means acquiring wealth and dreaming of a big house. Yet what seems to slip our minds is the amount of taxes that comes with dreaming of business success. A person who knows this all too well when he started his journey is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist. As someone who grew up being a big saver, Andrew knows the value of money. He talks about saving money on taxes and offers some astonishing discoveries about maximizing your...


122: Tom Kulzer on Practices That Improve Engagement In Email Marketing

With technology at hand, emailing has become an integral part in the business, most especially in the growth aspect. Talking to us about successfully doing email marketing is Tom Kulzer, founder and CEO of AWeber, one of the most well-known email delivery businesses in the world. Tom shares great insights on how we could figure out a way to get people to open more of our emails. He talks about having an algorithm that improves engagement as well as some of the best practices that he has seen...