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121: Optimizing Human Performance with Jairek Robbins

Nothing feels better than being able to serve others and have it circle back to find yourself in a community that is also willing to help you. It’s like the love you gave comes back to you. This is the kind of positive output that Jairek Robbins has experienced throughout his life and now gives back to others. As a performance coach, trainer, adviser, and a congressional gold medal winner, he helps clients and individuals optimize human performance and tap into the seven broad areas of life...


120: How To Show Up For Interviews with Al Cole

Hosting or guesting on a radio show or a podcast has been growing rapidly among entrepreneurs and experts in multiple fields to propel their businesses and careers forward, gaining more clients and followers as well as recognition. If you find yourself interested in pursuing this, you’ll find a lot of great advises here and there is no better person to talk with us about that than Al Cole. As a ten-year veteran broadcaster from CBS radio, an author, musician, and keynote speaker, he shares...


119: Barth Getto on Empowering eCommerce Entrepreneurs With A Cooperative

Becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur can be a very lonely business. Most of those people are the ones who made that transition from corporate America and into this industry where you have to be everything. Barth Getto of Empowery eCommerce is familiar with this and he aims to help entrepreneurs to navigate eCommerce together. He has set up a unique venture through a cooperative with knowledge of the processes that will take them to success, from the marketing, advertising, and merchandising,...


118: Online Courses As A Marketing Vehicle with Iman Aghay

The biggest thing that tends to hold most aspiring entrepreneurs back from their businesses is self-doubt. They continually ask themselves, “Do I know this?” As Iman Aghay learned, you need to move past that self-doubt and into actually doing them because only then will you actually learn. Have you ever been in the position where you tried building a course that you wanted to use to create a company and the foundation of what you want to teach? If so, then Iman Aghay has got you covered as...


117: Jeffrey Shaw: The Secret Language For Meaningful Conversations

Not every connection happens with every spoken word that is out in the open. Sometimes, it lies in the secret language that allows you to connect with each other. This is what Jeffrey Shaw believes and he's on a mission to share this with the world. As a high-end portrait-photographer-turned-coach to entrepreneur in the creative business, he helps people find the more meaningful aspect to a conversation: the unspoken word. By doing this, entrepreneurs get it right from the start because...


116: Move Beyond The Average Algorithm with Ryan Stewman

Persuading his way into the success that he is in now, Ryan Stewman has got an incredible and inspiring story that will push you to continue with your goals. He started behind bars and eventually moved his way out from the jailhouse to the penthouse by his desire to change his life. Now, he is a sales and marketing expert helping people work on their mindset first towards the path of success. Ryan gives the four areas that we have to focus on to move beyond the average algorithm the society...


115: The Art Of Building Relationships with Jordan Harbinger

Building relationships are very necessary for businesses. Yet so many still fail on creating that connection that they end up losing out. If you want your business to succeed, you must practice the art of relationship development. Jordan Harbinger of Advanced Human Dynamics and Art of Charm talks about networking, branding, and relationship development. He explores body language and communication, both verbal and nonverbal, while sharing his own personal journey. He teaches on the education...


114: Getting Into The Virtual Assistant Industry with Bryan and Shannon Miles

Bryan and Shannon Miles is a power couple who grew their company in the virtual assistant industry from two employees to over 60. But as amazing as this story is, like most people, they started with a lot of heart-pounding risks and “burn the boats.” In the spring of 2010, Bryan was working as a VP of consulting for a construction company and was on four to six flights a week. At the same time, Shannon was working for a Fortune 10 company called McKesson. They had two kids at the time, two...


113: Leveraging Your Uniqueness and Experience with Chris Zaino

When you are in a great place where your health is fantastic, when something comes up, you sometimes make the assumption that it’s temporary and it’s all going to go away. That is not necessarily the case. When corrective care chiropractic Chris Zaino found himself in his late twenties contracting a deadly disease, conventional medicine gave up hope on him. However, he didn't give up hope. Instead, he doubled down on discovering a cure. That led him to a huge new business opportunity as the...


112: The Placket: The Most Dramatic Enhancement To Collared Dress Shirts with Rob Kessler

Rob Kessler started out like many of us. He graduated college and took a job, but one day he had a brilliant but simple idea. He became obsessed with it. It took over his life and he refused to stop until he brought his idea and his business to life. His invention could be called the most dramatic enhancement to collared dress shirts in the last 70 years. When you hear about what it is, you, too, will say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Rob Kessler invented the placket, a plastic-like stiff...


111: Being Chief: The Power Of Individual Influence with Rick Miller

After learning important lessons about relationships, accountability, and constant change, Rick Miller emerged as the leader he always was. After his time spent as a Vice President and General Manager for Sperry Corporation, he was snapped up by AT&T as their first Senior Corporate Officer not hired from within. It was there he tripled the growth rate and was promoted to the President of Global Services. Later, he led a Fortune 10 company as the President of the government division of Lucent...


110: Vivid Visualization: Creating A Life Worth Living with Dave Blanchard

From being under millions of debt to resurfacing back with a coaching business inspired by Og Mandino called the Og Mandino Leadership Institute, Dave Blanchard shows how nothing could get in the way if you’re willing to help other people. Dave takes us into his life story and helps inspire people to become their best selves through his programs. He believes in identifying the habits of people through a habit finder to further enhance and help them in their lives. Touching on the importance...


109: LinkedIn Marketing And The Art Of Generating Leads with Jake Jorgovan

Mistakes are necessary steps to success. Jake Jorgovan knows that too well. Before becoming the founder of Lead Cookie, a lead generation services company, he started his career leaving one business after the other. But without giving up and getting discouraged, he eventually landed on a job that has his strong suit: sales consulting. Jake imparts knowledge on LinkedIn marketing, from where to begin to how to generate results. He teaches three important things that will get you leads through...


108: Generating Traffic Through SEO: Creating Value And Comprehensive Content with Stephan Spencer

If you believe that you have value to add then add it. Step up, speak up and become part of the conversation. That is exactly what Stephan Spencer did. Stephan got a job as a mic runner at an internet marketing conference so he can get in for free. As a 24-year-old young guy who thinks he knows SEO and online marketing and conversion stuff more than the panelists and the speakers, he started to chime in on some of the answers. By the end of the day, he had this huge stack of business cards,...


107: How To Master The Art Of Selling with Tom Hopkins

There are no shortcuts to success. Almost every one of us has to go through tough times and learn how to move forward. Tom Hopkins’ journey towards becoming the influential person that he is now proves just how important hard work is. Aptly called The Builder of Sales Champions, Tom is also the author of the book How to Master the Art of Selling. From being thrust into the world of real estate at such a young age, he took on the guidance of J. Douglas Edwards and started doing better,...


106: Nathan Hirsch on Remote Hiring And The Opportunities Beyond

Succeeding in your business is about going beyond the comfortable. Nathan Hirsch is no stranger to this when he built up his own remote hiring software, FreeeUp. Coming from one of those rare success stories that sprung up from a dorm room, Nathan started his now million-dollar business bargaining books in college. He later went out of his comfort zone and started selling toys and baby products at just 21 years old. Talking about his parents and the dream life he wanted, he explored on the...


105: Conversational Marketing Through Building Quizzes with Josh Haynam

There are two big reasons why quizzes are incredibly popular. Number one, people love to talk about themselves, and the other thing is it lets you learn about yourself through quizzes. Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, says a quiz lets people talk about themselves because you're answering questions that are often highly personal within the quiz. A quiz lets you find out about yourself because you're going to get personalized recommendations on how to improve at the end. Josh...


104: Respect-Based Marketing: Installing Buying Beliefs with Bastian Ernst

Businesses is relationship between people, and selling is not about pushing people and putting a lot of sales pressure on the sales event, the sales page, the sales call, and so on. It's all about creating a marketing strategy and creating messaging and communication that is all-around, installing buying beliefs. That’s what respect-based marketing is all about. CEO and Founder of Wild Audience Bastian Ernst explains respect-based marketing is offering something to relevant to a person that...


103: The Power Of Hypnosis with Marshall Sylver

The power of hypnosis could be one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Ultimately, everything is hypnosis because everything is what we perceive it to be, and all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, just the same as all learning is self-learning. Marshall Sylver is a respected business consultant and a world class hypnotist. Marshall says while we are 100% in control of our thoughts and emotions, we are not 100% in control of our environment or our world. The one that we're dealing with in the...


102: Solving Pain Problems: Replacing Pain With Success with Extus Justin

There are a lot of businesses you might like to go into, but coaching consultant Extus Justin says the one that you should go into is the one that is solving pain problems for other people. Offering coaching and advice and going out and saying, “Here’s what I want to help someone with,” is a route that can lead to failure. Instead, you should try to find what people are struggling with and figure out how you can make them realize their problem and want to solve it. Extus says your job is to...