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Your Optimal Personal Economy (YOPE) is not solely based on your investment rate of return. It's your ability to protect, save, grow, distribute, enjoy and transfer. It's your ability along the journey to seek fulfillment in all domains of life, not just money.

Your Optimal Personal Economy (YOPE) is not solely based on your investment rate of return. It's your ability to protect, save, grow, distribute, enjoy and transfer. It's your ability along the journey to seek fulfillment in all domains of life, not just money.


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Your Optimal Personal Economy (YOPE) is not solely based on your investment rate of return. It's your ability to protect, save, grow, distribute, enjoy and transfer. It's your ability along the journey to seek fulfillment in all domains of life, not just money.






Episode 83 -- Reflecting on 2020 -- With Aric Johnson

Although 2020 was a shared, global experience, many people across the world experienced things differently. How has 2020 been for you? In this episode, Justin Bennett is joined by Aric Johnson, a marketing consultant who works with a number of financial professionals all over the country. Together, Justin and Aric go back in time to revisit, recap and reflect on the year 2020 to gain a better understanding of our behaviors during this unprecedented time. In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 82 - Why I Won’t Tell You What To Do With Your Money

Justin Bennett isn’t a fan of when financial professionals tell people what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their finances. Rather than telling you what to do, Justin believes in showing you what’s possible. Today, Justin unpacks why he strongly believes that it’s not the financial professional’s responsibility to tell clients what to do with their money. He also explains how his team helps clients discover what’s possible with their protection and wealth-building so they can make a...


Episode 81 - Focus on What You Can Control During COVID-19 (Here’s How!)

The pandemic has obviously altered our day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. But the way Justin Bennett sees it: You can either let COVID-19 control you –– or you can control yourself in relation to COVID-19.Today, Justin shares why he believes these are the only options we have for maintaining our mental and physical health in the midst of this pandemic. He also reveals what routine he refuses to let go of right now, despite some major obstacles. In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 80 - High Performers Give Back to Their Competition (Here’s Why!)

If you're performing at the top of your game, it's important to give back from a place of abundance versus scarcity –– especially to people inside your own industry. Today, Justin Bennett talks about why he accepted the invitation to present in front of a competing firm. He reveals what lesson he shared with them and why he encourages top performers to give back within their own industry. In this episode, you’ll learn: Tune in now to get inspired to give back with abundance! Resources:...


Episode 79: Is Your Perspective Ready for the 2020 Election Outcome?

No one knows what will happen in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. That's why it's critical to make sure your perspective is properly aligned. To help you properly position your plan now and going forward, Justin Bennett uncovers how the market has historically reacted to presidential elections over the long term In this episode, you’ll learn: Tune in now for advice on how to properly position your plan as we prepare for the 2020 election. Resources: Bennett Financial Group: (732)...


Episode 78 - Be Aware of Misleading and Sensational Financial language

Have you ever stumbled upon an article with a misleading headline? Has a headline ever scared or startled you? Language has the power to move people. That’s why Justin Bennett wants to help you think critically about the words you’re exposed to, especially in the context of financial strategies. Today, Justin discusses the prevalence of misused language when it comes to financial strategies and how educating yourself can protect you from falling into common traps. In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 77: Are You Committed To Your Craft?

Do you enjoy what you do? Does it provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Do you enjoy what you do? Does it provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment?Today, Justin Bennett highlights the value of placing a high-level of commitment into your craft using strategies like peer advisory groups. He provides an in-depth picture of his experience with cultivating his craft and shares how learning from others can help you bring value to your business.In this episode, you’ll...


Episode 76: 4 Planning Principles That Guide High-Income Earners

High-performing professionals who earn high income levels gravitate towards four planning principles. Today, Justin Bennett uncovers the planning moves that high income-earning professionals commonly make and benefit from. These professionals are usually at an extremely high level in their profession and may include business owners, high-level sales professionals, and high-level executive managers. This episode will take you inside Justin’s newest white paper, “How To Empower the Present...


Episode 75: Is It Time To Stop DIYing Your Financial Plan?

Do you feel like you should be able to create and monitor your own financial plan? This is a feeling that many high-performing business owners and professional may experience. However, is it possible that your DIY plan is only suboptimal? Today, Justin Bennett shares the story of a new client relationship. This client is a high-income earner whose life was becoming so complex that he started to question whether he should keep calling all the shots with his finances. In this story, you will...


Episode 74: Case Study: Should I Add My Spouse to Payroll for the Social Security Benefit?

If you were interested in a planning strategy that involved a specialized topic, like Social Security, what lengths would your financial professional go to in order to help you make an optimal decision? In this episode, Justin Bennett walks you through a planning case study. You will explore the case of a longtime, high-performing client and how Justin approached his question. In this episode, you’ll learn: Listen now to hear a case study that demonstrates what steps Bennett Financial...


Episode 73: 3 Pillars of Success for Your Personal Economy –– With David Bachstetter

Do you have a planning quarterback who is dedicated to helping you optimize your personal economy? In this episode, Justin Bennett is joined once again by David Bachstetter to discuss how David could add value to your planning and what’s important to you, your family and your business. David additionally uncovers three pillars of success that could add value to your personal economy. In this episode, you’ll learn: Listen now to hear how David Bachstetter’s experiences in corporate finance...


Episode 72: A Career Change into Comprehensive Planning –– With David Bachstetter

If you felt like something was missing from your career, would you make the jump into a more fulfilling profession? Today, Justin Bennett talks to someone who has done just this — Bennett Financial’s newest member, David Bachstetter. Together, they unpack David’s robust experience in the financial services industry and what sparked him to transition into the comprehensive planning world. In this episode, you’ll learn: Listen now to meet David Bechstetter, the newest member of Bennett...


Episode 71: Let Your Investment Portfolio Do Its Job –– With Shane Rogers

Did you know that investments are only one piece of an optimal plan? Having the proper planning in place will allow your investments to do their job. In this episode, Justin Bennett is joined by Shane Rogers, the Director of Investments at Bennett Financial. Together, they discuss the pitfalls of DIY investing, the benefits of working with a financial professional, and how to let your investment portfolio do what it’s supposed to –- instead of clinging to a short-term view. In this...


Episode 70: How I Overcame Dark Moments to Cross the 100-Mile-Race Finish Line

Have you ever considered giving up in the middle of a challenge, despite having worked tirelessly to prepare for it? You might have even started rehearsing the reasons you would give your friends and family for quitting. Justin Bennett has been there, too. Today, Justin talks about how he pushed himself to complete his second 100-mile race, despite having dark thoughts about tapping out. You won’t want to miss this episode, as Justin speaks candidly about his race experience and how it...


Episode 69: What to Focus on During Life’s Unexpected Events

Is your balance sheet positioned to withstand life’s curveballs, like the current COVID-19 pandemic? Do you know what financial actions to focus on right now? In this special episode, Justin Bennett shares his recommendations for planning items to focus on so you can stay the course with your plan. Justin also discusses the features of a protection-first planning approach that is designed to get you through unplanned life events — no matter how disruptive they are or how long they...



In this special episode, we share updates on how we are responding to the COVID-19 situation, how we’re assisting our clients, and what actions we feel consumers should take during this time of uncertainty. Tune in now to learn how the marketplace is being affected and what we’re doing to help clients during this tumultuous time. 2020-99498 Exp: 4/2022


Episode 68: Not All Assets Are Treated The Same From A Tax Perspective

Are you saving your money that’s earmarked for the future in assets that are taxed differently?? In this episode, Justin Bennett explains the purpose of saving money in three silos: taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts, and tax-free accounts. You will learn about the features of each account and why they each play a critical role in your optimal personal economy. In this episode, you’ll learn: Listen now to learn about the three silos that Justin recommends for your growth...


Episode 67 - 6 Ways to Save More Money — Even if Your Income Doesn’t Increase

Do you believe that getting a substantial raise is the only way to save more money? Today, Justin Bennett explains why it’s possible to save more money at your current income with six common, but often overlooked, cashflow-triggering events. In this episode, Justin walks you through each event and tells you how to direct the new money onto your balance sheet. In this episode, you’ll learn: Join Justin now to learn about six cashflow-triggering events that can generate new money for you to...


Episode 66 — Is Your Financial Plan Coordinated or Disjointed?

Most people don’t have a good understanding of what financial professionals do. This lack of understanding leads them to have disjointed financial plans that can cause more stress in different domains of their lives. In this episode, Justin Bennett helps you better understand the role of financial professionals and speaks to the importance of working with a planner who will focus on your entire financial picture. This is your walkthrough of Bennett Financial Group’s planning philosophy,...


Episode 65 - How to Borrow Capital Without Disrupting Your Plan

Let’s say you wanted to purchase a second property as an investment or for your family to enjoy — or both. How would you get the proper capital for a down payment without disrupting your planning? In this episode, Justin Bennett shares the story of how he helped a long-time client with his planning resulting in him doing what he wanted to do. This conversation highlights the power of having options, and the opportunities that can come from using the cash value built up inside of a life...