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Don't Feel Pressured by Your Dream

This is a rebroadcast of on of our older episodes. We are working on creating new content, if you want updates on that process check out What happens when all this “Dream” talk starts to feel like pressure, and you worry that you should’ve figured it all out by now? When it comes to deciding your next steps, how fast is fast enough? How slow is too slow? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss “figuring it out” from two very different perspectives, and ask...


We're Shifting our Vision!

We're super-excited about some changes we have coming for Impactivity. We are always implementing our own material, and after a recent Design episode about Vision and Strategy, we did a bit of re-evaluating ourselves, and realized we needed to make some critical tweaks. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss where Impactivity has been, where it's going, and how YOU are going to be more important than ever. And if you'd like to give us really valuable input, plus hear when new stuff...


Create a Review that Works for You

Is looking back over our days and weeks really necessary? Can we really add one more thing to our already-crammed To Do list? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the life-giving reasons for pausing to review, and some quick and easy ways to get it done. And if you'd like a simple tool to help you take that pause each week, check out the Weekend Watershed, a free download that will give you some printable pages to use each week. You'll find it at


How to Manage Your Day

Which is more important... planning or executing? Both! How do we get the best of both, to make the most of our time and map out our day-to-day actions? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss how to create "time blocks" that will move you forward in a way that's both strategic and non-overwhelming. Tools and Resources mentioned in this episode: Podcast: How to Make the Dream Tangible (breaking it down) Procrastination Eliminator:...


How to Make the Dream Tangible

When we're feeling overwhelmed by our Dream, defeating the mental blocks are only half the issue. Getting strategic by breaking down our Dream and making it both tangible and actionable is also key. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss how to find your Vision, Strategy, and Tactics and get them spelled out simply, to give yourself a map to defeat the feeling of being overwhelmed. Need some help putting all this together and making it tangible? The Strategy Map will walk you through...


When Overwhelm Shuts Down Your Dream

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when we're staring at our Dream, and feeling uncertain or insecure about how to get started. If a Dream is worth pursuing, it's going to feel hard, right? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed that we often have at the start of something new, and talk about how to push past this roadblock that keeps us stuck. And if you're still struggling with some of the other obstacles to pursuing your Dream, check out...


How "Christian" does your Dream need to be?

There's a tension that exists between focusing on the deeper purpose behind the Dream we've been given to pursue, and remembering to give attention to ourselves at the same time - to our desires, our health, and our joy. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel debate whether it's important to keep a focus of loving and serving people uppermost in everything we do, or whether that focus can decrease the healthiness of our lives. And if you're wondering about your own purpose - trying to figure...


How to Start a True Community

Are the relationships in your life too surface and casual? How do you go deeper with people, to the point of true biblical community? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel give tons of practical advice on putting together a group of people who truly support each other in life. Finding a group of people to go deeper with can be challenging. What kinds of questions do you need to address, to get to the next level with people? The Community Start-Up Guide will walk you through a set of...


When Recharging Feels Too Hard

What happens when you're so exhausted by life that you need to Recharge, but even the tiny bit of energy needed to Recharge in a healthy way seems like too much? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss what to do when you're "too tired to recharge." Do you often find yourself too tired to rest well? The Recharge Jar activity will help you be ready for those times, with a ton of great ideas for super-easy Recharging. Free download:


When You Just Don't Feel Like Igniting

What happens when you have the time to work on your Dream, but you simply don't feel like it? What's going on? How do you get your motivation back? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the possible causes of apathy around our Dreams, and how to overcome it and get back to Igniting. We want to hear about where you are on this journey of pursuing a Dream! Tell us what you do when you're feeling a lack of motivation, and how you find your way back. Share with us at


How Much Vision Does Your Dream Really Need?

Vision Statements excite some people, terrify others, and for some cause a roll of the eyes and a yawn. When it comes to your personal Dream, do you need a vision? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the benefits and drawbacks of creating a vision, and give some much-needed freedom on how to implement a vision to accomplish your own Dream. If you get a little freaked out at the idea of a "Vision Statement" for your Dream or perhaps feel like it's a waste of time, and something...


Nurturing Your No

Knowing when to say "no" to others requests (or demands!) can be really tough. So what happens when saying yes too often starts to derail the Dream that God's been giving you? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel talk about how to use the word "No" at the right time, and how to do it in a loving way. If you'd like to uncover even more ways you're getting blocked from pursuing the Dream that God has for you, spend a few minutes taking the Unshackle quiz, and getting personalized advice on...


Finding Courage to Overcome Insecurity

How often does insecurity around the message, product, or service we're dreaming about creating keep us from stepping out to pursue that Dream? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss why insecurity is such an enemy to our Dreams, and how to start moving past it. If you'd like help working through some of these issues in your own heart, plus some concrete help moving past them, download the Courage Worksheet at


How We Really Feel about Women's Ministry

Is "women's ministry" a one-size-fits-all gathering for women? It must not be, because many of us don't feel like we fit there. If that's true, should it be changed? Should something be added? Or should we step away? In this episode, Tracy and Rachel have an honest discussion about what they like and don't like about typical women's ministry gatherings in church, and ideas for moving forward. If you'd like to take the first steps in finding women who want to pursue their Dreams together,...


How to Stay on Track

When’s the last time you took a look backward at your life? Regular times of review are important if we want to stay on track with our Dream. But reviewing can be tricky--especially if we tend to wrap up our self-worth in how much we've gotten done. In this episode Tracy and Rachel discuss the importance of looking back, the two valid (and critical) reasons for doing it, and the best ways to get it done. If you're looking for some extra help in getting this practice of review to be a...


Creating Rewards that Motivate

What if the only rewards for good habits that feel motivating are actually unhealthy for you?‌ Even though we understand the powerful benefit of creating habits and routines for ourselves, sometimes figuring out a "reward" that will motivate those habits can be tricky. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the importance of rewards in setting up habits, the challenge of creating powerful-but-healthy rewards, and a ton of ideas to get us started with this critical skill. Want...


Take Time to Celebrate

When was the last time you celebrated something you'd achieved, or the growth and change in your life? Often we're so quick to jump to the next project on the list that we don't take the time to appreciate what's already been done. But celebrating is an important part of Impactivity-living, as challenging and overlooked as it might be.In this episode, Tracy and Rachel talk about the reluctance to celebrate our wins, the importance of it, and how we can get strategic and practical about...


Clutter is Sabotaging Your Dream

Have you ever realized how much your cluttered spaces are holding you back from pursuing your Dream? It's not uncommon to feel like we can't move forward in what God's calling us to do because we haven't gotten on top of what we already have. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss how we ended up in this situation, some practical tips for dealing with clutter, and some timely encouragement about why it's so critical to our Dream. ‌If you're feeling a bit disorganized and cluttered,...


How to Find God's Dream for my Life

Thinking about a Dream for our life sometimes makes us worry that we've strayed from God's will for our life. Are they always different? How do we know?In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss the challenge of understanding how our Dreams fit into God's will. If you'd like some help with beginning to understand yourself, so you can bring that understanding to God with your questions about His will, download the Dream Circles exercise at It will walk you through...


Finding Your Circles of Connection

Relationships can exist at all different levels, from shallow to deep. But true connection is having people who know you well and are committed to living life alongside you. In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss how various "circles of connection" can give you freedom to go deep with only a few people, rather than either hiding your true self or giving too much of yourself away. If you'd like a bit more help with creating these circles in your life, download the Connection...


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