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Inclusionism is a code of equity. Let's talk about it here.

Inclusionism is a code of equity. Let's talk about it here.
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Inclusionism is a code of equity. Let's talk about it here.




Show #32 Inclusionism with Irwin Garfinkel on Welfare and Basic Income

Dr. Irwin Garfinkel is a world-leading researcher on poverty and the welfare state and a go-to resource for policymakers interested in anti-poverty programs at all levels of government. --- Dr. Irwin Garfinkel is the Mitchell I. Ginsberg Professor of Contemporary Urban Problems, and co-founding director of the Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC). Of the 37 population research centers funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, CPRC is the only one to have...


Show #31 Inclusionism with Authors Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein

JFK sits down with the editors of Debates in Digital Humanities series ( Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein Matthew K. Gold is Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). At the Graduate Center, he holds teaching appointments in the Ph.D. Program in English, the M.A. Program in Liberal Studies (MALS), the M.A. Program in Digital Humanities, the M.S. Program in Data Analysis and...


Show #30 Inclusionism with Stephen Brier Author of Austerity Blues

JFK sits down with Author Stephen Brier about his latest book Austerity Blues for a candid conversation on money in the modern school system. Stephen Brier is Professor in the Urban Education PhD program and founder and coordinator (2002-17) of the Graduate Center’s Interactive Technology & Pedagogy certificate program. He teaches courses in the history of public education and his research interests include race, class, and ethnicity in U.S. labor and public education history (including the...


Show #29 Inclusionism with David Pozen Author of Troubling Transparency

This week JFK sits down with David Pozen of Columbia Law about his book Troubling Transparency: The History and Future of Freedom of Information. He teaches and writes about constitutional law and information law, among other topics. For the 2017-2018 academic year, Pozen was the inaugural visiting scholar at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. From 2010 to 2012, Pozen served as special advisor to Harold Hongju Koh at the Department of State. Previously, Pozen was a...


Show #28 Inclusionism with Benjamin Hett on The Death of Democracy

JFK sits down with Historian Ben Hett on his new book, pout in paperback, The Death of Democracy: Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic. Benjamin Hett was born in Rochester, New York but grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, leaving him with a lifelong if mostly heartbreaking attachment to the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL. He earned a BA in Political Science and English Literature from the University of Alberta (1987) and then a J.D. from the University of Toronto...


Show #27 Inclusionism with Mickey Factz & Micah Brown on Neuroscience and Hip Hop

JFK sits down with rapper Mickey Factz & neuroscientist/rapper Micah Brown to talk about mapping the brain and culture as a result. Mickey Factz, is a world renowned freestyler and American hip hop recording artist from the Bronx borough of New York City. His Discography is Albums 2016: The Achievement 2018: The New Museum 2018: I Said Yo Mixtapes 2006: In Search Of N*E*R*D 2007: Flashback Vol.1: Back to the Future 2007: Heaven's Fallout 2008: The Leak Vol.1: The Understanding 2008: The Leak...


Show #26 Inclusionism with Christopher Buccafusco Co-Author of Law & Happiness

This week, JFK talking about Law & Happiness with Christopher Buccafusco, Professor of Law and Director of the Intellectual Property & Information Law Program at Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. Professor Buccafusco's research employs empirical social science methods to test fundamental assumptions about how the intellectual property system functions. IP law attempts to affect people's creative behavior by offering them incentives to innovate, share, and use new works and...


Show #25 Inclusionism with Finn Brunton author of Digital Cash

JFK talks with Finn Brunton Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University on his latest book Digital Cash: The Unknown History of the Anarchists, Technologists, and Utopians Who Created Cryptocurrency (Princeton, 2019) Finn Brunton is also the author of Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet (MIT Press, 2013), Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest with Helen Nissenbaum (MIT Press, 2015), Communication with Mercedes Bunz and Paula Bialski...


Show #24 Inclusionism with Wendy O'Shields, Homelessness Activist

JFK talks homelessness with NYC activist Wendy O'Shields about her in homelessness with the City departments of NYC. I work as a Housing Advocate for the Homeless and Welfare Reform in the City of New York. My advocacy has improved the City of New York’s Department of Homeless Services treatment of shelter residents. My advocacy for Welfare Reform has lessened barriers for no to low-income people’s ability to access vital public benefits at the City of New York’s Human Resource...


Show #23 Inclusionism with Mahaliel Bethea, Principal of Eagle Academy Harlem

This week, JFK talked education and policy with Principal Mahaliel Bethea of the famed boys school Eagle Academy @EAFNYC. Born and raised in the South Bronx, He began his teaching career by way of Teach for America in the very neighborhood he grew up in. Before transitioning into school leadership, Mr. Bethea founded and developed an award winning step team and a international travel abroad program, which provided opportunities for students to travel to Costa Rica, Japan, Peru, Spain and...


Show #22 Inclusionism with Kaliya Young, Author of Domains of Identity

Kaliya Young (formerly Hamlin) is an expert in self-sovereign identity and identity on the blockchain. She is the co-author of a Comprehensive guide to Self-Sovereign Identity and is widely known as Identity Woman (its also the name of her blog and her twitter handle). She is committed her life to the development of an open standards based layer of the internet that empowers people. Community Builder In 2005, Young co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop with Doc Searls and Phil Windley....


Show #21 Inclusionism with Andy Stern, President Emeritus SEIU

Andy Stern, retired in 2010 and is now President Emeritus of the 2.2-million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the largest union of health care, doctors, nurses, janitors, security officers, child care, home care, hospital, and state workers. SEIU grew by more than 1.2 million workers during his tenure, raised the nation’s largest political action fund, led the efforts to pass Obamacare, and turned thousands of traditionally underpaid service work into jobs that can help...


Show #20 Inclusionism with Dan Hogle of the Black Institute

Dan Hogle ( of the Black Institute ( Dan Hogle was born in Syracuse New York. Parents both worked in mental health field. After attending SUNY OSWEGO where he studied mass communication and political science he began working in local politics. The first campaign was in 2012 as a canvasser going door to door to oust a tea party republican. A few years later he moved to New York City where for the better part of 4...


Show #19 Inclusionism with Steven Schwartz, VP of Strategy of Cytegic the global InsurTech

JFK talked with Steven Schwartz (@TheCyberSteve) a Top Insurance & Cyber Industry influencer speaks on the role of regulation in cyber resilience. Steven Schwartz is the VP of Strategy and Insurance at Cytegic, quantifying cyber risk across the entire insurance and risk value chain. Mr. Schwartz was most recently a Managing Director at CEO Quest, working with venture capital funds coaching tech-company CEOs towards accelerated company growth within the insurance industry. Recognized as an...


Show #18 Inclusionism with Kunal Sood of xFellows

JFK is Talking about how to build a process to cultivate more leaders in these autonomous technological times with Kunal Sood of xFellows. ( ( Kunal Sood is an internationally renowned social entrepreneur, impact investor and curator of the future, who curates extraordinary experiences including NOVUS and TEDx at the United Nations. Kunal recently launched SDG Moonshots an initiative that frames the UN Global Goals as...


Show #17 Inclusionism with Professor Olivier Sylvain w/ special guest Alex Howlett

Discussing local Harlem internet infrastructure "as a commons" with Professor Olivier Sylvain and data as both a catalyst and danger to humanity and our economic future with special guest from Boston Basic Income, Alex Howlett Olivier ( ) Alex ( ) Olivier Sylvain is a Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law. His academic interests are chiefly in information and communications law and policy. He has written a...


Show #16 Inclusionism with Akin Sawyerr on What Money Is

A continuation of our last conversation about the use of banking resources in Africa, this episode with Akin explores the question" what is money"? Akin Sawyerr is the Managing Director of Feleman, a Team Lead at Decred, an investments and consulting firm focused on payments systems, remittances, and blockchain solutions to catalyze growth in emerging markets. Akin is also the co-founder of RocRemit, a blockchain remittance company, and is a director of Splash Mobile Money, a mobile payments...


Show #15 Inclusionism with Prof. H. Shellae Versey on the Psychology & Culture of Harlem

H. Shellae Versey, PhD is a psychologist at Wesleyan University, Her research focuses on health, the life course, work, place, social change and intersections between gender and race. She is also interested in expressions of giving, activism and community involvement. Shellae is currently working on a spatial mapping project for changing neighborhoods and exploring the dynamics of social trends in cities. More on her work at


Show #14 Inclusionism with Prof. Shiela Foster & Prof. Suresh Naidu

This week we will talk to two guests; law professor Shiela Foster ( what she calls the "Co-City" and economics professor Suresh Naidu ( about what he calls "economics after neoliberalism" . Bios Sheila R. Foster is a Professor of Law and Public Policy (joint appointment with the McCourt School). Prior to joining Georgetown, she was a University Professor and the Albert A. Walsh Professor of Real Estate, Land Use and Property...


Show #13 Inclusionism with Richard Winchester a Professor of Tax Law at Seton Hall

Richard Winchester is a national authority on small business and federal employment tax policy. His articles have appeared in numerous academic journals, includingStanford Law & Policy Review, Mississippi Law Journal and Nevada Law Journal. In addition, Congressional Reports on tax matters frequently cite his work, giving him an influential voice in contemporary policy debates. He spent most of 2012 in Tunisia as a Fulbright Scholar teaching Financing International Trade at the University of...