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Episode 4: morenitaxlachambapt.1 - Auxiliares de Conversa

Class is in session! That’s the opposite of class dismissed, thought about midway through recording! But class is in session, heat up your popcorn—I know I am such a nice teacher letting you eat popcorn during class, just be careful maybe your iPhone won’t recognize your thumbprint with a little butter on it ;)—grab a paper and pencil/pen and take some notes. I hope after listening to this, you’ll stop hyperventilating abut moving to Spain, and I guarantee you’ll be wayyyy more prepared...


Episode 3: morenitaxelaeropuerto

CHI-A, Chi-a, chiacchierare, literal meaning hens clucking--In Italian, so chit chat! Chit chat catch up episode! I have failed you all, at posting, is anyone even out there? But it's summerrrrr time and I am officially on break! Took a mini 8-day vacay to Italy! And when you can't sleep at the airport, you obviously try out your new tape recorder and cluck away! More episodes to come soon! PROMISE, like a real promise this time! Have some faith in me! =P Reccomendations:...


MorenitaxClinicaSanJose: Mental Health Epi

A 16-year old Saul Gonzalez, walked across the dessert into the land of opportunities, where he has been working nonstop for 34 years. As his daughter, I have reaped those benefits, and in today's episode, saco los trapos sucios al aire, bueno los mios! Let's talk my mental health research and getting my perspective checked! P.S. I know I'm bad at math...(insert facepalm emoticon here). Reccomendations: Music Credits: Khalid – Young,...


The Ys Episode

En este capitulo, Ana Laura discusses…okay I can’t write in the 3rd person. En morenitaxelmundo esta semana, we focus on the Ys! Why am I the way I am..why did I ghost you…Why morenita? Why, why, whyyyyyyyy? I give you some deeets, so you start falling in love with my sarcasm and charm! ;) It’s an extended introduction, and you really find answers to those questions! Don’t forget to answer my question for your chance to win a postcard! Oh. Theres a super juicy travel tip! You’re...


The 411 Episode

The introductory episode to morenitaxelmundo, a pseudo-telenovel blogcast depicting my life and times living in Spain, and traveling around Eruope. Get allll the chisme here! Email Me: Follow my adventures on the gram: Or get at me on Tumblr: (Music: Khalid, Young, Dumb & Broke Chill Cover (Violin & Cello))