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Real Sales Tips From The Real Saleman

How do you make sales when no one is buying? How to get people to buy without being a jerk? And the big sales mistakes you should avoid All that coming up right now… Stay Tuned We’re talking with The Real Salesman, Carl Hooper as he gives you his tips on how to beat the learning curve to gain sales and grow your business. It's The Business of Video Podcast Join Us LIVE every Wednesday at 9am PST 💥Watch Past Episodes ---> Hosted By: Owen Video, Nick...


3 Video Skills Your Business Must Master 💥

How do you gain instant influence to become the go-to brand in your niche? Plus what business owners MUST avoid when creating a video strategy… Stay Tuned We’re talking with high-level consultant Alejandro Reyes It's The Business of Video Podcast Join Us LIVE every Wednesday at 9 am PST 💥Watch Past Episodes ---> Hosted By: Owen Video, Nick Nimmin Produced By: Melissa Rotunno. Become an instant influencer and the go-to brand in your niche. Try to...


How To Get Views On LinkedIn

These 3 LinkedIn Video tips will generate more awareness and close more sales for your business... Learn why Linkedin absolutely needs to be on your list of platforms to stand on today and how to do it best. Join Owen and Nick as we interview LinkedIn expert, Anthony Ambriz on his inside knowledge for using video on LinkedIn. It's The Business of Video Podcast Join Us LIVE every Wednesday at 9am PST 💥Get Live Alerts ---> 💥Watch Past...


How To Syndicate & Monetize Your Videos

Bonnie is a film and TV producer with over 700 television segments. She founded BINGE networks, which is a multi-channel media network for creators and brands, with syndication on 50 top OTT television networks. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: Syndication is repurposing your video and showing it in different places. all you need to do is link to BINGE and they take care getting your video out to where you want it to go. The shows all go to On Demand. On Demand...


How This E-Commerce Company Made $25k with YouTube

Dane Golden is a YouTube Marketing and Video SEO Expert. He’s a digital marketing strategist who specializes in helping companies drive conversion via YouTube and Facebook video using a content marketing approach. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: People are searching for how to do something, they want to know how to do things. So if you have a problem people need solving, they are looking for a video to get that issue resolved. Every product is "bland" until...


YouTube Ads Helped This Startup Make $200 Million in Revenue Last Year

Bryant has over 10 years of SEM experience and has worked in-house for Fortune 500 companies like Choice Hotels Bryant is a fanatic in paid search and conversion rate optimization. Without the right messaging and design when a user gets to a landing page, you are essentially throwing money down the drain. Bryant is the Chief Consultant at Bryant Garvin Consulting - where he works with companies to improve their ROI from their marketing activities. G E T L I V E A L E R T...


How To Get Video Testimonials

Jill Schiefelbein is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and recovering academic. She taught business communication at Arizona State University for 11 years before venturing into entrepreneurship. Jill’s business, The Dynamic Communicator®, helps organizations navigate the digital communication space to attract customers, increase sales, and retain clients. Her latest book, Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business hit stores March 2017. G E T L I V E A...


How To Get A Million Subscribers

Antonio Centeno is President of and the founder of He has created over 700 articles & videos on men's style, blogs over at the Art of Manliness, and is the author of the internet's best style eBook - A Man's Guide To Timeless Style. He has almost 2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and is here to share his secrets with you. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: When building your subscribers, do not focus on the numbers,...


How To Get Amazing Audio On Videos & Podcasts

How to make AWESOME audio for your YouTube videos and Live shows? What's the difference between a jingle, a show drop, and a bumper? Mike is the creative director at Music Radio Creative. Audio production is his life. Mike is passionate about helping you to sound great! He presents a daily live stream about producing podcasts, cleaning up audio, improving the sound of your voice, creating music, sound design and more. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: Audio is...


Work Smarter, Not Harder Building Your Brand

Building a brand is no easy task. Salma Jafri will share her brand building strategies that will have you working smarter and not harder. Salma Jafri is a YouTube Certified Video Content Strategist and an international speaker. She is the Founder of the #BeTheMedia Mastermind – a video training academy for entrepreneurs. She is a Channel Partner and Contributor at and hosts a weekly video show on YouTube called “Be The Media”. G E T L I V E A L E R T...


Live Streaming Like A Boss

Chris Michaels is an author, entrepreneur and communications pro. He currently serves as the streaming industry evangelist and director of communications at Wowza Media Systems, Chris has spent 20 years providing strategic marketing communications counsel for many of the world’s largest technology companies, including Intel, HP, Microsoft, SAP and more than 100 startups. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: TheBusinessOfVideoPodcast Today, more and more applications are building live streaming...


Why The Right Videos Can Increase Your Traffic

Today we talk with Tommie Powers aka "Tommie Traffic" who will be sharing his strategies for a huge return on YouTube ads. Tommie Traffic is the founder of Video Ads Academy with over 15 years experience in digital marketing. As a result of spending north of $50M, his advertising strategies have been used to catapult one company to #134 on the INC 5000 in 2 years, scale multiple 7 and 8 figure brands, and even used by top growth hackers in Silicon Valley. G E T L I V E A L E R T...


Million dollar Brand Secrets For YouTube

We are talking with Jeremy Vest who is the video marketing director for brands and coaches several of the video marketers you see on stage. His customers have over 2 billion organic video views and over 10 million subscribers. Jeremy is the founder of Vidpow and Video Marketing World. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: The best thing you can do on Youtube is to be an individual than a brand. People like people and a brand is not a person. Having a human voice for...


Making A Fortune On YouTube

Matt Furman has practiced magic for 20 years, actually quitting med-school in his early years to pursue his passion and now performs 200 events per year for celebrities, private and corporate parties and more while growing his YouTube channel to over 35k subscribers to date. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: Getting the magic trick and the crowds' reaction. They are equally important to put together a great video. YouTube videos can be a great way to get exposure...


The Power Of Video In Your Merch Business

🔴 New tactics to Boost Your Sales and Grow your brand - WITH MERCH! We dig into how to use AmazonMerch to add branded products to your offerings. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: Amazon Merch is 100% FREE! When you use Amazon Merch, is that you will not have any inventory to worry about. Amazon Merch will print on demand. Most people's first stop for items is Amazon. You shouldn't be working so hard for so little, Amazon makes making some extra money from...


Get HIGH TICKET Clients with Facebook Live Video

Our guest today is realtor Ryan Rodenbeck who is using FB live to get high ticket clients and is sharing some of the strategies he uses! G E T L I V E A L E R T S: G E T H I G H T I C K E T C L I E N T S: G E T M Y L I V E S T R E A M G E A R G U I D E: HOW DO YOU GET HIGH TICKET CLIENTS? Leading consumers down a sales funnel is the future! The job is to bring in leads. Bring something to your audience that...


How To Cultivate a MASSIVE Facebook Live Auidence

Ariel Viera of the Urbanist is generating a huge following with engaging and entertaining #FBlive stream shows. Find out his top tips RIGHT NOW! G E T L I V E A L E R T S: You need a story with a driven purpose! You can immerse someone with you using Facebook live. You want your audience to share your experience with you during your live broadcasts. If you are going on location, make sure you KNOW your location. You want to have a narrative with your...


How Visual Authority Will Help You Get More Views!

Craig Carpenter hangs out at the intersection of creativity, technology, and determination where he creates tools and resources for uncommon brands. He’s the mastermind behind Relay, a revolutionary design automation tool for non-designers, digital agencies, companies, and organizations to effortlessly deliver unified visual messages to every online channel. Check out this completely innovative approach to a challenge that we’re all faced with at You’ve never met anyone...


How To Have MASSIVE Growth On YouTube

Alex Guberman is one of the original 3,000 Tesla Model S owners and a founder of the oldest and largest Tesla Model S communities on Facebook and is going to share with us the tactics he used to get 10k subs on his YouTube Channel. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: D I D Y O U H E A R T H E N E W S ? Tactics To Grow Your YouTube Channel to 10K Go look at your...


How To Use Video Cards To Grow Your Business

Martin Permensky, founder of TheVideoCard which offers business owners video business cards, video brochures, and video cards to grow their business. You can now share all your work with a simple flip. No wires, no networks, no network security concern - it's video at your client's fingertips. G E T L I V E A L E R T S: The video cards are a way to deliver your content to your customers. They all play high-def video with clear audio! The second the card is...