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015: Rainbows (Chapter 3)

A working draft preview of chapter 3 of Rainbows, the novel I've been working on this year. I would really love your earnest thoughts, which you can send to, or on instagram @ericbarrywrites, and twitter @ericbarry. -- The Covenant had a community center with a gym and pool, and every Friday night they’d hold these barbecues where all the families in town would come down and the kids would drink grape soda and play games in the pool while the adults ate ribs...


014: Rainbows (Chapter 2)

A working draft preview of chapter 2 of Rainbows, the novel I've been working on this year. I would really love your earnest thoughts, which you can send to, or on instagram @ericbarrywrites, and twitter @ericbarry. -- A great fear and fascination of sex was instilled in me at Greg’s house. The Closet Game was indeed a game to be played hidden and away from the eyes of adults. “Come in here with us,” Lindsay implored. “Um. I’m just gonna watch this time...


013: Rainbows (Chapter 1)

This is a very unique episode, featuring an early preview of the first chapter of the novel I'm working on, "Rainbows." I would really love your earnest thoughts, which you can send to, or on instagram @ericbarrywrites, and twitter @ericbarry. -- When you first find out about death, the whole deal seems pretty rotten. And once its knowledge touches you, it’s a grasp you feel right until the end. At least that’s how it was for me. Maybe that’s where the...


012: Chasing Rainbows

I rant about a couple people's reaction to rainbows and ownership of my body, or something. Oh, and a tiny poem. email:, instagram: @ericbarrywrites twitter: @ericbarry -- Chasing rainbows, to no end Following a path of perpetual bend Tears roll by as I smile and stare Not quite sure what was ever there


011: Undiscovered Lies

A poem about searching for something you didn't want to find. email or @ericbarrywrites on insta, @ericbarry on twitter. -- I set out on a journey, Heart open and eyes set wide I grabbed her hand with no set plan And said hey let’s kill some time Whiskey and tequila, What’s mine is yours and yours is mine With pressed lips, where fingers slip And a chaser filled with brine So you don’t know Which way to go Or what you’ll want to find But restless...


010: Permanent Stain

A piece I wrote about a recent experience. If any musicians out there are interested in setting this to music, I'd love to hear your interpretations! email or @ericbarrywrits on insta, @ericbarry on twitter. -- Lay me down With your words Needle me Till it hurts Out and in Your hand it knows Start over again The story goes So paint a picture, however you see fit Make me your work of art, Filling in my empty parts Your broad strokes, and...


009: Ham and Cheese (Part 1)

Thom Selleck is looking for an escape from his present life as an escort, so travels to the past by way of Cuba. Though he soon realizes Cuba is not a place of the past, but of an alternate dimension. Social Links: email:


008: Eric on Nerdologues Presents: Your Stories

This week we're doing something a little different, as I'm posting a live performance of a story from my real life involving my first foray into sex work from the Chicago podcast Your Stories on the Nerdologues network. I'm off to Cuba but will update ASAP. Social Links: email:


007: My Inside-Out Beauty

My Inside-Out Beauty What role of disgust must I fulfill In order to fill the hole that I feel In order to feel whole and feel real An order of happiness found in a pill Is it "Fuck! Shit! Mother of God!" "I am made ugly! Parade the facade!" Is it bubbling, boiling, oozing with fat? "Acne on my face! Moles on my back!" What will be demanded of me To proclaim imperfection and help me to see That I once was blind to the ugly in me Some exercise in catharsis to purge this...


006: Linda

A man gets trapped in the bathroom and lost in thought on a first date. Social Links: email:


005: Collette McClafferty, Author of Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer

On this week's episode, we're doing something a little different as musician and new author Collette McClafferty stops into the writer's den to discuss her new memoir Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer, available on Amazon and all other online retailers. Collette and I discuss her background growing up as a performer in the suburbs of Chicago, her move to New York, and how she eventually found herself embroiled in one of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever filed, and the equally maddening...


004: Against the Moon

Apologies, it's been a few weeks. I decided I'd rather spend the time to release something I feel is worthwhile than just push out halfhearted stuff for the sake of it every week. So I will continue to try and get stuff out as soon as possible, but pieces may fluctuate in regularity. Social Links: Google Voicemail: (415) 779-6855 AGAINST THE MOON I want to watch the moon with you because it’s something...


003: Corinne and the Cheese (Part 2)

This week we continue following the journey of a young woman in her quest to find herself and an unlikely partner in the bedroom. Follow the show: Email: Listen to more from Heartache at Listen to more from Julian Gray at 00:34 - Heartache - No More Control 04:16 - Hans Zimmer - Quantifiable Connection 09:40 - Mum - The Land...


002: Corrine and the Cheese (Part 1)

A woman struggling with life inside and outside the bedroom finds love in all the ripe places. Questions and comments Google Voice # (415) 779-6855 Twitter: @ericbarry Instagram: @ericbarrywrites Corrine and the Cheese (Part 1): It would not be inaccurate to say that I had a love affair with cheese. It also would not be inaccurate to say that I’m a woman who doesn’t like to mince words, so before you start snapping your fingers and thinking, “this girl gets...


001: I Used To Know How To Talk To Women

In our inaugural episode, I write about a Facebook post in which a women discussed her discomfort with a man talking to her on the train, and the confusion that often surrounds knowing how to approach women.


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