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Koyote performs the art of The Telling.

Koyote performs the art of The Telling.
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Koyote performs the art of The Telling.






The Kindly Ladies: Mama Spider’s Invisible Story

Mama spider. Mama spider. Weaving and forming. Teaching and feeding. Out of your bowels we ate. Out of your spirit we grew; to hunt one more day, and tomorrow. So was the spirit of my mother, even when I did not see her. From the depth of her corpse, I grew and came out.


The Kindly Ladies: Maiden Voyage

This Telling was recorded on May 13, 2010 in Riverside, California. It explores the nature of the shape shifter woman who takes all forms, the ever-virgin-crone-mother-of-all. Don’t forget to subscribe, and please rate and review this podcast on iTunes!


The Kindly Ladies: God's World

This Telling is about the beginning of the kindly ladies. The spinning of the web that begins in the chaotic silence of confusion swirling about. I looked at this world of God, and the more I saw this tiny world made of concerns and intent, the more my consciousness was pulled into it. I fell into God’s World. And it took me a while to get my bearings. This is the beginning of the Kindly Ladies, and the spinning of stories and the laying of worlds. (Click here to help support this...


The Kindly Ladies: stories before civilizations and the wars

I heard the stories as the world who was old was disappearing. I heard the stories with the unequivocal assurance that they were true exactly as they were told. It made me wonder how many stories were hidden in the darkness, after the light of humans came, after the subconscious myth of gods and voices was erased from the light. Made me wonder what was lurking in the shadows of my racial memory. What remained behind corpses under the ground and what was to come out if I was to open my...


The Tavern at Worlds' End: Stories for Shadows and Whispers

We live in a jungle of stories, and in this Telling Koyote talks not to the audience, but to the shadows and whispers in this endless jungle. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate this podcast! We are on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune In, and Google Play. If you want to help with the costs, you can donate to: Http://


The Tavern At Worlds' End: Seat of the World

This Telling was performed on April of 2012 at Back to the Grind, with Mama Walks on Water contributing powerful vocals during one of the stories. In Seat of the World, we go from ocean to dessert to the end of all worlds, where there is a tavern. In this tavern at worlds' end, nothing happens, just the stories that are told. In this Telling, we witness the voyage to the Tavern; the story of Coyote Girl as she became one with the vast; the songs of Isis through the dessert of the real;...


The Tavern at Worlds' End

There is a tavern at the end of time. After all experiences are past and gone, and all worlds fade as dreams by the light of day, we meet at the last place where stories are told. This is the first Telling of The Tavern at Worlds' End series. All the Tellings are performed live. Therefore, there are bound to be noises and events not programmed or controlled. The Telling is best experienced when listening in a quiet space without doing anything else. Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe...


Oceanic Triptych: Born of Purusha

This is the third Telling of the Oceanic Triptych. It was performed in Santa Cruz, and dedicated to Babaji (Baba Hari Dass)–who initiated Koyote in Kriya Yoga in 1988. Subscribe to my blog:


Oceanic Triptych: The Oceanic Feeling

The second Telling of the Oceanic Triptych series was performed in Santa Fe, where we were fortunate to have Tito Rios accompanying Koyote with his classical guitar. Help support this art!


Oceanic Triptych: Swelling for her Kiss

This is the first Telling of the Oceanic Triptych series. It was performed live by Koyote in 2010. The Telling is a spontaneous and unmediated experience of live poetry. It is best experienced with headphones and undistracted. Let the experience take you through to the other side! Don't forget to download the episode, and like our FB page: Please consider supporting this work: