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News & Issues for Today's First Responders A podcast primarily for fire-rescue and EMS in particular, and all first responders, including law enforcement and tow/removal personnel, in general, stressing safety, fitness-for-duty, health and wellness.

News & Issues for Today's First Responders A podcast primarily for fire-rescue and EMS in particular, and all first responders, including law enforcement and tow/removal personnel, in general, stressing safety, fitness-for-duty, health and wellness.
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News & Issues for Today's First Responders A podcast primarily for fire-rescue and EMS in particular, and all first responders, including law enforcement and tow/removal personnel, in general, stressing safety, fitness-for-duty, health and wellness.








Fireground Size-Up! How Do YOU See It?

One of the most important numbers in our business is 360! It has been drilled into us that upon arrival at a call for smoke and/or fire, the first arriving officer should make as complete an inspection of the structure/scene as is possible. Then, the officer gives the crew initial instructions to mitigate the issue. What does that officer see? What’s involved? What needs to be done first. All of this is part of what we call the “size-up.” My guest is Chief Mike Terpak, recently retired from...


How Do They Do it? CA's Incident Mgt. Teams

We have all seen the news footage – huge wildfires consuming large areas in California. Last year, major fires like the Woolsey and Camp fires, destroyed thousands of acres of woodland, thousands of homes and disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of residents. And, in almost every newsreel, you saw firefighters and other first responders, doing tasks, such as fighting the fires, clearing a fire line, help escaping residents and much more. It begs the question, “How does California...


The Use of Enhanced Water/Foam in Firefighting

For as long as there have been people, fire and those willing to quench unexpected issues from fire, the basic tenet was “put the wet stuff on the red stuff!” Of course, there were no “classes” given to what was burning until many years later. And to be honest, that premise worked. However, in the last fifty years or so, one of the key issues that has changed is WHAT is burning and what is the safest and most expedient way to snuff these more modern flames. On this podcast, my guest Chief...


Creating a Strategic Vision Plan

What direction does your fire, law enforcement or EMS department have for its future? Do you have a timetable for your apparatus, vehicles, equipment, etc.; how long will, what you now have, last and what will you do when it’s time to replace it? Sometimes, it might be similar to how you may have learned to cook spaghetti – throw a few pieces against the wall – if they stick, it’s time to eat! On this podcast, I welcome my friend, Capt. John Dixon. Capt. Dixon is a well-known instructor on...


EMS - How Do We Be the Providers We Wanted to Be

Most of us who became volunteer or career firefighters, paramedics or EMT’s, did so for a specific reason – to help people. As the late Chief “Bruno” taught us, our job is to take of Mrs. Smith on her worst day, even if that day is her cat up a tree. And that lesson, really does cross all the lines of first responders. However, sometimes the people we are supposed to help are not so happy to see us. My guests on this podcast are Jason Brooks, PM and Kevin Onorevele. Through their company...


Take a Peek Inside - It Just May Save Your Life!

Health, wellness and fitness-for-duty. These words ring loudly for any first responder - the firefighter, the law enforcement officer and the paramedic or EMT. Some are careful with what they eat; others exercise on a regular basis. Yet, none of us have the ability to look inside of ourselves to see what might be going on; something that may not be known until it requires immediate and significant treatment and even that, may come too late. Today though, you will learn that the above...


Mentoring in the Fire Service - It's Who We Are!

Remember your first day at school? At the fire academy? At your first posting? Those moments are often some of the most difficult in our lives. Yet, for most of us, there was often someone there to guide us on this new journey and that allowed us to calm our nerves. However, it is important to note that learning is almost always a two-way street; there’s the student and there’s the teacher. My guest on this podcast is Chris Baker, a firefighter in central CA and Chris’ passion is mentoring....


Drones in Public Safety with Chief Charles Werner

Seen any UAS’s recently? No….not UFO’s – I said, “UAS,” an Unmanned Aerial System. And no, we’re talking about renegade blimps or hot-air balloons. UAS is another term for a drone, those relatively small aerial devices that do everything from shoot film or video to deliver a package your ordered online! For the buying public, they began as small toys advertised all over television. The drones we’re talking about is not even close to the ones used today, especially in public safety. My guest...


We're Back for Season 4!

We hope you're all having a safe and enjoyable summer. We're back in the studio and preparing for our 4th season! This mini-cast will tell you about some of the guests and projects we have coming up. Watch for our first episode on Friday, August 17th, with Chief Charles Werner. Stay Safe & Stay Well!


"Tactics on Tap" at the 2018 GReat Florida Fire School

What happens when a bunch of firefighters get together? They “shoot the sh*t” is what most would say, and the 2018 Great Florida Fire School is no different. Sponsored by the FSFA (Florida State Firefighters Association, the School provides an opportunity for firefighters from Florida and anywhere else in the country, to attend excellent classes taught by some of the best local and nation fire instructors. “Tactics on Tap,” provides firefighters to come together with a panel of several of...


NJ NFFF Efforts & the Behavioral Health initiative

While many podcasts and all-over social media, we hear and see a great deal of discussion on tactics, strategies, equipment and more. And it makes sense, as those topics are the “sexy” ones regarding firefighting. However, there’s a great deal more that needs to be discussed just as openly as the subjects mentioned above, but are all too often left alone because, well, they’re just too personal. On “5-Alarm Task Force,” we embrace ALL the issues that we face as first responders, even the...


HAZMAT - 1st Due & Starting a Hazmat Team

“HAZMAT” – that’s a word that excites one group of firefighters and scares others right down to the bone. And rightly, it should scare everyone…at least a little bit! Hazmat situations very greatly by community, county and state. In one area, an overturned jug of chlorine on a pool-cleaner’s trailer is quickly treated by a single engine company. Yet in another locale, the same spill with require a full Hazmat team response, even if it is part of a regional, as opposed to local, Hazmat team....


Responding to Emergencies on Active Roadways

If you’re first responder in any way, i.e., fire, rescue, EMS, law enforcement, safety ranger or recovery/tow operator, there’s every chance that you are aware of what has been happening on our active roadways. We respond to the scene of an emergency and while on-scene, a distracted driver comes barreling through your safety zone, striking your vehicle or, Heaven forbid, the people working there! Since the beginning of 2019, 71 first responders have been killed and dozens more injured. With...


"Fully Invlolved Leadership" with Chief Gary Ludwig

If you have been involved in fire and/or EMS, you probably know the name, “Gary Ludwig.” Chief Ludwig has over 40 years of experience in fire-rescue and EMS. He has served as the Chief Paramedic of the St. Louis Fire Dept, the Deputy Fire Chief for the Memphis Fire Dept, and currently serves as the Chief of the Champaign IL Fire Dept. In his new book, “Fully Involved Leadership,” Chief Ludwig shares some new and fresh perspectives on good leadership. He brings a new view of the leadership...


"Life and Death Matters"

Once we’re hired as a firefighter or paramedic, or we join a volunteer/paid-on-call department, we realize that there is a long learning road ahead. And once we complete the basic material, we then have to decide what we’ll do next. Will we be satisfied with what we have already accomplished or, will we want to keep learning, advancing our knowledge and, very likely, our career? My guests on this podcast are Christian (Chris) and Sam Adams from Colorado Springs, CO. After a friend of Chris’...


Congressional Fire Caucus, "Surviving the Fire Service & More!

There’s so much happening in the fire service that one could spend the entire day reading the various trade publications, then move onto social media for the next several hours and still not know some of most important news happening in this field that we love. To “quench” our thirst for the latest, I called and invited my friend, Executive Assistant Chief Todd LeDuc of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – Fire Rescue Services, to be my guest on another podcast. In this episode, Chief LeDuc...


Give Up Only ONE Thing to Get Healthy!

One of the first “adult” things we learn to do as children is to shrug off tasks assigned by our parents or maybe, an older sibling. Or, we may have actually learned that behavior from that same older sibling, when one of your parents asked that sibling to perform a certain task or run an errand and they moaned so much about it, that the parent just dropped the matter. That behavior may be all good and well in that situation, however, when we’re discussing firefighting health, wellness and...


What Happens When Your Preconnect is Too Short?

You are dispatched to a working shed fire. Your district isn’t that large, but there are still areas you’re unfamiliar with.\; this area is one of them. As you turn down the street of the reported address, you see a good loom-up ahead of you. “This one is cooking,” you think to yourself. The officer hits the intercom and assigns you to the nozzle and your partner. When the driver pulls to the side of the given address. As you exit the rig, there’s no fire that can be seen from the street,...


Proper Rehab on the Emergency Scene!

“REHAB” – a word that’s both prized and despised by most first responders, especially, firefighters. Why? Simply put, because it takes them away from the job they were doing. Prized? Because you get a quick breather, a cold drink and, if you’re lucky, a towel. This old model of rehab comes from the age when we told firefighters who were having difficulties dealing with some of the tragedy and trauma, to “Suck it up!” That command is no longer appropriate, and neither is poor or even...


Long-Term Fitness for Duty in Irving TX

If you have even just a couple of years under your belt as a firefighter, then you are probably still familiar with the huge push in both the career and volunteer/part-pay sectors, for firefighter health, wellness and fitness-for-duty. Some interpret this as it’s time to go to the gym and “muscle-up.” And, while that may assist you in trimming some body fat and maybe even learning how to eat in a healthy style, it doesn’t mean that all the time and effort will make you a “firefighter...