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The Futuro Media Group presents a new political podcast from the perspective of a changing America. Hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, IN THE THICK will follow the election season and present new voices and points of view.

The Futuro Media Group presents a new political podcast from the perspective of a changing America. Hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, IN THE THICK will follow the election season and present new voices and points of view.
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The Futuro Media Group presents a new political podcast from the perspective of a changing America. Hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, IN THE THICK will follow the election season and present new voices and points of view.




NPR's Lulu García-Navarro and the State of Democracy in Latin America

She has worked as a correspondent in Israel, Syria and Libya, but Latin America is very much in her heart. Lulu García-Navarro, host of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, joins María and Julio to talk about the elections in Colombia and Mexico, and why we should pay more attention to Brazil. Want to read and see more of Lulu? in this piece.interviews John Moore,Check Lulu at the Carnaval de Rio


#116: Undermining Our Own Democracy

The government keeps defending its policy of separating migrant families at the border and the Supreme Court makes a decision that will impact voting rights for the next election. Maria and Julio discuss the latest headlines with In The Thick All Stars, Jamilah King, race and justice reporter with Mother Jones, and Jamil Smith, senior writer with Rolling Stone. Want to read more? Rolling Stone articleMother Jones articleLA Times Op-Ed This episode of In The Thick is brought to you by...


ITT EXTRA: It's Never JUST About Fútbol

Maria and Julio sit down with Alicia Rose DelGallo, Editor and co-founder of to discuss fútbol (aka soccer)! They chat about the politics of the World Cup, diversity in U.S. soccer and whether or not pro players are using their platform to speak up for justice. Want to read more? From The Guardian, an article about diversity in the MLS and around the coaching system in the US. Megan Rapinoe's column on why she kneeled during the anthem. Also from The Guardian, the...


#115: Zero Tolerance

Maria and Julio talk about the damaging effect of separating parents and their children at the U.S.-Mexico border. They are joined by Sandy Santana, executive director of the national legal non-profit Children’s Rights, part of a group of organizations challenging this policy. Also with them, Tina Vasquez, immigration reporter at Rewire.News. Want to read more? Tina's article on how Jeff Sessions’ policy follows up on what happened during the Obama administration. American Academy of...


ITT EXTRA: Active Dehumanization

In our weekly news roundup, Maria and Julio share the latest about the Hurricane Mara death count in Puerto Rico. They also discuss immigration news that's not making the front pages: from the largest recent workplace raid under Trump at an Ohio company to the story of Pablo Villavicencio Calderón, who was detained by ICE after delivering pizza to a military base in Brooklyn. They end the show by reflecting on the death of Anthony Bourdain.


#114: LIVE From Chicago, the Immigration Detention Machine

In the final part of In The Thick's LIVE series at DePaul University, Maria and Julio discuss the immigration detention machine. According to the Prison Policy 2018 report, there are 34,000 immigrants detained by ICE, 13,000 more people in federal prison for criminal convictions related to federal immigration laws and 13,000 immigrants being held pre-trial by U.S. Marshals. David Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies at Mount Holyoke College, and immigration attorney...


Gabby Rivera: Caring About POC Joy

Maria and Julio sit down with queer Latinx writer Gabby Rivera, who wrote AMERICA featuring Marvel's first Latina lesbian superhero, America Chavez. They chat about why representation matters, celebrating POC joy and how Maria may just be Gabby's madrina.


#113: LIVE From Boston, Invisible Latinos

Maria and Julio are joined by Marcela García, columnist and editorial board member with The Boston Globe, and Betty Francisco, founder of FitNation Ventures and Latina Circle, LIVE from The Podcast Garage. Looking at access to educational, economic and political power, they discuss how visible or invisible is the Latino community is in the Boston area.


ITT EXTRA: Propaganda, Politics and Primaries

Maria and Julio check in on the week's news before the long weekend. They chat about President Trump's latest "immigration roundtable" on Long Island this week that conflated MS-13 with immigration, and the ACLU's publishing of government documents that allegedly show the CBP abused and mistreated unaccompanied immigrant children during the Obama administration. And they catch up on this week's electoral primaries and what the wins and losses could mean for 2018 midterm elections.


#112: White Supremacy Fantasy

Maria and Julio catch their breaths from all the incredible live shows and catch up on some major headlines with all-star Terrell Jermaine Starr, senior reporter at The Root, and María Peña, reporter with La Opinión. Terrell explains how Trump is fulfilling his white supremacy fantasy with his rhetoric and actions taken towards the Russia probe and immigration policy. And María Peña, who just returned from reporting in Jerusalem, gives important context to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....


ITT EXTRA: Reckless Power

Maria and Julio chat about two headlines from this week—Trump's recent derogatory comments about immigrants and the latest fatal school shooting in Texas. Then they dig into the sexual misconduct allegations against author Junot Díaz, breaking down the complexity of the intersection of race, immigration status and gender in the Me Too movement.


#111: LIVE From Chicago, Latino Incarceration in the Trump Era

In part two of In The Thick's LIVE series at DePaul University, Maria and Julio dive into Latinos and Mass Incarceration. They're joined by Luis “Suave” Gonzalez, prison reform activist, Roque Planas, National Reporter for Huffington Post, and Aisha Davis, civil rights attorney. Despite making up 19 percent of the U.S. prison population, mass incarceration is often talked about in terms of the black - white binary. This roundtable highlights how mass incarceration impacts Latino...


ITT EXTRA: Heart-Sinking Sounds

Maria and Julio find pieces of hope and joy amidst heart-sinking sounds of the latest news, from DACA to undocumented journalists being detained by ICE. Julio raps a little Public Enemy while they breakdown the latest headlines of white people calling 911 on people of color. And they chat about Childish Gambino’s powerful music video of his new song “This Is America.”


#110: LIVE From Chicago, Suave's Story

Maria and Julio recently hosted an In The Thick LIVE show from DePaul University series on Latinos and Mass Incarceration. For the first conversation, they're joined by Luis “Suave” Gonzalez, a former juvenile lifer and now a prison reform activist. Along with hearing Suave's story, Julio also interviews Maria, who has been covering Suave's story for more than 25 years. Stay tuned for part two and three of ITT Live from Chicago series on Latinos and Mass Incarceration.


ITT Extra: The White Mayors' Club

After a busy week of live shows in Chicago, Maria and Julio catch up on the week's two biggest headlines: anti-austerity protests in Puerto Rico and former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, exposing President Trump's lies by saying in a TV interview that Trump reimbursed his attorney, Michael Cohen, for the Stormy Daniels hush money payment. They also chat about how Giuliani fits into the white men's mayor club, which The Atlantic staff writer, Russell Berman, wrote about recently...


#109: Outrage Over White Rage

Maria and Julio are joined by all-star guest, Wajahat Ali, TV host and contributor to The New York Times, and Raquel Cepeda, multimedia journalist. They discuss the latest news from the Michelle Wolf's roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner to the Central American refugee caravan. They also talk about the influence of white rage in shaping the 2016 election and the nation's current politics.


ITT EXTRA: Cosby, An American Betrayal

Maria and Julio are joined by Futuro Media's Executive Director, Erika Dilday, to process and discuss the Bill Cosby guilty verdict for sexual assault. They talk about Cosby's complicated (or... not so complicated) legacy and the role of race and the Me Too movement. Maria and Erika share their personal Me Too stories.


#108: Latinos In Politics Are Slick

After catching up on the news, Maria and Julio discuss the future of the Latino community and what it means for political movements and democracy. Joining them are Lucy Flores, Vice President of Public Affairs with mitú and a former Nevada assemblywoman, and Carlos Jesus Calzadilla-Palacio, Founder and President of Young Progressives of America.


Saving Our Sons

With Maria away traveling, Julio sits down with Futuro Media’s Executive Director, Erika Dilday, for a special In The Thick conversation. As this Friday marks 19 years since the Columbine High School massacre and the second national student walkout for gun control following the Parkland shooting, Julio and Erika discuss the POC perspective of gun violence as a symptom of a larger issue in the country: systemic racism.


#107: Fighting the Silent Battles (With James McDaniel)

Maria calls up all-star guest, Christina Greer, professor at Fordham University and fellow at NYU's McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, to get an In The Thick take on the latest news. Then, Maria and Julio sit down with actor and artist, James McDaniel, who is best known for his role as Lieutenant Arthur Fancy in the groundbreaking series, NYPD Blue, and has also recently starred in The Deuce and The Night Shift. They chat about all the silent battles he fought from being...