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The 2016 primaries are a fascinating (and sometimes confusing) part of the presidential election process. The New Republic's Brian Beutler is here to sort them out for you, with a little help from his friends.

The 2016 primaries are a fascinating (and sometimes confusing) part of the presidential election process. The New Republic's Brian Beutler is here to sort them out for you, with a little help from his friends.
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The 2016 primaries are a fascinating (and sometimes confusing) part of the presidential election process. The New Republic's Brian Beutler is here to sort them out for you, with a little help from his friends.




The Republicans' Obamacare 'Waterloo' Moment Has Arrived

Trumpcare is dead! At least for now. Senate Republicans lack sufficient support to repeal and replace Obamacare, or do anything to the health care system on a purely partisan basis. So what happens next? Will Republicans sabotage Obamacare for revenge? Will they feel compelled to stabilize the health care system? And how will congressional Republicans’ passivity toward Trump change now that their legislative agenda is in freefall. Daily Beast politics editor Sam Stein joined New Republic...


The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is Real

The Trump campaign’s efforts to collude with the Russian government against Hillary Clinton have now been established. Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr, produced emails on Tuesday that corroborate a meeting where he and the campaign’s top leadership sought compromising information about Clinton, sourced to the Russian government. Trump and his allies have been caught in a full year’s worth of lies. Republican congressional leaders have been caught covering up a conspiracy. The question now is...


The Self-Incrimination of Donald Trump

A lot has changed in the two months since former chief Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller joined New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler to discuss the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign's involvement in Russian election subversion President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstine appointed Comey’s friend, former FBI director Robert Mueller, to oversee the investigation as Justice Department special counsel; And a large number of leaks...


Senator Chris Murphy's Battle Plan for the Trump Era

All eyes are on the Senate after House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act. Will Senate Republicans follow suit? What can Democrats do to stop them? And what would a repeal of the Affordable Care Act mean for Democratic politics going forward. Brian Beutler sat down with Senator Chris Murphy in his Capitol Hill office to discuss the Republican healthcare sales job, the resistance movement, and how he's adjusted his strategic approach to politics in the Trump era.


Russia-do about Nothing?

Matthew Miller draws on his experience as Director of Public Affairs at the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder to chat with New Republic Editor Brian Beutler about James Comey's words and actions regarding the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and current investigations into any potential collusions between Russia and the Trump campaign.


Making Sense of the Hot Mess on Capitol Hill

The turmoil and dysfunction in President Trump’s administration have persisted despite the White House’s (and the commentariat’s) fond hope that his first address to Congress would set the wind at his back. Ironically, this has taken the political spotlight away from the White House and moved it to Capitol Hill. Will Congressional investigators do their jobs? Will Republicans be able to advance a legislative agenda without presidential know-how or guidance? Where is the god damn Obamacare...


Who Should Run the Democratic Party?

New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler discusses the future of the Democratic parties with two candidates for the DNC chair. [2:20] South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg [29:30] Former US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez (US Representative Keith Ellison's campaign declined to participate.)


How Donald Trump Could Both Revolutionize the Judiciary And Destroy It

The fact that Judge Neil Gorsuch had to criticize the man who nominated him to the Supreme Court perfectly encapsulates the horrifying tension between Donald Trump’s power to shape the judiciary and his inclination to trammel over it. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick, host of the podcast Amicus, joins the New Republic’s Brian Beutler to discuss the crisis of authority facing the courts and to the crumbling distinction between law and politics that could define the Trump era.


Tom Perriello and the Triumph of Confident Progressivism

Tom Perriello represented the Virginia’s Fifth Congressional district during the height of Democrats’ Obama-era productivity. But unlike most Democrats from GOP-leaning territory, Perriello didn’t run scared from the Democratic agenda; to the contrary, he embraced it. Now, he hopes to bring the same ethos to the Virginia governor’s mansion. He joined New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler in studio to talk about his race, and whether it is a microcosm of the biggest debate in Democratic...


Will Donald Trump Kill Us All?

Arms Control Wonk Blog Founding Publisher and nuclear non-proliferation expert Jeffrey Lewis and Brian Beutler discuss the likelihood of us all dying in a nuclear apocalypse under a Trump presidency.


Donald Trump's Impunity Presidency

Adam Serwer, Senior Editor for the Atlantic, and Brian Beutler, Senior Editor for New Republic discuss a week of confirmations, farewells, and leaks. Serwer shares his perspective on Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings after investigating Sessions record on civil rights. Also, Buzzfeed's leaked intelligence dossier and Trump's punitive response the media's unfavorable reporting.


Evan McMullin on the Rules of Trump Resistance

Former Presidential Candidate and CIA Officer Evan McMullin joins New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler to talk about how liberals and conservatives can find common ground in resisting Trump's authoritarian tendencies.


Words as Weapons of Authoritarian Control

When the public can not agree upon a shared reality—when confusion and distrust and propaganda reign—politics devolves into a pre-democratic struggle for power, which will disfavor resisters. Donald Trump may not understand this dynamic academically, but it was a hallmark of his campaign and has become a hallmark of his pre-presidency. Sometimes his false pronouncements are buffoonish and ill-considered, but make no mistake: he is taking a hammer to one of liberal society’s guardrails....


Into the Abyss

[0:00] Sean Trende, Senior Elections Analyst with Real Clear Politics was the first political analyst to posit the existence of a large enough latent population of disaffected whites to elect Republicans nationally, without making major inroads with minority groups. He talks to New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler about how Trump ultimately connected to that group [28:23] Todd Zwillich, Washington correspondent of WNYC’s the Takeaway joins Brian to imagine the life that awaits us under...


E.J. Dionne On How Wrong the Right Has Gone

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne is the author of a timely book called Why the Right Went Wrong. New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler sat down with him at the Brookings Institution to fit the closing days of this campaign into a greater historical framework, and give some thought to what lies ahead. The home stretch of this election has been marked by Republican desperation and Democratic angst. Sensing defeat, Republicans down ballot from Donald Trump are promising to prevent...


After Trump, the Deluge

Norm Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, cowrote the book on Republican dysfunction. He joins New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler in studio to discuss what's happening to the Republican Party. This election ends—mercifully—on November 8. The question of what awaits us on November 9 is, at this point, the most important one in politics. It has begun to dawn on Donald Trump and members of his inner circle that he is headed toward defeat—a fact his enablers...


Republicans Will Try to Pretend Donald Trump Never Happened

The 2016 presidential debates are over, and Donald Trump lost all of them. The question now, with Trump’s defeat looming, is how long our memories will be? Huffington Post writers Jason Linkins and Jeffrey Young join The New Republic's Senior Editor Brian Beutler to assess whether the Republican Party, with an assist from the news media, will be able to sweep the fact that they created and enabled Trump under the rug.


The Fallout of an Election Meltdown

[1:40] Liam Donovan [39:30] Claire Landsbaum The second presidential debate Sunday night at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, was the beginning of Donald Trump’s last stand. How does this all end? Former Republican operative, and political writer Liam Donovan joins New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler to assess the damage. Then, Trump has been a challenge for all journalists to cover, but especially for the female reporters embedded with him campaign. That was true before...


How Tim Kaine Won By Losing

Deadspin Senior Editor Ashley Feinberg joins The New Republic's Brian Beutler to explore how the key to winning the VP debate was getting into Trump’s head one way or another. At the first vice presidential debate in Farmville, Virginia Monday night, where her running mate Tim Kaine browbeat Trump’s running mate Mike Pence repeatedly, forcing Pence to choose between defending the indefensible and lying. In the immediate aftermath, pundit-theater critics declared Kaine the loser against...


Jamelle Bouie on How White Media Minimizes Racism

Slate's Chief Political Correspondent Jamelle Bouie describes how he sees journalists underestimate the real stakes and potential consequences of a Trump presidency on people of color.