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Episode 18: Elections, Socialism and the Rust Belt

Arielle Cohen and Adam Shuck of Pittsburgh DSA join Brynna and Jordan to discuss the big electoral victories for DSA in Pittsburgh, what their chapter is up to and why DSA's local & decentralized approach can lead to rapid democratic socialist expansion nationwide. You can follow them on Twitter here:


Episode 17: Meek Mill, Criminal Justice and Trump

Rhiannon of Mic Dicta (@AywaRhiannon on Twitter)and Ken Klippenstein of TYT Investigates (@KenKlippenstein on Twitter) join us to break down the curious case of Meek Mill. Rhiannon gives us an overview of the case and Ken shares a scoop he obtained about Meek lobbying Trump for a presidential pardon.


Episode 16: Kanye West

We went all out for this episode. Chris Richards, pop music critic for the Washington Post, Aida Chavez of The Intercept, Daniella Diaz of CNN and Manny Fidel of Business Insider all join Brynna and Jordan to discuss the most pressing national issue: Kanye West. This was fun and—surprisingly—deep. Read Chris' piece referenced in the episode HERE:...


Episode 15: LIVE SHOW featuring Amy Vilela & Jimmy Dahman

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our first live show, we had a blast! On this episode, we interview Jimmy Dahman, founder of Town Hall Project, and Congressional candidate Amy Vilela! Donate to Amy's campaign HERE:


Episode 14: Connecting with the Midwest feat. Jason Kander

LIVE SHOW! We are doing our first live show in DC *this Saturday night* at the Brookland Busboys & Poets. RSVP HERE: Jason Kander, former Secretary of State of Missouri and founder of Let America Vote, joins us to talk about what folks in the Midwest are concerned about, how Democrats can connect with and energize voters outside of the beltway and previews his upcoming book "Outside the Wire: Ten Lessons I've Learned in Everyday Courage."


Episode 13: Oklahoma Teachers Strike ft. Sam Endicott

LIVE SHOW! We are doing our first live show in DC *this Saturday night* at the Brookland Busboys & Poets. RSVP HERE: On this episode, we talk to Sam Endicott (@SamEndicott on Twitter), an education reporter with O State Report at Oklahoma State University who fills us in on the Oklahoma Teachers Strike.


*TEASER* Premium Episode 9: Undocumented Immigrants, Surveillance and Big Data

**This is a teaser of our most recent premium episode. If you'd like to hear more, visit to subscribe.** Professor Andrew Ferguson of UDC Law joins us to discuss mass surveillance, big data and how they intersect with current anti-immigration efforts by the federal government. Prof. Ferguson just released a new book, The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement. You can purchase it HERE:


Episode 12: Sex Workers, Hidden in Plain Sight

Liara, Melissa and Faith, all three holding different professions in the sex work industry, describe their experiences and share their thoughts on their role in society and how they're treated because of their work. Professor Alison Bass of West Virginia University provides historical and academic contexts for the stigma society places on sex workers and Jacci Smith of Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America educates describes decriminalization efforts in the Washington, DC area. Special...


*TEASER* Premium Episode 8: March for Our Lives, Alton Sterling and Rick Santorum

**This is a teaser of our most recent premium episode. If you'd like to hear more, visit to subscribe.** Brynna fills us in on her experience working behind the scenes with March for Our Lives and we discuss how the gun control movement needs to center people of color and address police brutality.


Episode 11: Confront White Womanhood

Sophie Ellman-Golan, Deputy Director of Communications at Women’s MarchRhiannon Childs of Executive Director for Women's March Ohio Chapter and Digital Communications Manager Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, and Heather Marie Scholl, artist and activist join us to talk about their new workshop "Confront White Womanhood." We explore how race and gender intersect, how the experience of people of color needs to be centered, and ways white women can call themselves in to address white...


Episode 10: John Bolton, The Austin Bombings, and Kanye feat. Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker, aka the Woke Bae, joins us to talk leftist politics, thirst trapping, John Bolton, the Austin bombings, Kanye, Donald Trump and more. Follow Hasan on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


Episode 9: Video Games, Violence and Nihilism feat. Virgil Texas

Virgil Texas, co-host of Chapo Trap House and proud gamer, joins Jake and Jordan to discuss the resurgence of the "video games cause gun violence" myth. We discuss gaming's hinderance or enhancement of society, the role of nihilism and other societal issues pertaining to gaming culture. More: The Chapo book: The Atlantic piece Jake mentions: Virgil and colleague...


Episode 8: Conor Lamb, Tariffs and 3D Printing

This is a different type of episode. It includes segments from TWO new premium episodes, just released on our Patreon page: There, we have episodes with John Austin of Brookings and Guy Coviello of the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber. With John, we talk about his research on the Rust Belt, how segregation impacts the region, how immigrants play a pivotal role in the workforce and what Trump's tariffs mean for labor. Then, Guy explains how 3D printing is...


Episode 7: Twitter, Free Speech and College Campuses

Jake left Twitter. He's gone. Maybe even forever. We'll see. So we talk about the hellsite Brynna and Jordan can't seem to escape and the ever-raging college campus "free speech" debate.


*TEASER* Premium Episode 5: Saudi Arabia Goes Nuclear feat. Ken Klippenstein

**This is a teaser of our most recent premium episode. If you'd like to hear more, visit to subscribe.** Investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein joins us to talk about his recent scoop where he discovered the Saudi government was dishing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby the Trump administration to let them enrich uranium. Then, in the bulletin, we talk about International Women's Day, Stormy Daniels, Trump's tentative meeting with Kim Jong Un and whether...


Episode 6: Sam Nunberg, the Oscars and the Rust Belt VC Bus Tour

We discuss the Oscars, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg's media meltdown, and the Rust Belt venture capitalist bus tour. [Note: We recorded before Erin Burnett called Nunberg out for having alcohol on his breath. You can watch the clip here:]


*TEASER* Premium Episode 4: Charter Schools & Women's Rights

**This is a teaser of our most recent premium episode. If you'd like to hear more, visit to subscribe.** This is a special episode featuring two interviews on different subjects, one focusing on a Rust Belt issue and another on a Beltway issue. First, we interview Doug Livingston of the Akron Beacon Journal who has been reporting extensively on the charter school system in Ohio, the lack of transparency and potential reforms. Then we sit down with Camille Wagner of UDC...


BONUS EPISODE: West Virginia Teacher Strike feat. Jake Jarvis

Jake Jarvis of the State Journal joins Jordan to discuss the West Virginia Teacher Strike. Follow him on Twitter @NewsroomJake


Episode 5: CPAC & DR GORKA! Feat. James Adomian & Caleb Ecarma

Caleb Ecarma of Mediaite joins us to talk about his ~dangerous encounter~ with Dr. Gorka. And we speak to Dr. Gorka HIMSELF! Or is it James Adomian?


*TEASER* Premium Episode 3: Guns, The Alt-Right, and 4chan

**This is a teaser of our most recent premium episode. If you'd like to hear more, visit to subscribe.** Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch joins us to talk about the alt-right, misinformation in the wake of mass shootings, conspiracies and more very online things. This was a fun one!