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Episode 33. Trump signs retirement executive order and reflecting on John McCain

In this episode we cover the recent executive order which allows small business owners to associate together to get better pricing on their 401(K) plans. We also cover what the fake news media doesn’t when it comes to the treachery of John McCain RIP. This is the IRA vs Roth IRa video that was referenced:


Wall Street Celebrates longest bull market rally ever… but is it? And Potential black swans that could derail the rally

Is this really the longest stock market rally of all time? In this episode Tim gives you the real scoop and you won’t want to miss his insights into the potential triggers that may cause this rally to end. Articles...


Shadow Banning goes mainstream. How I went from 1000 followers a day to Zero overnight

Flashback to Nov 2016. At the time my Libertarian Advisor facebook page was taking off. I’d seen 32k people follow the page the first 2.5 months it was created then boom shadow ban. I never made a video on this because the message was never about me, but now that this is a main stream issue I want to share with you my experience and also highlight the numerous whisltle-blowers infowars has covered over the years and the many alternative journalist whose careers were ignited via Alex Jones...


The Perfect Financial Storm is Brewing

In this short podcast, Tim discusses the Fed’s ongoing Bond sale program (quantitative tightening). He pairs this with the ongoing treasury sales of over $100bn per month and postulates where he see’s this heading and what you can do to protect yourself. We initially ran into trouble uploading this but after we created this we saw that Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase issued simillar warnings. We have not been on the same side of the table with Jamie very often but we hope you enjoy this...


Everything will be fine until the day its not.

In this podcast Tim breaks down the latest GDP numbers and tells you exactly how this number is rigged. Tim also covers how the Government distorts the Unemployment rate and inflation data while comparing statement Trump made as a candidate vs statements he’s making now that he’s President. In one Case Candidate Trump said “5.3 percent unemployment — that is the biggest joke there is in this country.” He also went on to describe it as “such a phony number.”...


Self Directed IRA’s, Crypto IRA’s, Tax free retirement strategies.

This episode was recorded as part of the declare your independence radio show with Ernest Hancock as well as my business partner Kirk Chisolm. Kirk is the president and founder of Innovative advisory group and has been recognized as the 7 most influential advisor in America according to Investopedia. I come on around the 26 minute mark to join the guys. In this talk we give an extensive over view of self directed IRA’s, alternative investments and go over tax free strategies...


A Brief History of Syrian False Flags, Deceptions and what you aren’t being told about the recent “chemical attack”

Everyone can agree that chemical attacks are bad… but is that what really happened? In this podcast Tim pulls clips from Syrian Comedia Treka who helps expose the Fake News medias lies and deceptions. We also cover famed war reporter Robert Fisk’s assesment of what actually went on. From his research there was an attack but the victims who allegedly died from a gas attack actually died from lack of oxygen due to more conventional warfare. Tim also uncovers previous false flag...


Declare your Independence guest appearance

In this talk recorded 4.17.18 Tim and Ernie briefly go over ” A Libertarian’s assessment of Trump. Ernie covers some of the major headlines of the day and gets Tim’s insights relating to the financial headlines. Tim helps clarify the concept of interest rate risk and also helps Ernie better understand the Capital Asset Pricing Model and how higher interest rates effects the main model used to evaluate future stock performance. Tim also discussess how a radio show appearance from the...


A Pro Trump Libertarian’s assessment of the President.

After last Friday’s Syria strike… which we don’t spend very much time on because that was covered on the last podcast…. what is our take on the President. As an ardent supporter of the President and as a die hard Ron Paul fan… what is the current state of affairs for a Pro Trump Libertarian. The first 20 minutes we give a background of our support and point out some positives. Then we get into how we are running out of time and there is no more time to play 4D chess. There were a few...


Deep State Lures Trump into Syria

Find the video here: In this podcast we mainly cover the Syrian war propaganda. We get into a brief histroy of previous gas attacks, the truth behind the white helmets and what this ultimately means for Trump 2020. We have some great clips from James Corbett and Syrian Girl and even a clip from…. dare I say… Hillary Clinton… gasp. Lastly we also touch on some financial news towards the end of the podcast although it is more of a footnote. If you listen to...


Say What? Bitcoin may lower portfolio volatility!

In this podcast episode Tim compares the rate of GDP growth to the rate of the US Debt Growth and references the following two articles: Tim also goes over some interesting stats with the US Debt at Lastly, Tim goes over a recent video by Tom Lee of Fundstrat where he demonstrates how Bitcoin may actually lower your...


The Governments Odds of Financial Success is ZERO!

In this Video Podcast Tim lays the groundwork for why the Government has no chance of getting their way out of the current financial predicament. Tim uses a piece of software callled Riskalyze to illustrate this and he also gives a brief update on Crypto’s and compares them to the dot com bubble. Tim also goes over some troubling financial data and focuses on the high level data that the Fake News won’t. These are the types of updates you can expect as a future client of The Liberty...


The Liberty Advisor Episode 16 - 3.1.18 market update

In this podcast Tim gives his clients the real news on the economy. There are many economic indicators that paint a vastly different picture from the normal narrative you’d expect to find from mainstream commentators. With interest rates on the rise, could the FED finally be losing control? Tim explores this as well as many other data points that most pundits completely overlook or conveniently ignore. If you are recently retired or close to retirement, you won’t want to miss this.


01-25-18 Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock and Tim Picciott

Get Tomorrow’s news today with Tim Picciott as he breaks down the dangers in the stock and bond market. If you have bonds in your retirement account this is a show you won’t want to miss. Tim explains concepts such as interest rate risk and duration risk and explains the biggest issue facing the economy that no one seems to care about. Recorded on 1.25.18 while the stock market was at all time highs, Tim’s warnings could prove to be very prophetic. The first 20 mins are so deal with Trump...


Episode 13

In this wide ranging talk at the Arizona Breakfast club, Tim lays the foundation for why America’s pension system will fail. Tim also talks about the biggest risks retiree’s face in retirement and how many of those same risks exist in the pension system as well. With more and more Baby Boomers withdrawing their retirement funds each and everyday to live off, sequence of return risk poses a massive risk, not only to their own retirements but their pensions as well. In 2008 the oldest baby...


Episode 12 - The Trump Effect and Why Good News is Bad News

This was from a speech I gave at March 10-7-17 at the Arizona Breakfast club on “The Trump Effect, and why Good news is bad news” I also touch on one of the greatest risk retirees face which is sequence of return risk. Many of these same problems still exist today and in fact many of them are much larger than when I initially gave this talk due to people who identify as republican feeling much more optimistic. Even though I was a huge cheer leader for the POTUS, I knew that his election...


Episode 11 - Bitcoin v bitcoin cash

Bitcoin v bitcoin cash Transcript: [00:00:42] So this is the libertarian adviser podcast. Right now we’re going to talk about bitcoin vers bitcoin cash has been a hot subject the news lately. Yesterday a coin base the largest U.S. exchange decided to add Peercoin cash to their lineups. Right now you can get a Bitcoin bitcoin cash Ethereum and lite coins through coin base which is the largest U.S. exchange. Now that news, was at dinner yesterday talking about bitcoin cash with one of...


Episode 10 - Doug Casey, Ernest Hancock and Tim Picciott

We are very excited and honored to have Doug Casey on the podcast and for 2 FULL HOURS! In this podcast Tim and Ernie interview Doug Casey from the studios of Freedoms Phoenix . In this wide ranging and in depth interview, Doug shares his thoughts on Crypto, the economy, spirituality, the singularity, IPOing’ the Saloman islands and much more. We also discuss Doug’s latest novel’s “Drug Lord” and “Speculator” both of which can be found at Bio: Doug Casey is a...


Bitcoin / Crypto’s How much to invest, should you invest, how to invest etc.

In this episode of the Libertarian Advisor podcast we cover the bitcoin mania taking the world by storm. In the past few weeks the amount of interest in bitcoin has absolutely exploded. Tim discusses why he’s excited about Crypto’s while giving a brief background of his blockchain investing experience. Tim also goes over how to buy and sell bitcoin, how to buy alt coins and what exchanges to use to buy alt coins. We also cover how to store bitcoin and what “Cold Storage”...