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Episode 13 - The Craziest White People Shit In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! Pat and Drew are back in the Liberty Lounge talking some real American bullshit with our friend Kelley Kemp (@Warlock.ED on instagram) from the Podcast and Chill Show! Here’s your weekly breakdown: Tekashi69 rap beef and the sad reality of the possible outcomes of young rappers acting the way they do (recorded before the fatal shooting of XXXtentacion. RIP.) OF COURSE we talk about Kanye in light of the release of Nasir. This was recorded literally hours before the...


Episode 12 - The Ye & Cudi Of Podcasting

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back talking that patriotic af bullshit from the Liberty Lounge! Drew brought through his new lady friend La’Nese Wright so of course we made her pick up the mic and participate. If you’re in the room while the patriots get patriotic you best be participating. The boys talk a lot about Kanye (obviously, do we even need to say that talk about Kanye anymore?) They discuss how they both listen to music by becoming obsessed with an artist and consuming...


BONUS: Waiting For Kids See Ghosts

Pat recorded this episode while he was waiting for the live stream of Kids See Ghosts to start. He got pretty frustrated with the whole thing. But in the end we all learn a valuable lesson in patience when it's all worth it in the end. DISCLAIMER: This podcast was recorded and then uploaded immediately. It was not edited to make it flow smoothly. Imagine you're with me and we're talking about waiting for this fucking to start and you'll enjoy it.


BONUS - The Most Patriotic Crossover In The History Of Philadelphia Ever!

***This podcast originally aired on the Podcast and Chill feed as Episode 35 - Back in My Day. Pat and Drew headed to Rec Philly to meet with the young lords in Podcast and Chill and talk that truly patriotic shit. The young lords are quite a bit younger than the patriots so the patriots take the opportunity to teach the youth a thing or two they won't learn in school (probably because its strictly based in opinion and not on actual fact... but that's the most patriotic shit a person can...


Episode 11 - The Most Patriotic Field Trip In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! This week we record from Pat’s car and the city of Brotherly Love for the Most Patriotic Field Trip in the History of America Ever! The patriots are joined by their friend Phil Caruso for a field trip to Philadelphia for an on location podcast and appearance on the Podcast and Chill Show! The boys embark on this journey with a joyful spirit in their hearts and an overambitious agenda that proved completely undoable (see: Pat’s narration), but fun was had and that...


Episode 10 - The Least Consenting Diaper Change In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back again from the Liberty Lounge talking that truly American shit. Here’s your episode run down: Pusha T’s “Daytona” is the perfect album and the impending Kanye flood is shaping up to be the flood that makes George Bush care about black people Drew talks about finally exposing his parents to his stand up career and they talk about that magical moment when something you are pursuing really becomes your life. This leads into a discussion of how...


Episode 9 - The Most Disgusting Litter Box In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! This week Pat and Drew record from Pat's childhood home and the boys get patriotic as fuck. Here's your breakdown of this week's epiode: They talk about how podcasting is the new DIY music scene. A lot about is discussed about podcasting in the most meta conversation in the history of America ever! We talk about the woman who took a shit in Tim Horton’s. She threw her shit. It was wild. We talk about the debate this week between what word is worse “cracker” or “the...


Episode 8 - The Most Hoe Culture Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back for another week of discussing American bullshit. What a time to be alive. On this weeks journey they discuss Pat crossing the finishing line of his Kanye journey despite his alt-right yapping. They talk about the beauty and true innovation of his music (he's shut up since that TMZ debacle so it felt right this week. Too bad he’s still an irresponsible public figure and uneducated on politics to a dangerous degree). Pat discusses his need to go...


Episode 7 - The Most Cisracial Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the real patriots out there! Your boys are back this week in the Liberty Lounge to bring you another week of HOT TAKES on current events and culture. On this week's episode Drew shows Pat the Childish Gambino "This is America" for the first time and they discuss why conforming to norms is pretty fucking lame. You know we talk about Kanye since we haven't gotten our say in yet - we discuss the fallacy and inherent hypocritical nature of "free thought" and how people use it to make...


Episode 6 - The Most Whoopdidi Scoop Poopest Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

Good morning patriots! This week we come to you from Tannery Studios with our first (and, you already know, Most Patriotic) guest Dave Patino! Dave opens up his studio to your favorite patriots for an evening of lecture and social commentary. The boys offer Dave an unpaid job as the permanent engineer of the podcast and discuss Kanye West's new songs and continued alt-right, unhinged bullshit (this was recorded BEFORE Kanye went into TMZ and said slavery was a choice... yo Ye, SLOW DOWN!...


Episode 5 - The Most Racially Biased Trained Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

*Originally aired 4/26/2018 Here we go! The patriots get patriotic on a different night than normal this week. They may seem a little off but they are racially biased trained and ready to give you a dose of woke-ness. Thanks Starbucks for making us tolerant! Pat finally understands the genius of Kanye West in a discussion of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and they discuss their concerns over his mental health from his current Twitter rants (you know, before they got alt-righty and...


Episode 4 - The Most Cheesiest Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

*Originally aired on 4/19/2018 The patriots finally get both of their microphones working in a triumph of man vs technology! Drew gives an oral summary of "Who Moved My Cheese?" and this is used as a metaphor throughout the episode in a discussion of the week's current events and follies. Take your grad photos with a gun and be the most patriotic patriot that ever America'ed!


Episode 3 - The Most Self - Affirming Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

*Originally aired 4/12/2018 Pat and Drew find full swing podcasting magic as they get real with one another in a conversation filled with their own self doubts and try to build each other up. They talk about Kanye West in a good light again (you know, before he really lost it publicly). They move through current events and get very, very, tremendously patriotic.


Episode 2 - The Most Kanye Friendly Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

*Originally aired on 4/5/2018 Before the episode is even introduced Drew spends 9 minutes trying to get Pat to start to understand Kanye West and why he should appreciate him as an artist and cultural icon. This episode was released prior to Kanye's current alt-righty meltdown. This is the episode where they really begin to find their voice and how to play off of each other on mic. It's the real beginning to the Most Patriotic Podcast in the History of America Ever! The boys begin to give...


Episode 1 - The Most Electrolyte Filled Podcast In The History Of America Ever!

*Originally aired 3/29/2018 Pat and Drew start to find their groove in the second episode they've ever recorded. They discuss how Trump has electrolytes and why it's what the people crave.


Episode 0 - The Most Pilotest Podcast Episode In The History Of America Ever!

**Originally aired 3/29/2018. Pat and Drew get together for the first time and talk. They didn't do much preparation for this one and were feeling out the vibe of the show. It's the most patriotic podcast pilot you've ever heard.