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Produced by Canadian Dimension magazine, Alert! Radio is a weekly show covering politics, economics, issues of social and environmental justice; features interviews, commentaries, profiles of people in the news; has features on music, media, the arts; as well as special shows dedicated to new ideas or significant events.

Produced by Canadian Dimension magazine, Alert! Radio is a weekly show covering politics, economics, issues of social and environmental justice; features interviews, commentaries, profiles of people in the news; has features on music, media, the arts; as well as special shows dedicated to new ideas or significant events.
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Produced by Canadian Dimension magazine, Alert! Radio is a weekly show covering politics, economics, issues of social and environmental justice; features interviews, commentaries, profiles of people in the news; has features on music, media, the arts; as well as special shows dedicated to new ideas or significant events.




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Alert! Radio - Episode 168

Canadian Dimension editors reflect on the critical developments in 2010 what happened and equally important, what did not happen; and look ahead to expectations for 2011. Mitch Podolak uncovers new political songs for Music is the Weapon.


Alert! Radio - Episode 167

Montreal journalist Paul Jackson says that the Haitian People will not accept election results determined by the USA as Haiti’s most popular party, Fanmi Lavalas, headed by the exiled former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was frozen out of the election. Eco-feminist Terisa Turner on her way to Cancun, discusses what she expects will happen at the UN’s latest conference on Climate Change. James Mulvale of Basic Income Earth Network talks about why the Guaranteed Annual Income has...


Alert! Radio - Episode 166

Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) talks about Monsanto’s new plant breeding program at the University of Manitoba and reviews the impact of genetically modified crops over the past decade. Richard Sanders, coordinator of the Ottawa-based Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, talks about the failed NATO mission in Afghanistan and predicts that its role there will not end in 2014. Roland Penner, former Attorney General of Manitoba, talks about the...


Alert! Radio - Episode 165

Sarah.k Granke of RebELLEs talks about Canada’s new Feminist Revolution. Grand Chief Ron Evans talks about Third World conditions on Manitoba’s northern reserves with their lack of running water. Diana Bronson of the ETC Group explains why geo-engineering is a false and dangerous solution to climate change. Mitch Podoluk introduces more new and old anti-war songs.


Alert! Radio - Episode 164

Mordecai Briemberg backgrounds the recent meeting of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism and its true purpose of clamping down on criticism of the Israeli occupation and its apartheid practices. John Warnock reveals the true story behind Ottawa’s decision to reject BHP Billiton’s bid for Potash Corp. Immigration consultant Macdonald Scott positions in historic perspective Jason Kenney’s mission to restrict refugee claimants to Canada and its certain impact. Mitch...


Alert! Radio - Episode 163

Award winning film maker John Greyson talks about the culture boycott being launched against Israel. Mary Agnes Welch of the Canadian Association of Journalists discusses the re-arrest of G20 activist Alex Hundert. Mitch Podoluk introduces anticapitalist and antiwar music on Music is the Weapon.


Alert! Radio - Episode 162

The Harper government foreign policy doomed Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat according to award winning editor and columnist Haroon Siddiqui. Stephen Shrybman, international trade and public interest lawyer and Board member of the Council of Canadians reveals the pitfalls of the Canada-European Union free trade agreement now being negotiated. Award winning film maker, broadcaster and writer Saul Landau talks about the right-wing swing in American politics and reflects on whether...


Alert! Radio - Episode 161

Steven Staples, director of the Rideau Institute explains why the purchase of the F-35 Stealth Fighter is an obscene waste of money. Observers of the mayoralty races in Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton talk about the issues in these three races and what is at stake. Mitch Podoluk is back with Music is the Weapon.


Alert! Radio - Episode 160

What was the October Crisis of 1970? What the the FLQ Really About? How Does Trudeau’s Suspension of Civil Liberties in 1970 Compare With Harper’s Attack on Civil Liberties at the G20 Protests in 2010? How does the FLQ compare with the Black Bloc? The University of Ottawa’s Pierre Beaudet answers these questions and more. He was one of the 500 innocents arrested under the War Measures Act in 1970. The missing women of Vancouver’s East End is the subject of David Hugill recent media study....


Alert! Radio - Episode 159

Pascale Robitaille who coordinates Stella, an organization that offers services and rights’ defence by and for sex workers in Montreal, comments on how the recent ruling in Ontario’s Superior Court will affect the safety of sex workers. Diana Lombardi, coordinator at the Fdration des femmes du Qubec talks about the World March of Women which is just completing the 2010 march as we speak. The FFQ has been among the main organizers of the march since its inception in 2000. Award winning...

Alert! Radio - Episode 158

This week marks the ninth anniversary of the first American bombs dropped on Afghanistan. Author John Warnock reviews how and why the US and Canada got into this war and he questions whether the US has any intention of pulling out in 2011. Sociologist Elizabeth Comack discusses the role of race in police and law enforcement practices in Winnipeg, and what can be done to resolve the problem. On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Council of Canadians’ Campaign Coordinator Brent Patterson...


Alert! Radio - Episode 156

What does the Green Party of Canada think about capitalism and how far will it go to stop the tar sands? Alert talks with Elizabeth May. The Indigenous Environmental Network calls for a new social movement to stop ecocide and a new economic paradigm. Alert talks with Clayton Thomas-Muller. Mitch Podoluk is back with music is the weapon.


Alert! Radio - Episode 155

ALERT’S last show of the season! Pensions sufficient to keep retirees from growing old in poverty are under frontal attack. Joel Harden of the Canadian Labour Congress Research Department and CD collective member Andrea Levy explain why. This week’s episode also celebrates MayDay week and discusses Canadian mining companies in the global south. And, as always, Mitch Podoluk is here with Music is the Weapon. You can subscribe to our podcast via iTunes and listen to past episodes by clicking...


Alert! Radio - Episode 154

Ian Angus, editor of the on line journal Climate and Capitalism and member of the Canadian Dimension collective talks about the outcome and the climate movement politics emerging out of The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth convened by Bolivia’s President Evo Morales in Cochabamba. Clayton Thomas-Muller of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) talks about the message he delivered to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues last Saturday...


Alert! Radio - Episode 153

Honduras-based Rights Action worker, Karen Spring, explains that because the current post military coup government is particularly friendly to Canada’s mining interests in Honduras that the Canadian government is blind to that country’s numerous human rights violations including those conducted by death squads. Richard Fidler talks about the life and thoughts of Quebec firebrand Michel Chartrand who passed away last week at the age of 93. Chris Webb describes the latest activities and...


Alert! Radio - Episode 152

Former Chief Arthur Manuel exposes what lies behind Tom Flanagan’s proposal to convert reserve lands to private property. Professor Darlene Juschka tells why she and 15 other University of Regina faculty members oppose the Project Hero program on their campus. John Clarke, organizer of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, explains how Ontario’s 2010 budget penalizes the poor. Mitch Podolak’s Music is the Weapon features songs of resistance that focus on Latin America and Iraq.


Alert! Radio - Episode 151

RebELLE spokesperson Barbara Legault talks about how Quebec feminists view Bill 94 which would refuse government services, public employment and most medical care to Muslim women whose face is covered by the niqab. She also describes the massive opposition to Quebec’s new budget that establishes a user fee on health care and increases fees on other government services. York University’s David Noble talks about the significance of his court victory requiring York University administrators...


Alert! Radio - Episode 150

Professor Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, discusses issues of free speech and hate speech that arise from the cancellation of Ann Coulters talk at the University of Ottawa. Art Sterrit, executive director of the Coastal First Nations describes the inevitable damages expected from the proposed Enbridge Norther pipeline and its supertankers that would penetrate into the heart of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. Art outlines...

Alert! Radio - Episode 149

Thomas Woodley, president of Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East talks about how the Harper government forced the cancellation of the CJPME-sponsored Canadian tour of 2010 Nobel prize nominee and Palestinian leader Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. Graham Saul, executive director of Climate Action Network Canada talks about a recently released study showing the consequences of the Harper governments policy of muzzling government climate change experts. Professor Jeffrey Webber of the...


Alert! Radio - Episode 148

Macdonald Stainsby, a creator of, talks about why the appointment of Tzeporah Berman as director of Greenpeace International global climate and energy campaign has caused such an uproar within the Canadian ranks of Greenpeace. Stainsby also talks about the growing tendency of environmental groups to take money from the world’s biggest polluters. Sid Shniad of Independent Jewish Voices is one of the 8800 Jewish Canadians and Americans named in this year’s Self-Hating...


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