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Senator Scott on Race Relations

Senator Tim Scott gave a series of three speeches on race and policing in America. Unfortunately, the media only reported on one of those three speeches. They ignored the most important points and that's part of the problem in our nation today.

Stronger The Movie

Around 20 vets commit suicide every day. We are losing more of our fighting men and women to suicide than we are to combat. That has to change. The independent film Stronger is using fiction to change reality for the better. This is the story of how connections are being made to help save the lives of vets dealing with PTSD.

Rule of Law RIP

The Rule of Law is dead. The facts the FBI uncovered proved that Hillary Clinton broke the law. James Comey admitted it. However, she won't be prosecuted because of non-legal reasons. She is not subject to the same the laws you and I are subject to and that means the United States of America is not a democracy any longer. It is an oligarchy. RIP, Rule of Law.

Brexit Correlation and Causation

Is Brexit good for Trump or is it good for Hillary? Neither. The fact that British voter decided to leave the EU won't change the minds of Americans in November. But, there is a correlation between the reasons why the UK split from the EU and the political fault lines that will decide who wins the Presidency.

Trump On Point, On Prompter

Donald Trump gave a very good speech this week that outlines his lines of attack against Hillary Clinton. It hit her where she was weak and went after areas she thinks she's strong. Why was this speech better for Trump than his usual appearance? One word. Teleprompter. But, can it last?

Lynch's Redaction Reasoning

In redacting and then un-redacting the 9-1-1- transcripts from the Orlando Terror attack, Attorney General Loretta Lynch twice made policy decisions for political reasons rather than for legal reasons. What does that mean for the pending criminal investigation into the Democrat Nominee, Hillary Clinton. Will the AG again decide about the right course of action based on politics or based upon the Rule of Law?

Our Outrageous Orlando Reactions

In covering news events, I learned to not just focus on the action, but on the reaction. It tells you more about a people than the event itself. The reaction by Americans to the terror attacks in Orlando tell us a lot about America today, and it's not a pretty story. Instead of reacting by standing up to a common foreign enemy, we have picked internal fights with each other to divide our neighbors along political divides. Shame on us.

Trump's Lazy La Raza Language

There are only two people who could possibly become president of the United States in this day and age. One is the nominee of the Republican Party. The other is the nominee of the Democrat Party. That's why we all need Trump to do a better job of using his words. It's not about political correctness. It's about right and wrong and the future of our nation is at stake.

Obama's Okeydoke Trump Takedown

The President tried to launch an attack on Donald Trump. Instead he stuttered and stammered his way into an incoherent mess. What's worse, the only ideas he was able to express were factually wrong. It's why the Democrats are going to have a hard time challenging The Donald this fall. Take a listen.

Why Obama Went to Hiroshima

Obama did not go to Hiroshima to make an apology. That's good. But, why did he go? What did he want to say? What impact did he hope his words would have on the world and how do those words compare to previous Presidential speeches on foreign soil? Was it substance or symbolism? Take a listen.

Obama's Department of Liars

A Federal Judge has now ordered every lawyer in the Department of Justice to take a three hour course in ethics every single year because too many DOJ attorneys lied in his open court. But, the problem of lying to Americans isn't just restricted to the DOJ. It's happening all across the Obama Administration.

Climate Crusaders RICO Ricochet

Global Warming alarmists have convinced 13 Attorneys General to use RICO laws to punish Climate Change Deniers. Now it looks like that abuse of power is backfiring. Take a listen.

6 Reasons Why Lynch is Wrong

The letter Loretta Lynch sent to every school district in the nation demanding children be able to go to the bathroom of their gender identity, not their gender is wrong for 6 reasons. It's wrong on the law, on the Constitution, on sociology, biology and psychology. And, it's wrong for one other, very devious and destructive reason. Take a listen.

American Exceptionalism

The reason why America has been great is because we believed we could be great. America has been exceptional because of American Exceptionalism. But, that idea has started to fade in the minds of so many fellow countrymen. It's the difference between Hillary's idea that America is already great and Trump's slogan Make America Great Again. One idea leads to stagnation. The other leads to a revival of the American Dream.

Party Trumps Loyalty

The GOP demanded that Trump make a loyalty pledge to the party. Now, the party needs to show their loyalty to Trump. But, some partly leaders like JEB and Ryan aren't willing to put the needs of the party over their own personal feelings. That's wrong and it needs to change or Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

Primary Math Pt. 3

The GOP Primary came to an abrupt end this week. Why? Math. The numbers were simply to big for Cruz and Kasich to overcome. Most political pundits failed add up the numbers early on to correctly predict the outcome of the GOP primary but are now eager to make predictions for the general election in the fall.

Violence Vs Free Expression

The modern liberal disagrees with the liberal idea of Free Speech. Voltaire's vision for free expression was summed up by the phrase, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Today's "Liberals" will disapprove of what you say and do everything in their power to prevent you from saying it. That's not Democracy. That's mob rule.

Trump's Primary Math

For the Anti-Trump crowd, it may be too little to late. They are starting to unite around Ted Cruz, but the primary battle is about to change in a very important way. Here's why the math says Trump may be unbeatable now.

Trump, Roosevelt, and Perot

The GOP is contemplating deliberately splitting the party for the general election in the fall. This is a disastrous idea that ignores the lessons of history. When Republicans split, Democrats win and that could mean the end of the Supreme Court and the Constitution as we know it. Here's why...

CNN's Racial McCarthyism

CNN's demands that Trump disavow David Duke and the KKK is the same as Racial McCarthism. It violates the freedom of speech. What's worse, is simply bringing up David Duke on CNN helps Duke more than Duke could ever help Trump. Professional journalists should hold themselves to a higher standard.