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Electoral College - Wisdom of Crowds

Al Gore is now calling for the elimination of the Electoral College and instead to name our President off the popular vote. That idea is irresponsible and ignorant. Instead, Democrats should learn for the Electoral College and support policies that favor a majority of the states.


Green Party Recount Reasoning

Why in the world is the Green Party's Jill Stein challenging the validity of the election in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? It won't change the outcome of this year's election and will waste millions of dollars. So why do it? To influence future elections. Here's why.


Loving Hating Trump

The violent reactions to the election of Donald Trump is a treat to our entire republic. This is how democracy dies by mob rule. It must stop and it must stop now. Barack Obama has called for a peaceful transition. Now, the rest of the Democrat Party must follow his example or there be a peaceful transition of power in the country ever again.


2016 Closing Arguments

This is the last podcast I'll put out before Election Day. So, let me share with you my closing arguments on why Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, and Hillary Clinton are all bad choices for America's future. I'll also explain why Trump is your best choice, not simply because of the negatives of the opposition but also the positives of his agenda.


Debate 1 - Sound And Fury

The way the first Presidential Debate has been promoted, analyzed, and discussed is a sad commentary on politics in America today. It's more about entertainment than enlightenment. It's more about soundbites than solutions. Once again, Big Media is part of the problem. Here's why.


Losing Faith in Big Media

A new poll from Gallup says trust in mass media has reached an all time low. It blames the long term decline in the rise of blogs, vlogs, and social media. That's wrong. The reason why Americans don't trust Big Media isn't because of small media. It's because of Big Media. Here's why.

Commander In Chief In Waiting

NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum gave America some insight into how the two leading candidates would lead our military. Unfortunately, there is a critical idea that both seemed to miss. That could put our national security at risk. Here's why.


Mr. Trump Goes to Mexico

Donald Trump's trip to Mexico demonstrated he could be presidential, diplomatic and not racist. If he is able to continue this kind of performance, his next visit to Mexico will be as our Head of State.

I'm Bringing Honor Back

It's time to bring honor back. Too many people in America don't understand what that means. The problems in the major media and their lack of ethics when it comes to covering this presidential campaign is one example. Take a listen.

Founders, Creators, And Voters

More Americans than ever before say they don't believe in God. That's certainly their right, guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, if atheists want to continue to have the right not to believe in a Creator, they had better vote for people who do. Here's why.


Disasters, Politics, and Perception

President Obama wasn't going to visit the flooding in Louisiana until after Donald Trump visited and donated an 18 wheeler full of supplies. Why has this President been held to a different standard than President Bush was during Hurricane Katrina in 2005? I offer a few explanations. Take a listen.

Hillary, Perjury, and Politics

Four times Hillary Clinton said something to a House Committee that was not true. That's potentially four counts of perjury. Will she ever have to answer for her lies or will this be just another example of a Clinton getting away with criminal behavior?

Climate Wars

Climate Crusaders are wanting to "literally" declare war against CO2. How do you declare war on an inanimate molecule? Why would you want to go to war with a basic building block of life? The answer has more to do with government control than it does climate control.

Gadsden and Bureaucratic Tyranny

The Gadsden Flag was made during the Revolution as a statement against tyranny. Today, one postal worker thinks it's racist. The EEOC thinks he may be right. Our bureaucracy has become its own form of tyranny. Don't tread on me!

Words Have Meaning: Founder's Edition

The reason why things are not going well in America today is because our current actions don't match the words of the Founders. The reason we aren't following their words is because we haven't read them. Words have meaning, and the words of the Founding Fathers would make America better today if we bothered to listen to what they said.

Hillary, Assange, Benghazi And ISIS

Did Hillary Clinton run guns into Libya against UN resolutions? Did the CIA then take those weapons and ship them to Syria where the ended up in the arms of ISIS? Julian Assange and WikiLeaks says yes. Here's why.


Obama's Unprecedented Unpresidential Speech

President Barack Obama's speech to the DNC was unprecedentedly unpresidential. It was more partisan and divisive than any other party convention speech ever given by a sitting two-term President. Listen to how the words Obama used compared to those used by Bush, Clinton and Reagan. The comparison should make all American patriots sad for our current leadership.

Senator Scott on Race Relations

Senator Tim Scott gave a series of three speeches on race and policing in America. Unfortunately, the media only reported on one of those three speeches. They ignored the most important points and that's part of the problem in our nation today.

Stronger The Movie

Around 20 vets commit suicide every day. We are losing more of our fighting men and women to suicide than we are to combat. That has to change. The independent film Stronger is using fiction to change reality for the better. This is the story of how connections are being made to help save the lives of vets dealing with PTSD.

Rule of Law RIP

The Rule of Law is dead. The facts the FBI uncovered proved that Hillary Clinton broke the law. James Comey admitted it. However, she won't be prosecuted because of non-legal reasons. She is not subject to the same the laws you and I are subject to and that means the United States of America is not a democracy any longer. It is an oligarchy. RIP, Rule of Law.

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