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Mirror Next Gen: Teenagers take control of the Daily Mirror

MirrorNextGen is a ground-breaking project by the Mirror which has seen us hand over control of our print and online coverage for one day. It is a chance for a group of British teenagers to put the things they care about at the heart of the national conversation. In this special episode of the podcast, our Head of Politics Jason Beattie is joined by four members of that teenage team of editors: Jaspreet Khatkar, Ross Forman, Courtney Bradley and Saleem Akhtar. They explain how they put...


A review of the year when politics lost leave of it senses

In this final podcast of 2018 we look back at a tumultuous, gripping and febrile year in politics. There were resignations and rebellions. There were moments of madness and moments of goodness. There was dancing and dark plotting. Above all it was dominated by the bitter battles over Brexit. It was also the year of the Salisbury attacks, rows over anti-semitism and the Windrush scandal. 2018 also saw Theresa May suffer a vote of non-confidence, the Tories torn apart over Europe and the...


Budget treat or trickery?

Philip Hammond claimed his Budget meant austerity was coming to an end. There was more money for the NHS, defence and to help ease the roll out of the universal credit. And sprinkled on top of the spending spree was a new round of income tax cuts. But how generous was the Chancellor? And does his boast about ending austerity stack up? In the latest Ayes to the Left podcast the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Jason Beattie and Dan Bloom deliver their verdict on Budget. They go through the small...


Careers, confidences and conferences

There were rows, rallies, parties and career-ending speeches. This year’s conference season saw Labour leave Liverpool on a high, the Conservatives suffer the blues in Birmingham and the Lib Dems struggle to be heard in Brighton. In the latest Ayes to the Left podcast the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Nicola Bartlett and Jason Beattie give their verdict on this year’s conferences. They discuss Theresa May’s speech, how the Boris Johnson bubble has burst and the Conservative angst over the...


Corbyn builds a powerful case for change

Jeremy Corbyn used his conference speech to sell his radical agenda to voters. The Labour leader made a persuasive case that his plans for renationalisation, handing power to workers and reshaping the economy were “common sense.” In this week's Ayes to the Left podcast the Mirror's Kevin Maguire, Jason Beattie and Nicola Bartlett give their verdict on Corbyn's big speech in Liverpool. The discuss why his policies are starting to chime with the public and what more he needs to do seal an...


Vince Cable's long goodbye

Vince Cable failed to rally the troops in a gaffe-prone and muted conference speech. The Lib Dem leader looked like someone on the way out as he addressed the faithful in Brighton. The only remarkable thing about his speech was his mangling of his phrase “erotic spasm”. Other than that he came across as someone trying to sell encyclopedias door-to-door in the age of Wikipedia. In this week's Ayes to the Left podcast Jason Beattie, Kevin Maguire and Ben Glaze deliver their verdicts on his...


Big Issue founder Lord Bird on Corbyn, "failure" politicians and the homelessness crisis

Lord John Bird says he got into the House of Lords by “lying, cheating and stealing”. In this week’s Ayes To The Left podcast, the Big Issue founder revealed how he learned the skills to build his hugely successful career in prison. In a frank and funny chat with the Mirror’s Mikey Smith and Dan Bloom, the avuncular crossbench peer talked about homelessness, poverty, Thatcher, Blair and whether he wants to see Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10. And he revealed whether he still thinks all...


Where the hell are we with Brexit now?

It has been an extraordinary few days of high drama, plotting and political turmoil. Theresa May was left fighting to save her career after the double resignation of Boris Johnson and David Davis. Her Brexit plans are now in doubt and she has been placed on warning by mutinous Tory MPs that they could still try to topple her. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast we examine one of the most turbulent weeks in recent political history. Jason Beattie talks to Prof Anand Menon of UK in a...


How to save the high street

In the last year an estimated 50,000 retail jobs have gone. Major stores have closed while others such as House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer are slashing branches. Unless the decline can be reversed there are fears our high streets could become ghost towns of boarded up shops and derelict malls. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast we discuss why our town centres are fighting for their lives and what can be done to save them. Mirror’s business editor Graham Hiscott and reporter...


The collapse of the centre left

Across Europe the centre left is in trouble. Of the 28 EU states only six have a left-wing government and most of those are minority administrations. In the last elections the workers party in Holland came eighth.In the French elections the socialist party's Benoit Hamon came fifth with 6% of the vote. It is a similar story in Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy. Centre left parties which were in power for much for the second half of the 20th century are now locked in a battle...


UKIP's king of dark arts lifts the lid on 14 years with Nigel Farage

David Cameron once branded them "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists". Now UKIP face being something much worse - irrelevant. Where next for Nigel Farage's flailing anti-EU party just three years after it won 4million votes - helping push the Leave campaign to victory? Mirror reporters Dan Bloom and Mikey Smith took a party legend to London's Fruit Cake Patisserie to find out. Gawain Towler spent 14 years as UKIP's tweed-clad press chief after cleaning toilets in a Knightsbridge club,...


Inequality is bad for your mental health

After the 2008 financial crash Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett published one of the defining books on austerity. The Spirit Level showed how countries with the greatest inequality have higher rates of violence, imprisonment, drug use and obesity. Now they have published a sister book, the Inner Level, which reveals how unequal societies also have higher rates of mental illness. In the latest Ayes to the Left podcast they discuss their findings with the Mirror’s Head of Politics Jason...


A model citizen

Few will have heard of Neil Jameson but he is one of the most influential people in British. Neil is the founder and executive director of the community-based organisation Citizens UK And its campaigns have been instrumental in improving the lives of millions of people. It has championed the living wage, pushed for action against loan sharks and pay-day lenders and helped persuade the Government to give an amnesty to illegal migrants. In the latest Ayes to the Left podcast Neil talks to...


The march of the robots

Advances in AI and robotics will dramatically change our lives over the next few decades. Greater automation will affect not just how we work but if we work at all. And the use of artificial intelligence is revolutionising how companies hire and fire, monitor staff performance and make commercial decisions. Few will be exempt from these changes. Whether it is driverless cars, facial recognition or shops without checkout assistants the world around us is changing fast. In the latest Ayes...


Talk of the towns: the key battleground of the next election

Towns used to be great places to live with a strong sense of community, thriving high streets, lots of green spaces and good local amenities. But while our cities are booming, the towns have become left behind. Too often our towns have ageing populations, a lack of jobs and opportunities and boarded up shops. And there is growing anger that political parties don’t understand their residents’ needs, ambitions and frustrations. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast Labour MP Lisa Nandy...


Are workers getting a fair deal?

This Saturday will see tens of thousands of people march through London to demand a new deal for workers. The TUC rally has been organised to highlight how millions of people are stuck in low-paid, insecure and part-time jobs. Ahead of the gathering the TUC’s Frances O’Grady talks to Jason Beattie and Mark Ellis about why they called the march, what they hope it will achieve and why the Government needs to act. She explains how work is no longer the way out of poverty. The changing...


The new working class

There are millions of voters out there who have been ignored, abandoned and misunderstood. But they could hold the key to winning the next general election. They are, according to Claire Ainsley, the new working class. This new demographic is different to the traditional working class. They are people on low to middle incomes, working in insecure and low paid jobs such as catering and retail and more likely to rent than own their homes. This new working class is multi-ethnic and...


14: Theresa May pays the price for the Windrush fiasco

We have seen the best and worst of politics this week. There has been the Home Office shambles on Windrush and the searing debate in the Commons on anti-Semitism. The issues may be cause to despair but amid the gloom we have seen Parliament at its best: MPs speaking from the heart, holding power to account and engaging in honest debate. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast Jason Beattie, Nicola Bartlett and Dan Bloom pick through a difficult few days for both Labour and the...


13: A political thriller

In a special Ayes to the Left podcast the Mirror's Head of Politics, Jason Beattie, talks to Matthew Parkhill. Matthew is the writer, co-director and executive producer of the new TV series the Deep State starring Mark Strong. They discuss the inspiration behind the drama - the way US multinationals cashed in on the Iraq War. Matthew also talks about shadowy links between the political establishment, major corporations and the military. He explains why drama is such an effective medium...


12: The dark side of the Deep State

Who really runs the country? Our politicians? Big business? The civil service? In this week's Ayes to the Left we look at the influence corporations, the military and the Establishment have on public life. America calls it the Deep State - the shady network of politicians, lobbyists, the Pentagon and multinational firms which shape US policy. We discuss whether such a nexus exists in Britain and, if so, what sway it has on our Government. Listen to the Mirror's Mikey Smith and Jason...