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Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.

Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.
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Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.






Two Summits: Singapore and the G7 and All Talk Tariffs and Trade

Trump claims he has not slept for the past 25 hours, but what exactly has he accomplished in that time. From Canada to Singapore Trump has meet with global leaders to talk, trade, tariffs and peace but will his negotiations prove to be successful or will his personal opinion of leaders inhibit US international partnership ....All of this and more, this week on BACKROOM POLITICS!


A New AG? Pardon Who? Pardon Me, Opinion on Cake, and No Eagles in the Oval

Last week Trump took to Twitter to express his frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, claiming he wished he had picked a different attorney for the job. This past Sunday legal counsel to the president Rudy Giuliani stated that Trump without a doubt had the authority to issue a pardon to himself, but not worry he would not be utilizing such power... not yet. The Supreme Court handed down an opinion yesterday that has many confused and some thinking they cannot have their cake and...


More Tariffs? Maybe a Summit? Starbucks, #MeToo and All Things Border Patrol

At 10 am this morning the White House announced that there will in fact be $50 billion worth of tariffs placed on China, signaling that the Trade war is in fact underway. The Administration cannot seem to decide if it wants to conduct a summit with North Korea as last week the June 12th meeting and yesterday talks to resume the meeting began again. Starbucks stores around the country will be closed this afternoon as employees are taking more racial bias training. Harvey Weinstein, the man...


Santa Fe In Our Prayers, A Trade Truce?, Twitter Demands, and A Summit Update

Another school shooting leaves ten more families questioning how and why violence is continuing in school and what can be done to prevent it. There may have been a truce reached with China and the ongoing trade wars between the two countries. Trump took to Twitter this weekend and demanded an additional investigation into the conduct of FBI and Dept. of Justice, and as our show goes live, Trump is meeting with South North Korean leader Moon at the White House.... All of this and more, this...


An Embassy Surrounded by Protest, In with Korea Out with Iran, McCain and ZTE

The United States Emabassy was offcially relocated to Jerusalem yesterday but it was met and overshadowed by protests on the Gaza border where the violence continues. The country is transitioning in its foregin relations strengthening ties with Korea and abandoning deals with Iran. John McCain has been the target of innappropriate comments comming from the White House reguarding his heath, and Trump aims to Make China Great Again.... All of this and more, this week on BACKROOM POLITICS!


No Deal, The Storm Keeps Coming, Ty Said Goodbye, and #MeToo Lost a Warrior

As of 2pm today President Trump officaly pulled the United States out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal. There has been some serious legal representaion question in the White House this week. Rudy Guliani joined the Presidnet's legal team on April 19th. With less than a month under his belt is he defending Trump in the way anticipated? Ty Cobb announced his retirement from the White House's legal team and Late last night, Eric Schneiderman resigned as New York's Attorney General after assult...


A Nobel Prize, Peace Talks and a Rally Over the Correspondents Dinner

As North and South Korea have started meeting to discuss peace between their two countries, President Trump is taking all the credit. At a rally on Saturday memebers of the audience chanted "No-bel, No-bel, No-bel". Is it to early for talks of awarding the Presdient a prize for making peace, or has Trump done the impossible and brough two fudeing countries together. Also what happened at the Correspondents Dinner and why did Trump choose a rally over sitting down with the rest of his...


Confirmation Hearings, the First State Dinner, Memos, a Tribute and Remembrance

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... There are two confirmations before the Senate this week; Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State and RADM Jackson to lead the Department of Veterans Affiars. Neither confirmation has gone smoothly and one may be postponed. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, is in DC this week talking everything from trade to relations with Iran and the EU. Memos written by James Comey were relased to Congress on Thursday and they have an impact on the Russia...


Cohen's Office Was Searched, Comey Wrote a Book, and Trump Ordered a Strike

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... We know we missed last week but we will talk all about it. Last Monday Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen's office was raided by the F.B.I. and now Cohen and the President are asking to block the investigation before documents are reviewed... James Comey, the former F.B.I. director wrote a book on "A Higher Loyalty" and had some not so nice things to say about the man who fired him... and if that was not enough chaos the United States participated in...


Donald J. Trump: President, White House Chief of Staff, Comms Director.... AND?

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS...The President has a busy week.. now that he is his own Chief of Staff, Comms Director, Policy Czar (and everything else)...between the ouster of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (replacing him with the White House Physician) rising tensions between Washington and Moscow... from making nice with North a brewing battle between the Administration and Amazon. The Stepford the recent coordinated message between Sinclair Broadcasting...


The March, Stormy Weather & Chaos at the White House, China Tarrifs, & RUSSIA!

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... We will discuss the March For Our Lives that happened last Saturday. Is this a new wave of politically active youth? Is this sustainable or will the participants lose interest and let it fade away? Has this changed the discussion on Gun laws? The White House continues is chaotic spin... Stormy Daniels' 60 MINUTES interview, Trump's legal team continues to be a team of one, H.R. McMaster is out, John Bolton is in...and not without some concern. Trump also...


McCabe Firing, Special Counsel Turns Up The Heat & What Is "THE DEEP STATE"?

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions fires the Deputy Director of the FBI after two internal reports state he "lacked candor under oath" as part of an internal investigation of media leaks inside the agency... was it a justified firing or a political mob hit? This as the war of words (and subpeonas) escalates between the White House and The Special Counsel's Office when Robert Mueller issues subpeonas to the Trump Organization seeking business documents and...



THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... BREAKING NEWS... TRUMP FIRES SECRETARY OF STATE REX TILLERSON... As crtical international issues face this administration, President Trump has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and is replacing him with former Congressman and current Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo. What are the ramifications? How does this affect our standing in the international community? Was this a smart play by the President? We will also talk about the President's...


Tariffs, Trade Wars, & Turmoil - The Trump White House Has a Bad Week

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... The turmoil in the West Wing.... Amid departures and infighting amongst the senior officials in the White House, the President decides now would be a good time for a TRADE WAR... as he announces tarrifs on aluminum and steel...only he should have told his administration that this was coming (which he didn't)... This as the President is still realing from the departure of Hope Hicks, possible departure of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and tension...


Guns in Classrooms, Mueller's Busy Week, Dems Intel Response Release & RUSSIA!

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... The White House listened...and they believe teachers with guns are the solution... just ask the NRA. Teachers, however? Not so happy with this the Administration tone deaf or just beholden to the NRA? Can this country finally move forward on sensible gun regulations? The Special Counsel's Office has been VERY busy over the past week... we will discuss the latest...The Dems have their day in the court of public opinion as they release their...


The Tragic Shooting in Parkland, FL-CAN WE TALK GUN REGS NOW?!?

THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... 17 dead after a tragic and senseless act of violence. A mass shooting in a South Florida high school has rocked the nation leaving many to ask "HOW"... HOW did this happen? HOW did 17 people loose their lives at the hands of someone with mental health challenges? HOW did this person get an assault rifle? HOW did local, state and Federal Authorities miss the warning signs? The President and Congress respond to these events... but is it enough? When will...


White House in Turmoil, The Trump Budget Proposal, Has the GOP Lost It's Way?

This week on BACKROOM POLITICS... Is the White House in Turmoil? After 2 resignations of key White House staff for allegations of domestic violence... and John Kelly on the hot seat... is this a sign that the White House is in crisis? Who exactly is the adult in the room. Is this a situation of political inexperience or pure arrogance at the top? Does this pose a naitonal security threat or is this a lot to do about nothing burgers? When does a Government Shutdown not actually shutdown the...



THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... As the Stock Market continues its wild ride, should America be worried about the economic future? Is this the end of the TRUMP BUMP for the economy? What happens in a post-Janet Yellin Fed? A just as wild ride is happening on Capitol Hill as The House Intel Committee releases a memo...against the advise of the FBI and Department of Justice... a memo which the President claims vindicates him in the Russia Special Counsel Probe. Of course, not to be...



THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... President Trump heads to Capitol Hill for the State of the Union Address where it is expected that he will address 5 key areas... Immigration, Border Security, Taxes, Infrastructure, and Health Care. We will discuss these areas...what has Trump so far? What could the President propose that could change the momentum of his administration? Also, the pressures in Washington continue to build... Andrew McCabe, #2 at FBI, resigns as the House Intel Committee...


Was it Schumer Shutdown? Was it Trump Shutdown? Here, hold my beer!

THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... Well, Government is back to work...and Washington has begun the finger-pointing. Who were the big winners? Who were the big losers? How does this play out for both Dems and the GOP moving forward to 2018. Is it a good idea to attach DACA to the Wall (and vice versa)? Can we avoid the shutdown again IN 3 WEEKS? Also, Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes into an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Is this a sign of the investigation coming closer...