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Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.

Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.
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Moderated by Washington insider Justin Russell, join Congressman Al Swift, Bob Hynes, Allen Moore, and Carl Tuvin as they take an uncensored look inside Washington politics. We invite our listeners to call in, ask questions, and share their commentary on our weekly political subjects.






Midterm Recap, Who Won and by What Margin?

All 50 states held midterm elections on Tuesday November 6th... but a blue wave break?


How Do We Turn Out the Vote and What is Happening With the Midterms??

The Midtrm elections are less than a week away... Who has the most competative races and where will we find an unlikley winner??


A Moment of Remembrance for Pittsburg

Horrific acts of violence have occured across the country this past week, including an attack at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburg. We take a moment to remember all the lives lost and discuss how such a horiffic act could have occured in the United States.


Who's Polling Ahead? and What Stories Flew Under the Radar This Week?

As the Midterm elections are creeping closer, the President is polling more favrabily. Will this rating last, and does it mean any thing for the November 6th elections? And with all the hustle and bustel of the week, the table weighs in on what news storeis got burried by the lead.


Is There a Migrant Caravan Crisis? and Where does the U.S. Stand with Saudi?

In a Twitter storm on Monday, Trump hinted towards declaring the United States in a state of 'national emergency'. Trump claimed the United States was in a near state of emergency due to the crowds of migrants who resumed resumed their long journey north on Sunday into Mexico as part of a migrant caravan originating in Central America. For weeks now there has been growing international uproar over Saudi Arabia's explanation of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Where Does the...


Trump's Travels Ahead of the Midterms and What Stories Were Missed This Week?

NBC reporter Johnathan Allen posted an op-ed piece on where Trump has been traveling leading up to the Midterm elections and how he is avoiding swing voters. With all the news that has come out this week the mebember of the Backroom table weigh in on what has been missed in the media cycle.


U.S. Relations with Saudi Government and the Dismissal of a Defamation Suit

The disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi has caused a stir between Washington and the Saudi Kingdom...How much will the Saudis admit to and will the Trump administration put pressure on to find closure to the case? Also, a federal judge has thown out the defamation suit brought by adult film actress Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump. Is this a victory for POTUS or will he hold off on responding to ...oh, wait... there's a tweet.


Haley resigns, Kavanaugh is confirmed, Ford's Layoffs, and The Saudi Issue

Trump announced today that he has accepted the resignation of US Ambassador Nikki Haley. Saturday Afternoon the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Ford Automotive Company is feeling the impact of the new Tariffs set in place by the Trump administration as they implement large scale layoffs. And how dangerous is it to be a journalist these days? The crisis in Turkey and implications of a 'fake news' media cycle.....ALL OF THIS...


Kavanaugh: Hearing and Investigation, A Canadian Deal & What is Roenstien doing

Judge Kavanaugh has found himself the center of attention for both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the F.B.I.. The F.B.I. has one week to conduct an investigation into the allegations of sexual assault raised during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, what the investigation yields could have a profound impact on the potential confirmation. Trump struck a trade deal with Canada yesterday, and it does not seem to disfavor American industry as much as was feared. What is Rosenstein doing, is...


Trump's UNGA Speech, Is Roenstien Out of a Job?, and Further Kavanaugh Questions

The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly bagna today with President Trump delivering opening remarks. Over the weekend there have been conflicting statements over the employment of Rod Rosenstein. Sunday night the New Yorker published an article with another woman coming forward with her own accusations of a sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.


Continued Confirmation, Hurricane Florence, Trade Wars and Gov't Shutdown

#MeToo movement pushes Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation into next week as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are scheduled to hear testimony from both Kavanaugh and the woman bring allegations of sexual misconduct against him. Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina’s this past weekend, but how has the administration handled the natural disaster? The trade war sparked by Trump this past summer is escalating has an additional $200 billion of tariffs are being placed against China....


Remembering 9/11... 17 Years On, What's Happening in the Oval?, Concluding Confirmation, Gov. Shut D

Our panel remembers the tragic events of 9/11 on this, the 17th Anniversary of that tragic day. Two publications were released this past week, one an anonymous op-ed in the New York Time and the other a book by Bob Woodward. Both publications have an insider's perspective on what exactly is going on behind the closed doors of the White House. Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings ended this past Thursday, but were they just a formality? The sportswear brand Nike released their 30th...


Reflecting on McCain, Kavanaugh Confirmation, Power of Women & Independents

This weekend Senator John McCain was laid to rest. Who attended and what was said reflects an attitude of Americans that wants civil politicians and true statesmen. The confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh began today and Democrats are doing everything they can to slow it down. Primary season continues, but how are women and independents impacting elections across the country?.....ALL OF THIS AND MORE ON BACKROOM POLITICS!!!


Remembering John McCain, Presidential Pettiness. and A New Trade Deal?

THIS WEEK ON BACKROOM POLITICS... We remember Senator John McCain (R-AZ). We look at his life, his career, his politics, and the legacy he leaves behind... After the death of Senator McCain, the President and the White House create a political and public relations nightmare...all they had to do was lower the flag...THAT'S IT!!! We will discuss the tone deaf and petty cutlture of the President and the West Wing... also, President Trump announced a new trade deal with Mexico in an awkward...



SPECIAL EDITION - We are covering the #BREAKING NEWS out of Northern Virginia and New York City where 1) A federal jury has found former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort GUILTY on 8 felony charges and 2) In a deal with the US Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York, former Trump Attorney and self-proclaimed "fixer" has pleaded guilty to 8 felony counts AND possibly points the finger at the President as UN-NAMED CO-CONSPIRATOR ! All of this and more... this week on BACKROOM...


Extrapolating on Elections, the Economy in Congress, and Toxic Trumpism

With so many special elections, primaries and midterm elections in the news the table at Backroom Politics is taking this week to extrapolate on what the votes cast have shown and what might happen in the upcoming elections that have yet to be held. Is the blue wave coming? Will the state of the economy help Republicans maintain control of the Congress? Larry Kudlow says yes but our table may have a different understanding.The toxic nature of Trumpism has hit three people this week, how...


Special Elections, Sudden Sanctions, Manafort, Mueller and Russia, and SCOTUS

Ohio-12 is holding a special election today and the results will be a huge indication as to what will happen in November's election. Just yesterday Trump reinstated sanctions on Iran, what it will mean for the economy and future foreign relations is yet to be seen. Manafort's trial has been going on for about a week and the jury has hear from 4 witnesses and what is going on with potential Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh? All of this and more on.... BACKROOM POLITICS!!!


Civil War Within the GOP, A GDP Boom, Cohen Talks, and A Gov. Shutdown??

Long time conservative donors, Charles and Bill Koch, have said they will financially contribute to candidates who “support policies that help all people improve their lives” whether they be Democrats or Republicans.Last Friday Trump hung his hat on another victory... the economy(GDP) grew to 4.1% one of the "biggest wins" of his administration but did Trump really have anything to do with the growth? Michael Cohen says he is ready to tell Special Prosecutor Robert Muller all the details of...


Suspension of Security, Iran, Cohen has Tapes and Manafort is on Trial

The White House announced their contemplation of suspending security clearances of 6 former officials, Trump threatens action in Iran with a Tweet, Federal investigators released information that they had tapes of then candidate Trump and his personal attorney Michael Cohen discussing making payments for a Playboy centerfold. Paul Manafort’s trial is scheduled to start on July 31st and Putin might come to the White House…. All of this and more on BACKROOM POLITICS!!!


Something about Summits and 12 indictments

Trump, this week, sat down with foreign leaders from multiple countries including a second NATO summit, Theresea May from the UK and Vladimir Putin from Russia. Also, last friday we saw 12 Russian indictments be handed down from the Mueller investigation. Is that investigation over... or is it just beginning? All of this and more in this weeks episode of BACKROOM POLITICS!!!