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Midterm Mania

Mary Kate and Steve Krupin, a former Obama speechwriter, tell fascinating behind-the-scenes stories from past election nights as former campaign staffers. The two writers forgo any sort of “quant” election analysis and instead review the President’s wild ride of a press conference the morning after the midterms; give their take on the biggest election results; and finally, share a few of the most inspiring — and most ridiculous — campaign ads of the midterms.


Burning Down the House

Mary Kate is joined by Steve Krupin, former speechwriter for President Obama, for a smart discussion about this week's attempted bombings and the blazing-hot political rhetoric leading up to the midterms. After jumping from Cicero to Nixon to Trump, the two move on to interview Stephen Hawkins of More in Common, which just published a report on tribalism in America. Learn about the seven tribes in American politics and why the largest one — the Exhausted Majority — is afraid to speak freely....


No Partisan Witch Hunts!

Chris Lu (Mary Kate’s fellow Senior Fellow at the Miller Center and a big cheese in the Obama Administration) joins Bipodisan this week in a special Hurricane edition from Chatter Bar. The two analyze the President’s “A++” and “unsung success” tweets, his remarks on 9/11, and their four-legged tip for personalizing the First Family. Then the two interview Elise Bean and Justin Rood of the bipartisan Oversight Boot Camp on Capitol Hill, which trains staffers from both parties in both the...


Speeches, Eulogies, Statements, and One Particular Op-Ed

Kyle O’Connor, former speechwriter for President Obama, joins Mary Kate this week to share stories about what it’s like to be young speechwriters at the White House, and which college experience — other than drinking heavily — best prepared them for the job. The two compare watching the McCain funeral on YouTube (Kyle) and in audience at the National Cathedral (Mary Kate), pick their favorite eulogies, and analyze the opening statements at the Kavanaugh hearings. Spoiler alert: like everyone...


Riding the Pink Wave

Bipodisan heads to the campus of George Washington University this week, to hear from four former candidates for office from both sides of the aisle. All of them come from very different walks of life and are different ages — and all happen to be fascinating women. In front of a packed house, listen as they talk about what it was like to run for office, the obstacles they overcame, and some of the crazy comments they got from voters. Warning: listening might make you want to run for office,...


Racism and Resilience in Charlottesville

Bill Antholis, longtime Charlottesville resident and head of UVA’s Miller Center, gives a first-hand account of being yards away from the racial and anti-semitic violence last summer, his views on removing the statues that have stood within blocks of his home, and what young people can learn from what’s known as A12, or August 12th, 2017. Has Charlottesville become a microcosm of the polarization throughout our society? And if so, what exactly does community resilience in Charlottesville —...


Straight, No Chaser

It’s August in Washington, and it seems all the D’s and R’s are on vacation. No worries: over at the bar at Chatter, Mary Kate sits down with her friend Jonathan Allen — not a partisan but a straight-down-the-middle ace reporter for NBC News — to hear what it was like to be in the room with President Trump, Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, AND among the crowd at the Trump rally in Tampa. He also gives his straight take on Kavanaugh, the Koch brothers, and the midterms. Jon’s the co-author of a...


And Now For Something Completely Different

Hear left and right discuss the hottest news — Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the travel ban, the Janus decision, the Red Hen Incident, and Maxine Waters’ heated rhetoric — all without yelling, screaming, slapping or punching? Bipodisan is the ONLY place to get a civil conversation on this week’s issues. Plus Mary Kate reports on the newest member of President Bush 41’s team, Jean talks about her fave new comedienne, and Paul relays a surprising story about a CNN reporter amidst a Trump rally.


Double Play

On this week’s episode of Bipodisan, Paul, Jean, and Moe stay in the dugout at Chatter Bar and Grill and talk about the outrage machine’s reaction on both sides to the Trump-Kim handshake in Singapore, the argument for being hopeful on North Korea, and the scene from the baseball flick Bull Durham that best captures Donald Trump’s style (hint: it involves a bull). Meanwhile, Mary Kate heads to Nationals Stadium and steps up to the plate as a roving reporter, interviewing Members of Congress...


The Power of the Purse

This week on Bipodisan, Moe is back, Paul is away and Mary Kate and Jean are crunchy. The gang of three finds bipartisan agreement on letting small-business owners bake cake, and on allowing the power of the marketplace – not the government – to send messages to merchants on culture or morality. Mary Kate then boldly leads the group to the “third rail” of politics: Social Security (and its insolvency). When it comes to entitlements, the hosts are worried – about the public purse and the...


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

After an opening icebreaker of remembering the first films they saw in a movie theater — you’ll learn which co-host was shouting out Latin translations of “The Exorcist" during its second run and which one rode his bike nine miles to see Star Wars — Paul, Mary Kate and Jean dive into the immigration debate after getting reports from high school and college campuses from the interns. Then Jean poses a great question: is corporate America leading or reflecting public opinion? Between this...


I Hear "Donut"

Weighing in on the great Laurel v Yanny debate, Paul sides with Charles Barkley before he, Jean, and Mary Kate launch into a spirited discussion of the President’s Tweet-call to open a Justice Department investigation of the Justice Department investigation. The group then reflects on the life of former JFK, LBJ, and RFK speechwriting legend Dick Goodwin, other writers that inspired them to enter the profession (hint: one rhymes with "Meggy Roonan"), and the things they love and hate most...


From Royals to Royalties

This week on Bipodisan, Paul is outnumbered both in gender and party affiliation by Mary Kate and Jean. The group pays homage to women by discussing the latest in the #MeToo movement, including justice for women and possible come-backs for the men whose careers have been cratered by recent exposure of their behavior. As their conversation evolves, intern Taylor chimes in with her 18-year-old perspective on the treatment of women in modern society. Parallels are drawn, perspective is sought...


Where Does This Leave Us?

This week’s Bipodisan goes international with Canadian columnist Andrew Cohen, who talks with Mary Kate, Paul and Jean “aboot” New York attorneys (Giuliani and Schneiderman), #MeToo and Iran. The four writers’ thoughtful discussion about the Iran nuclear deal is rivaled only by their searing commentary on whether to use two spaces or just one after a period. Listen to the end to hear why baseball practice, commencement speeches, libraries and a very special family reunion are making this...


The Reaction, and the Reaction to the Reaction

This week, Paul, Mary Kate, Jean and Moe (who is a shadow of his former self) name their first and favorite concerts, then talk about the backlash to the WH Correspondents Dinner — and what Dana Carvey and Alec Baldwin don’t have in common. They also discuss Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and predict whether North Korea will imitate Lucy pulling the nuclear football away from Charlie Brown. All six —including the two interns — announce what they are most looking...


Comfortably Numb

With Moe away in Los Angeles this week, Mary Kate, Paul, and Jean welcome back old friend Robert Schlesinger. Reacting to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s quote that Democrats should not talk about impeachment, the gang takes on the impeachment chatter happening among R’s and D’s while cautioning that we should not pre-judge the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump. The group also discusses the ethics woes of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, before launching into a...


The Silver Fox and The Donald

In this week’s episode, Paul is away so Mary Kate, Moe and Jean welcome former Obama communications guru Jose Aristimuño to Chatter. They share stories about Barbara Bush you probably haven’t heard before Moe sings a sweet solo in honor of the late First Lady. Moe "gets his sexy back” while Jean blows everyone’s mind by revealing what Donald Trump and Barbara Bush have in common. The group rates the Comey interview on a scale of 1 to 10, and Jose and Moe discuss Hillary’s "deeply flawed...


Kings of the Hill

It’s All Things Capitol Hill this week on Bipodisan: Mary Kate Cary and Jean Card (R's) lament the retirement of Speaker Ryan, while Paul Orzulak and Robert Schlesinger (D) wonder about the timing of the announcement. All four agree on the cringe-worthiness of some of the questions posed to the founder of “The Facebook" in the hearings, and on some reasonable measures that could be taken to protect users’ privacy. Plus their reaction to reports of a profane tirade in a local grocery store by...


Speeches, Poetry and Jokes

This week’s episode comes from the Windy City, where Paul and Mary Kate take a break from politics to interview former Obama speechwriter David Litt and former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. For the 50th anniversary of his death this week, the four talk about what exactly made Martin Luther King Jr.’s oratory so unique. Then the three speechwriters and a poet give listeners tips on getting rid of writer’s block and finding inspiration; David talks about writing comedy at Funny or Die; and...


The Kids Are Alright

Paul Orzulak’s away on spring break this week with his family, so Mary Kate Cary, Moe Vela, Jean Card and guest Robert Schlesinger are goin' mobile with Bipodisan. In front of a live studio audience of high schoolers, the two Democrats and two Republicans give their take on the March for Our Lives and the Facebook data mining story — and then take great questions from the students. What advice would you give young people facing political polarization in just about every conversation? Tune in...