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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.




Ep. 80: Nick Cave and the Art of Chicago

"I look at space as I would look at the way in which one choreographs a work." Renowned visual and performance artist Nick Cave dropped by City Hall to talk to Mayor Emanuel about how he approached his immersive new work at the CTA's Garfield Green 'L' Station, as well as look back at the origins of his iconic "Soundsuits," how failure continues to be necessary to his artistic development, and much more.


Ep. 79: Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Leadership and National Service

What makes a good leader? Do we create false leaders? What role does context play in leadership? Gen. Stanley McChrystal joined Mayor Emanuel for a fascinating conversation on the myths and realities of leadership and how they continue to shape our society today. Tune in as they also discuss striking the right balance between civilian leadership and the military, share a captivating retelling of Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and advocate for creating a universal national service.


Ep. 78: Comedian Pat McGann Loves His Job

You know Pat McGann, whether you know him or not. On this week’s episode Mayor Emanuel sits down with the Beverly-native to hear how he went from selling boxes to telling jokes, along with his take on Chicago humor, how his family's an endless supply of material, and why comedy resonates so strongly today.


Ep. 77: Rahm Emanuel and the Ragin’ Cajun

Trump! House Dems! Rural voters! Liberal hubris! Ohio! 2020! Legendary political strategist James Carville dropped by City Hall for some lively shop talk with Mayor Emanuel on everything under the political sun, from strategy and values, to the importance of story, their take on past political figures, along with a whole lot more.


Ep. 76: Josh Noel and the Craft of Beer

Recorded in Begyle Brewing Company on Chicago's "Malt Row," Mayor Emanuel and beer writer Josh Noel plunged into Josh's new book, Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out, to explore the story behind craft brewing, the community it created, which new Chicago taprooms to keep an eye on, all while sipping a few samples along the way.


Ep. 75: Derek Black's Awakening from White Nationalism

Derek Black was the heir apparent of white nationalism. Now he's speaking out against it. Tune in as he and Mayor Emanuel talk about his journey of personal awakening, along with the movement's political strategy, Chicago’s place in its ideology, and how President Trump's white nationalist rhetoric forced Derek to confront the past he hoped he left behind.


Ep. 74: Doris Kearns Goodwin's American Leadership

For our special Thanksgiving episode, Mayor Emanuel welcomed the great American historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to City Hall to talk about her new book, "Leadership in Turbulent Times," as well as the lessons of history, the responsibility of historians, and their shared dream of creating a sense of national purpose through universal national service.


Ep. 73: Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker's Vision for Illinois

J.B. Pritzker wants to be the best Chief Marketing Officer Illinois has ever had--and a whole lot more. Fresh off his win for Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker dropped by City Hall to talk to Mayor Emanuel about his big plans for the state, starting with early-childhood education, budget reform, and job creation. They also look back at some of his early set-backs, his family’s philanthropy, and how he almost didn’t get a second date with his wife M.K.


Ep. 72: Fatima Farheen Mirza's Place For Us

Belonging, identity, family, faith, and self-acceptance. These are only some of the themes Fatima Farheen Mirza explores in her masterful debut novel, "A Place For Us." Tune in as she and Mayor Emanuel--a big fan himself--share a funny and sensitive conversation about her own story and journey as a novelist, the moment that sparked her book, the writers that inspire her, and what she plans on doing next.


Ep. 71: Steve Dolinsky's Tour of Pizza City, USA

Chicago is Pizza City, USA. Just ask Chicago food critic Steve Dolinsky who went on an epic journey to over 100 pizza spots in search of the perfect slice. Tune in as he and Mayor Emanuel deep-dive into Chicago's 10 unique styles, even sampling four right on air. Along the way they tackle some of the burning questions on every pizza-lovers mind, like when is it acceptable to use a knife and fork, does Detroit really warrant its own style, and—most important of all—how Steve still manages...


Live from the Joffrey Ballet: Ashley Wheater

Right on the heels of their opening night performance of "Swan Lake," Mayor Emanuel visited the Joffrey Ballet's artistic director Ashley Wheater in their downtown studio for a live conversation on this year's new works and reinvented classics, the importance of craft, his own influences and inspirations, and how he plans to continue take the celebrated dance company to new heights.


Ep. 69: Michael Beschloss, Presidents of War

What makes a great war president? Can U.S. presidents be great without a war? Mayor Emanuel sits down with presidential historian Michael Beschloss to tackle these questions and a lot more in a rollicking discussion that stretches from the birth of our Constitution to the Vietnam War, and how the lessons of the past continue to inform our present day.


Ep. 68: Mario Van Peebles: Making America Think Again

Multi-talented director, actor, producer and writer Mario Van Peebles is known for creating seminal movies like New Jack City and Baadasssss!, where he portrayed his father Melvin Van Peebles, who spearheaded African American filmmaking and directing in the 1970’s. Mario is in Chicago to discuss his latest action thriller, Armed, focusing on America’s obsession with guns. Hear his conversation with Mayor Emanuel on the roots of mass shootings in the United States, the evolution of...


Ep. 67: Love, Destruction, Creation, Power, and Jane M. Saks

Jane M. Saks wants all of us to participate in our own stories. Mayor Emanuel sits down with the President and Artistic Director of Chicago-based arts collective Project& to talk about its upcoming opera "Pan," creating social impact through artistic collaboration, and what it was like to ride around Chicago with her dad and Studs Terkel.


Ep. 66: Electrifying Education with Mario Miller and Javier Lopez

30 years ago trades were pushed out of public schools, but today they’re roaring back. Tune in as Mayor Emanuel sits down with Dunbar Career Academy High School instructor and IBEW electrician Mario Miller and one of his students, Javier Lopez, to hear about what it’s like in the classroom, the importance of trades, and getting every Chicago student to believe in themselves.


Ep. 65: Denise Sauriol and the Spirit of the Marathon

Denise Sauriol's first Chicago Marathon 24-years-ago ignited an empowerment engine she never thought possible. Today, she's a running coach working to inspire others to do the same. With this year's race just a few weeks away, Mayor Emanuel sat down with Denise to hear what inspires her, along with some training tips, favorite playlists, and the near-fatal accident that changed all.


Ep. 64: Bill Kurtis: A Voice for the Ages

Since age 16, Bill Kurtis knew he had a golden gift — his voice. Mayor Emanuel sits down with one of the most legendary anchormen as he recalls vivid moments in Chicago’s history, including the ’68 Convention, the “Battle of Michigan Avenue” and the ensuing Conspiracy Trial. They also discuss the renaissance of journalism post-Watergate, and Bill’s advice to aspiring reporters looking to enter the field.


Ep. 63: Jonathan Eig's American Rebels

Jonathan Eig never thought he'd be a biographer. The best-selling author of works on Muhammad Ali, Al Capone, the birth control pill, and others, talks to Mayor Emanuel about how he chooses his subjects, what surprised him about each one, and what he's working on next.


Ep. 62: Pat Tomasulo Wants Everyone Laughing

Pat Tomasulo is a funny man on a serious mission. Mayor Emanuel sat down with the sportscaster, stand-up comic, and host of WGN’s “Man of the People” who’s also fighting to fund research and raise awareness for people suffering from neuropathic disorders—people like Pat’s wife.


Ep. 61: Miguel Cervantes' Role of a Lifetime

There's no way singer and actor Miguel Cervantes is throwing away his shot. Tune in as the star of Chicago’s “Hamilton” gives Mayor Emanuel his take on the smash-hit musical, shares the story of his hard-won career, and talks about his biggest role of all as “Dad” and raising awareness for childhood epilepsy.