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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently launched a new podcast where he meets with everyday Chicagoans and special guests in his office at City Hall and hears their stories of the Windy City.




Ep. 61: Miguel Cervantes' Role of a Lifetime

Singer and actor Miguel Cervantes knows all about his “one shot.” Tune in as the star of Chicago’s “Hamilton” gives Mayor Emanuel his take on the smash-hit musical, looks back on his years as a struggling actor, and talks about his biggest role of all as “Dad” and raising awareness for childhood epilepsy.


Ep. 60: Walk of Faith

Just before joining his weekly “Peace Gathering” in North Lawndale, Mayor Emanuel sat down with Pastor James Brooks of Harmony Community Church in Chicago’s West Side to hear about his journey of faith, how he's fighting neighborhood violence, and what he’s doing to take his church beyond its four walls.


Ep. 59: The Strongest Part of Benny Lee

Former Vice Lord Benny Lee is a counselor, activist, mentor, and college professor, but he didn't start out that way. Tune in as he and Mayor Emanuel talk about his inspiring journey from gang life and death row, to education, advocacy, and helping others move their lives forward.


Ep. 58: Chicago Neighborhoods 101

Historian and long-time Chicago Tribune columnist Ron Grossman probably knows more "Chicago Stories" than anyone else. Tune in as he and Mayor Emanuel "kibbitz" about Chicago's old Ward battles, evolving ethnic neighborhoods, the Albany Park of their youth, and the ways the town he loves has changed and stayed the same.


Ep. 57: Erica Watson's Chicago

Actress and comedian Erica Watson stopped by City Hall to talk to Mayor Emanuel about her roles in "The Chi," her new movie "BlacKorea," and the the growing strength of Chicago's film and television industry. They also shared a frank conversation about community policing--how far it's come, and where she thinks it needs to go.


Ep. 56: The Ragtime of Reginald R. Robinson

Mayor Emanuel welcomed Chicago ragtime pianist, composer, and scholar Reginald R. Robinson to City Hall to hear about his unlikely story as a self-taught artist, the highs and lows of his creative process, being a MacArthur "Genius," and ragtime's place in American music. Reginald also treated Mayor Emanuel to a rendition of one of his own works, "Sweet Envy."


Ep. 55: Val Warner of Windy City LIVE

Mayor Emanuel turned the tables on Val Warner, host of the Chicago's popular Windy City LIVE daytime talk show to ask her everything, from parenting, faith, and family, to how she got her start, and the secrets of a good interview.


Ep. 54: Thinking Like a Freak with Steven Levitt

Mayor Emanuel stepped inside the mind of economist Steven Levitt, co-author of the wildly successful "Freakonomics" series, to hear how he comes up with questions, rationality vs. incentive, the value of change, public policy, the new ideas he's exploring, and why he became an economist in the first place. He also reminds the Mayor of a conversation they had over 20 years ago.


Ep. 53: Leaning In with Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Mayor Emanuel have a lot to say about preparing Chicago's students for the future. Listen in as the two Clinton Administration alums talk digital training, corporate leadership, female empowerment, and making the world a better place through technology, along with some of the hard lessons learned along the way.


Ep. 52: Father's Day with Dr. Benjamin Emanuel

On this week's Father's Day episode, Mayor Emanuel was honored to be joined by his own father, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, for a special conversation on parenthood, as well as a look back on his own life and long career. Tune in as Dr. Emanuel shares stories about his journey to Chicago, his role in Israel's War of Independence, fighting City Hall against lead paint, what he's most proud of as a parent, and, of course, what it was like to raise Rahm.


Ep. 51: Toronzo Cannon Drives the Blues

"Chicago Stories" is celebrating its first birthday with CTA bus driving, world-touring blues artist Toronzo Cannon. Tune in as he talks to Mayor Emanuel about writing songs on his route, the difference between West Side and South Side blues, how he balances his passion with the rest of his life, and much more. He even plays a few songs for good measure.


Ep. 50: Ms. Adams and the Power of Early-Education

Nashone Greer-Adams is doing amazing things. Mayor Emanuel had the privilege to be joined by the founder of Little Angels Learning Center in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood to talk about the importance of early-education, serving the whole family, her own personal journey, and her plans plans for the future.


Ep. 49: Chicago's Culinary Champs: Top Chef Joe Flamm and MasterChef Junior Beni Cwiakala

Fresh off their wins on "Top Chef" and "MasterChef Junior," Mayor Emanuel sat down with Chicago culinary wizards Joe Flamm and 11-year-old Beni Cwiakala to learn about their signature dishes, their favorite restaurants, and conquering cooking's toughest arenas.


Episode 48: Steve Cochran

He’s adopted Chicago as his home, and Chicago is better for it. You know Steve Cochran as the host of his eponymous morning show on WGN Radio, but hear him as Mayor Emanuel’s guest as they discuss Steve’s own story of adoption and the importance of family — a topic close to the Mayor’s heart. They also talk about the dangers of labeling fake news, the “corruption report,” and how to stay optimistic about the future.


Ep. 47: The Role of America in the Age of Trump

Iran, North Korea, Syria, China, Russia, and much more. Mayor Emanuel sat down with Ivo Daalder, president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former U.S. ambassador to NATO, to help make sense of the news, its major players, and how America's role in all of it is changing in the age of Trump.


Ep. 46: Coach Troy and the Phillips Academy Family

Phillips Academy High School has won two football state championships in the last three years and has no plans on stopping. Not bad for a team that finished 2-7 as recently as 2010. Tune in as Coach Troy McAllister tells Mayor Emanuel how it happened, his plans for the future, and how success on the field has supported even greater success off the field.


Ep. 45: Rainn Wilson's Homecoming

Rainn Wilson took a break from his star turn at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre to stop by City Hall and talk to Mayor Emanuel about acting and service, his Baha'i faith and his current play "The Doppelgänger (an international farce)," and, of course, his iconic role on "The Office" as Scranton's most beloved paper salesman/beet farmer.


Never Forget: Live from the Illinois Holocaust Museum

Auschwitz survivor Fritzie Fritzshall shares her firsthand account of the Holocaust with Mayor Rahm Emanuel in this special live podcast episode at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. She’s joined by Susan Abrams, the Museum’s CEO, on the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, who shares more about important exhibits including the Take a Stand Center featuring interactive holograms of survivors’ stories. Raw, powerful and emotional.


Ep. 43: Ramble On with Coach Porter Moser

After a Cinderella story for the ages, Loyola Ramblers basketball coach Porter Moser took a break from his busy off-season to talk to Mayor Emanuel about his whirlwind ride. Tun in as Coach Moser shares memories from the Final Four run, learning from failure, winning the right way, and, of course, Sister Jean.


Ep. 42: Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

50 years ago today, the world lost one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time. The death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sent shock waves around the globe, and nowhere more so than right here in Chicago. To commemorate this anniversary, Mayor Emanuel was joined by one of Chicago's own civil rights leaders, Rev. Dr. B. Herbert Martin of Bronzeville's Progressive Community Church, to look back on Dr. King's life and legacy, his campaign in Chicago, and to take us back to that...