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A local based Irish podcast on current affairs, human interest stories and politics.

A local based Irish podcast on current affairs, human interest stories and politics.
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A local based Irish podcast on current affairs, human interest stories and politics.






Cork rally and march - rape case thong used in court

A podcast with Fiona Ryan (Solidarity Councillor) and Mary Crilly (Director Sexual Violence Centre) speaking to a rally of majority women and men in support of stopping women's clothing being used as evidence of intent to have sex, and therefore consent. During the spontaneous march I chat to a member of the public, Jessica, who explains why she's there and why this case matters so much to women. Apologies for shouting during this section it was very loud around me! "Does the evidence out...


Thoughts On Peter Casey And Centrist Politics

Thoughts coming from the recent presidential election which gave us an important insight into Irish society, we are not immune from the rise of the far right. Chat on Twitter at and Facebook at and subscribe on Soundcloud at :)#corklife


Dr.John Barimo Marine Biologist - Environment and Climate Change

Dr.John Barimo is an educator, coastal ecologist, writer, advocate of social justice and adventurer. In this podcast we talk about global warming/climate change. How are we as humans contributing to the pollution of the planet? What effect is pollution having on oceans and marine life? “To me as a marine scientist this is really a little troubling because half the oxygen that’s produced on the planet, actually slightly more than half, doesn’t come from trees but it comes from phytoplankton…....


Cork Life Vox Pop - Climate Change

Take a listen to the opinions of people from the streets of Cork in this Cork Life Vox Pop. Do the people of Cork think climate change is real? what do they think causes it?


Dominick Donnelly - Plastics and the Environment

Yesterday I had a great chat with Dominick Donnelly from the Green Party on our plastic usage in Ireland, and in my case, how the frick to recycle properly as I was completely confused as to what was or wasn’t recyclable! A great chat for anyone concerned about the current plastic issue worldwide, and specifically in Cork as we also chat about what plastics are washing up in Little Island. Can we make personal choices to stop using so much plastic wrapping on food etc? Hear about local Cork...


Gerry Adams Cork

"This party that I’m so proud to be a part of, I never thought when I was elected as Uachtarán Sinn Féin that I would be in the position for so long, it just shows you how stubborn and stupid I am at the best of times. But we have withstood assassinations, we have withstood imprisonment of our representatives and of our party workers, we have withstood bans, we have withstood jailing, censorship, campaigns of vilification North and South." Gerry Adams "There’s now a democratic peaceful way,...


Margaretta D'Arcy

A fantastic chat with Margaretta D’Arcy. We talk about podcasting, the #metoo movement, women’s role in anti-war campaigns, refugees, what it means to be Irish, Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, ISIS, anti-war protesting at Shannon Airport, activism and more! “We’re not going to be abused, we are not going to allow our bodies to be abused, and we are not going to allow our country to be abused anymore, what do you think?” Margaretta D’Arcy


Madeleine Johansson Interview

A chat with Councillor Madeline Johansson from People before Profit on Alternative TV, left-wing politics, Irish Weinstein, Trump, Fake News, Breitbart, Social Media, Facebook and Google algorithms, the rise of the far-right and more!


Haikal speaks about the Rohingya Crisis in Burma

Haikal tells his story as a Rohingyan located in Ireland without asylum status since 2011. He has lost contact with his Mother and siblings who last had been rescued from their home by a family friend, having starved for two days. They were moved to a safer area, but this area is still under military curfew and they are still in danger. He awaits a decision from the Irish government (Charlie Flanagan TD) as to whether he will receive asylum from Ireland or be deported. “Either give me a...