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Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.

Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.
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Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.




Who Will Vote in 2018 Primaries with Patrick Ruffini Echelon Insights

Patrick Ruffini, partner and co-founder, Echelon Insights is an expert on voter turnout. He confirms there is trouble ahead for the Republican party primarily because of the noteworthy increase in Democratic voters while the number of Republican voters has remained stable. With data from special elections in 2017, Patrick points out that the increased turnout is in large part from white well-educated women as well as more voters from all minority...


Forcasting Political Ad Spending in 2018 with Kip Cassino Borrell Associates

Kip Cassino, Executive Vice President, Borrell Associates has been forecasting and tracking political ad spending for many cycles and has just updated his forecast for 2018 to $8.8 billion up $321 million from earlier estimates. While digital/online and direct mail are seeing some trimming of the budget, television and cable are seeing a shift from mass to targeted ads. We talk about the impact of Cambridge Analytica on the political targeting market and efforts by traditional media to...


Maximizing Impact of Fly-In and Legislator Days with Erik Rosedahl Phone2Action

Erik Rosedahl, Head of Alliances and Stakeholder Impact, Phone2Action has years of experience helping organize fly-in and legislator days for associations and corporations. He shines a light on all the work that is necessary to insure that the effort of members, speakers and supporters gets the desired result. In the age of virtual activism, there is still nothing like looking a legislator in the eye and telling a compelling story to get action. @rosedahl1 @phone2action Phone2Action


Taming the Political Media Buying Process with John Jamieson PayClearly

John Jamieson, SVP Strategic Sales, PayClearly has seen the opportunities to streamline and improve the media buying for political and advocacy campaigns. In the past, buying local radio and television ads and direct mail were relatively easy enough to manage. With the explosion of options to advertise online, on social media, and through mobile apps, the tracking of media spends requires sophisticated tools in order to maximize impact and control costs. @PayClearly PayClearly


Building a New Political Party with Reed Galen SAM Serve America Movement

Reed Galen, owner, Jedburghs and Chief Strategist SAM- Serve America Movement talks about his efforts to create a new political party. With deep experience in national, state and local political and advocacy campaigns, Reed and his team have recognized the challenges and potential for an alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties. Ballot access, gerrymandering and sore loser laws are only some of the obstacles to overcome. While some voters are happy to be considered Independent,...


Coaching Candidates with Bob Berkowitz Media Consultant

Bob Berkowitz is a media consultant, presentation trainer and political advisor and has a wealth of information from his many years covering politicians and campaigns as a nationally acclaimed journalist. He talks about fundraising, need to make sure candidate messages are authentic and clear to move voters to support them, how older and younger candidates are using social media, and strategies for candidates for dealing with hostile situations with voters. Hard to be a great...


Advanced Digital Lobbying Tools with Ernest Landante State House Digital and Advocacy

Ernest Landante Jr., president, State House Digital and Advocacy brings deep understanding of communicating with state and local elected officials and the staff that surrounds them. Ernie is excited about using innovative digital lobbyists tools like geo-fencing to deliver hyper-local issue ads, video news releases and tapping into the power of mobile journalism to activate influential constituents and to influence legislators. @StateHouseDigit State House Digital and Advocacy


Building a Strong Constituent Base with Henri Makembe Beekeeper Group

Henri Makembe, Partner, Beekeeper Group drives home the point that building an authentic relationship with constituents means having a consistent message and reaching out even when nothing is happening. In an age of social unrest and fake news, constituents are wary and need to know that trusted sources are providing news with legitimate calls to action. @beekeepergroup Beekeeper Group


How Women Run and Win with Patti Russo Women's Campaign School at Yale

Patti Russo, Executive Director, Women's Campaign School at Yale University has been helping women run for public office for over 20 years and is seeing unprecedented demand for information by women interested in getting on the ballot and winning in 2018. With regional events and the yearly Get Ready to Run Conference to be held at Yale this summer, Patti is connecting with a wide range of potential candidates inspired to run at the state and local level. @WCS_at_Yale Women's Campaign...


Best Practices for Paying Campaign Workers with Chris Turner Stampede Consulting

Chris Turner, CEO, Stampede Consulting knows that it is essential to treat campaign workers as professionals whether as paid employees or consultants where taxes are paid and insurance provided. Chris is a pro at field operations and understands the value of retaining people who are good at building relationships with voters and walking the district to canvass and leave behind door hangers. He also talks about the role of field in the age of Facebook and the over-informed...


Value of Facebook Ads and Avoiding Vanity Metrics with Shaun Dakin

Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates, is a digital communications consultant and teacher and talks about how Gen Z is using social media particularly Facebook and Instagram, best practices for gaining followers of all ages, quality versus quantity of constituent lists, who is actually using Twitter, and best practices for creating compelling narratives to drive engagement on social media. @ShaunDakin Dakin Associates


Incumbents New Faces and the Republican Party with Bonnie Siegel Political Branding Associates

Bonnie Siegel, founder, Political Branding Associates has her eye on helping to grow the next generation of Republican candidates for state and local office as well as developing strategies for getting younger voters to the polls. She also shares some wisdom about what candidates and elected officials should do to keep their brand fresh and how they should react if negative news or accusations come out. Political Branding Associates


Best Practices for Engaging All Stakeholders with Erik Rosedahl Phone2Action

Erik Rosedahl, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Phone2Action has a clear view of the need to understand different types of activists and emphasizes that just focusing on the number of supporters can be misleading. Having lead the advocacy efforts at the National Association of Manufacturers, Erik emphasizes the need to communicate with constituents on their preferred platform be it mobile, email, phone or mail. @Rosedahl1 @phone2action Phone2Action


Engaging and Mobilizing Young Voters withi Nick Guthman Blue Futue

Nick Guthman has co-founded Blue Future, a civic engagement start-up focusing on organizing young people 18-25 around progressive electoral campaigns. This group includes young Millennials and Gen Z and while they might not have much money to contribute to a candidate, they have energy and social media experience that can be invaluable to a campaign. What's missing is the resource to identify meaningful volunteer and organizing opportunities. @BlueFutureNow Blue-Future.org


Democratic Candidates Conference Review with Andy Millard

Andy Millard, was the conference organizer of the Democratic Candidates Conference in partnership with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. This multi-day event attracted hundreds of people interested in running for Congressional, state and local races along with those who are interested in helping those candidates figure out how to run a successful political campaign. Andy's motivation for creating this conference was his own unsuccessful run for...


Integrating Field and Digital for Advocacy Campaigns with Chazz Clevinger One Click Politics

Chazz Clevinger, CEO, One Click Politics, on how mobile apps and devices have changed the world of advocacy and political campaigns, field strategies for polling and mobilization across all screens, creating online engagement options with simple user interfaces that encourage sharing and uploading of images, and ways of making message testing more effective. @1clickpolitics One Click Politics


Expanding the Reach to Find Base Voters with Joe Corbe 1631 Digital

Joe Corbe, Founder, 1631 Digital emphasizes the need to look beyond traditional definitions of the loyal base and to use online micro-targeting to engage and mobilize a broader audience. Particularly relevant in 2018 will be targeting political and advocacy video ads on mobile devices to reach voters when and where they might be most responsive to a call to action. @1631_DigitalAdv 1631 Digital


Gauging Emotion and Impact of Tweets With Steven Alembik SMA Communications

Steven Alembik, Founder, SMA Communications says that Twitter is the only real time actionable social media channel. He is excited about using tone analyzer algorithms to understand the emotional response of people to tweets and to help figure out what ads can best address those emotional hot buttons. Steven also gives a reality check about focus groups, direct mail, use of mobile devices, and in the impact of moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. @SMAComm SMA Communications Truth...


Targeting Voters Across All Screens and Locations with Matt Hedberg Semcasting

Matt Hedberg, political team leader, Semcasting talks about efficiently targeting voters across all of their screens and devices including computers, mobile devices, and connected televisions and using their location to tailor messages. Using a Smart Zone concept, Semcasting is thinking about how to segment the online electorate using IP addresses not cookies, charitable giving history and media consumption habits to inform about most effective ways to reinforce a candidate's message and...


What Drives Millennial Voters and Candidates with Jesse Barba EDGE

Jesse Barba is Vice President of the lobbying firm Cassidy & Associates, vice chairman of the Grassroots Professional Network and founder of EDGE--Electing a Democratic Generation. We talk about what drives Millennial voters to support a candidate, the efforts that are underway to encourage Millennials to run for state and local office, and what to expect from a Millennial political campaign in the age of digital technology. @TheDemEDGE @GrassrootsPros Grassroots Professional...


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