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Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.

Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.
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San Diego, CA


Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.




Growing Demand for Audio Ads by Political Campaigns with Sean Duggan Pandora

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising, Pandora shares insights about the use of audio political ads and how they are increasingly able to reach voters throughout the day especially with the explosion of audio-centric web-enabled devices and access in cars and on mobile devices. Since 2012, Pandora has seen increasing demand from Federal, state and local political campaigns to reach specific audiences and is offering innovative incentives to get a targeted audience to listen to a political...


John McCain 2000 Presidential Campaign A Look Back with Max Fose IWS

Max Fose, President and CEO, IWS worked with John McCain in his 2000 campaign for President and shares some of his memories of the early years of using the Internet in a political campaign. Max realized that two-way communication with voters, facilitated then by email, was the key to driving fundraising and awareness and building a community of supporters. While the landscape has changed with the emergence of mobile, lessons learned then still hold true today as candidates and political...


Peer to Peer Texting Amplifies Campaign Messages with Thomas Peters uCampaign

Thomas Peters, Founder and CEO, uCampaign talks about the rapid rise in the use of peer to peer texting to multiply the efforts of political and advocacy campaigns and the evolution of their texting tool RumbleUp. Enhancing outreach from campaigns with a way for volunteers to directly interact with voters brings a personalized approach to calls to action with a robust response rate.


Flip the 49th Grassroots Super PAC with Terra Lawson-Remer Co-Founder

Terra Lawson-Remer is a co-founder of the Super PAC Flip the 49th a grassroots organization that is working to elect a Democrat in the 49th Congressional District in California in a race between Democrat Mike Levin and Republican Diane Harkey. Working with community organizations and activists, they are trying to educate voters and turn out the base in this Republican-leaning district long represented by Rep. Darrell Issa (R).


Power of Pop-Up Protests with Ximena Hartsock Phone2Action

Ximena Hartsock, Co-Founder, Phone2Action deeply understands the power of technology to level the playing field and how it helps an individual start a protest movement or help it grow quickly. No surprise that Democrats and Republicans are both using online and mobile tools to broadcast calls to action to empower supporters and engage voters. Also no surprise that more women are no only running for office but also using technology to define their campaign and...


Targeting Voters Using Relevant Cultural Data with Blaine Britten Stirista

Blaine Britten, Director of Digital Services, Stirista has a wealth of demographic, geographic, cultural, and interest-based data about voters that shines a light on how voters make decisions and form communities of interest. Using both historical and real-time data particularly from social media, Stirista works with clients to support multi-channel campaigns that reach the right people on the right screen at the best time to catch their attention. @BlaineBritten @stirista Stirista


Empowering Candidates with Kelly Dietrich National Democratic Training Committee

Kelly Dietrich, founder, National Democratic Training Committee is using online tools and in-person advisors to train Democratic federal, state and local candidates in the art and science of political campaigns. With free on-demand online classes, candidates and potential candidates can educate themselves about what is required to run a successful ground game, how to raise money, and when to consider bringing in outside help. @TrainDems


Unique Characteristics of Political Media Landscape with JC Medici PayClearly

JC Medici, VP, PayClearly shines a light on the differences between political advertising strategies and consumer brand ad campaigns with an emphasis on how the political ad landscape has changed over the years particularly in state and local races. He reminds us that estimates of dollars spent in the online political and advocacy ecosystem include voter engagement, web development and social media activities in addition to online ads. With the quick adoption of mobile devices, campaign...


Lessons Learned from Running for Local Office with Omar Passons Attorney and Recent Candidate

Omar Passons, attorney, community activist and recent candidate for San Diego County Supervisor who came in third in a top two primary race. Omar talks about the value of endorsements, driving grassroots support, challenges for a first time candidate, most successful calls to action to his supporters, surprises along the way, and why it is important to run for local office to bring change to a community. @omarpassons


Effective Adaptation to Local Changes with Jim Fox NEMAC FernLeaf Collaborative

Jim Fox, Services Lead at the NEMAC-FernLeaf Collaborative was exhibiting in the Start-Up Zone at the recent Esri User Conference and he talks about empowering local communities to make better decisions. This public private partnership delivers resilience decision support solutions using visualization and GIS tools to create predictive models that can be effective in convincing elected officials to spend money on solutions that will help communities with smart growth and protect them from...


Cyber Threats to Political and Advocacy Campaigns with Brian Franklin Campaign Defense

Brian Franklin, founder and CEO, Campaign Defense understands the immediate need to inform those running political and advocacy campaigns about threats to the security of their digital data and campaign strategy. Campaigns often under-estimate risks from inside a campaign as well as from outside hackers. Training is a critical step in making a campaign less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware. @brian_franklin Campaign Defense


Motivating Mid-Term Voters with Ben Krompak Tulchin Research

Ben Krompak, Vice President Tulchin Research is excited about the chances for a Blue Wave in 2018 based on early primary results and polling in upcoming races. We talk about turning out the base, appealing to Independent voters, increasing presence of Independent candidates, challenges for women candidates, and what will drive voters to the polls in November 2018. @TulchinResearch Tulchin Research


Shining a Light on Gender and Age Bias with Gina Glantz Gender Avenger

Gina Glantz, Founder, Gender Avenger has developed a plan to engage women and men in reporting gender balance in selection of conference speakers, speakers at political rallies, and those who are encouraged to become more politically active. The goal is to quantify and share the reports to educate decision makers about the lack of inclusion or success in including diverse voices. We also talk about challenges for women candidates, value of drawing on the wisdom of senior politicians, and...


Insuring Security of Campaign Data with Ben Katz ISPolitical

Ben Katz, Chief Architect, ISPolitical has been working with state and local races for many cycles and knows how vulnerable a campaign database can be due to lack of attention to security as well as the way campaigns are run with paid and volunteer staff. We talk about who has the most interest in maliciously modifying, deleting, and stealing political campaign data and some best practices for at least making it harder for nefarious characters to be successful. @meanestbossever ISPolitical


Canvassing Best Practices with Brendan Tobin Ecanvasser

Brendan Tobin, Head of Growth at Ecanvasser headquartered in Cork, Ireland, has seen field organizing and canvassing techniques around the globe. We talk about the unique characteristics of paid canvassing in the US, best techniques for engaging constituents especially in local races, and importance of multiple visits to build awareness and trust. @ecanvasserapp


Fake News Fake Content and Hyper-Partisanship with Shane Greer Campaigns and Elections

Shane Greer, co-owner, Campaigns & Elections shines light on the landscape of political messaging from hyper-partisan news sources to fake news to altered video or audio that is nearly impossible to distinguish from real events. With technology from Hollywood and the medical arenas, more people will be able to create fake content that plays to our senses and can be used to confuse voters, appeal to biases, and feed the fake news stream. @ShaneGreer @C_and_E Campaigns & Elections


Who Will Vote in 2018 Primaries with Patrick Ruffini Echelon Insights

Patrick Ruffini, partner and co-founder, Echelon Insights is an expert on voter turnout. He confirms there is trouble ahead for the Republican party primarily because of the noteworthy increase in Democratic voters while the number of Republican voters has remained stable. With data from special elections in 2017, Patrick points out that the increased turnout is in large part from white well-educated women as well as more voters from all minority...


Forcasting Political Ad Spending in 2018 with Kip Cassino Borrell Associates

Kip Cassino, Executive Vice President, Borrell Associates has been forecasting and tracking political ad spending for many cycles and has just updated his forecast for 2018 to $8.8 billion up $321 million from earlier estimates. While digital/online and direct mail are seeing some trimming of the budget, television and cable are seeing a shift from mass to targeted ads. We talk about the impact of Cambridge Analytica on the political targeting market and efforts by traditional media to...


Maximizing Impact of Fly-In and Legislator Days with Erik Rosedahl Phone2Action

Erik Rosedahl, Head of Alliances and Stakeholder Impact, Phone2Action has years of experience helping organize fly-in and legislator days for associations and corporations. He shines a light on all the work that is necessary to insure that the effort of members, speakers and supporters gets the desired result. In the age of virtual activism, there is still nothing like looking a legislator in the eye and telling a compelling story to get action. @rosedahl1 @phone2action Phone2Action


Taming the Political Media Buying Process with John Jamieson PayClearly

John Jamieson, SVP Strategic Sales, PayClearly has seen the opportunities to streamline and improve the media buying for political and advocacy campaigns. In the past, buying local radio and television ads and direct mail were relatively easy enough to manage. With the explosion of options to advertise online, on social media, and through mobile apps, the tracking of media spends requires sophisticated tools in order to maximize impact and control costs. @PayClearly PayClearly