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Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.

Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.
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San Diego, CA


Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.




Surprises in the 2020 Primary Season with Colin Delany ePolitics

Colin Delany author and founder, ePolitics has been working with campaigns and non-profit organizations for over 15 years to best figure out how digital tools can help to build email lists, raise money, persuade constituents, and turnout the vote. We talk about the unexpected and predictable challenges the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are facing in this election cycle to appeal to contributors and persuade the undecided, and what lessons are most appropriate to draw from previous...


Innovation in Political Message Testing with Patrick Ruffini Echelon Insights

Patrick Ruffini, partner and co-founder, Echelon Insights on the reasons to test political and advocacy messages in surveys, telephone polls, focus groups and newer ways to figure out who might be convinced by an ad message and not just which segments of voters to target. Patrick talks about their new directional tool Creative Optimizer which addresses the need to find good data on how much an ad persuades a voter, testing how voters respond to negative/contrast and humorous ads, and...


Persuasion Mobilization and Activation at the State Level with Matt McMillan Buzzmaker

Matt McMillan, CEO and Founder, Buzzmaker discusses how digital tools are giving candidates and advocacy groups the opportunity to reach specific voters to put pressure on state legislators and city halls. Citizen empowered change is coming from local activism where ballot initiatives are attracting more diverse voters across the political spectrum. Matt reminds us that humor is hard to do and should be tested for levels of engagement with the target audience and developed with local...


Interests of Often Hard to Reach Likely Voters with Sean Duggan Pandora

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising, Pandora has just completed a Political Soundboard survey of over 2200 voting age listeners and he shares findings about the composition of their audience, popularity of the Democratic candidates running for president, issues of concern for Democrats and Republicans, and reaching the growing number of chord-cutters and chord nevers in the search for base and persuadable voters who are not watching traditional media. @pandoramusic


Advantages to Digital Targeting of Voters with Joe Corbe 1631 Digital

Joe Corbe, Founder, 1631 Digital talks about how digital targeting of voters is so much more effective than traditional means. At the same time, candidates and consultants are becoming more cautious about digital because of the reporting about privacy and Facebook ads, and there is a renewed strong interest in direct mail. We also talk about whether political candidates can use humor effectively and how targeting of specific groups of voters in state and local races can now be accomplished...


Improving Local Government Response with Steve Machesney SeeClickFix

Steve Machesney, Director of Marketing, SeeClickFix talked with me at the recent Esri User Conference about their innovative app for local governments to interact with members of the community to address issues that need to be taken care of. Their platform uses images with GIS tags to identify the locations of where the problems are along with a smart work flow to better manage citizen requests and help organizations spot trends to determine where more social services are needed as well as...


The Changing Face of Candidates and Political Consultants with Megan Bedera Women Campaign

Megan Bedera, Founder, Women Campaign is on a mission to help women running for office as well as women who are political consultants and fundraisers. With a non-partisan approach, Megan is creating a directory of women campaign advisors and women-owned vendors serving the political community as well as developing online candidate school curriculum to help women see the possibilities of running for state and local races and what they can do to find the best support team to run a successful...


Secure Mobile Voting Using Blockchain and Biometrics with Nimit Sawhney Voatz

Nimit Sawhney, CEO, Voatz, a Boston based start-up in the mobile voting space, talks about their innovative approach to secure mobile voting using blockchain and the camera in the mobile device to provide biometric data to verify identity of the voter. With the ability to produce a printable marked ballot, this approach may be a way to satisfy election officials while including more voters in the process thanks to easy accessibility for all including those serving in the military overseas...


P2P Texting and Other Tactics for Voter Engagement with Justin Gargiulo VoterTrove

Justin Gargiulo, CEO and Founder, VoterTrove was surprised about the effectiveness of peer-to-peer texting and who is most likely to respond to a personal request for action. We talk about which local campaigns might be best served by enhancing outreach efforts with P2P, using advanced data management techniques in international elections, growth of digital targeting of Australian voters, and impact of Allyz the VoterTrove grassroots engagement and advocacy tool which includes a chatbot...


Digital First Political Campaign Strategies with Tara McGowan ACRONYM

Tara McGowan, Founder and CEO, ACRONYM describes what it means to have a digital first political campaign strategy while including traditional methods to reach all voters, what kinds of candidates are most likely to use digital tools to engage with voters, what it means to show the authentic candidate, and importance of using paid ads on Facebook and other social media sites to drive the conversation. @anotherACRONYM


Predicting Behavior of Swing and Independent Voters with Ben Krompak Tulchin Research

Ben Krompak, Vice President, Tulchin Research sheds some light on the varieties of swing and Independent voters, how swing voters often look like base voters, lessons learned in 2016 and 2018 about different coalitions traditionally thought of as Democrats, and understanding which issues transcend partisan and ideological lines and that will drive turnout in 2020. We also touch on new challenges for women candidates, how the candidates will define themselves in the upcoming Democratic...


The Ground Game and Successful Women Candidates with Kate Maeder Kully Struble

Kate Maeder, Partner, Kully Struble with lessons learned in 2018 as campaign manager for Eleni Kounalakis running for Lieutenant Governor in California including dealing with voters' inability to pronounce the candidate's name by creating a television ad, leveraging social media to increase name recognition, and capturing and sharing testimonials from supporters. Her key goal was to give supporters and volunteers something to do to make a difference in the campaign including using texting to...


Driving Early Fundraising with Nate Shutman Finance Director Mike Levin for Congress

Nate Shutman, Finance Director, Re-elect Mike Levin for Congress talks about challenges and opportunities for getting contributions early in the campaign cycle, engaging big dollar donors as well as low figure donors, limitations of bundler programs, and value of direct relationship between an elected official and a constituent. Working with a new, young member of Congress from the CA 49, Nate also reflects on how media attention might influence fundraising in the re-election campaign. Mike...


Multiple Screen Targeting for Political Ads with Rena Shapiro a4 Media

Rena Shapiro, Director Politics and Public Affairs, a4 Media talks about hyper-targeting the right audience across multiple devices within specific households by mapping existing voter data and ISP and cable data back to a specific address to make unidentifiable data addressable for political advertisers. Rena also shares great insights about who is watching video on mobile devices, what they are viewing, how common mobile video is for all age groups and ways that voters are being segmented...


Early Fundraising and Building Donor Lists with Rob Griffin Tovo Labs

Rob Griffin, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tovo Labs on how voters decide who to support and contribute to early in the campaign process and the role social media plays in building those relationships where fresh content drives relevance. Building digital first allows a baseline to inform media buys on traditional tv and radio and Rob emphasizes how social media can be used to test creative messaging with likely and low-propensity voters to help determine who is really engaging...


Peer To Peer Texting Best Practices with Thomas Peters RumbleUp

Thomas Peters, Founder and CEO, RumbleUp and uCampaign provides an update on the use of peer-to-peer texting by political campaigns and advocacy groups. He emphasizes the need to work with vendors who are following legal and regulatory requirements to insure that recipients can opt-out and text messages get delivered and not stuck in a spam filter. Thomas also explains how voter records are being updated with mobile numbers which will lead to even more P2P opportunities for Federal, state...


Implications of the Move to Legalization of Marijuana with Mike Madrid GrassrootsLab

Mike Madrid, Principal, GrassrootsLab is focusing on the implications of the legalization of recreational marijuana for elected officials, political candidates, and government employees. He provides an update on the rapidly changing view of voters on the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes and points out the challenges at the local, state, and Federal levels and for candidates running in 2020. @Madrid_Mike


Power of Political Audio Ads with Sean Duggan Pandora

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising, Pandora has been in the audio ad business for 20 years and has worked with political campaigns for many cycles to help them understand the impact of an ad dollar spent reinforcing a candidate's audio brand. Sean also reports on the recent AAPC conference and the continuing progress of those offering digital solutions to target voters on the right screen at the right time. @pandoramusic


Need for Robust Digital Resources to Inform Voters with Nan Jackson LiveBallot

Nan Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder, LiveBallot is bringing interactive ballot information into the hands of voters to better inform about candidates and initiatives while providing innovative ways for organizations and campaigns to create digital slate cards and to share endorsements. Their goal is to overcome limitations at the state and local level to provide timely, non-partisan localized information to voters and increase voter turnout. @LiveBallot


Social Media The First Access to Millennial Voters with Zinhle Essamuah NowThis News

Zinhle Essamuah, Millennial Political Correspondent and Host of KnowThis on NowThis News is creating authentic videos of interest for Millennials to drive civic engagement and political action as well as interest on social media. She offers surprising insights about what goes viral with her issue driven audience. Zinhle reminds us that you can't force virality and can't fake authenticity. NowThis News, the #1 news brand on Facebook with content by Millennials for Millennials, is clearly...