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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit

The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit


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The Plan A Podcast is produced in conjunction with Plan A Magazine, an online publication that observes, digests, decodes, and appends the supernova of online conversations by, for, and about Asian people who don't live in Asia. Visit








Ep. 155 (Preview): The Hollywood Emperors Have No Clothes

Recently, Jess has been taking an interest in screenwriting and with Chris, they talk about why people partake in the creative process (which is often a time-consuming and difficult endeavor) and why the recent failures of blockbusters like Game of Thrones' final season and the new Star Wars trilogy says about the direction of American pop culture. Support us on Patreon! TWITTER: Jess (@cogitatotomato) Chris (@chrisjesulee) SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS:...


Ep. 154: Blaming Coronavirus on Confucius ft. Amanda (@catcontentonly)

The coronavirus panic has enabled some of the dumbest Sinophobic takes in the prestige press. And few have been better at calling out this idiocy than EFPA's latest guest, Amanda (or better known on Twitter as @catcontentonly). In this episode, along with Chris and Teen, the discussion goes from critiquing these articles to delving into how and why Asian Americans come to realize that there's something rotten in this country's attitude towards Asians. Support us on Patreon!...


Ep. 153 (Preview): Munchausen By Proxy Over Stockholm Syndrome

The online Asian American discourse often involves accusations of "Stockholm Syndrome," which infers that particular Asian American writers and other public voices suffer from a kind of white worship as a result of being under white supremacist or colonialist oppression. However, this stark relationship doesn't seem to properly describe the relationship we have with liberal, multicultural institutions such as the New York Times, which conscientiously includes Asian American voices. We...


Ep. 152: Lazy Sunday Pod Brunch

Over virtual mimosas and eggs benedict, Teen and Chris (FKA Oxford) talk about the impending 'Parasite' remake, why "woke" movie marketing often fails, and how Mayor Bloomberg ushered in the 'Sex and the City' era of Manhattan elitism that is now fiercely battling to maintain its lost relevance against Trump and Bernie's respective political/cultural movements. Support us on Patreon! TWITTER: Chris (@chrisjesulee) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED RESOURCES: Tweet noting...


Ep. 151 (Preview): 'Parasite's' Historic Win and Mango Poetry (ft. Yasmin Nair)

Yasmin Nair joins Teen to talk about the trope of navel gazing Asian American essay. We find it all the time these days in places like the New York Times -- politically limp-wristed writing about our childhood insecurities, cultural homelessness, all to appeal to white readers to 'understand' us. Some call it Mango Poetry. We also talk A LOT about Jason Momoa for some reason... JOIN THE PATREON! TWITTER: Teen (@mont_jiang) Yasmin (@NairYasmin)...


Ep. 150: Why Are Asian Men So Fixated On WMAF?

Diana, Bryant and Teen hang out in Boston together for the first time (along with her lovely dog Minus) to talk about a topic that simply refuses to go away from the Asian American online discourse. Just why are Asian men so fixated on the topic of WMAF? And why does Asian masculinity/emasculation take up so much of the bandwidth? Has the amount of time spent on masculinity issues actually been of use to people? Support us on Patreon! TWITTER: Diana (@discoveryduck)...


Ep. 149 [UNLOCKED]: Coronavirus is the New Red Scare

Diana, Jess, Filip and Teen talk about personal incidents of racism related to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the WHO calling for international solidarity, there is a dramatic rise in anti-Asian racism fueled by a media which seeks to take political advantage of a public health crisis. Support us on Patreon! TWITTER: Diana (@discoveryduck) Jess (@cogitatotomato) Filip(@@filipgwriting) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED RESOURCES: Jess's Tweet on how attacking Chinese...


Ep. 148: Go Bernie! On the Eve of Iowa (ft. Trevor Beaulieu and Phan)

Though this is not an official Escape From Plan A endorsement (who the hell are we to endorse anyone?), Teen and Oxford are joined by returning guests Trevor Beaulieu of Champagne Sharks and Phan of Pod of Most Resistance to talk about their reasons for supporting Bernie Sanders. Special focuses are placed on the last-ditch desperation attempts to paint Bernie's campaign as sexist (e.g. Warren allegations and Rogan endorsement) and why the seemingly official AAPI endorsements of Warren and...


Ep. 147 (Preview): Do Asian American Narratives Have A Low Ceiling?

In light of The Farewell's (expected?) lackluster performance in China, Jess and Oxford talk about whether the Asian American storyline, especially those of 2nd-generation AsAms, has a limit. Oxford ponders whether AsAms are a Lost Generation and whether we can simultaneously stay true to our roots while not rehashing the same tropes, while Jess talks about the suffocating effects of "good representation." *This is a bonus episode for Patreon subscribers! For the full episode, please become...


Ep. 146: It's All About Immigration

Cut through the political noise, and get to the low notes, the bass-line. It's all about immigration. Who gets to be an American going forward. Trump represents a discontinuity in how we think about immigration, a sharp departure from the system we've had in place since 1965. Jess, Mark and Teen discuss how, just because this shift began with Trump, does not mean it will end with him. What does this mean for Asian American political identity going forward? Support us on Patreon!...


Ep. 145: America's Hidden History of Military Prostitution in South Korea (ft. Tim Shorrock)

Teen speaks with the journalist Tim Shorrock (The Nation) to look past the simplistic mainstream narrative of "Good Korea/Bad Korea," and into the troubling legacy of American militarism on the peninsula. Tim's recent article "Welcome to the Monkey House" details the kichijon system, a coercive system of prostitution that bears a disturbing similarity to the Japanese "comfort stations" employed during the Second World War. REFERENCED RESOURCES: "Welcome to the Monkey House":...


Ep. 144 (Preview): Why Are Kids Performing 'Miss Saigon'??

The Boston Plan A crew (Diana, J and Bryant) get together to talk about the persistence of Miss Saigon in American culture, why that's a problem, and why are so many Asian Americans fans of this musical built on the worst Orientalist and imperialist tropes? *This is a bonus episode for Patreon subscribers! For the full episode, please become a patron at: TWITTER: J (@j_maraan) Diana (@discoveryduck) Bryant (@mfbt) SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS:


Ep. 143: The Social Value Of Asian American Comedy (ft. Joe Wong)

Joe Wong joins Diana and Teen to talk about the social value of Asian American comedy. It's been a kind of golden era -- from Ali Wong's continued breakout success to Ronnie Chieng's recent Netflix comedy special -- but what role do our best comics play in an era marked by social disorder and antagonisms? Joe Wong offers his view of this exciting but high-stakes era of Asian American comedy. TWITTER: Joe Wong (@JoeWongComedy) Diana (@discoveryduck) Teen (@mont_jiang) SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS:...


Ep. 142 (Preview): Opting Out

It's been a constant theme in modern consumer capitalist culture: to just opt out of the whole dulling cycle. Diana, Jess and Teen talk about an unmistakable resurgence in opting out -- whatever that means -- in response to our alienation from what dominates our finite supply of time, energy and mental focus: work. *This is a bonus episode for Patreon subscribers! For the full episode, please become a patron at: TWITTER: Diana (@discoveryduck) Jess (@cogitatotomato)...


Ep. 141: Break In Case of War: A Case for Grief and Hope

We have declared war on Iran. Jess and Teen talk about the helplessness they feel in light of massive and incomprehensible events which will have unknown -- and perhaps minimal -- impacts on the drudgery and routine of our day to day American lives. Is there a reason to feel grief? Is there a cause for hope? Or is there really nothing much to see here? We are in uncharted territory, faithful listeners. Break in case of war. TWITTER: Jess (@cogitatotomato) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED...


Ep. 140 (Preview): A 2020 Wishlist for Asian America

With a new decade ahead of us, what are some things we want to see in 2020 for Asian America? Ray and Oxford get together to throw around ideas like having more purposeful Asian American spaces, formulating terms more specific than "Asian," creating an Asian Bechdel test, and more. *This is a bonus episode for Patreon subscribers! For the full episode, please become a patron at: TWITTER: Ray (@raydeng) Oxford (@oxford_kondo) REFERENCED RESOURCES: The Yellow Man's...


Ep. 139: Life As You Turn 30

Your 30s are often a time when people's lives start to really diverge with respect to career, relationships, life philosophies, etc. Ray, C.S., and Oxford (who are all in their early 30s) get together to talk about how even though they spent their 20s in different ways (whether it was pursuing white-collar careers or dropping out of college), their paths nevertheless crossed by the time they entered their 30s. They discuss their changing attitudes regarding money, relationships, and the...


Ep. 95 [UNLOCKED]: Shit White Women Do

Recently, Diana had a run-in with a couple of white women who banded against her in an argument about whether dogs were allowed in their neighborhood park. Diana, Oxford, Mark, and Jess veer off from the intended topic of neighborhood racism to talk about shitty white women and what Asian women think about them, especially when Asian men are in the mix as well. Can women of color trust men of color to NOT cape for white women? *This episode was originally released as a bonus for our Patreon...


Ep. 138: Male Feminists, Cat People, and Society's Obsession With Dating

Two years ago, the country was gripped by, of all things, a New Yorker short story called "Cat Person" by Kristen Roupenian, which dealt with the murky boundaries of sexual consent in modern dating. Recently, in n+1, Tony Tulathimutte published a short story, "The Feminist," about the dangerous rage of a male feminist whose good deeds go sexually unrewarded. Diana, Millie, and Oxford talk about both stories (as well as other books like "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf, "Loner" by Teddy Wayne,...


Ep. 137 (Preview): 'Frankly In Love' Has A Refreshing Asian American Narrative

"Frankly In Love" is a YA novel by David Yoon is the story of a SoCal Korean American teenager who falls for some white girl and in order to dupe his traditionalist parents, pretends to date his Korean American female friend to placate both their parents... only to actually fall for her. Though the synopsis sounds extremely tropey, the novel delves deep into what it should mean to be modern 2nd-generation Asian Americans and why we may need each other more than ever. Oxford and Filip discuss...