News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.

News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.


Memphis, TN


News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.




Funky Politics Quick Take: Rhonda Broussard

Terence Patterson has a sit down with Rhonda Broussard, the CEO of Beloved Communities, to talk about rubrics in education and the release of her book, One Good Questions: How Countries Prepare Youth To Lead. How can we do better for our children? How can we build leaders and thinkers versus churning out kidbots? How can we reshape paradigms in our educational systems and curricula? Tune in and let's talk about it.


The Good and the Turrble

June is Men's Health month. Dr. Eric Griggs (Doc Griggs) keeps it super extra funky with us with advice to Black men. He talks very openly about men's experiences in healthcare starting from a young age, dissecting the reasons behind the reticence. (Good) Jeanette Lenoir and Political Advisor Kristal Knight join Dr. Stewart and Jasper to talk about the positive economic impact of Black entrepreneurship (also good) and the findings and fallout from the January 6th Commission proceedings (good...


IMO: Roe v. Wade

The ladies of Funky Politics weigh in on the Roe v Wade decision that sent shockwaves through our country. Dr. Stewart, Jeanette Lenoir and Judge Carlyn Addison get very candid about their feelings around this subject, the impact on women's health and some of what they suspect to be the real reasons behind this very anti-woman movement.


Shame and Pride

There was so much left on the table in the last conversation about LGBT issues, we added a part 2 with Dewayne Murrell. Then there's the shameful side of American life -- eugenics in America. Author Dolen Perkins-Valdez joins us to share her insight and inspiration (the Relf Sisters) behind her powerful newly released novel, Take My Hand. She explores the underbelly of American racism as it relates forced sterilizations and how it has affected Black women. There are versions of this that are...


Young, Elected and Black!

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon join Dr. Stewart, Rhyane, Jasper and Terence to talk about navigating between old school and new school, their respective legacy legislations, serving the community versus not kicking the can and so much more. They are both the youngest elected Mayors in their respective cities but have been in service to the community on the City Council for a decade or better. It was a phenomenal conversation. Gems and mics were dropped....


Funky Politics Special Episode: Juneteenth

It's been a year since Juneteenth was declared a federal holiday and there are still so many mixed emotions around this. Many people have been celebrating this all along and many have been pushing for years to make this holiday official. Now, like everything else, it is quickly becoming commercialized. How do we feel about this? And how do we not lose the meaning and the message? How do you feel, friends? Have a listen and drop us a comment on FB or IG.


Pride and Prejudice

It's Pride month across the US. On this show, we are joined by Dr. Racquel (Rocky) Woodard, Kenyatta Andrews and Representative Torrey Harris, the first openly gay State Representative in Tennessee. The trio talk about moving through this world without shame, operating in corporate or government spaces and some of the noxious pieces of legislation that are currently afoot in so many states. And while prejudice may be a stretch - or is it acceptable prejudice? - the crew pivots to the...


Guns, Menthol, Loving Day and White Supremacists

It's a lot but that's the headline. Since there was so much left unsaid in the previous episode as it relates to gun violence/control and mental health, we decided to keep the conversation going. Ariane Graves (Health Connect America) joins the panel again to share her perspective along with journalist and Communications Director Jeanette Lenoir. There are some verrrry strong perspectives! Suffice it say, points were made. Then Rhyane Wagner presents another Watch the Intersection segment to...


America -- This is Us

We would be remiss if we didn't talk about the spate of gun violence and domestic terrorism in this country. Sadly, this is us. This is America. And it ain't pretty. Ariane Graves and Rhyane Wagner join us as we talk about gun violence, mental health and legislation. Will mental health clearance really help or will it create more problems? Dr. Stewart and Ariane have thoughts! Rhyane and Jeanette Lenoir hang join the group to further discuss social media and homegrown terrorists as well as...


The Great Replacement Conspiracy and the Potency of 45

Rhyane joins Terence and Jasper in this episode to talk about the other "big lie" that's being perpetuated -- white people are being replaced! The browning of America has "some people" in a full panic. Until recently Tucker Carlson has very loudly promoted this theory which was parroted by Peyton Gendron, the terrorist behind the massacre in Buffalo. This theory dovetails into the lingering potency of "he who shant be named." Clips from some of his rallies show that there is a fervent belief...


The More You Know....

May has many awareness days and weeks within it. But this month happens to have a few that are near and dear to our Funky Politics Fam - Mental Health, Women's Health and Foster Care. Dr. Stewart and guest Ariane Graves (Director of Core Services for Health Connect America) lead the conversation on mental health, access and stigma in the Black community. (Stay tuned for part 2 - some much ground to cover!) The panel then segues into a very edifying conversation Black women's health, the very...


Abortions, Evictions and Gerrymandering

Our panel is joined by Judge Carlyn Addison to discuss the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v Wade verdict and the disastrous effects it will have on women’s reproductive health. The panel is then joined by Cindy Ettingoff, the CEO of Memphis Area Legal Services, to talk about the TN Eviction bill being proposed -- also a disaster and poised to be a major contributor to the vicious cycle of poverty and homelessness. The show closes with Watch the Intersection, where...


Shenanigans and Reparations

Virginia Rivers, Vice Mayor of Mason, TN joins the show to talk about the SSDD shenanigans in her city. Then talk turns to the R Word. The one that makes the people quake in their boots - REPARATIONS. The Mayor and citizens of Tullahassee, OK are pushing for restitution. Meanwhile, Harvard University (Terence's alma mater!) has acknowledged its role in slavery and set aside a $100m endowment. What does all this really mean? Let's discuss!


Testing, Social-Emotional Learning and the Elon Musk Sh--

It's test time for many students across the country. They are assessed by standardized metrics to ascertain their level of absorption during the school. However, it always bears the question(s) - How much testing is too much? There are so many other mitigating factors that aren't factored into these equations. So what do we do? Dr. Archie Moss Jr. joins Terence, Dr. Stewart and Jasper for a very interesting conversation around this. Then he sticks around to join the panel and our special...


Yall good? Teen Mental Health, Insulin Costs and High Food Prices

Dr. Stewart, Terence and Jasper tackle healthcare and the rising cost of food. Teen mental health is on a steady decline - pre-pandemic. Needless to say, COVID didn't help. What are the factors? How can we be more mindful of what our kids are going through? How do we know it's more than a mood? There is also movement afoot in the House to abate the sometimes staggering cost for the over 7 million American who are insulin-dependent and the 1 in 4 who have taken to rationing their insulin. The...


Weed Talk - The 420 Episode

It's 420 time again. There's much to talk about, particularly with the passage of the decriminalization bill in the House which is now on its way to the Senate. Beyond that, there's the much-needed conversation around cannabis justice and what happens to those who have been incarcerated for minor offenses, where is this newfound weed money concentrated, what does this mean for states and tax revenue, how can growers circumvent the red tape and steep costs to buy into the cannabis game. Guest...


A Month of Second Chances

April is Second Chance month for ex-offenders who are reentering society. This awareness month sheds light on the challenges these men and women face while highlighting the resources and advocacy organizations that are available to them. Terence and Jasper are joined by guest William Arnold (known to most as Fry) as he talks about his experience and his work at the Tennessee Reentry Collaborative. Terence and Japser then discuss the historic signing of the Emmit Till Anti-Lynching Bill by...


We see you FL, TX, GA! Plus KBJ!

There has been alot of movement in Florida, which some may consider to be less than progressive or even anti-Black, anti-LGBT, anti-intellectual, anti-other and anti- a whole lot of things. But Florida isn't the only state that's moving in this direction; they've just moved the ball further and first. Texas and Georgia have equally noxious bills in the works. Is Florida the model? Our panel is joined by Rhyane Wagner and Florida Representative Tracie Davis to unpack this movement. Rhyane's...


We Have So Many Questions Right Now

The Don't Say Gay Bill. What's up with that homophobic trash? And guess who's leading the way? Yep. Florida. Representative Fentrice Driskell joins Dr. Stewart, Terence and Jasper to break this down. Another serious question: Does anybody know what BLM or Campaign Zero has actually done on the ground? Where is all of that money going? Sounded good it's looking a little murky. Policy expert Rhyane Wagner joins us to share some info and talk about greed and grassroots, mission-based...


A Whole Bowl of Crazy

Between the Ukraine and the People's Convoy, it's a whole bowl of crazy. Dr. First returns to continue unpacking what's happening in the Ukraine, the audacity of "westsplaining" and media bias. Terence, Jasper and Dr. Stewart also touch on the highs and lows of the State of the Union then shift gears to talk about the People's convey and the "digitling" of the American people. It'll make sense (or not) once you have a listen