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FOP 8 - 13 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-13-19 Today’s Show: 1- THE HUNT- Hollywood to roll out movie of liberal elites hunting and killing deplorables … but we have a white nationalist problem? 2- Chris Cuomo loses his shit over a dude calling him fredo and shows his morally right assaults on conservatives is his lifestyle 3- MSNBC anti-gun conservative soundbites spurs me to say WHITE NATIONALIST PROBLEM? How about ALT LEFT PROBLEM? 4- Castro starts deluge of Liberals doxing conservative donors showing...


FOP 8 - 9-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-9-19 Today’s Show 1- Media and Progs label Gun owners, Christians, Whites and anything other than the shooters murderers 2- CNN does another SHOW TRIAL with Cuomo being the partisan anti-gun host 3- Large Media Soundbite of them pushing a narrative TRUMP and normal Americans are to blame 4- McConnel harassed with vile protestors at home, media ignore twitter bans cons showing mob 5- Both Shooters linked to liberal causes 6- Hate Tweets: Lemon treats black pastor...


FOP 8 - 2-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-2-19 Today’s Show: 1- Virginia Politician interrupts trump speech media ignore his anti-sematic background and Virginia racist government cause trump 2- US Soccer Fact sheet shows USWNT paid more and lose more 3- Baltimore turns to Sharpton turns to more virtue signaling 4- 3 Idiotos open their mouth and more vileness pours out 5- CNN debate hot mess with ubber liberal stupidity 6- Ted Cruz harassed at LAX/NYC has another Maga attack 7- Hate Tweets 8- News and...


FOP 7 - 29 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-29-19 Today’s Show: 1- West Baltimore tweet brings out more media and progressive hypocrisy; we’ll show that it is a mess 2- Talib spreads more antisemitism on CNN while Tapper listens with no pushback 3- 148 black Obamaites pen op-ed that virtue signals hypocrisy 4- Mueller hearing crushes resistance, DNC but mostly our biased MSM dream 5- Hate Tweets 6- News and Social Media Nuggets New Study Racism has not increased under Trump More professors using creative NAZI...


FOP 7 - 24 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-24-19 Today’s Show 1- News and Social media Nuggets Multiple profs attack trump and trump supporters Oregon adds mental sick days to high schoolers Valkyrie Gay superhero a thing Multiple Racist articles about white women dating black men Forever 21 attacked by journos for having fake news boxers Macy’s attacked for having joking portion control china 2- Talib, Omar and AOC again say inappropriate stuff media defends 3- Go back still making media use RACIST for...


FOP 7 - 20 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-20-19 Today’s Show: 1- Media use the WORD RACIST 2K times in one day 2- News and Social Media Nuggets Up front! Sean In Oregon/Big Sis In Colorado Submissions! CSU don’t use Americans its racist! Berkley Overrun by ANTIFA … makes renaming Manholes a priority! Politico tipping is racist Numerous Sources STOP USING Toilet paper you are killing the planet! 3- Hate Tweets Media wants trump base investigated and destroyed 4- OPED- Difference between the Left and Right 5-...


FOP 7 - 16 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-16-19 Today’s Show: 1- Ice Raids send dems and media into CRAZY mode 2- AOC/TALIB show their ass at ICE hearings 3- ICE centers attacked/defaced by progs media silent yet culpable 4- Social Media Conf brings out media bias on a level well that is normal since 2016 5- Hate Tweets/Tweets of the day 6- News and Social Media Nuggets UF runs certification for undocumented to “COME OUT” NJ schools spend 500K to defend illegals French study watching porn kills the planet...


FOP 7 - 11 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-11-19 Today/s Show 1- Salute to America/4th of July liberal hate Part 2 2- USWNT Rappahoe is now a god for 4 more minutes 3- Violent Left: Portland fallout plus ubber examples of these turd burglars, Starbucks boot cops, more maga hat idiocy 4- News and Social Media Nuggets Profs want to punch people in throat, quell speech, teach illegals how to avoid ICE and steal from China Marvel tranny wants more trannys and Spiderdude says cartoon could be gay PETA pissed off...


FOP 7 - 5-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-5-19 Today’s Show: 1- Salute to America: Media boycott, papers run articles on how America sucks, NYT pushes video defining the level of America suck, Left leaners push for rain, whip out every evil reference to describe Bradley Fighting Vehicles ( not tanks dipshits) and in the end it was a cool salute to the military 2- Betsy Ross Media pull out proof that everything is racist when you want it to be, Philly store sells out of flags and 9 line is co opting the flag...


FOP 7 - 2-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 7-2-19 Today’s Show 1- Trump “Twitter Diplomacy” leads to historic walk into North Korea 2- Violent Left Antifa in Portland once again shows they are a terrorist organization Numerous beatings Andy NGO attacked hospitalized and mocked Media Ignore Twitter suspends account showing violence Portland Police arrest 3 not related to major beatings AOC lies again about detention center visit continues her idiocy 3- Hate Tweets and Tweets of the day 4- News and Social Media...


FOP 6 - 29 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-29-19 Today’s Show: 1- Dem debates are a hot mess of pandering and far left craziness 2- Another false rape charge against book pushing liar 3- Google/YouTube suppress veritas video more proof comes out they are pushing algorithms and twisting electorate for dems 4- Facebook donates million to PPFA 5- Redit suppresses trump threads 6- Eric Trump spit on by resistance loser 7- AOC she persisted! staged 2008 photos of anguish over kids but other side of fence is empty...


FOP 6 - 25 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 6-25-19 Today’s Show: 1- Trump Kicks off campaign the hate flows like lava 2- Hope Hicks treated poorly by sexist Nadler media yawns 3- AOC tosses around more democrat antisemitism media rush to defend 4- Andy NGO tweets thread of fake Trans Murders the fake numbers by LGTB crowd are stunning 5- Derangement section from #impeachtrumpday, PPFA support by media, Mocking Pro Life another abort till birth bill ignored by media it’s a hell of time we live in 6- News and...


FOP 6 - 17 - 19

Flyover Politik 6-17-19 Today's Show 1- Grandkids are awesome! 2- Iran/Census/Mexico Quick Hits 3- Media Disrespect DDAY 4- Handmaids on Reliable Sources shows why CNN is still tanking 5- Progs assault social media now YOUTUBE suppressing wrong think 6- News and Social Media Nuggets College Crazy Tran college athlete says harder as dude to beat women USA women's soccer dont wanna be called women WTF 7- This is America : the view strikes again Next Show 6-21or22


FOP 5 - 25 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-25-19 Today’s Show 1- Media goes full PPFA attacking Pro Life people and pushing lies and deceit; Dem field now wants Hyde removed and infanticide 2- Omar/AOC attack Christians while she wears a hijab and pushes antisemitism, SHE IS AN ISLAMIST PEOPLE! 3- Talib connected to serious Hama member 4- Dem Rep says DHS is killing kids on purpose 5- Google revealed again as lib platform even pushing Anal sex is safe for kids 6- MRE review thanks to Zach in Tennessee 7- Top...


FOP 5 - 22 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-22-19 Today’s Show: 1- Game of Thrones Series Finale Review: season 1 reviews, review of episode 6, prog idiocy in regards to the show and some soundbites 2- News and Social Media Nuggets College students don’t think Con speech is protected and think Chick filet is the devil 75 colleges have segregated graduations and living but its not racist cause POC want it Another Middle School brain washes kids with drag queens Dems pass “Equality Act” we will review 5 groups...


FOP 5 - 18 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-18-19 Today’s Show 1- Talib takes the baton and gets her antisemitism and revisionist history on 2- Abortion: Alabama and Georgia laws in response to Liberal Abortion till college laws is the epitome of liberal bias in the MSM and makes libs lose their minds 3- Hate Tweets 4- News and Social Media Nuggets Expert on Gender Dysphoria silenced on Twitter New gender APP brings out the idiocy in Trans people AP WOMAN goes into hospital PREGNANT gets but hurt when she is...


FOP 5 - 13 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-13-19 Today’s Show: REVERSE FORMAT 1- News and Social Media Nuggets 2- Hate Tweets 3- Violent Left CO shooting Vigel/Anti-Semitism/Prolife &sex strike 4- GOT Season 8 Episode 5 Review Next Show 5-17-19


FOP 5 - 8-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-7-19 TODAY’S SHOW: Free For All 1- Lead In Trump Polls Up , Collusion is moving left CNN in the tank 2- Violent Left Attacks on Israel Omar Talib AOC and the lefts lack of caring, Doxing of Pro Life Minors, Kids read Terrorist death poetry at school 3- Hate Tweets and the tweet of the day 4- GOT Season 8 Episode 4 Review 5- News and Social Media Nuggets Yuppy houses are Racist Budlight brings out rainbow cans for that 5.1% demo Climate Crazy stop eating if you...


FOP 5 - 3-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 5-3-19 Today’s Show: 1- Violent Left Omar America is not a white country supporting Maduro Multiple Maga Attacks including SB Nation reporter bragging about it at a Jazz concert Katlin Bennet Ben Shapiro death threats Antifa Cuomo doubles down while Andy NGO gets attacked in Portland WAPO Atlantic try to label Farrakhan as a Right winger Abortion Another prolife display vandalized another MAG says UNPLANNED inciting violence while Dem rep says kill em now instead of...


FOP 4 - 29 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 4-29-19 Today;s Show: 1- More proof Obama CO and FBI broke some laws 2- Philly Judge charged with obstruction of ICE now do California NY and the rest 3- BUTTLEG he may be a gay Christian darling to the media but that dog don’t hunt 4- Anti Semitism racking up for the left NYT publishes anti Semite cartoon , Harvard professor says Christians should be locked up FBI says Minnesota has ISIS problem… then Synagogue shooting with trump hating manifesto and media blame...