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FOP 11 - 20 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 11-20-19 Today’s Show: 1- Kaepernick PR stunt shows he is not serious 2- Trump visits Walter Reed media spins up health issues/we want him to die 3- Another Shooting another bias fest for the gun grabbing media 4- Amazon releases liberal manifesto makes you want to cancel your prime 5- Google another investigation another example they rig the algorithm and push nothing but lefty propaganda 6- Impeachment Media still bent their talking points won’t work Dems in trouble...


FOP 11 - 14 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 11-14-19 Today’s Show 1- Violent left – LSU Bama football game, FLOTUS harassed TDS segment 2- Impeachment Frenzy 96% negative coverage 100% things Obama did and media ignored 3- Media Says Dems are serious GOP isn’t… Dems know America GOP doesn’t… Tranny reporter featured by NBC blows up their BS 4- News and Social Media Nuggets: UVA axes 21-gun salute for vets due to triggering snowflakes Professor Rural Americans are bad people PPFA Dr featured in baby chop shop...


FOP 11 - 8-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 11-8-19 Today’s Show: 1- News and Social Media Nuggets: Professors run wild verbally abusing/failing/explaining lib only free speech New White Supremacy a thing since real racism is so rare (their slide) Tulane Gender Inclusive Homecoming Tran Man which is a girl dressed like a man says real girls wont date him and that’s not fair Batwoman and Supergirl failing .. instead of writing SJW free scripts they blame “ists” media supports Climate Apocalypse Crazy- now...


FOP 11 - 5-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 11-5-19 Today’s Show: 1- News and Social Media Nuggets College Halloween socialism roundup it gets squirrely Tranny performs grotesque abortion on stage which is a shining example of the mental issues in the gender dysphoric community College holds tranny reading workshop bills as kid friendly Apple has gender neutral emojis now and Netflix rolls out more gender flaky cartoons Birth Coach ran out of job by LGTB Mafia for stating fact men don’t have babies 2- Violent...


FOP 10 - 30 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-30-19 Today’s Show: 1- Military Corner- ISIS leader taken out media downplay we compare to their treatment of the dear one Obama 2- News and Social Media Nuggets: Students beg Hillary not to run SJP demands school bend to BDS pro-Palestinian crazy Another British School promotes JAZZ HANDS WTF OVER! Huffpo demands Christians give up religion and be gay James Younger at 3- Mommy says I am girl New documentary to promote more child abuse of drag kids CBS promotes men...


FOP 10 - 23 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-23-19 Today’s Show- 1- Violent Left: Rand Paul harassed, Antifa beat up trump supporter in MN and disabled vet 2- Cancel culture gets two conservative theater pieces cancelled 3- Beto calls America racist then calls trump a Nazi and media support it 4- California Dem Rep caught with not one but two sexual affairs with staffers second with a young female who releases text and creepy photos. MSM ignores due to the D behind her name 5- Left Wing group starts website...


FOP 10 - 21 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-21-19 Today’s Show: 1- News and Social Media Nuggets Start your day the GAY WAY gay cereal from Kellogg’s taste inclusive and pandering University bans intolerance but doesn’t define it other than non-liberal ides International Pro Noun day and International period day show how creepy the left is Michigan State with help from “parent teacher” association bring more Drag Queen reading hour to campus GQ brings in 12 experts on masculinity most man hating women Chik...


FOP 10 - 18 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-18-19 Todays Show: 1- Media and Democrats in sync on talking points Project Veritas proves it at CNN 2- ABC airs Knob Creek gun show footage passes off as Syria 3- Media lose their crap over year old Meme made by trump supporter 4- Hate tweets More Warren protection to include grilling opposing candidates Worst of the Dem Debate New trust in media chart shows lib bias isn’t biased enough for media California signs into law more gun grab legislation that allows...


FOP 10 - 14 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-14-19 Today’s Show 1- Stats of the day … Koch Brothers and NRA don’t have shit on the left 2- Trump Rally sends media over the edge MTP specifically Todd be clutching pearls 3- Dem LGTBEIEIO town hall horrible ratings child abuse and craziness 4- Steve Kerr sums up the left… AMERICA BAD 5- Media Hate and the demise of journalism 6- News and Social Media Nuggets New White Supremacy wheels and pyramids have everyone in the cross hairs UNC has alert system so opposing...


FOP 10 - 8-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 10-8-19 Today’s Show: 1- EAT THE BABIES .. first don’t have babies, don’t make parents grandparents, scared to have babies its evolved YO! 2- Hate: Just remember if you have a god, own a gun, have kids, use AC , drive a car and believe in borders THEY HATE YOU 3- IMPEACHMENT the fervor continues but Hillary and Biden’s Son factually worked with Ukraine the media knew it and smoke screened 4- News and Social Media Nuggets -Portland bans urinals -Portland bans ketchup...


FOP 9 - 26 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-26-19 Today’s Show 1- Thunberg loses her shit at UN media support child abuse of autistic child and cheer as she disrespects world leaders and stares at our President 2- IMPEACHMENT- in a case of MEDIA PUSHING LEFT 78 references to impeachment prompt Pelosi to start process that has been happening for 3 years because she says “He can’t win” 3- Hate section – from dem candidates, the media we show they are harming kids daily so much Harris has to calm a panicked...


FOP 9 - 23 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-23-19 Today’s Show 1- Climate Strike a hot mess of brainwashed cultist 2- Trudeau caught 3 times in black face media spin 3- Dem Candidate round up a lot of stupid 4- Hate Section: from petty to overt media and dems are the party of hate 5- News and Social Media Nuggets Next show 9-27-19


FOP - 19 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-19-19 Today’s Show: 1- NYT hit piece omits key info on purpose media roll and queen authors while they lie and say they don’t have an agenda 2- Climate NBC rolls out we all gonna die that copies 30-year-old fearmongering 3- Women’s March replaces anti-Semites with more anti-Semites 4- Lauren Ducca destroyed by her class 5- Hate Tweets 6- News and Social Media Nuggets Multiple colleges show their anti-Christian policies Barbie cultural appropriates KFC cultural...


FOP 9 - 16 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-16-19 Today’s Show: 1- Dem debate nothing mentioned follows our form of government 2- Beto and media think taking peoples guns is shirt worthy 3- New Segment MEDIA PUSHES THE LEFT examples of the media on the leading edge of progressive thought 4- News and Social Media Nuggets 2 Profs shit on 9-11 They are turning penguins gay AGAIN NBC news reports on barista getting fired for being an ass but since she is a tranny its national news Jay Z criticized for stating...


FOP 9 - 12 - 19

FOP 9 - 12 - 19 by Flyover PolitiK


FOP 9 - 10 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-10-19 Today’s Show: 1- Gun grabbing , Climatechangecoolingwarming hysteria our media is garbage 2- Hate Tweets 3- News and social media nuggets 4- 9/11 remembrance Next Show 11-13-19


FOP 9 - 5-19

FLYOVER POLITIK PODCAST 9-5-19 TODAY’S SHOW 1- THE PLANET IS ON FIRE CNN town hall crazy stuff from car confiscation to mandatory food these freaks are beyond crazy 2- GONNA GET YOUR GUNS media and dem candidates are all in for taking your guns banning ammo and jerking off to Walmart 3- Media still on trump with his illness and evilness 4- News and Social Media Nuggets College is Summer camp a list of crazy courses MASCOT MURDER SJW go after even non offensive ones Kristen Stewart says her...


FOP 9 - 1-19

Flyover Politik Podcast 9-1-19 Today’s Show: 1- Oregon Duck football breaks my heart … season review with added season review of the Packers who will crush my hopes Thursday (promise brief this year) 2- Violent left: Libs dance on Kochs Grave/hope hurricane hits trump/want Hollywood donors doxxed 3- Media malpractice CNN from bitching about cons getting jobs/saying Trump has killed more than Mao/hurricane nuking is racist these dolts hired Andrew McCabe to boot MSDNC Odonnel lies, Hayes...


FOP 8 - 24 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-24-19 Today’s Show: 1- Fire For Effect CNN Guns- media all in with March for Lives confiscation Anti-Semitism NYT editor and Omar and Talib Media Still protecting Antifa Illinois Rep caught with assassination pictures of POTUS it was like pin the tail on the donkey at a fund raiser Media taking lead of NYT everything is racist or linked to slavery even fucking sugar 2- News and Social Media Nuggets Trans movie with trans actors still not enough for NYT Netflix...


FOP 8 - 19 - 19

Flyover Politik Podcast 8-19-19 Today’s Show: 1- Antifa shows they truly are the fascist terrorist groups examples of journalist, POC randos beaten up Portland PD ignores media supports 2- Israel blocks Omar and Talib media dumbfounded that Israel would block two anti-Semites 3- Philly shooting… media ignore shooter due to color and the fact that police were hurt and heckled by crowd. Shooter multiple gun violations blows up gun control arguments 4- CNN in hot water Fredo, Lemon sexual...