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Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.

Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.
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Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.




Here's How 79 – Cervical Fact Check

David Robert Grimes is a physicist, cancer researcher and frequent writer and commentator on scientific topics. ***** I was talking in the last couple of podcasts about water charges, and the resistance to them, particularly in the light of the summer droughts, and there was quite a bit of feedback about those pieces. One of […]


Here's How 78 – Water Charges

Brendan Ogle is the spokesperson for Right2Water, and is Unite the Union's Senior Officer in the Republic of Ireland. ***** In the last podcast I had an interview with presidential candidate Gemma O’Doherty, and I have to say that I found the reactions to it pretty depressing. There was a twitterstorm in a teacup with a series […]


Here's How 77 – Running for President

Gemma O'Doherty worked for the Irish Independent for 17 years before being dismissed following her investigation of the penalty points scandal. Since then she has worked as an independent journalist on a number of high-profile scandals and particularly on failed murder investigations. On 19 August, she announced her intention to seek nominations to be a […]


Here's How 76 – the Future of Labour

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin is a Labour Party senator and former TD. ***** I wanted to comment a bit about the controversy that blew up in the UK last week about Boris Johnson’s comment about Muslim women who wear burkas. Boris Johnson, in case you don’t know, is the Tory Brexiteer who resigned in protest that […]


Here's How 75 – the Future of Renua

John Leahy became leader of Renua Ireland in September 2016. I spoke to him about aspects of his policies set out on the Renua website, including the proposal to Introduce 90-day detention orders for those Gardai suspect of being actively involved in preparations to murder another or of being responsible for directing the activities of […]


Here's How 74 – The Case for Brexit

Graham Gudgin is a founder of Briefings for Brexit, and a research associate at the Centre For Business Research at the University of Cambridge and the Senior Economic Advisor with Oxford Economics. He was a special adviser to the Northern Ireland First Minister on economic policy from 1998 to 2002. **** You’ll remember that in […]


Here's How 73 – Antivax Claims

‎Steve Hinks‎ speaks for the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters, and he attended a conference in Dublin in April organised by the the International Federation for Injured Children and Adults. The conference was also attended by Anna Cannon of REGRET and Dr Jesper Mehlsen. The conference program claimed a speaker from the HSE […]


Here's How 72 – Feminism and Trans Issues

Natalie Parrott produces the YouTube channel ContraPoints. I highly recommend her videos. I mentioned the interview I did Linda Bellos in February. In our discussion, I mentioned the soaring referrals to the UK's Tavistock clinic (which specialises in gender reassignment) of children. I also mentioned James Caspian, the doctoral candidate at Bath Spa University who […]


Here's How 71 – Referendum Campaigning

David Quinn is a founder of the Iona Institute, a newspaper columnist and a regular media commentator. During the marriage equality referendum campaign, David said that Should the referendum pass, a same-sex couple could demand a right to marry in a church ... In Denmark, we have already seen that the Lutheran Church, a State […]


Here's How 70 – The Exit from Brexit

Sandra Khadhouri is one of the founders of Renew Britain, a new political party set up to resist Brexit. James Cousins, a former Conservative party member of Wandsworth Council has recently joined their party but they have not yet had a chance to test their electoral strength. In our conversation, I mentioned The Road to […]


Here's How 69 – Battles within Feminism

Linda Bellos is a businesswoman, radical feminist and gay-rights activist. She was a member of the collective that produced Spare Rib, a British feminist magazine, and was a member of Lambeth Borough Council in London and was the leader of the council from 1986 to 1988. The term 'TERF' is widely used as a term of […]


Here's How 68 - Comreg and Protecting Customers

I talked to Director of Retail and Consumer Services at Comreg, Barbara Delaney. Yourtel appear to still be advertising to the Irish market, despite being convicted on 88 sample charges (out of 880) of ripping off their customers. They were fined just €750 of a maximum fine of €5,000 in each case - a total of €66,000. […]


Here's How 67 - Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Videos

Ken Foxe is a lecturer in DIT and a freelance journalist. On June 27 last, the Irish-American academic and blogger Catherine Kelly was leaving Ireland through Dublin airport when she was detained by two plain clothes gardaí, and questioned about online reporting that she had done on the finances of Fine Gael minister for Social […]


Here's How 66 - A Libertarian in Ireland

Keith Redmond is an independent member of Fingal County Council, having been elected on the Fine Gael ticket in 2014 previously run for the Progressive Democrats and briefly been a member of Renua Ireland. He's also a founder member of the Hibernia Forum. The Libertarian Party in the US is known for its anti-government stance […]


Here's How 65 - Cop on Comrades

I normally wouldn’t do a podcast about a blog post, but this is a blog post that has been signed by almost 500 people, so it’s not an ordinary blog post. You might have heard about Dean Scurry, he’s one of the activists who organised Home Sweet Home, the occupation of Apollo House by the […]


Here's How 64 - Investigation: Unproven Meds Part 3

In the main interview, I talked to Gino Kenny of the People Before Profit party. Gino's Facebook page shared the Facebook group Medical Cannabis Testimonials Ireland & UK, and encouraged people to share supposed 'testimony' of people benefiting from medical marijuana. The page promotes the most manipulative and misleading quackery; most of its posts claim that […]


Here's How 63 - Investigation: Unproven Meds Part 2

I interviewed Dr Mariano García de Palau of the Kalapa Clinic about his claims to treat a wide range of ailments with cannabis. As he mentioned, there are no clinical trials to validate most of these cures. I also interviewed Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research for the Irish Cancer Society.


Here's How 62 - Cannabis Oil or Snake Oil?

This podcast is the first part of a major investigation into people selling unlicensed substances that they claim will treat or cure serious conditions. This first part of the investigation, focussing on the Dublin-based Hemp Company. The Hemp Company's page selling the Charlotte’s Web product for up to €5,500 per litre is here, That page contains […]


Here's How 61 - Brexit Negotiations

Derek Mooney is a public affairs and communications adviser as well as a former adviser to the Irish government. He's a columnist on and Slugger O'Toole. *** In the last podcast, I was talking to Tom Geraghty of the PSEU, that’s the union that represents higher level public sector workers. The interview was in the […]


Here's How 60 - Pay Restoration

Tom Geraghty is the General Secretary of the Public Service Executive Union. Tom disputed a couple of the references that I made during the interview. The report of MABS staff dealing with an average of two new cases per week here. The minister for justice has confirmed that there are gardaí suspended on pay for […]