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Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.

Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.
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Here's How is Ireland's political, social and current affairs phone-in podcast. You can air your views by recording a message on on our voicemail line, and presenter William Campbell will play the best calls in the show each week.




Here's How 71 – Referendum Campaigning

David Quinn is a founder of the Iona Institute, a newspaper columnist and a regular media commentator. During the marriage equality referendum campaign, David said that Should the referendum pass, a same-sex couple could demand a right to marry in a church ... In Denmark, we have already seen that the Lutheran Church, a State […]


Here's How 70 – The Exit from Brexit

Sandra Khadhouri is one of the founders of Renew Britain, a new political party set up to resist Brexit. James Cousins, a former Conservative party member of Wandsworth Council has recently joined their party but they have not yet had a chance to test their electoral strength. In our conversation, I mentioned The Road to […]


Here's How 69 – Battles within Feminism

Linda Bellos is a businesswoman, radical feminist and gay-rights activist. She was a member of the collective that produced Spare Rib, a British feminist magazine, and was a member of Lambeth Borough Council in London and was the leader of the council from 1986 to 1988. The term 'TERF' is widely used as a term of […]


Here's How 68 - Comreg and Protecting Customers

I talked to Director of Retail and Consumer Services at Comreg, Barbara Delaney. Yourtel appear to still be advertising to the Irish market, despite being convicted on 88 sample charges (out of 880) of ripping off their customers. They were fined just €750 of a maximum fine of €5,000 in each case - a total of €66,000. […]


Here's How 67 - Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Videos

Ken Foxe is a lecturer in DIT and a freelance journalist. On June 27 last, the Irish-American academic and blogger Catherine Kelly was leaving Ireland through Dublin airport when she was detained by two plain clothes gardaí, and questioned about online reporting that she had done on the finances of Fine Gael minister for Social […]


Here's How 66 - A Libertarian in Ireland

Keith Redmond is an independent member of Fingal County Council, having been elected on the Fine Gael ticket in 2014 previously run for the Progressive Democrats and briefly been a member of Renua Ireland. He's also a founder member of the Hibernia Forum. The Libertarian Party in the US is known for its anti-government stance […]


Here's How 65 - Cop on Comrades

I normally wouldn’t do a podcast about a blog post, but this is a blog post that has been signed by almost 500 people, so it’s not an ordinary blog post. You might have heard about Dean Scurry, he’s one of the activists who organised Home Sweet Home, the occupation of Apollo House by the […]


Here's How 58 - Déjà Crash All Over Again

Tony Groves writes the blog Trickstersworld, and we discussed this article which he wrote for


Happy New Year from Here's How

Happy New Year, and a short message from the podcast host.


Here's How 52 - Fiona O'Leary and Riko Murinaka on Vaccines

Fiona O'Leary is the mother of five children, two of whom are on the autistic spectrum. She was a witness in the prosecution that led to the conviction of Patrick Merlehan for selling unlicensed and dangerous medicines. Riko Muranaka is a Japanese journalist and medical doctor. She is a specialist in infectious diseases. Her work […]


Here's How 51 - Smári McCarthy of the Icelandic Pirate Party

Smári McCarthy is a programmer, a writer and one of the founders of the Pirate Party of Iceland. This interview was recorded shortly before his recent election to the Icelandic parliament.


Here's How 49 - Dr Brenda Corcoran of the HSE & R.E.G.R.E.T.'s Claims

These are R.E.G.R.E.T.'s website, Facebook page and Twitter. This is the US Food & Drug Administration page that gives Gardasil information, which references 772 serious adverse events following administration of Gardasil, out of 23,000,000 doses administered. There is no requirement for proof that the adverse event be connected to Gardasil to be included. Dr Brenda […]


Here's How 48 - Niamh Uí Bhriain’s of the Life Institute

Niamh Uí Bhriain is a founder of the Life Institute, and previously of Youth Defence. We discussed the Roe v Wade decision of the US Supreme Court and the McGee v Attorney General decision of the Irish Supreme Court, and how they led to the Pro-Life Amendment Campaign and ultimately the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution.


Here's How 47 - Francis Duffy of the Green Party

Francis Duffy is a Green Party Councillor on South Dublin County Council. We talked about his proposal to ban election posters and replace them with hoardings at council-sponsored sites. The use of election posters is already highly regulated in Ireland, with the dates and locations of posters set in law; posters can be up for about a month before the election and must be removed within seven days of polling; they can't obstruct road signs or cause other hazards; they must identify the...


Here's How 46 - AJ Noonan of the Small Firms Association

AJ Noonan is the chairman of the Small Firms Association. The SFA's pre-budget submission is here. AJ queried my assertion that building land around Dublin was concentrated in a small number of hands. Business & Finance magazine reported in 2000 that the bulk of the development land in Dublin was owned by just eight speculators – Gerry Gannon, Michael Cotter, Mickey Whelan, Tom and Mick Bailey, Joe O’Reilly and Brian Wallace, David Daly, Joe Moran and Liam Carroll. I also mentioned that...


Here's How 45 - Mick Fealty of Slugger O'Toole

Mick Fealty is the founding editor of Slugger O'Toole, Northern Ireland's foremost political blog. Voting for the Blog Awards Ireland will open soon, and I will add a link as soon as it does. Here's How has been longlisted in two categories, Best Innovation Blog and, strangely, Best Vlog.


Here's How 44 - James Behan of Men's Voices Ireland

James Behan is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin, and a spokesperson for Men's Voices Ireland. He is also a staff writer for Trinity's University Times. In our discussion, James referred to a study by Dr Roisin O'Shea which indicates a poor quality of decision-making in custody cases in Irish Circuit Courts. In the discussion I raised the claim on the Men's Voices website that, in Ireland "at least nine per cent of rape cases are provably false" (since removed, emphasis in...


Here's How 43 - Gavan Reilly of TodayFM on Brexit

Gavan Reilly is the political correspondent of TodayFM. You can nominate the Here's How podcast for the Blog Awards Ireland here.


Here's How 42 - Kian Griffin on Car Insurance Costs

You can nominate Here's How for the Blog Awards Ireland here. Kian Griffin is the spokesperson for Ireland Underground. The motor insurance market is worth about €1.2bn per year, about half of one per cent of Ireland's GDP. The Motor Insurance Justice Action Group has in the past called for government subsidies on motor insurance, although they don't seem to be active any more. Kerry County Council voted in 2013, on the proposal of Danny Healy-Rae, to legalise drunk driving.


Here's How 41 - Donal Byrne of RTÉ

Donal Byrne of is a news editor at RTÉ who is responsible for news planning. The phrase 'known to gardaí" appears scores of times on the RTÉ website and, as Donal Byrne rightly pointed out, frequently occurs in other Irish media. The phrase has been sharply criticised for the meaning it carries, including by novelist Frankie Gaffney: Then that vile euphemism: Known to Gardaí. ‘Deserved it’ in other words. Derek O'Toole died when he was struck by a garda car in Lucan Co Dublin in March...


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