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182: How to Keep & Grow Your Family Wealth with Dr Forrest Bryant

Gary Pinkerton went on The High Speed Podcast with Dr. Forrest Bryant to dive deeper into the topics they discussed in Heroic Investing episode 184. This time Gary took the reins to discuss what the wealthiest families have been doing for generations to preserve their wealth. Creating legacy money and securing financial education for yourself and your family is absolutely crucial. That way it doesn't just have to be the ultra-wealthy who benefit from these strategies, it can be brought to...


181: Create Freedom & Legacy in Your Life with Dr Forrest Bryant

Gary Pinkerton talks with Dr. Forrest Bryant, former dentist and founder and CEO of High Speed Alliance, about Forrest's path to financial planning via some physical ailments and how he was able to transition between the two careers. The two also discuss the importance of entrepreneurialism and why it's important to 1) do it correctly and 2) have multiple streams of income. Key Takeaways: [4:29] What changed Forrest's path while he was in his 30s [8:46] If your business relies 100% on...


180: Cal Newport on Developing a Deep Work Habit & Being So Good They Can't Ignore You

Jason Hartman talks with Cal Newport, who details the current distraction epidemic caused by our smartphones and social media accounts. Cal believes corporations have us just where they want us by making us addicted to apps and programs which feed us non-stop advertisements and shape our buying habits. He discusses his books, Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You while offering strategies designed to break your addiction. Key Takeaways: [5:42] Cal explains the foundation for his two...


179: Wealth Creation Tips and Strategies with Casey Stubbs

Gary Pinkerton joins Casey Stubbs on the Cashflow Hacking Podcast to discuss how you can create wealth in your investing life. Gary delves into how you can use real estate to achieve that stable wealth creation. Website: www.FinanceAndMarkets.com


178: Real Estate Entrepreneurship While in Service with Mike Foster

Gary Pinkerton talks with Mike Foster, real estate investor, co-founder and CEO of www.ActiveDutyPassiveIncome.com and recently separated Naval Officer, about transitioning out of the service, why he invests in real estate, and how you can use the military to help you transition into civilian life. Key Takeaways: [4:37] Mike's military path [7:31] How much of Mike's entrepreneurship involves real estate? [12:42] Make sure you're doing tasks outside of your business because you WANT to,...


177: Reducing Tenant Turnover Costs, Investor Education, Immersion & Mastermind Power

Jason Hartman and Gary Pinkerton discuss Gary's experiences with tenant turnover, how he reduces costs by using durable replacement materials and some preventative measures he uses to ensure tenants are satisfied in his properties. Gary and Jason also discuss the benefits of two-year leases with built-in rent increases and how immersing yourself in the investor culture (by attending Venture Alliance and JHU’s) can make you the best investor you can be. Key Takeaways: - How to reduce...


176: Building Your Own Business with Phil Cefaratti

Gary Pinkerton talks with Phil Cefaratti, Navy Lieutenant Commander, Retired and founder of Potomac River Advisors, about his experience starting his own business after leaving the service and why other servicemen can do the same. Key Takeaways: [6:29] Why Phil started his own brokerage [10:41] Lessons Phil learned while starting his own company after leaving the service [14:12] Be confident in what you know and what you're doing [18:31] If you're lacking for confidence when leaving the...


175: Mortgages, Markets & Economics with Logan Mohtashami

Jason Hartman talks with loan manager, stock trader and financial columnist, Logan Mohtashami with a no-spin discussion on the fiscal cliff and other current events. Logan Mohtashami is a senior loan officer at his family owned mortgage company AMC Lending Group, which has been providing mortgage services for California residents since 1988. Logan is also a financial columnist for Benzinga.com and contributor for BusinessInsider.com and writes on financial matter relating to the housing...


HI 174: Mental Toughness with Eric Rittmeyer

Gary Pinkerton talks with Eric Rittmeyer, The Mental Toughness Speaker, about how you can increase your mental toughness and stand guard over things that enter your head. Eric talks about both the problems we face and the solutions we can use in order to increase our mental toughness and live happier lives. Key Takeaways: [7:50] How Eric ended up teaching mental toughness and reverse mortgages (not exactly your standard combination) [11:23] The "Approval Addiction" is the ultimate success...


HI 173: Mortgages As Assets & Private Lenders vs Public Banks with Larry Muck

Gary Pinkerton starts today's episode discussing the importance of viewing your mortgages as assets. They're the thing that's going to allow you to get the returns you need to absolutely destroy returns you could be getting investing in Wall Street or simple bank accounts. Jason Hartman is joined by Larry Muck, the Executive Director of the American Association of Private Lenders, to talk about the AAPL’s history, mission and vision. Larry explains what private lenders are doing for people...


172: Following the Teachings of Ayn Rand with Yaron Brook

Gary Pinkerton talks to Yaron Brook, host of The Yaron Brooks Show and former Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institutde and current Chairman of the Board. After Gary left the service, he struggled with disliking big government after being a part of it for so long. Eventually he discovered Ayn Rand and everything sort of fell into place. Yaron challenges Gary about his thoughts on the military and government and argues that the self is the most important thing you can be true to, not...


HI 171: Active Duty, Passive Income with Markian Sich

Gary Pinkerton talks to Markian Sich, founder and CEO of Active Duty, Passive Income, about his journey from living in the Ukraine to joining the US Naval Academy and eventually becoming a real estate investor. The two look at the beginnings of Markian's entrepreneurial ventures and how he discovered househacking while in the military as his way of getting in to real estate. Key Takeaways: [3:34] How Markian's childhood in Ukraine shaped his life when he came back to the US at 15 [6:38]...


HI 170: Masterful Purpose with Chief Master Sergeant Pamela Pete

Gary Pinkerton talks with Pamela Pete, Chief Master Sergeant (retired) Air Force Veteran and author of Masterful Purpose Daily and Goal Action Planner and Planner Guide, about her passions. Pamela takes a deep dive into goals, passions, and how people are misconstruing the two. Pamela also explains how she transitioned from the service to civilian life: how long it took her to adjust and what she did along the way to help, as well as how she prepared herself to take the ultimate step and...


HI 169: Buy It, Rent It, Profit! Make Money As A Landlord In ANY Real Estate Market by Bryan Chavis

As the latest Venture Alliance Mastermind is wrapping up Jason asks the attendees to share their favorite moments and key takeaways from the event. And in the interview, Brian Chavis, author of The Landlord Academy and Creator of the website of the same name, describes his property management methods and tools. His advice is for income property investors to treat their portfolios as a business and to set expectations from the onset of a landlord-tenant transaction. Key Takeaways: [03:38]...


HI 168: From Public Servant to Excelling in Your Business with Jack McGuinness

Gary Pinkerton talks with Jack McGuinness, former airborne ranger with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division and co-founder of Relationship Impact, about how being a first responder or serviceman gives you the skills you need to run a business. Jack explains what he did when he got out of the service and how he worked his way into the business he's running now. Plus he throws in some very sound business advice for those who are used to the structure of military. Key Takeaways: [2:04] Jack's...


HI 167: Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments with Salvatore Buscemi

Jason Hartman talks with Salvatore Buscemi, Managing Director of Dandrew Partners New York. Dandrew Parnters specializes in non-performing residential mortgages. Salvatore talks about why the real estate market collapsed, dealing with inexperienced investors, and real estate crowd funding. It can be hard to find legit real estate deals, always ask the hard questions first. Many crowd funded deals are dealing with a less experienced investor who might not be able to bring a lot to the...


HI 166: From Financially Stressed to Money Blessed with Nev K

Gary Pinkerton talks with Nev K, author of From Financially Stressed to Money Blessed: Become Financially Independent and Retire Early at Any Age, about his path to real estate investing. Nev describes the mindset you need to have as an investor, how the changing society is changing the way we need to invest and his one huge piece of advice for everyone as we head in to 2019. Key Takeaways: [4:14] How Nev ended up as a real estate investor [7:28] Fear is keeping us from doing the things...


HI 165: Short-Term Rentals & Taxes with Brandon Hall

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show with a little news from his first short-term rental property. Fortunately it's good news. Then, Jason Hartman talks with Brandon Hall, CPA, about short-term rentals and taxes. If you are using your buy and hold properties as short term rentals, through a company like Airbnb, you may be required to pay an additional 15.3% self employment tax. Although it may seem like a gray area to you, the IRS considers it an active business and will take note of...


HI 164 - Wealth Strategies & Infinite Banking with Joe Crane, Veteran on the Move

Gary Pinkerton was recently on the Veteran on the Move podcast with Joe Crane to discuss the wealth strategy plans Gary has in his life, as well as how he's used the infinite banking plan to fund his purchases. He also discusses the transition to the regular world from military service and why he's an entrepreneur. Website: Veteran on the Move


HI 163 - Self-Managing Your Short-Term Rentals with Julia Spencer

Julia Spencer used to invest in long-term rental homes, but decided to switch over to short-term rentals a few years ago. She shares with Jason what she has learned over the years while self-managing the properties she owns, and gives some tips on how to avoid pitfalls that she experienced. The fears of an all consuming time commitment, never being able to go on a vacation, and having your home destroyed by guests are explored, and we find out the true income potential of short-term...