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HI 123 - What to Like About Florida & Equity Stripping, 1031 Exchanges & Diversifying By Market with Client David D'Ambrosio

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show talking about why a doctor's journey is relevant to military investors, and also what about the population of Florida is telling Gary as he starts his new home build in the state. Then, Jason Hartman talks with client Dr. David D'Ambrosio about his experiences with the 1031 Exchange on properties in the Orlando and Indianapolis markets. He shares his opinions on why more high-tax bracket professionals are not investing in real estate and he asks Jason...


HI 122 - Team Rubicon - Veterans Providing Disaster Relief Worldwide with CEO Jake Wood

Gary Pinkerton talks with Jake Wood, CEO of Team Rubicon, about the origin of his company, the mission of his company, and the impact of his company. Staffed mainly by veterans, Team Rubicon has been aiding in crisis situations since the earthquake in Haiti. Gary and Jake talk about the various programs Team Rubicon has available to those (specifically veterans) who want to serve with them, as well as the areas they're currently expanding into, and why the community inspired by their...


HI 121 - Creating a System for Remote Self-Management

Jason, Fernando and Oliver make up today’s expert panel. They are discussing self-management options for your income properties. The experts agree, a great property management company is worth their weight in gold but it is also important to be educated about your self-management options. The panel shares information about companies who use technology to save you time and money through automating tedious tasks, best practices to improve home interiors without spending a fortune and what...


HI 120 - The Hard Science of Success & Motivation with Heidi Grant

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing the importance of having goals, but also making sure to write them down and figure out a way to hold yourself accountable to them. If you don't then you just have a list on paper and your success is much less likely to happen. Then, Jason Hartman interviews research scientist Dr. Heidi Grant regarding the science behind human motivation and success. There are many successful people in the world who are highly motivated and have concise...


HI 119 - Managing Property Managers & Self-Management Tenant Screening & Rent Collection with Cozy's Gino Zahnd

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing the issues that can arise when managing several property managers in different markets. The issues of remembering which company provides which services at what price and managing all of them can leave you with extended vacancies and potentially high repair costs, wiping out your cash flow. But if you're considering going into self-management, you need to be prepared. Then, Jason Hartman talks with Gino Zahnd with Cozy.co. This new service...


HI 118 - Venture Alliance Takeaways and the Student Loan Debt Bubble

Today's episode is all Gary Pinkerton, as he reflects on some of the lessons he learned in the most recent Venture Alliance Mastermind meeting in New York. Gary talks about the new national bird (the crane) and what that's telling us about where money is finding its home these days. Then he goes into an all important topic for our society today, and that is the massive financial burden of student loan debt. Key Takeaways: [4:22] Cranes are all over New York [6:12] There's a lot of money...


HI 117 - Thank You For Your Service, Wrap Around Mortgages & ARMs

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show thanking all the service members and remembering those who have been lost, especially in the attacks of 9/11. He then moves on to discuss how sometimes you have to let a deal go. Then Jason Hartman talks with Naresh as they take a deep dive into the adjustable-rate mortgage, breaking it down into easy to understand piece parts. They also discuss the wrap around mortgage, what the term negative rate means and give numerical examples to clearly explain...


HI 116 - How to Start a Business, Protect from Vandalism and Avoid Gang Activity with Timothy Kephart at Graffiti Tracker

Gary Pinkerton takes a look at a subject that most people don't think of when considering real estate: graffiti. Gary talks with graffiti expert Timothy Kephart about different types of graffiti, what you can learn from graffiti, what graffiti can teach you about the area you're considering buying in, and some tips on how to start your own business. Timothy's field wasn't even in existence when he chose to pursue it as a career, so he provides some valuable insight into what it takes to...


HI 115 - The Next 10 Commandments of Successful Real Estate Investing

In the beginning, Jason Hartman created the 10 Commandments of Successful Investing, and he saw that it was good. But then he lived and learned and realized there was a desperate need for 10 more. Listen in as Jason Hartman discusses The Next 10 Commandments of Successful Investing. This keynote speech was taped live at the opening of our 2013 Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing Event at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California. With all deference to the Big Guy upstairs, when it...


HI 114 - Creating a Sustainable Business on Active Duty with Rollors CEO and USAF Officer Matt Butler

Gary Pinkerton talks with Matt Butler, active USAF Officer and founder of Rollors, about the origins of his company, how he's utilizing veterans in expanding his business, and how to ensure you're making the most out of each hire. Matt is preparing to retire in the next year and has been preparing for life after the military for the past 7-8 years. Listen in to this story of how you too can prepare yourself for success outside of your service. Key Takeaways: [2:43] Where did Rollors...


HI 113 - Defending Investments Against The Demons Of Risk And Inflation With Doug Utberg

The world of investing involves many considerations. Chief among these are the two “Demons” of investing that must both be defeated in order to realize success. The first demon is risk, and the second is inflation. Risk comes from the fact that future returns are uncertain, and it is not possible to foresee all future events. Investments that seem ‘safe’ may turn out to have hidden dangers that we did not notice. Risk can never be eliminated, it can only be managed. The best way to do this...


HI 112 - Starting & Running Exceptional Real Estate Businesses with USAF COL Lane Beene of Pilot Properties

Gary Pinkerton takes today's show to talk to former F-16 pilot Lane Beene about how he started investing in real estate, and the important steps in his journey. Lane specializes in multifamily housing, but the niche that's not quite big enough for big hedge fund money to get in to. Winner of the 2017 Tarrant County Property of the Year, Lane tells what his core values are and how he's surrounded himself with the people he needs to succeed. Key Takeaways: [7:49] Rather than becoming an...


HI 110 - You Are A Badass At Making Money, Master The Mindset Of Wealth with Jen Sincero

For this 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Jen Sincero, author of the bestselling author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, as well as You Are a Badass at Making Money. Jen helps explain how mindset changes can be achieved, and how learning to embrace the concept of gratitude allowed her to achieve financial security. Key Takeaways: [9:38] The key ideas of Jen’s You are a Badass book. [10:46] How staying in your comfort zone...


HI 109 - Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki and others, the Real Estate Guys 16th Annual Summit at Sea

The Summit At Sea is a special event & cruise that Patrick & Gary have attended for the past several years. Gary has had a career that is nothing shy of historic. He’s a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, served on 4-different ships and is the former Commander of a the top secret submarine, U.S.S. Tucson (SSN 770), where he earned several military commendations. He also recently co-authored the book “The One Thing That Changed Everything”. Together, Patrick and Gary talk...


HI 108 - Challenges that Police Officers Face in the Court of Public Opinion with Attorney and Retired Officer Lance Lorusso

Gary Pinkerton talks to retired police officer Lance Lorusso about his transition to the public sector and how others can successfully do the same. Lance is author of When Cops Kill. The two discuss how police officers roles have changed with the tiems, how the culture in today's society helps first responders more so than in the past, the importance of writing out your goals, and important things to do BEFORE you leave your first responder job. Key Takeaways: [7:56] Why Lance wrote...


HI 107 - The 3 Dimensions of Real Estate, Inflation’s Impact on Price Discovery

Do you have the sense to wait out the market during lag times? Buy and hold is Jason’s philosophy and he is a self made multi millionaire. The average American will never buy at the markets lowest point nor sell at the highest point. For most it takes time for the media’s influence to inspire action which means always being late to the game. Increasing your knowledge and learning pertinent facts and figures will help you to anticipate upcoming changes in the market. Key Takeaways: [8:09]...


HI 106 - How to Grow a Nationwide Income Portfolio while Serving with Officer David Greene

Gary Pinkerton talks with former police officer David Greene about David's experience as an investor while still working full time, how he's able to get be as successful as he's been, using technology, and more. Key Takeaways: Gary Intro: [4:22] Start a mentorship program to learn what others have done David Greene Interview: [8:13] David's story of starting to invest while he was still working full time as a police officer [12:28] Where is David buying property? [15:25] Walking a...


HI 105 - Landlord Friendly Markets for Income Property Investors & US Dollar Power

Jason talks a little bit about mastermind groups and touches on an article that was released by USA Today on the subject of investments. Jason brings up some very interesting points on the minimum wage discussion as well as talks about conflict of interests in financial advisers. As always, Jason shares some timeless wisdom about the US dollar, commandments to live by, and more. Key Takeaways: 9:45 - Minimum wage increases always causes inflation. 15:00 - Give yourself small rewards...


HI 104 - Transition from Military Service and Leadership in Business with Michael Diamond

Today's episode features Gary talking with veteran Michael Diamond, General Manager of Payments at Mitek Systems in San Diego. Michael and Gary discuss the unique skills that servicement learn, and how you can use those skills to your advantage after you get out of the service. Key Takeaways: [10:53] The military needs unique skill sets for some things, and likes to borrow them from civilian life [12:39] One of the primary reasons Michael left the service [15:14] How Michael's...


HI 103 - How Old-School Real Estate Investing Still Works

Today’s interviewee is none other than Jason’s Aunt Joan, an incredibly successful real estate investor who, together with her husband, owns more than 70 single-family homes around the Sacramento, California area. ‘Old-School’ seems to be the buzz-word of choice, but Joan talks about how she got into real estate, why she still loves it and gives some great advice about property management and keeping your tenants on side.Jason Hartman’s introduction for today’s Creating Wealth Show focuses...