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HI 138 - Understanding VA Loans, Investing in Duplexes & Importance of Networking with David Pere

Gary Pinkerton talks with David Pere, active duty Marine, real estate investor and creator of From Military to Millionaire, about David's real estate journey, and how he's used the VA loan to his advantage (and how you can too). The two also discuss strategies new real estate investors can utilize to grow their portfolio faster, extra benefits that come from being a serviceman, and why networking is so crucial. Key Takeaways: [6:40] David didn't understand the VA loan well enough to use...


HI 137 - Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy - GOP Tax Plan's Impact on Real Estate Investing, Treating Tenants Properly, & the Myth of Home Ownership, Part 2

Gary Pinkerton starts today's show discussing how important a personal connection is as a landlord. Some of the tenants who've been around the longest for Gary have been those that he (or his property manager) have established a rapport with. Those without a rapport tend to leave as soon as something goes wrong. Then Jason Hartman and Ken McElroy finish up their conversation started in episode 135. This time, however, the two look into the importance of how property owners (and managers)...


HI 136 - The Entrepreneur's Mind & Finding the Right Niche with Liquor Labs' Owen Meyer

Gary Pinkerton focuses on the entrepreneur's mindset, as he talks with the founder of Liquor Labs, Owen Meyer. Owen is a graduate from West Point and realized as his time in the service was ending that he wanted to strike out on his own. Along the way Owen discovered he could make money teaching people how to make mixed drinks as a group activity. Hear this entrepreneurial tale and how the world today allows you to test your ideas with very little money. Key Takeaways: [3:03] An...


HI 135 - Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy: Property Management, Investor Mistakes, & Economic Optimism, Part 1

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show discussing the idea that when you invest in real estate you can't lock in to one strategy and think that you've got everything set for life. You have to be flexible based on the business cycle and economic conditions. Then we have part 1 of Jason's interview with Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy. Ken tells Jason some of the most common mistakes he sees real estate investors make, why you can't just buy real estate any time you like, and some tips on how to...


HI 134 - Running a Successful Business After Your Service with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont

Gary Pinkerton has the honor today to speak with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont about his time in the service and how he managed to run several successful business afterward. Larry has some business advice for those leaving the service as they start their journey, as well as how he manages to keep employees around in his company as long as he has (some have been around 30+ years). Larry also discusses his passion project, which is a car museum in Chicago with over 300 cars,...


HI 133 - Money is Pouring In To New Construction, Change How You Think About Real Estate Investing

Jason and guest Gary Pinkerton breakdown the article, 27 Charts That Will Change How You Think About the American Economy. Each chart represents changes in the US economy related to productivity, demographics or inflation. Highlights of the discussion include the possibility for people to work well past the current social security mandated retirement age, the lopsided amount of service jobs as compared to labor jobs and the real opportunity which exist for real estate investors based on...


HI 132 - Real Estate Investing While Active Duty with Deal Check's Anton Ivanov

Today's episode features Gary Pinkerton talking with Anton Ivanov, creator of DealCheck, about his journey as an active duty serviceman with income property, and how it's led to the portfolio he and his wife have today. Anton created his app DealCheck for real estate investors to analyze properties, and has a good sized portfolio, but still holds down a W-2 job in order to get further along in his journey. Key Takeaways: [3:01] No W-2 job is a perfect fit, we all have things we dread...


HI 131 - Using Coaches to Find Your Unique Genius & Turning Inflation Into Wealth

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show today discussing the search for our unique genius, how his coach has helped him, and what he has found his is. Jason welcomes return guest, Daniel Amerman back to the program. Daniel and Jason have been discussing the US economy for over 10 years and Jason continues to use one of Daniel’s charts in his seminars. Daniel is a Charter Financial Analyst with the ability to dissect economic statistics and other financial information then create practical,...


HI 130 - The Frequency Illusion & Attracting Money with Joe Vitale

Dr. Vitale believes when you learn to get clean with money and stop self sabotaging your financial future you will start to attract more money to you. You must first get through the filters that are your beliefs and see what is really possible to know you are deserving of living a wealthy life. When you want something and have the means to obtain it you should buy it to reinforce an unconscious belief of worthiness. And, always give back a portion of your good fortune to create a bond of...


HI 129 - Align Yourself with the Government & Dealing with Inflation

The US is facing a looming financial crisis. In this episode, Jason outlines six business plans the government can use to ease its inflationary pressures. Four of the plans could result in negative outcomes, while the final two plans could achieve debt repayment by way of inflation. Understanding inflation and all of its aspects are not for the light-hearted. Jason explains inflation, how the government reports on inflation and offers up some educational resources for those who want to...


HI 128 - Happy 4th & Priming the Pump with Julie Ziglar Norman

Gary Pinkerton has this special 4th of July episode with Julie Ziglar Norman, daughter of legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and current motivational speaker, as the two discuss her experience in real estate, overcoming her husbands issues with credit cards and alcohol, and the empire that her father Zig created and she continues with her family. But first Gary starts the show discussing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and why a government that changes slowly...


HI 127 - Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

Today's episode highlights one of Jason's important notes about the benefits of investing in real estate. We all know inflation is right around the corner as it is the only way the government can get out of the current economic climate. Inflation will erode our purchasing power, our stocks, our savings and the rich will get richer. Investing in Income Property is your best weapon against the forthcoming inflationary increase. Key Takeaways: [9:04] Using a movie or Broadway play can get...


HI 126 - The Process of Becoming a Great Leader with Air Force Veteran Ken Pasch

Gary Pinkerton is joined today by Air Force veteran B-52 bomber pilot Ken Pasch, author of On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!, about Ken's journey to become a leader and some of the myths that accompany the idea of leadership. When Ken originally was put in a leadership position, he quickly realized that he didn't really know how to do it effectively. Fortunately, leadership is a skill you can learn and improve, and Ken did just that. Now Ken runs Ki Visions and helps develop the...


HI 125 - Property Management Options with Muthiah Nachiappan

Jason welcomes Muthiah Nachiappan to the show. Muthiah is a client with 9 properties and an avid property management contract reader. He discusses his self-designed Property Management Survey, the garbage fees most property owners pay but don’t question and how he became interested in income properties. For property owners, Jason shares 4 options for property management and then the 3 options property management companies have if they want to stay in business and service their...


HI 124 - Leadership Characteristics & Finding Your WHY with American Sniper Author Jim Defelice

Gary Pinkerton talks with author Jim Defelice, as the two of them discuss his books and what he's learned as he's studied military (and other) leaders for his books. Jim has written 3 books about Chris Kyle, including American Sniper which was turned into a movie featuring Bradley Cooper. The two also discuss Jim's newest book, The Pony Express, and why he has decided to write the stories he's written (which is over 50 books). Key Takeaways: [9:33] Something most people who watch...


HI 123 - What to Like About Florida & Equity Stripping, 1031 Exchanges & Diversifying By Market with Client David D'Ambrosio

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show talking about why a doctor's journey is relevant to military investors, and also what about the population of Florida is telling Gary as he starts his new home build in the state. Then, Jason Hartman talks with client Dr. David D'Ambrosio about his experiences with the 1031 Exchange on properties in the Orlando and Indianapolis markets. He shares his opinions on why more high-tax bracket professionals are not investing in real estate and he asks Jason...


HI 122 - Team Rubicon - Veterans Providing Disaster Relief Worldwide with CEO Jake Wood

Gary Pinkerton talks with Jake Wood, CEO of Team Rubicon, about the origin of his company, the mission of his company, and the impact of his company. Staffed mainly by veterans, Team Rubicon has been aiding in crisis situations since the earthquake in Haiti. Gary and Jake talk about the various programs Team Rubicon has available to those (specifically veterans) who want to serve with them, as well as the areas they're currently expanding into, and why the community inspired by their...


HI 121 - Creating a System for Remote Self-Management

Jason, Fernando and Oliver make up today’s expert panel. They are discussing self-management options for your income properties. The experts agree, a great property management company is worth their weight in gold but it is also important to be educated about your self-management options. The panel shares information about companies who use technology to save you time and money through automating tedious tasks, best practices to improve home interiors without spending a fortune and what...


HI 120 - The Hard Science of Success & Motivation with Heidi Grant

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing the importance of having goals, but also making sure to write them down and figure out a way to hold yourself accountable to them. If you don't then you just have a list on paper and your success is much less likely to happen. Then, Jason Hartman interviews research scientist Dr. Heidi Grant regarding the science behind human motivation and success. There are many successful people in the world who are highly motivated and have concise...


HI 119 - Managing Property Managers & Self-Management Tenant Screening & Rent Collection with Cozy's Gino Zahnd

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing the issues that can arise when managing several property managers in different markets. The issues of remembering which company provides which services at what price and managing all of them can leave you with extended vacancies and potentially high repair costs, wiping out your cash flow. But if you're considering going into self-management, you need to be prepared. Then, Jason Hartman talks with Gino Zahnd with Cozy.co. This new service...