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HI 151 - The Housing Boom and Bust in America with The Hoover Institute's Thomas Sowell

“For far too long, too many people have regarded home ownership as ‘a good thing.’ It is certainly true that home ownership has its benefits. But, like everything else, it also has its costs and its risks.” This statement by Heroic Investing guest, American economist Thomas Sowell, has been regretfully muttered by many homeowners in various forms over the past two years. Sowell is currently a senior fellow with The Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In 1990, he won the Francis...


HI 150 - The Shrink for Entrepreneuers with Peter Shallard

Gary Pinkerton takes the intro to this show to discuss some of the world's greatest innovators, and the traits that each of them shared that made them the movers that they were. He also shares the fact that seeking and obtaining expert advice and help is easier now than it's ever been before. Which leads us in to Jason Hartman's interview with Peter Shallard, owner of The Shrink for Entrepreneurs. Peter strives to help for-profit businesses that are attempting to make a positive change in...


HI 149 – Investing in Landlord Friendly Markets & the Power of the US Dollar

On today's show, Jason talks a little bit about mastermind groups and touches on an article that was released by USA Today on the subject of investments. Jason brings up some very interesting points on the minimum wage discussion as well as talks about conflict of interests in financial advisers. As always, Jason shares some timeless wisdom about the US dollar, commandments to live by, and more. Website: USA Today Article Newser Article Business Insider Article


HI 148 - Improve Your Business with Marketing with Casey Stubbs

Gary Pinkerton talks with Casey Stubbs, United States Army Veteran, online marketing expert, and host of Finance & Markets Cashflow Hacking Podcast. Casey and Gary discuss the two sides of every business, his past in the armed forces, lessons learned from creating his startups, and how to go about leveling up your business. Also, Gary welcomes you to come watch the Cash Flow Wealth Summit that begins tomorrow! Key Takeaways: [9:26] There's 2 sides to every business [12:27] The beauty...


HI 147 - Unending Organizations & The Freedom Manifesto with Steve Forbes

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing the natural existence of an organization: once created it will do whatever it can to survive. He points out government entities primarily, noting that times of war can make the Army balloon, numbers that can become difficult to cut back after the war is over. Then Jason Hartman is joined by Steve Forbes, the editor in chief of Forbes Media, to propose and attempt to answer the question: Why does government get bigger and bigger when we...


HI 146 - Veterans in Defense of Liberty with Dr. Scott McGill

Gary Pinkerton talks with Marine Corps and the United States Army Medical Corps veteran Dr Scott Magill, executive director of Veterans in Defense of Liberty, about his organizations intent on returning the American culture to the beliefs and principles of those 56 men, our Founding Fathers, who pledged their “Lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” that liberty and justice might prevail throughout the ages. Key Takeaways: [9:17] Do veterans have freedom of speech in perpetuity? [15:50] We...


HI 145 - Risks & Benefits of Inflation for a Real Estate Investor

Gary Pinkerton starts the show off discussing your potential returns on real estate purchases thanks to the power of leverage and inflation. He also invites you to join the Cash Flow Wealth Summit coming up in a few weeks. Then Jason Hartman shows how prudent real estate investors BENEFIT from inflation in two big ways! Here is how to use leverage prudently to maximize returns and reduce risks. Website: www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.CashFlowWealthSummit.com


HI 144 - Veteran on the Move & Support Systems with Joe Crane

Gary Pinkerton takes today's episode to talk to veteran Joe Crane, host of the podcast Veteran on the Move. Joe and Gary discuss what Joe has learned about veterans after they get out of the service from his 200+ episodes of podcasting. They discuss veterans propensity to start their own business, and the value of setting up a support system. Key Takeaways: [7:19] What is Veteran on the Move about? [12:44] Some of the recurrent themes that have been learned from the podcast [17:01]...


HI 143 - Real Estate Predictions, 3 Corners Of The Real Estate Triangle, Americans Are Saying Goodbye To Cities By The Atlantic

This episode is chock full of trends, predictions and current affairs. Jason (The Predictive Genius) Hartman is a purveyor of rational recklessness. He shares an article from The Atlantic which asserts that Americans are moving out of the city and into suburbia. Once again proving his theory of the resurgence of the suburbs to be correct. Jason also reminds us to take time to remember the good things in life by way of the ‘Winning is Giving’ poem by one of his early mentors, Denis...


HI 142 - From First Responder to Nationwide Multi-Family Real Estate Firm with Brian Burke

Gary Pinkerton talks with Brian Burke, President & CEO of Praxis Capital as well as a former firefighter, police officer, and ambulance EMT, about his journey from first responder to creating and running a $150+ million company. The two discuss how Brian found/made the time, when he realized it was time to switch careers, his thoughts on real estate, and finding favorable areas to invest in. Key Takeaways: [5:33] How was Brian able to find the time and energy to create his company while...


HI 141 - Social Accountability & Rent Ready with John Simpson

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's episode discussing ways you can protect yourself when vetting a prospective tenant, some of them involve NOT doing things. He also discusses the rising trend of social accountability and why he believes it's a good thing. Then, Jason Hartman talks with John Simpson. John invested in the trailblazing Rent Reporters before it’s official launch because he believed in the business model. He now runs the company as CEO and is the corporate cheerleader to this...


HI 140 - Dr. Julie Kinn - DoD Podcasts, Free Apps on Sleep, Mindset, Fitness & Overall Wellness

Today's 10th Episode features Gary Pinkerton talking to Dr. Julie Kinn, military psychologist and executive producer of Military Health Podcasts, about her thoughts on healthy ways to manage your life. Gary and Julie focus quite a bit on sleep management and how to optimize your sleep in a way that lets you be the entrepreneur you want to be, as well as how sleep management can help you on those long shifts (or off shifts) that leave you worn down. Key Takeaways: [10:41] What kind of...


HI 139 - You Are Your Best Asset & What's Next for Real Estate Investors with Pat Donohoe

Gary Pinkerton starts off today's show discussing Pat Donohoe's new book, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. Some of the points brought up in the book are critical to not just your investing, but your life. Gary stresses that your net worth is not a terrible measure, but income is the most important part of the equation. Then Jason Hartman talks with Pat Donohoe, President & CEO of Paradigm Life, about their thoughts on the recent political changes and how the U.S. economy will be affected, he...


HI 138 - Understanding VA Loans, Investing in Duplexes & Importance of Networking with David Pere

Gary Pinkerton talks with David Pere, active duty Marine, real estate investor and creator of From Military to Millionaire, about David's real estate journey, and how he's used the VA loan to his advantage (and how you can too). The two also discuss strategies new real estate investors can utilize to grow their portfolio faster, extra benefits that come from being a serviceman, and why networking is so crucial. Key Takeaways: [6:40] David didn't understand the VA loan well enough to use...


HI 137 - Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy - GOP Tax Plan's Impact on Real Estate Investing, Treating Tenants Properly, & the Myth of Home Ownership, Part 2

Gary Pinkerton starts today's show discussing how important a personal connection is as a landlord. Some of the tenants who've been around the longest for Gary have been those that he (or his property manager) have established a rapport with. Those without a rapport tend to leave as soon as something goes wrong. Then Jason Hartman and Ken McElroy finish up their conversation started in episode 135. This time, however, the two look into the importance of how property owners (and managers)...


HI 136 - The Entrepreneur's Mind & Finding the Right Niche with Liquor Labs' Owen Meyer

Gary Pinkerton focuses on the entrepreneur's mindset, as he talks with the founder of Liquor Labs, Owen Meyer. Owen is a graduate from West Point and realized as his time in the service was ending that he wanted to strike out on his own. Along the way Owen discovered he could make money teaching people how to make mixed drinks as a group activity. Hear this entrepreneurial tale and how the world today allows you to test your ideas with very little money. Key Takeaways: [3:03] An...


HI 135 - Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy: Property Management, Investor Mistakes, & Economic Optimism, Part 1

Gary Pinkerton starts off the show discussing the idea that when you invest in real estate you can't lock in to one strategy and think that you've got everything set for life. You have to be flexible based on the business cycle and economic conditions. Then we have part 1 of Jason's interview with Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy. Ken tells Jason some of the most common mistakes he sees real estate investors make, why you can't just buy real estate any time you like, and some tips on how to do...


HI 134 - Running a Successful Business After Your Service with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont

Gary Pinkerton has the honor today to speak with World War 1 Marine Veteran Larry Klairmont about his time in the service and how he managed to run several successful business afterward. Larry has some business advice for those leaving the service as they start their journey, as well as how he manages to keep employees around in his company as long as he has (some have been around 30+ years). Larry also discusses his passion project, which is a car museum in Chicago with over 300 cars, some...


HI 133 - Money is Pouring In To New Construction, Change How You Think About Real Estate Investing

Jason and guest Gary Pinkerton breakdown the article, 27 Charts That Will Change How You Think About the American Economy. Each chart represents changes in the US economy related to productivity, demographics or inflation. Highlights of the discussion include the possibility for people to work well past the current social security mandated retirement age, the lopsided amount of service jobs as compared to labor jobs and the real opportunity which exist for real estate investors based on the...


HI 132 - Real Estate Investing While Active Duty with Deal Check's Anton Ivanov

Today's episode features Gary Pinkerton talking with Anton Ivanov, creator of DealCheck, about his journey as an active duty serviceman with income property, and how it's led to the portfolio he and his wife have today. Anton created his app DealCheck for real estate investors to analyze properties, and has a good sized portfolio, but still holds down a W-2 job in order to get further along in his journey. Key Takeaways: [3:01] No W-2 job is a perfect fit, we all have things we dread...