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Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.

Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.
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Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.




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October 17 2016

Houston coach pecks away at football’s macho culture, a kiss at a time. Are the men in your family affectionate? Or do they live by this macho culture? & Amy Schumer’s Donald Trump Joke prompts 200 people to walk out of florida show. Have you ever lost a friend or a colleague over their political beliefs? & Skip that annual physical exam: evidence increasingly suggests it’s useless. We talk to Brett Belchetz, ER Physician and Medical Expert about this. & Ticket prices will rise in 2017 as...


October 12 2016

Barb’s thinking about breaking the law tomorrow. & Heartbreaking video shows dad telling 8-year-old son his mother died from a drug overdose. Father says he had someone film the private moment to bring awareness to drug addiction. Are you buying that excuse? Isn’t this one of the worst things you could do to your own child? & The StylU app is like Uber for hair and makeup. We talk to the founder of the StylU app, Justin Colombo.


October 7 2016

Explosive Audio of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women. Is this shocking, or is this how guys talk behind the scenes? & Injured farm worker struggles to survive after support cut off Ontario’s worker compensation board, says he could turn to sales. Is it reasonable for the WSIB to ask an injured worker to learn a different type of job? & Food allergies prompt bans on foods from apples to chocolate as schools cope with how to keep students safe. As a parent, are there too many...


October 6 2016

'I did have a photo of dad by my bed – but mum took it away': The true anguish of divorce – in the heartbreaking words of the children stuck in the middle. Have you ever been caught in the middle of your divorced parents? & Man books a ticket under the name Dan, instead of “Daniel” which is on his passport. It would cost him $400 to correct it. Is he being gouged by the air-line, or are the rules the rules?


October 5 2016

Fox News’ Jesse Watters facing backlash after he stereotypes potential presidential voters in Chinatown. Is there an unfair double standard when we stereotype certain cultures? & Is it unfair to ask your partner to “ratio” costs and expenses based on who makes more?


September 27 2016

A former radio host is in hot water, after he suggested a woman should be a stripper. We talk to Joel North, former host at Coast 101.1 and DJ to get his take on things. & Ed Prutschi, Newstalk 1010 Chief Legal Analyst joins us for The Crime Traveller: a new segment! & A school swaps out detention for meditation. We talk to Andy Gonzalez, the founder of the Holistic Life Foundation that practices at Robert W. Coleman Elementary school in Baltimore.


September 26 2016

Calvin Vaughan, a U of T quarterback, supports Trump. He claims he supports the Republican party, more than Trump himself. Is it possible for you to separate your politics from your identity? If your politics don’t jive with someone else’s, can you still maintain a friendship with them in the era of Trump? & Tips from a Slightly Crappy Parent: How to get through the first years of parenting without losing your mind. We talk to Cynthia Loyst about her article!


September 23 2016

Jim did a story today about a bride to be kissing a stranger at her bachelorette party, spoiler alert: wedding has been called off. What is the point of having a wild party before you get married? What really goes on at bachelor/bachelorette parties? & Night Side Roundtable with Christian Pritchard, Culinary adventurist and Andre Proulx, Torontoist wine writer and technical producer for The Showgram.


September 22 2016

Woman at Toronto Subway restaurant has a MEATBALL MELTDOWN!! What’s your customer horror story? Or your restaurant beef? & Toronto’s first long-term house for sex-trafficking victims was unveiled today. We speak with sex-trafficking survivor Casandra Diamond, who is speaking on behalf of the house.


September 21 2016

A caller to Jim today says he wishes his ex’s current boyfriend would kill her. He wishes his ex was dead. Can someone really be happy if they carry that kind of hatred towards someone else? & A cafeteria worker quit her job, after refusing to not serve a kid because they owed the school money. Have you ever been asked to do something at work that compromised your ethics? What was something you quit your job over? Should kids be punished for their parents not paying for lunches?


September 20 2016

An alarming number of people are getting behind the wheel after drinking. Do you know anyone who drinks and drives? Do you say anything to them about it? & There are reports that Angelina Jolie hired a private investigator to find out if Brad Pitt was cheating on her. What’s it like to hire a private eye if you think your partner’s cheating on you? What can they do? We talk to Private Investigator Gabriel Mastsipaniuk, Hotline Investigations.


September 16 2016

Jerry says drinking with your underage kids is the right thing to do. Barb agrees with him. After hearing Jerry’s story, do you still think kids should not be allowed to touch alcohol before their 19? How have you gone about teaching your child to drink responsibly? & It's the Friday Night Roundtable with Jason Chapman, producer of the Jerry Agar Show & Samantha Houston, Manager, Public Relations, Winner Experience at OLG. - Does Scarborough always get short-changed when it comes to public...


September 15 2016

Mother opens brand new car-seat box only to find an old one inside. Have you ever taken part in switch fraud? What lengths have you gone to, to return something? & Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to find products that are made here in Canada? We talk to Marvin Ryder, Professor at McMaster Universities’ DeGroote School of Business & Teenager suing her parents for posting embarrassing childhood pictures to Facebook. Do you think twice before you post intimate/candid pictures of...


September 14 2016

Starbucks Canada to add calorie information to their menuboards. Will it affect what you order and how often you go? & The man who sexually assaulted York Student Mandi Gray, gets 18 months in jail: the maximum for that type of offense. We talk to Edward Prutschi, NEWSTALK 1010 Chief Legal Analyst, Are we taking sexual assault serious enough, considering how devastating it is to the victim? & Extended warranties: life savers or waste of money? Why do you have to jump through hoops to claim...


September 13 2016

Toronto Star article says marijuana sales can save Canada Post in digital age. Barb doesn’t understand why we’re trying to prop up a loser. & What event or experience changed your life? A caller to Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard, Ryesa tells Mike, how 9/11 changed her life. & TTC driver caught texting while behind the wheel in a video: Bringing the number of complaints to 86 this year. Article says being fired is a possibility. So how many of the 86 complaints actually lead to someone...


September 12 2016

Critics say WSIB policy pushes hurt workers back too soon. Have you been injured/on leave and felt pressured to go back to work to soon? As an employer have you ever had somebody “milk” their leave? & City of Vaughan officially opened $15 million dollar library of the future. We talk to Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Vaughan about it! & Customers say Air Miles explanation for hiding rewards doesn’t add up. Have you ever had an issue when trying to redeem your points? What loyalty programs...


September 9 2016

Ohio police post photos of couple overdosing on heroin with young boy in backseat of car. Is this shaming addicts? Or do people need to see the reality of drug addiction? & Barb has the top tips for picking the fastest line at the store. Do you have any shopping strategies/secrets? & First week of school a tough week for students with dyslexia. Barb’s disappointed that not enough Ontario schools are prepared to deal with students with dyslexia.


September 8 2016

You might be surprised what your 13 year-olds are up to. How do you breach the conversation about not sending nude photos? & Canada is allowing doctors to prescribe heroin in severe cases of opioid addiction. We talk to Dr. Mitch Shulman, NEWSTALK 1010 Chief Medical Correspondent & 22% of Canadian Teens considered suicide this year. As a parent does this alarm you? And have you ever had to talk to your child about thoughts of suicide?


September 7 2016

School Boards must provide before and after school care starting September 2017. We talk to Maddie Di Muccio, President of The Society for Quality Education about this. & School Bus Driver Shortage has kids being driven home by principals/teachers/cabs. As a parent does this bother you? & All Toronto Police Cruisers will soon have the "stealth look". We talked to Chris Lewis, CTV News Public Safety Analyst, Former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police about this. Are you concerned...


September 6 2016

Penny Oleksiak isn’t so sure what courses she’s taking this year. How involved are you in helping your kids choose their electives? & Ontario introduces new sexual harassment legislation. Howard Levitt says it comes up short. We talk to Howard Levitt, Employment Lawyer and Host of Employment Law, Sundays 1-2pm on NEWSTALK 1010 & Barb’s son had to wear a full winter-uniform in an un-air-conditioned school today. Should AC be mandatory? Or are we making a big deal out of something that maybe...