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Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.

Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.
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Always honest and never afraid to drop the gloves, Ryan Doyle brings a fresh approach to the issues of the day and, alongside his co host John Downs, is changing the way Ontario listens to evening radio.




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March 4 2016

Reports says knife found at OJ Simpson’s house is not consistent with blade used in murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, bonding with a stepchild, have you ever had to bond/live with a step child? Was it a constant power struggle? Can a step-parent ever discipline a step child?, cockroach issue returns to Toronto Public School. Have you ever had to take your kid out of school?, and we replay Dave Agar's announcement on Moore in the Morning from earlier today.


March 3 2016 - Tony Chapman, Carmi Levy & Cori Salchert

It's Cause and Effect with Tony Chapman, Marketing Guru and Frequent NEWSTALK 1010 Contributor. We chat: - the main reason why people aren’t shopping for clothes in stores anymore - are marketing degrees a waste of time? - what happened to the Oprah effect? We also talk to Carmi Levy, CTV News Technology Analyst about how Apple’s next iOS update might warn you if your employer is monitoring your smart phone. Lastly, we talk to Cori Salchert about her family who adopts babies with...


March 2 2016

A study says Canada’s Food Guide should be overhauled as obesity rates continue to rise. Do we need better labeling on packaging? and we have a rare Wednesday Roundtable with Becky Coles, Producer Extraordinaire, and Jeff Sammut, Broadcaster. They discuss: - would you shop at a person-less grocery store? - should women get time off when it’s that time of the month? - did a costume designer get dissed at the Oscars or do people come to their own conclusions too quickly?


March 1 2016

We talk to NEWSTALK 1010 Host Jerry Agar about last night’s caller re: paying radio salaries, we also talk about the accident on QEW Today, do you slow down or speed up when debris or an animal crosses your path?, Subway to ensure footlongs measure up after lawsuit, and we bring you The Night Cap!


February 29 2016

Leap Day means it’s okay for women to propose to men. Are some traditions best left as is? and inside workers union in standoff over apparent “job for life” clause. We talk to Mark Towhey, host of The Mark Towhey Show (Sundays at 2pm), and advisor to business and political leaders with Ballacaine Strategy & Execution, about this. Do you think union workers should have a job for life?


February 26 2016

Man paid insurance for 9 years after selling car because he didn't check his bank statements. Do you check your bank statements closely every month? and we talk to Christian Pritchard, culinary adventurist about New York cracking down on restaurants for their salt contents, about how a lot of food is being marketed as “snack food”, and more!


February 25 2016

Why do we still have to use paper coupons when we have rewards programs?, it's Cause and Effect on The Night Side with Tony Chapman, Marketing Guru and NEWSTALK 1010 Contributor, and we talk to Dr. Oren Amitay, registered psychologist about the girl accused in Pickering school stabbing and how she appeared to show warning signs.


February 24 2016

Are there people who are married because they didn’t know how to break-up with their partner? and we talk to Hannah Dela Cruz PR manager for What's Your Price?, a controversial dating website where “generous” men buy first dates from attractive women. Does this blur the line between dating and escorting?


February 23 2016

Wi-Fi on the TTC and at Barb's gym isn't reliable. Is it okay to complain about free stuff?, we talk about today's events at the Marco Muzzo trial, and have you ever taken the risk to start your own business? We talk to Jean Blacklock, President of Prairie Girl Bakery about leaving the corporate world to pursue her dream.


February 22 2016

Barb loses it (at Costco) on people parking in handicap spots without stickers. When was the last time you lost it? and John Tory makes pitch for return of photo radar. Barb doesn’t have a problem with it, how do you feel about it?


February 19 2016

Woman admits to bullying 5-year-old niece into choosing brown Barbie. Are we too PC when it comes to kids toys? and we talk to Tony Chapman, Marketing Guru and NEWSTALK 1010 Contributor for Cause & Effect on the Night Side! and lastly, WestJet gets it right for Edmonton dad. What are some good customer service experiences you have had?


Segment with Andrew Feldstein

It's Family Law on The Night Side with Andrew Feldstein, Family Law Lawyer and we talk: - behaviors that are the most reliable predictors for divorce - should parents pay child support for adult children? - the importance of full financial disclosure in divorce proceedings


February 18 2016

Study shows half of millennials are looking to change careers this year. Were you pushed into a certain career, and then changed your mind?, we talk to Jennifer Reynolds, President and CEO of Women in Capital Markets about why we need to stop saying there are no qualified women out there, and Saks Fifth Avenue opens flagship store in Toronto today.


February 17 2016 - Dr. Oren Amitay & Katie Zeppieri

We talk to Dr. Oren Amitay, Registered Psychologist & Friend of The Night Side about a study says eating disorders are different for boys and girls, and we talk to Katie Zeppieri, Founder of Girl Talk Empowerment, Author, Blogger, and Motivational Speaker.


February 16 2016

Today’s a perfect example of how many inconsiderate drivers we have on the roads. What ticks you off about people’s driving habits?, and nearly half of Canadians are within $200 a month of not being able to pay for their bills. Do you live paycheque to paycheque? Are you incapable of saving or reigning in your spending?


February 15 2016

A University of Toronto study says that second hand engagement rings can be a bargain. Would a second hand engagement ring bother you?, woman assaulted after responding to Kijiji Ad, have you ever met a stranger from online?, and we talk to Registered Psychologist Dr. Oren Amitay about why are we so obsessed with Crime stories? and finally we discuss why Toronto Taxis failed this weekend.


Feb 12 2016 - Samantha Houston and James Cunningham

It's the Friday Roundtable with James Cunningham, Comedian, Actor, and Host of T.V’s Eat Street, and Samantha Houston, OLG Manager, Owner of Smart Mouth, Journalist, and Announcer. We discuss: - Toronto the Center of the NBA Universe this weekend. Are you feeling the buzz? - Study shows women don’t get the same credit as men for teamwork. Do you buy that? - How important is Valentine’s day to you? Is it just another day? and lastly, do you ever gap-out?


February 11 2016 - Carmi Levy

Erin Andrews keeps begging for an engagement ring. Does someone constantly pestering you about an engagement ring put you off the idea of marriage? Is it possible to love an animal as much as you love your own child? and we talk to Carmi Levy, CTV News Technology Analyst about how Go Pro is in a massive tailspin. Has it lost its “cool” factor?


February 10 2016

Jian Ghomeshi is not planning on testifying. Is this good strategy or does he owe the public his version of the events? Cabbies cancel Uber X protest for all-star weekend. Is this a sign of good faith or do you believe they were using scare-tactics all along? and manager forces employees to leave positive reviews online. Have you ever been asked to do something that you’re not comfortable with?


February 9 2016

Actress Brie Larson hasn’t spoken to her father in 10 years. Have you ever been or are you currently not speaking to a family member? What’s stopping you from reconciling? and we talk to Silken Laumann, Olympian and Blogger about today’s kids and how they could use a lesson in healthy competition.