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Scissoring With My Favorite Lesbian

Hi Keenes and Queens! This week I am joined by one of my favorite cousins and my favorite lesbian, Jenae. Listen and get to know her. I enjoyed our conversation! We covered: 1. Interesting things about Jenae and two stories of her ratchetry and my piety. 2. We open the show with thumbs up or thumbs down for LGBT-friendly singers and rappers. 2. Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and shady business over Brett Kavanaugh's seat. We also covered the plan to legally prohibit gay couples...


The Jeff Goldblum-ing of the Age of Aquaria

Hi Keenes and Queens! This week: 1. A rant against homophobic straight black women. It's a problem. I'm weary. 2. Male celebrities (and one politician) that I would take as either a "Friend or Lover". Also, I confess my undying attraction to Jeff Goldblum. Stop lusting over my man! 3. Political stuff about immigration, Scott Pruitt, legal ethnic cleansing (which is happening in America), the false movement called "walk away," and how I miss the political news during President Obama's...


Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae's Electric Lady Situationship

Hi Keenes and Queens! Two in a week? I know. I know. There has been so much going on, though. I mean, we got: Your favorite female rapper based upon your lesbian or gay male preferred sexual position. Everything the Trump administration is doing to immigrants and what people are doing when they're fed up and confronting Sarah Sanders and others; Anthony Kennedy retiring because of something shady with his son and Donald Trump; Antwan Rose's unnecessary shooting death; other things we...


.@Blowticious Is A Cool Around-The-Way Chick

Hello Keenes and Queens... Welcome to another episode of Keene Point of View. I apologize for not getting this out last week as I was sick and this week am still dealing with it, but the episode is finally edited and up now. Enjoy this week's discussion with @blowticious and me discussing how she wrote a book as a child and how hypervisibility online does not equate to the same kind of fame as celebrity; Donald Trump's shenanigans with North Korea; white evangelical Christians' hypocrisy...


Feckless C***

Hi, Everyone! First, some nerdy information where I list my favorite comic book characters of all time. Then, an ex-gay woman says that Christian women need to stay away from feminism. Later, feckless Russophile Ivanka Trump proves she’s no different from any of her Russian-corruption-loving family. In Gay news Crossfit Infiltrate in Indiana proves that they are run by people who hate gay people but say they love Jesus. Lastly, Bum of the Week and Boo of the Week and a closing list of the...


Gay People Are Not Mattel Dolls

Hi, Everyone! It's great to be back and sticking around, Lord willing, this time. I hope you enjoy this episode full of politics, Russia, Trump, politics, story of a gay bashing, and a mean straight woman's using of a lesbian for her sexual experimentation, and what Pope Francis did that will surely number his days as the Pope, and Meghan Markle's wedding! She married some prince in England, and I was so happy to watch! Enjoy! Like! Subscribe! Share! Thank you for your support! Instagram &...


How I Almost Became a White Guy's #1 Black Boy

Welcome to the Keene Point of View Podcast! Enjoy this episode discussing:1. Hard-hitting questions like why people in L.A. drive like they ain't got no worries about anyone else around them.2. How pathetic it is to be racist in America and hold onto monuments of racism like it's anything to be proud of. Also, the Trump family is full of liars.3. The Nashville Statement came out this past week because nothing else that required prayers and action happened in Texas, apparently, but let's drop...


Waiting on God: About Gay Sex and An End to White Supremacy

Welcome to the Keene Point of View Podcast! Enjoy this episode discussing:1. What I say yes and no to.2. The benefits of a hair curler.3. How the U.S. still ain't over its racism.4. How some Christians still ain't over their racism and how waiting on God is HARD.5. A training course in the three primary sexual positions for gay men.6. Bum of the Week & Boo of the Week.7. Personal opinions that are correct and completely thought out.


Moonlight in Trump's America

Welcome to the Keene Point of View Podcast! Enjoy this first episode discussing:1. Donald Trump's lies about...well...when does he NOT lie? This time I'm talking about immigration and how to bridge the gap with Trump supporters. 2. Christians continuing to make my weave itch with their adulation of Donald Trump but making me smile by starting a new Underground Railroad and going to court over the right of immigrants and refugees in the U.S.3. LGBT people, especially trans people, do not have...