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Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of Tea Party favorite and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann in our selection of audio clips and coverage.

Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of Tea Party favorite and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann in our selection of audio clips and coverage.


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Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of Tea Party favorite and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann in our selection of audio clips and coverage.




16 Things Michele Bachmann Will Miss About Congress

The Minnesota Republican is not running for a fifth House term. She wrote in BuzzFeed that she'll miss, among other things, smoke-filled rooms and Seersucker Thursdays.


Brooks and Marcus on executive action precedent, prospective presidential c

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioRELATED LINKSObama’s full immigration speech What campaign funding trends will carry over to 2016? Brooks and Dionne on Obama’s immigration plan and what’s next JUDY WOODRUFF: From a failed vote in the Senate to green-light the Keystone pipeline, to the presidents call to arms on immigration, it was another week of conflict among the politically powerful. To analyze it all, Brooks and Marcus. Thats New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post...


Week In News: Bachmann's Decision, Obama To Meet China's President

Guest host Wade Goodwyn speaks with James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic. This week, they break down Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann's decision not to run for re-election. Plus, a look ahead to President Obama's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


How Will Bachmann's Departure Affect Politics?

Tea Party favorite Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has announced she's won't run for re-election. But what does the news mean for the Tea Party movement, and the rest of the GOP? Host Michel Martin discusses this and other political news with Republican strategist Lenny McAllister and The Root's Keli Goff.


WSJ Editors' Picks -- What's Next For Bachmann?

What is next for Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and The Tea Party after her decision to not run for re-election? The Wall Street Journal This Morning discusses with reporter Janet Hook.


WSJ The News Hub P.M. Report, May 29, 2013

Michele Bachmann says she won't seek re-election in 2014, Small employers are struggling with the healthcare law


Tea Party Firebrand Bachmann Won't Seek Fifth Term

Tea Party favorite and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced that she would not run for re-election to her Minnesota House seat. Bachmann was facing a tough fight, having barely beaten an unknown Democrat in a district that Republican nominee Mitt Romney carried by 15 points.


Barney Frank: The Comedian's Politician

This week's Very Important Puzzler talks about his political family, his accomplishments in Congress and the role of comedy in politics. Plus, we challenge him to identify the speaker of some notable quotes: was it Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, rapper Kanye West ... or Barney Frank?


Bachmann Faces Competitive Re-Election Bid In Minnesota

More than nine months after dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination for president, Rep. Michele Bachmann is back on the campaign trail. But this time it's in her Minnesota congressional district, where she faces an underfunded but tough Democratic opponent.


Rep. Michele Bachmann Gives Up Swiss Citizenship

Former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced Thursday that she has asked the Swiss Consulate to withdraw her Swiss citizenship. The Minnesota Congresswoman is married to the son of Swiss-born parents. Earlier this year, the couple formally registered for dual citizenship.


Voters Unsure About Bachmann's Dual Citizenship

Former GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has been granted citizenship in Switzerland. A spokeswoman says Bachmann has been eligible for dual citizenship since she married her husband of Swiss descent in 1978.


Friday News Roundup - Domestic

This week's economic figures suggested the U.S. recovery may have lost some steam. The Labor Department reported hiring in April slacked off for the second straight month. The unemployment rate dipped to 8.1 percent from 8.2 last month as more people dropped out of the labor market. Michele Bachmann formally endorsed her one-time rival Mitt Romney. The department of Justice charged more than 100 individuals with $460 million in Medicare fraud. And the DEA is under fire for its treatment of...

News Roundup for Friday January 6, 2012 - Hour 1

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 percent - the lowest level in nearly three years; President Obama bypassed Congress and appointed Richard Cordray as consumer protection chief; plans for cuts to the Pentagon were unveiled...the Fed urged Congress to take more aggressive action on housing; the official Republican campaign for 2012 got underway; Mitt Romney got an unexpected win in Iowa and an endorsement from John McCain; Michele Bachmann announced an end to her campaign; and Rick Perry...

After Weak Iowa Showing, Bachmann Bows Out

Rep. Michele Bachmann bows out of the presidential race Wednesday, after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses. Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll in August, but she could never parlay that brief moment into a winning campaign.

The Back Of The Republican Pack Weighs Options

Rep. Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign. Texas Gov. Rick Perry headed home to reassess his bid after Iowa. And while Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rep. Ron Paul carry the momentum into New Hampshire and South Carolina, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman promise to continue their campaigns.

Iowa A Virtual Tie For Romney, Decisive For Bachmann

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum finished virtually even in Iowa's caucuses Tuesday, but after Rep. Michele Bachmann's sixth-place finish, she announced Wednesday that she is suspending her campaign. For more on the GOP race and the next contest — Tuesday's New Hampshire primary — Linda Wertheimer talks with NPR's Brian Naylor, who's in the city of Manchester.

Republicans' Road Ahead, After Close Iowa Caucuses

Tuesday's Iowa caucuses shook up the GOP field as Mitt Romney won by just eight votes and Rick Santorum took second. Michele Bachmann finished sixth, then withdrew from the race on Wednesday. Host Michel Martin discusses the results and looks ahead with journalism professor Cynthia Tucker and contributing editor of The Weekly Standard Matthew Continetti.

Beauty Shop: Virginia Ballot, Bachmann Quits Race

Host Michel Martin and the Beauty Shop ladies discuss controversial requirements for Virginia's presidential primary ballot, Michele Bachmann's suspension of her presidential bid, sports-related concussions, and black divas hawking weight-loss products.

Not Everyone Is Basking In Iowa's Afterglow

The field of GOP challengers narrowed a day after the caucuses as Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said she is ending her 2012 presidential bid. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry went home to regroup after his poor showing in the Hawkeye State.

Bachmann Fights To Convince Iowans She's Electable

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann wrapped up her bus tour of Iowa's 99 counties Thursday. She's been on the road for most of the last two weeks in a final push to generate support before Tuesday's caucuses.