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Seamus O’Regan too busy making funding announcements to address flooding in Kashechewan

The sound of geese should mean spring is around the corner. But for the people of Kashechewan it means leaving their homes. Every year rising waters flood their land. What is being done about it? That and more on this episode of Nation to Nation.


Canadians should be outraged over stories of coerced sterilization says NDP MP

It’s completely unimaginable. You go to the hospital to give birth and leave never able to do so again. Over 100 women, mostly Indigenous, have come forward to say they were coerced, or forced, into sterilization. And mainly in Saskatchewan. That’s in this episode of Nation To Nation.


189 federal servants spied on Cindy Blackstock under Wernick and Justice Department

Back when the federal government was doing everything it could to get Cindy Blackstock’s human rights complaint tossed out, she was being spied on by federal servants under the former department of Indian Affairs while Stephen Harper was prime minister. The deputy minister was Michael Wernick. That and more on this episode of APTN Nation To Nation.


Nunavut needs 3,300 houses immediately, federal funding will pay for 83

On this episode of APTN Nation to Nation: The Premier of Nunavut, Joe Savikataaq, on what there is to celebrate and what still needs to be done as the territory turns 20. The chief of the Onion Lake Cree Nation explains why he’s not happy about Bill C-92, the proposed child welfare reform legislation.


The good, the bad and the maybe? A closer look at the federal budget

Tension is building on Parliament Hill. But is the Indigenous child welfare bill collateral damage? The political panel weighs in on the budget. That’s on this episode of APTN Nation to Nation.


Inuit concerns over language bill ignored after summer cabinet shuffle: Obed

The political panel gets fired up over resource development. More so how projects will soon be approved. That’s on this episode of Nation to Nation.


Indigenous child welfare reform bill ‘breaks new ground’ but will it save lives?

On this episode of Nation to Nation: Deaths of Indigenous children in child protective services make headlines every year across the country. Nearly everyone blames the way the system is set up: removing children from their home. So when the federal government tabled Bill C-92 last week it did so hoping to change laws across the country.


Jody Wilson-Raybould: Our political panel weighs in on her bombshell testimony

Wilson-Raybould testified Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his staff applied sustained pressure to intervene in the bribery case of SNC-Lavalin. She refused, and believes that’s why she was shuffled from justice minister and attorney general to veteran’s affairs before she finally resigned from cabinet. So we asked our political panel if they believed her?


Child welfare bill expected next week but First Nations won’t see it beforehand: source

The Trudeau government has told a group of First Nations working on new Indigenous child welfare legislation to expect a proposed bill to be finally tabled but they won’t see a draft beforehand according to a source. That and more on this episode of Nation To Nation.


Did the PMO ‘sideline’ Wilson-Raybould on failed framework negotiations? This chief believes so

On this episode of Nation to Nation: As the scandal involving the Prime Minister’s Office and former minister of Justice and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould continues to grow by the day, everything that led up to it erupting last week is now getting a closer look. That includes Wilson-Raybould’s involvement in the failed Indigenous rights framework that fell apart late last year.


Political panel heats up over bill aiming to change how energy projects get approval

The political panel gets fired up over resource development. More so how projects will soon be approved. That’s on this episode of Nation To Nation.


Indigenous rights framework far from dead as Trudeau government rolls it out in pieces

The Indigenous rights framework is far from dead. The Trudeau government is quietly rolling it out in pieces. But are they succeeding? That's on this episode of Nation to Nation.


New on-reserve education policy good step forward but work far from over says former chief

On this episode of N2N: Everyone can agree that moving away from program-based funding for on-reserve education is a good idea. One nation could be getting money for a program while the nation next to it didn’t at all. It all came down to writing proposals. Now there’s a new approach as announced by the federal government Monday, with the Assembly of First Nations, following more than two years of negotiations.


Questions surround new Indigenous Services minister but he says: ‘Pedal is to the metal’

It’s “pedal to the metal” for the new Indigenous services minister. But does Seamus O’Regan have what it takes? That’s on this episode on Nation to Nation.


Trudeau government ignored pleas of Wet’suwet’en members fighting for rights: NDP MP

On this episode of N2N: NDP MP Nathan Cullen says the Prime Minister and his government need to be more respectful of the rights of the Wet’suwet’en. Child welfare activist Cindy Blackstock wants the federal government to apply Jordan’s Principle to a critically ill non-status child. Robinson Huron Litigation Committee chair Mike Restoule talks about a big court win for nearly two dozen Ontario First Nations.


Trudeau government pressed to pass Indigenous languages and child welfare bills

On this episode of Nation to Nation, the political panel of MPs debates two important pieces of legislation coming up in the New Year. A month ago Prime Minister Trudeau promised child welfare reform and an Indigenous languages act will be tabled in January. But will they get passed before the federal election campaign heats up next fall.


Respect First Nation sovereignty to avoid courts and gain predictability says NDP leader

On this episode of Nation To Nation, Host Todd Lamirande has a wide ranging interview with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. He also talks to Liberal MP for Winnipeg Centre Robert-Falcon Ouellette. He’s trying to get something done about the crystal meth crisis in his constituency.


With the MMIWG inquiry nearing its end who was right: North or Buller?

It was just over a year ago when Sheila North categorically called for Marion Buller to step down as the chief commissioner of the National Inquiry into MMIWG. North didn’t do it in a press release, or in an interview with a reporter, but to Buller’s face. In this episode of Nation To Nation, Todd Lamirande sits down with Sheila North and Marion Buller.


‘A turning point’: New Indigenous child welfare legislation will save lives says Philpott

It's likely to be the most important work the Trudeau government does this term. New child welfare legislation for Indigenous people. Minister Jane Philpott believes it will save lives. That’s on this edition of Nation to Nation.


Surviving the Kamloops Indian Residential School and the struggle for a settlement

A special edition Nation To Nation from the Kamloops Indian Residential School. In this episode we focus on the forgotten Day Scholars and their struggle for a settlement. We’ll have more details about their lawsuit over abuse and loss of language and culture. Plus a heartbreaking interview with a survivor.