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Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in our selection of audio clips and coverage.

Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in our selection of audio clips and coverage.
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Follow the 2012 presidential candidacy of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in our selection of audio clips and coverage.




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What Andrew Jackson has in common with Donald Trump

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: There are nearly two dozen major candidates running for president this year, and the ones getting the most attention are not all elected officials. They are the outsiders, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, Carly Fiorina, using YouTube, Instagram and other social media to build huge followings and get onto debate stages. But is this really brand-new? Or have we been here before? We turn to three political historians, Lara Brown, who...


Shields and Brooks on police body cameras, previewing first presidential de

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: From the shooting, police shooting in Cincinnati, to rising expectations for the first Republican presidential debate, its been a full week. And it leads us to the analysis of Shields and Brooks. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. Gentlemen, welcome. So, Mark, this shooting in Cincinnati of a black man by a white policeman, the video released this week, there is no question there appears to be...


Shields and Gerson on Netanyahu’s timing, DOJ’s Ferguson findings

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioRELATED LINKSShields and Brooks on House GOP vs. Homeland Security, Netanyahu speech rift Shields and Brooks on fighting Islamic extremism, Giuliani on Obama Shields and Brooks on Obama’s war authority request, Islamic State’s threat JUDY WOODRUFF: And to the analysis of Shields and Gerson. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson. We welcome you both. David Brooks is off tonight. So, a national leader, gentlemen,...


Michigan Democrats need a new game plan

I had lunch the other day with Senate Majority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, who in a few weeks will be out of office for the first time in fourteen years. The last four years have had to be frustrating for her.She led a caucus so small a dozen members that you could pack them all into a minibus. They didnt even control one third of the seats, and were even powerless to prevent bills they didnt like from taking immediate effect.Nobody realistically thought the Dems could take control of the...


Is it the end of the road for newspaper cartoons and comic strips?

There are many reasons to lament the slow disappearance of newspapers. But heres one you may not have considered: the loss of cartoons and comic strips.You might be startled that an old political and news analyst would say that. But in fact, comics, both overtly political and not so, have always been great political and social barometers. Back in the late 19th century, Boss Tweed, the corrupt New York City political boss, was largely done in by Thomas Nasts cartoons.Before he was carted...


Fitzgerald Might Disagree With His 'No Second Acts' Line

Audie Cornish talks to Kirk Curnutt, vice president of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, about the often misused and misquoted line, "there are no second acts in American lives." A whole generation of American politicians has fallen from grace, only to rise again and disprove the line — Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Eliot Spitzer and now South Carolina governor turned congressman, Mark Sanford.


Gingrich: Republicans Should Cooperate, Not Compromise

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is concerned that Republicans may be split in two by an Obama budget proposal.


GOP Delegates Learn Policy From Gingrich At 'Newt U'

Every day at the convention in Tampa, Newt Gingrich — the former House Speaker and a former college professor — will hold a two hour policy workshop.


Casino Owner Expected To Make $10M Donation To Pro-Romney SuperPAC

The reported contribution is coming from a man who previously supported Mitt Romney's GOP primary rival Newt Gingrich. But Sheldon Adelson has long made it clear that his top priority is defeating President Obama in November. He has said he might spend as much as $100 million on this election.



Our panelists predict, now that he's no longer running for president, what's next for Newt Gingrich?


Romney Leads Gingrich In Money; Obama Bests Both

Newt Gingrich had his best fundraising of the campaign in the final months of last year — but so did rival Mitt Romney, whose disclosure reports showed he raised more than twice as much. As for Obama, his campaign showed that incumbency still has its advantages.

Shields, Brooks on GOP's Negative Campaigning, Romney's Fighting Style

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks discuss the day's top political news, including some Republicans' concerns over the prospects of a Newt Gingrich nomination, Mitt Romney's political toughness and the state of play in Florida's primary.

Romney Wins Florida Primary, Routing Gingrich

A relentless series of attacks against Newt Gingrich led to a significant victory for Mitt Romney in Florida, the largest state to vote so far. Romney now takes his newfound momentum into Saturday's Nevada caucuses.

McCain: Gingrich vs. Obama Is "Disastrous Scenario"

Arizona Senator John McCain offers Michael his view of the choice between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

GOP Candidates Reopen Debate Over Gold

The glitter of the gold standard has attracted another fan: Newt Gingrich, who recently suggested it might be a good idea to re-establish the link between the value of the dollar and gold. But there's disagreement over whether that's a good idea.

Romney Counts On Florida To Be Front-Runner Again

The Florida Republican primary is here, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads former House Speaker Newt Gingrich by a wide margin. When Romney came to Florida last week after a solid thumping in South Carolina, Gingrich seemed to be a serious threat to his candidacy. But Romney's lead in polls has been growing.

Gingrich Vows To Press On After Florida Primary

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has promised his supporters that his campaign will go on to the Republican party's convention. The Florida primary is Tuesday, and Mitt Romney is expected to collect all the delegates in that nominating contest.

The Golden Age: Florida Primary Centers On Seniors

Just how important is the senior vote in Florida? Nearly one in five Floridians is retired. And a survey conducted by AARP predicts that as many as 60 percent of those who cast ballots in Tuesday's Republican primary will be retirees. Front-runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have taken notice.

If Gingrich Loses Florida, What's His Path Forward?

Ahead of Tuesday's Florida primary, Gwen Ifill discusses the brutal clashing between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich with The Rothenberg Political Report's Stuart Rothenberg and Susan Page of USA Today.

In Florida, Vitriol Flies as Romney Sits Atop Polls Before Primary

A Quinnipiac University survey of likely Republican voters in Florida showed Mitt Romney with a 14-point advantage over rival Newt Gingrich Monday. Gwen Ifill discusses the increasingly bitter campaign ahead of Tuesday's primary with Judy Woodruff, reporting from Tampa.

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