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Episode 11: The Left and the US Democratic Party w/ Adam Hilton

Bernie Sanders has recently announced his second bid for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination in 2020. What does it mean for a self-proclaimed democratic socialist to enter the mainstream of US politics and attempt to transform one of the two business-dominated parties that control the US political landscape? How did past efforts to transform the Democratic Party fare? What are the strategic stakes for the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) in backing the Sanders campaign? Adam...


Episode 10: Freedom of Speech in Capitalism w/ Samir Gandesha

What does a socialist conception of free speech look like? Can we really trust the capitalist state to protect the free speech rights of socialist critics? As free speech has become an increasingly explosive issue within our liberal societies, Oats chatted with Samir Gandesha of Simon Fraser University to get a better sense of what’s going on. Along the way we talk about the politics of free speech, the hypocrisy of the Right on this issue, and what a potential socialist alternative may look...


Sneak peek: Extended interview w/ Tanner Mirrlees

We continue our discussion with Tanner Mirrlees. We talk about what the Munk Debates are, whether no-platforming is a justifiable tactic, as well as the lessons the Left might want to take to heart when considering the rise of the alt-right. Become a patron to get full access to the extended interview: patreon.com/oatsforbreakfast.


Episode 09: The alt-right and the Bannon-Frum debate w/ Tanner Mirrlees

Oats sat down with Tanner Mirrlees to chat about the rise of the "alt-right" as well as the recent debate between Steve Bannon and David Frum in Toronto.


Sneak peek: Extended interview w/ Jordan House

This is a sneak peek of the extended segment of our interview with Jordan. We continue the conversation about the struggle for justice in the prison system. To get access to the full version, go to patreon.com/OatsForBreakfast and become a patron.


Episode 08: The Struggle for Justice in Prisons w/ Jordan House

From 21 August and 9 September, prisoners across the US went on strike. One set of Canadian prisoners — at Burnside jail in Nova Scotia — decided to join the strike effort. We chat with Jordan House about the continent-wide prison strike. We also talk about who goes to prison (and who doesn't!), the history of prison-based resistance, and the political economy of prison labour. Burnside prisoners' statement:...


Episode 07: The Toronto Overdose Prevention Society w/ Sarah Ovens

Canada is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic. In 2016 there were 3,005 opioid-related deaths in Canada. In 2017 the figure jumped to 3,996. The Canadian government's response has been inadequate, which has prompted a wave of activism. We talk to Sarah Ovens, a social worker and an organizer with the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (TOPS), about why the opioid crisis is taking place and what her organization is doing to try to address it. You can make a donation to TOPS here:...


Episode 06: Free Public Transit w/ Herman Rosenfeld

Canadians consider healthcare to be a right — we don't think the amount of money people have should determine whether they can see a doctor. Is it possible to think of public transit as a public good? We talk to Herman Rosenfeld, a member of Free Transit Toronto, to explore the idea of free public transit.


Episode 05: Palestine Solidarity and Freedom of Speech w/ William Robinson

Expressing solidarity with Palestine and criticizing the state of Israel can be a challenge. To explore this challenge, we talk to William Robinson about his recent book "We Will Not be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel's Critics."


Sneak peek: The sex ed controversy in Ontario w/ Sadia Khan

Get access to the full version of this interview by going to patreon.com/OatsForBreakfast and becoming a patron of our podcast. This extended interview builds on the discussion that took place in Episode 4. Toronto-based community organizer Sadia Khan reflects on her experience as a public-school teacher and activist to underline the importance of updating the sex-ed curriculum. She talks about why the recent sex ed curriculum reform has been so controversial, and what can be done to build...


Episode 04: Why did minorities vote for Doug Ford? w/ Sadia Khan

The Progressive Conservatives, led by Doug Ford, attracted a great deal of support from non-white voters during the recent provincial election in Ontario. Why would minorities support a hard-right politician? We talk to Toronto-based community organizer Sadia Khan to find out.


Episode 03: The Days of Action w/ Sam Gindin

When the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris came to power in Ontario in 1995 and began implementing its agenda of cuts, the labour movement decided to organize a response. The response came in the form of the Days of Action—a series of rolling political strikes that involved hundreds of thousands of workers and community members across the province. We talk to labour activist Sam Gindin about how the Days of Action came to be organized, what their impact was, and the lessons...


Episode 02: Ford's victory and the limits of the NDP w/ Sam Gindin

The victory of Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives in the Ontario provincial election appears to be part of a broader trend—the hard-right has been going from strength to strength around the world. We talk to the labour activist Sam Gindin about why it is now Ontario's turn to face off against the hard-right, and what can be done to challenge Ford's government. We also get into talking about the limits of the New Democratic Party.


Sneak peek: Extended interview with Alan Sears

This extended interview follows up on the discussion we had with Alan Sears in the episode on university education. You can get access to the full interview by supporting us on patreon.com/oatsforbreakfast.


Pilot Episode: University education w/ Alan Sears and Jessica Ireland

University education in Canada is becoming increasingly necessary and, at the same time, increasingly difficult to access. We look at the recent trends in higher education to try to understand what's happening. This episode features interviews with Alan Sears, who teaches in the Sociology Department at Ryerson University, and Jessica Ireland, an undergraduate student at York University.