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A new podcast dissecting British politics -- two more voices join the chorus of commentators, but hopefully reasonably insightful and occasionally even entertaining ones.

A new podcast dissecting British politics -- two more voices join the chorus of commentators, but hopefully reasonably insightful and occasionally even entertaining ones.
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London, United Kingdom


A new podcast dissecting British politics -- two more voices join the chorus of commentators, but hopefully reasonably insightful and occasionally even entertaining ones.




111: The Gang of Seven

The biggest party split in nearly 40 years. Seven Labour MPs have walked, but it’s clear dozens more have had enough. Even the deputy leader, Tom Watson, calls for change. It’s a huge challenge for Jeremy Corbyn, explored in this bonus podcast. Why have the gang of seven gone now? Will anyone follow them? And what becomes of the Independent Group? Will it become a new party of the centre? Or will it fizzle out? And how will Labour react? Has it in fact further strengthened Jeremy Corbyn’s...


110: Aren't we in hell already?

Once again, Theresa May kicks the can down the road, pleading with MPs to give her just a little more time. But time is running out. Maybe that’s the point. We round up the latest Brexit madness in the latest podcast. Despite all that, Labour still find time to indulge in another internal party war. We look at how Luciana Berger became the latest target, and how leaders again failed to respond properly. Plus the Conservative MP who can’t stop blocking moves to protect women and young...


109: Six Impossible Things Before Brexit

It seems that, in order to honour the 2016 referendum result, we must echo Alice in Wonderland, and try to believe Six Impossible Things Before Brexit. Theresa May has now made ideas previously dismissed as “delusional” central parts of her government’s Brexit policy. Now all she has to do is persuade the EU to go along with it — and she has less than two weeks to do it. What does she want? We don’t really know. How will she get it? We don’t know that either. So it makes perfect sense for...


108: The Rollercoaster of Hell

At a time when every week feels like a momentous one, this week really was. We’ll be talking about this week’s events years from now, so let's try to make sense of it all. Theresa May suffers the worst defeat any government’s endured in more than a century, and of course does not resign, or even seem to think there’s anything particularly wrong. Instead she invites rivals to talks, while insisting she won’t budge on her red lines, which isn’t strictly speaking a negotiation. Meanwhile...


107: What fresh hell is this?

Theresa May suffers the heaviest defeat any Prime Minister has endured in at least a century. Her Brexit plan lies in tatters. And yet she limps on. A brief emergency update after the extraordinary events in the House of Commons. Jeremy Corbyn calls a confidence vote, which he will lose — but it won’t bring Labour any closer to backing a referendum. Will we even leave the EU in March? Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin try to pick through the wreckage of the latest Brexit catastrophe.


106: Nothing has changed

It’s a new year, with all the exciting new possibilities it brings. Not really. We’re condemned to go round and round the same hellish circle until the end of time. Or Brexit Day. Whichever comes sooner. In the first podcast of 2019, we assess Theresa May’s second attempt to get her Brexit plan through the Commons, even though she doesn’t appear to have actually changed it in any meaningful way. Plus the increasingly desperate efforts by MPs to frustrate Brexit, even though many don’t...


105: Merry Christmas, we’re doomed

2018 ends as it began, with a government incapable of governing, and an opposition unwilling to oppose. Only we’re in a much, much bigger mess than we were 12 months ago. As the year draws to a close, we catch up with the latest Brexit madness, as Theresa May grimly kicks the can down the road once again, only to find Jeremy Corbyn doing exactly the same thing. It turns out they’re a lot more similar than either would want to admit. Plus we write our end-of-year report, working out who’s...


EXTRA: What Just Happened?

4am EMERGENCY PODCAST (No klaxon because it’s 4am). A few thoughts on the events of the last 24 hours, as Theresa May clings on to the Tory leadership, and a coup that’s been brewing for months fizzles out in a day.


104: Chaos delayed (for now)

It’s a Christmas miracle. The implosion of Government is cancelled. Well, delayed. For a bit. But probably not long. Theresa May confronts inevitable defeat in the Commons by cancelling a vote she promised would not be cancelling, and scurrying off to Brussels to renegotiate a deal she promised would not be renegotiated. Strong and stable. We work through the madness of the last 24 hours, the increasingly loud questions facing Jeremy Corbyn, and the frankly unanswerable poser of what...


103: Who'll back the doomed deal?

Another chaotic week in pre-Brexit Britain — the Prime Minister returns, not-especially triumphant, from getting her deal signed off in Brussels, and returns to Parliament, where the deal will almost certainly be rejected. We look at the desperate efforts to persuade dozens of Tory MPs to change tack, as well as Theresa May’s sudden fondness for televised debates. Plus we map out a strategy where the deal might — just — be approved before Christmas. Also UKIP take on an actual fascist —...


102: You've broken the country

The ink is barely dry on the Brexit deal, and it’s already dead in the water. As ministers flee Theresa May’s doomed government, the Prime Minister refuses to back down. But the Maybot is running out of time, and it’s clear her time in Downing Street is running out. We look at the reasons why so many MPs on so many different sides are so unhappy with her deal, why her own MPs are moving against her, and what’s likely to happen next.


101: The Sticking Plaster Budget

Philip Hammond unveils what’s almost certainly his last Budget, and manages to find that tattered old tax cut rabbit in his hat. We look at how he’s accidentally managed to get Labour to endorse a tax cut for the richest, and covered up the fact he’s got almost nothing to announce. In fact, the Budget highlighted just how much Labour is now setting the agenda, despite being in opposition. We search for the big Tory vision of post-Brexit Britain, and frankly we can’t find it. Plus, as the...


100: The Long(er) Goodbye

In the week the UK and EU were meant to agree a Brexit deal, we reach our own milestone. Even if Europe’s finest minds failed, we at least hit the deadline for our 100th episode. This week, we discuss another ridiculous week on the Brexit express, as we hurtle ever faster towards the buffers. Plus, as it appears ever more likely the Saudis murdered and dismembered a journalist, will that be enough for the UK to actually stand up to them? A report throws the spotlight back on bullying and...


99: Road to Nowhere

If Theresa May's time in Downing Street is coming to an end, she could always sign up for Strictly. We analyse what could be the Dancing Queen's best speech since becoming Prime Minister, and explain why it won't save her. The Tories finally had some new policies to announce -- mostly stolen from Labour -- but the conference was dominated by Brexit and leadership rumours. And that's where Boris Johnson comes in -- we explain how the former Foreign Secretary is like an arsonist who sets...


98: Brexit’s going awfully well, isn’t it?

Jeremy Corbyn gets the rapturous reception you’d expect from a hall filled with Labour Party activists, but this year’s conference was dominated by Brexit — and Labour’s position seems no clearer now than it was a week ago. This week Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin explore how the Labour leaders who promised to listen to ordinary members decided that didn’t apply if the members were saying something they didn’t like. Which is a similar strategy to the one Theresa May took with EU leaders....


97: Rolling Thunder

The Brexiteers promised a month of mounting pressure on Theresa May to abandon her Chequers plan -- then within days started talking about a leadership coup. So how do you ramp up the pressure after that? We look at how likely a challenge really is, and whether anybody's actually come up with an alternative plan for Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn decides to sit quietly as Labour party activists work through a list of "disloyal" MPs, threatening deselection. Guess what issue they have in...


96: Back to School

MPs return to Westminster after a summer of intrigue and infighting, and we return to look ahead to what could be an explosive couple of months. Brexiteer Conservatives again ponder forcing out Theresa May in pursuit of the hardest possible exit from the EU — but might she beat them to it, and announce a plan to step down? Will Frank Field’s decision to quit the Labour whip tempt other critics of Jeremy Corbyn to join him? And will the party change its position on Brexit to back a second...


95: The Extremism Edition

With Jeremy Corbyn still failing to act on Labour’s anti-semitism crisis, now Boris Johnson creates his own chaos for the Conservatives. But did the former Foreign Secretary know what he was doing when he made his incendiary remarks about women who wear the burka? We assess how Britain’s two main parties have ended up struggling to contain extremist rhetoric, and ask what it suggests about our national debate. How did we end up in a world where British politicians are defending American...


94: Hanging by a thread

At the end of a dreadful week for Theresa May, the Prime Minister tries — and fails — to start her summer holiday early, just to stop her own MPs plotting against her. Meanwhile, she stumbles through a series of knife-edge votes on Brexit, triggers all-out war in her party, and endures the humiliation of a Donald Trump visit. We assess the implications of another dramatic week at Westminster, as well as asking why the leader of the anti-Brexit Lib Dems couldn’t make it to key Brexit votes,...


93: It's the Trump-pocalypse

Donald Trump arrives in Britain after a decidedly tumultuous week, just to give Theresa May another headache. We catch up on the latest Brexit madness as the White Paper is published, and ask if Boris Johnson was the worst ever Foreign Secretary. And as the tiny-handed orange terror arrives in Britain, journalist Malcolm Brown tells us what America wants from the trip, while Mohammed Ateek from the Stop Trump Coalition tells us why he’s so keen to protest against the President’s visit.