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Episode 36: Keep Spooking

In this episode, I am joined by Mark Whitney who is seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President. We talk about what got him to decide to run for president. We talk about how he came to study the law after being incarcerated. We talk about how our privacy is under attack by […]


Episode 35: Don’t Forget to Bring a Thong; or Despooking the Cons

In this episode I am joined by Gary Chartier, author of Anarchy and Legal Order: Law And Politics For A Stateless Society and the edited collection Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty. We talk about his journey to anarchism and libertarianism. We talk about how technological advances have increased the spread and […]


Episode 34: Epstein Didn’t Spook Himself

In this episode I am joined Rod Webber. We talk about some of his history in film making and activism. We talk about giving Jeb! a flower. We talk about his lawsuit with Trump over a 2015 assault and his amature lawyering. We talk about the banana wall and his arrest at Art Basel over […]


Episode 33: A Despooked New World; or I See Through the Lies of the Corporatocracy.

In this episode, I am joined by Jedi Hill to discuss his campaign for for the Libertarian Party nomination for president. We talk about his plan for a world harmony treaty ensuring the rights of the people of the world. We talk about big tech and how corporations are building a massive surveillance state. We […]


Episode 32: Despooking the Libertarian Party; or What Is to Be Done?

In this episode, I am joined by Mike Shipley who is running for Libertarian National Committee Chair. We discuss his qualifications to be chair through his history being involved in many caucuses and committees within the Libertarian Party, as well as his experience chairing meetings. We talk about parliamentary procedure. We talk about what it […]


Episode 31: Boomers Get Mad About Spooks They Made Up

In this episode, I am joined by Rani Baker. We talk about Satanic Portland and their un-baptism ceremony held near a Patriot Prayer event. We talk about growing up in a Christian environment and the different experiences between the various sects. We talk about games and comic book stores; and how Amazon has been putting […]


Episode 30: (Untitled)

Mimi Soltysik joins the show and we discuss his work with Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. We talk about predictive policing and using AI for police and military applications. We talk about how body cameras are not an improvement for those victimized by the police. We talk about climate change and what is to be done […]


Episode 29: Despooking Journalism

Ford Fischer joins the show to discuss his work as an independent journalist capturing footage of events of public interest. We discuss some of the incidents he has captured such as the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally; including a man brandishing a firearm. We talk about how his footage has been used by everything from […]


Episode 28: Despooking Agorism with Green Markets and Theft

Logan Marie Glitterbomb joins the show today to discuss green market agorism. We discuss using the second hand market to reduce doing business with the white market. We discuss using crypto-currency and other means to limit interaction with the banks. We talk dumpster diving. We talk about how right libertarians are spooky nerds. We talk […]


Episode 27: Building a Despooked World in the Shell of the Old

On this episode I am joined by Jae Em Carico to talk how political action can be used by anarchists to further anarchist ends. How we can gain media attention for our cause to spread a message using politics as a soapbox. We talk ways to build a new world, ideas to start the revolution […]


Episode 26: Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party and Other Spooky Stuff

In this episode, I am joined by Kevin Shaw to discuss the Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We talk political activism through the electoral system. We talk about Anarcho-“Capitalists” as potential allies of Libertarian Socialists. We talk about the long history of left-libertarians being involved in the LP. We talk about how economic systems aren’t necessarily to […]


Episode 25: Despooking Being Libertarian

I am joined by Luke Henderson of Being Libertarian to discuss their new book Igniting Liberty. We also talk about universal basic income. We talk rising cost of education. We talk Jair Bolsonaro and why some right libertarians are supporting him. We talk Murray Rothbard being a spooky nerd and the libertarian to alt-right pipeline […]


Episode 24: Despooking the LP with Fake Tits and Real Change

On this episode I am joined by Sandra Salas, we talk about her run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s special election in the 7th District which received international press attention. We talk about the fan mail she has received since her run and what she does when she is sent dick pics. We talk about what […]


Episode 23: When You Find Out Someone You Know is a Spooky Nazi Nerd

This is probably the first show I have every felt the need to put trigger warnings before, in this episode domestic violence is discussed and in the links to the show notes contains recordings of domestic abuse allegations.On this episode I am joined by Alexandria Brown to discuss her book, A Noble Person Does Not […]


Episode 22: What Workers for Freed Markets Hopes to do for You

I am joined by David Sebast, founder of Workers for Freed Markets. We discuss the project and what it hopes to accomplish. We discuss how he came to a freed market anti-capitalist mutualist position on economics. We discuss intellectual monopoly laws and how they manipulate the prices of pharmaceutical drugs. Libertarian Coalition Libertarians Against Intellectual […]


Episode 21: Telling Spooky Nerds “Brian Ellison Says Hi”

On this episode I’m joined by Brian Ellison, we talk about his dealings with the Royal Oak PD in his protesting of police killings. We talk gif/jif. We talk about the Mike Shipley vs Patrick Smith Debate. We talk about how capitalism is state rule by and for those who hold large amounts of capital. […]


Episode 20: Despooking the LP; or How Bottom Unity Can Abolish the State

On this episode I’m joined by Mike Shipley to talk about left libertarian activism within the Libertarian Party. We talk about Mike’s journey to classical libertarianism. We talk about using the political system as a soapbox to get more attention for our activism and spread an anarchist message. We talk about the rebirth of interest in […]


Episode 19: Sloan Henry is a Spook

On this episode I’m joined by Bernard Mitochondrie and Josh Hilditch, we discuss how a mutual friend of ours, who was a former guest of this podcast, that turned out to be a phantasm. We talk about the military might of the UK and France. We talk about lobing shotguns at the Brits. We talk about […]


Episode 18: 3D Printing an Insurrection With Spooky Libertarians

I am joined by Alex Merced, vice-chair of the US Libertarian Party. We talk about the Libertarian Party and why it was founded. We talk about our Comrades from the Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We talk about Bill Weld’s possible presidential campaign. We talk about the paleo strategy. We talk about disruptive technology like what Cody […]


Episode 17: Robbing Banks and Busting Spooks

On this episode I am joined by Jeffrey Novatore, admin of the Union of Egoists facebook group. We talk about egoism and illegalism. We talk about some spooky nerds. We talk about post-leftist stuff and we talk about some more spooky nerds. Also, subscribe to this YouTube channel of a Patreon for this show, Kolbo. […]