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Episode 24: Despooking the LP with Fake Tits and Real Change

On this episode I am joined by Sandra Salas, we talk about her run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s special election in the 7th District which received international press attention. We talk about the fan mail she has received since her run and what she does when she is sent dick pics. We talk about what […]


Episode 23: When You Find Out Someone You Know is a Spooky Nazi Nerd

This is probably the first show I have every felt the need to put trigger warnings before, in this episode domestic violence is discussed and in the links to the show notes contains recordings of domestic abuse allegations. On this episode I am joined once again by Alexandria Brown to discuss her book, A Noble […]


Episode 22: What Workers for Freed Markets Hopes to do for You

I am joined by David Sebast, founder of Workers for Freed Markets. We discuss the project and what it hopes to accomplish. We discuss how he came to a freed market anti-capitalist mutualist position on economics. We discuss intellectual monopoly laws and how they manipulate the prices of pharmaceutical drugs. Libertarian Coalition Libertarians Against Intellectual […]


Episode 21: Telling Spooky Nerds “Brian Ellison Says Hi”

On this episode I’m joined by Brian Ellison, we talk about his dealings with the Royal Oak PD in his protesting of police killings. We talk gif/jif. We talk about the Mike Shipley vs Patrick Smith Debate. We talk about how capitalism is state rule by and for those who hold large amounts of capital. […]


Episode 20: Despooking the LP; or How Bottom Unity Can Abolish the State

On this episode I’m joined by Mike Shipley to talk about left libertarian activism within the Libertarian Party. We talk about Mike’s journey to classical libertarianism. We talk about using the political system as a soapbox to get more attention for our activism and spread an anarchist message. We talk about the rebirth of interest in […]


Episode 19: Sloan Henry is a Spook

On this episode I’m joined by Bernard Mitochondrie and Josh Hilditch, we discuss how a mutual friend of ours, who was a former guest of this podcast, that turned out to be a phantasm. We talk about the military might of the UK and France. We talk about lobing shotguns at the Brits. We talk about […]


Episode 18: 3D Printing an Insurrection With Spooky Libertarians

I am joined by Alex Merced, vice-chair of the US Libertarian Party. We talk about the Libertarian Party and why it was founded. We talk about our Comrades from the Libertarian Socialist Caucus. We talk about Bill Weld’s possible presidential campaign. We talk about the paleo strategy. We talk about disruptive technology like what Cody […]


Episode 17: Robbing Banks and Busting Spooks

On this episode I am joined by Jeffrey Novatore, admin of the Union of Egoists facebook group. We talk about egoism and illegalism. We talk about some spooky nerds. We talk about post-leftist stuff and we talk about some more spooky nerds. Also, subscribe to this YouTube channel of a Patreon for this show, Kolbo. […]


Episode 16: Taxation is a Spook

On this episode I’m joined by Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman to talk all things taxes. We talk about ways to avoid paying taxes. We talk about dealing with the Police. We talk about why police suck. We talk about the Libertarian Party and its national convention. We talk strategy for achieving a stateless society […]


Episode 15: Tip Your Sex Workers You Spooky Nerds

On this episode I’m joined by Louise Rosealma to discuss sex work. We talk about the FOSTA/SESTA legislation. We talk about how it negatively impacts those it claims it is to protect. We talk about parallels with other times government has made problems worse by trying to fix them. We talk legalization vs decriminalization. We […]


Episode 14: Anarchism is a Spook

On todays episode I’m joined by Attila, creator of one of my favorite facebook pages, AnarchoApocalistball. We talk about how we both came to anarchy. We talk about how chaos isn’t a bad thing. We talked about how natural rights and the non aggression principle are spooks. We talk about how the world Anarcho-Capitalists want […]


Episode 13: Spook Busting for the Lulz

On this episode I am joined by Paul Gordon of Futureq.tv and we talk about past projects we’ve done together. We Talk about Libertarian Party spooks. We talk about the Chase Rachels Jeffery Tucker debate and why Tucker dropped the ball. We talk religion and drugs. We also listen to part of a youtube video from […]


Episode 12: A House Built on Spooks is Haunted AF

On todays show I am joined by Vinny Marshall of Think Liberty. We discuss how natural rights theorists are spooky nerds. We discuss how Rothbard attempt to go at Heyak was an epic spooky failure that only exposed the weakness in the foundation of his philosophy. We talk about how natural law and property rights […]


Episode 11: Why Are There So Many Spooky Nerds in the Liberty Movement?

On this episode I am joined by some of the founders of the post-right, Sloan and Bernard. On todays show we talk about what the post-right is and how it was founded. We talk about why there aren’t more women in the liberty movement. We talk about how the LP is full of spooky nerds. […]


Episode 10: Stop Bombing People

On todays show I am joined by Jeremy Henggeler of The Freedom Feens, The Lolberts, and Seeds of Liberty. We’ve done a number of shows and together over the years but this is his first time on my podcast. Today we talk about Trump. We talk about all the spooky nerds who voted for him when they […]


Episode 9: Despooking the Third World

On todays show I am joined by someone that I found thanks to a random friend request on Facebook. This gentleman randomly sent me a friend request and we got to chatting, turns out he is a libertarian living in Africa who found libertarianism. We talk about how he came to find libertarianism and how […]


Episode 8: Government is the Spookiest of the Nerds

On todays show I am joined by Alexandria Brown to talk about how a new bill passed by the House and Senate, FOSTA/SESTA, has and will effect the worlds oldest profession and all sex workers. We talk about the laws in the United States are set up currently and how they are changing for the worse. […]


Episode 7: Pie the Spooky Nerds Already

On todays show I am joined by M.K. Lords host of Iconosass. We talk about neo-nazi dog whistles and how to spot them. The rise of the alt-right, neo-reactionary, neo-nazi, fascist, ethno-nationalist, or whatever they are calling themselves or denying being today. We talk ways to spot them when they are “hiding their power level”. We make […]


Episode 6: Mining for Corn in a Spooky Throne Room

On this episode I’m joined by Bodhi Agora and we talk about Steemit and why it might be something not to write off entirely. We talk about the recent school shooting in Florida and why the conspiracy theories about it are dumb. We talk about how tasty Tide Pods are. We talk about flat earth conspiracy […]


Episode 5: In a Land of Spooks Don’t Get Caught Slippin’

We are joined by Jamin Biconik today, founder of the Neuron Open Source Learning Station Project and maker of the GhostPad, we talk about these projects and why they are important. We talk about privacy in our computers and phones and steps you can take to make yourself more private. We talk cryptocurrency mining and Vertcoin, […]