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Election Security (Ep 61)

From interference from foreign countries such as Russia to domestic voter fraud and obstacles to the voting process, the latest NPR/Marist Poll gauges Americans’ attitudes about the safety of the U.S. electoral process. On this episode of Poll Hub, NPR’s Brett Neely joins the team to discuss the impetus for this in-depth study and what it means for this year’s midterm elections. Plus, registration-based sampling. How did this method of sample selection hold up during the recent primaries in...


Tracking Trump (Ep 60)

Some national polls are showing President Donald Trump’s job approval rating on the decline. Has the president’s rating really been bouncing up and down or is it all in the timing? The NPR/Marist Poll does show a drop in the president’s approval score among those in one very significant part of the country. The Poll Hub team explains. Plus Democrats have a growing advantage in the generic ballot question. We dive deep into the numbers. And it’s time to get real (time) about polling! The...


Midterm Poll-iferation (Ep 59)

Rack ‘em up! The Marist Poll and battleground state polling partner NBC News have completed a dozen state polls since the beginning of the summer. On tap this week – Missouri, Indiana, and Tennessee. On this week’s episode of Poll Hub, the team takes a close look at the dynamics driving the contests. High on the list is Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s re-election bid. According to the NBC News/Marist Poll, only four points separate McCaskill from her Republican challenger Josh Hawley....


Arizona & Florida: Breaking Down the Primary Results (Ep 58)

That’s a wrap! The Poll Hub team breaks down Tuesday’s midterm election primaries in Arizona and Florida. Was Martha McSally’s win in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Arizona really a slam dunk? And surprise! Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for Florida governor. What happened? Plus the Poll Hub team shares their personal memories of the late Arizona Senator John McCain. Are the polls ready for the 2018 general election season? What poll consumers need to watch as we...


Illinois, Texas & Pennsylvania: Elections 2018 (Ep 57)

Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania are the latest trio in our midterm election battleground state polls with NBC News. In this episode of Poll Hub we break down the numbers and assess the relevance of these states as we head into the thick of the election season. Pennsylvania shocked the nation in the 2016 presidential election. So it’s no surprise that pollsters would turn to the Keystone State in 2018. But why survey the traditionally Republican state of Texas and the traditionally...


Trump v. Nixon for Lowest Approval Rating (Ep 56)

In this week’s episode of Poll Hub, a look at the midterm primary results in Minnesota and Wisconsin. How did the polls help inform in the days and weeks leading up to these primaries? Why does timing matter? We have the answers. Plus, he’s baaack! Harry Enten, Senior Writer and Analyst for CNN Politics, returns to the Poll Hub table. Enten recently asked the Marist Poll to survey President Donald Trump’s job performance on a scale from excellent to poor. Enten explains why that question...


An Interview with Senator Charles Schumer (Ep 55)

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) joins this week’s episode of Poll Hub. In this critical midterm election cycle for Democrats Senator Schumer assesses his party’s chances of reclaiming Congress, shares why he thinks the battle for the House and the Senate is close, and discusses what the Democrats are doing to prevent Russian interference in this year’s elections. And President Donald Trump’s appointment of Brett Kavanugh to the United States Supreme Court… Senator Schumer...


Answering the Critics’ Questions (Ep 54)

Following the release of The Marist Poll’s latest midterm battleground state polls with NBC News covering Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, social media comments questioned the Poll’s methodology and accuracy. In this week’s episode of Poll Hub, we address some of our critics’ comments and answer their questions. The topics on the table include weighting by education, balancing to party identification, and interview mode. About Poll Hub Poll Hub goes behind the science to explain how...


Polls, Polls, and More Polls (Ep 53)

The Marist Poll has just released comprehensive data both nationally and in the upper Midwest. In this edition of Poll Hub, the team provides a detailed analysis of the electoral climate. In the latest NBC News/Marist Poll numbers of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, President Donald Trump’s approval rating is upside down. Trump surprised pundits when he narrowly carried Michigan in 2016. With an open seat governor’s race on the line, Senator Debbie Stabenow up for her fourth term, and...


Trump Putin Fallout (Ep 52)

Following the Trump/Putin Summit and the President's European allies trip, there has been bipartisan outrage over Trump's friendliness towards Russia. Some have called the President's performance traitorous, disgusting, worrisome - but there's no evidence that Congress, led by Republicans, will actually do anything. And that's probably smart politics on their part. And why did 538.com's Nate Silver describe the Axios story on their own Survey Monkey poll of battleground state Senate races...


The Kavanaugh Nomination (Ep 51)

President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh this week to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. In this episode of Poll Hub, the team enlists the expertise of Marist College President and legal expert David Yellen. Prior to his arrival at Marist College, President Yellen served as Dean and Professor of Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law for 11 years and was a member of the faculty and served as Dean at Hofstra Law School. President...


A House Divided (Ep 50)

Poll Hub celebrates its fiftieth episode! On this special episode, the Poll Hub team clears up a bit of confusion. Dr. Lee M. Miringoff found himself amid a Twitterstorm last week about comments he made during a recent interview on the Hill.tv’s, What America’s Thinking. Find out just what Dr. Miringoff did and did not say in reference to the analysis of 2016. Then, a look at Americans’ views about the media. Last week’s mass shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland brought...


Arizona, Florida, & Ohio: Election 2018 (Ep 49)

The Marist Poll and NBC News are at it, again – polling hotly contested midterm election contests. On this week’s episode of Poll Hub, the team breaks down the meaning behind the numbers. Which demographic groups are emerging as influential? Are notable proportions of voters persuadable? How do opinions of President Donald Trump fit into the electoral landscape? Plus, it’s up to you New York! We discuss the results of some of the most watched congressional primary races in New York...


1968 Rewind (Ep 48)

During the spring semester at Marist College, The Marist Poll and the Poll Hub team welcomed four distinguished guests to campus as part of a special four-part series commemorating fifty years since 1968. 1968: The Year that Rocked American Politics focused on the tumultuous and tragic events of that pivotal year and its lasting impact on today’s political system. Each guest – E.J. Dionne, Jr. (syndicated columnist at The Washington Post and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution),...


They’re at It, Again! (Ep 47)

Perhaps, the great Yogi Berra said it best -- It’s deja vu all over again! The lack of distinction between public opinion polls and forecasters in 2016 created a false aura of inevitability around Hillary Clinton. Two years later, pollsters witness emerging, untested polling methods that run the risk of muddying the electoral narrative, once again. Are these polling techniques good or bad science? What do pollsters and analysts need to do to better communicate the meaning behind the...


Add to Cart (Ep 46)

In this episode of Poll Hub, Pallavi Gogoi, NPR’s Chief Business Editor, joins the table to discuss the latest NPR/Marist Poll results. The just-released survey focuses on Americans’ shopping habits and the prevalence of online purchases. As the group reveals, Amazon leads the pack when it comes to online merchants, and shoppers place a great deal of trust in this online retailer. But first, Harry Enten, Senior Writer & Analyst for CNN Politics, shares the latest developments in the 2018...


Erasing the Racial Divide? (Ep 45)

Roseanne Barr’s racially charged tweet this week brought race relations back into the headlines. In this week’s episode of Poll Hub, the team takes a look at how attitudes about race differ from generation to generation and how those views have evolved over time. Then, the Associated Press revised the AP Stylebook to include a chapter on polls. The Poll Hub crew speaks with Emily Swanson, Polling Editor at the Associated Press, about the decision to make the change and the key...


A Wave or a Ripple? (Ep 44)

With five months to go until the congressional midterm elections, debate exists about whether or not the Democrats will create a blue wave. In this week’s Poll Hub, a look at the perceived schism within the Democratic Party. Are progressive candidates better positioned than moderate candidates to take on Republicans in the fall? Is there an enthusiasm gap? Is primary turnout an indicator of what’s to come in November? And, why might both parties lack a consistent message during the general...


Online Best Behavior (Ep 43)

The 73rd annual conference of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) is underway in Denver, Colorado. In this episode of Poll Hub, special guest Randy Brown joined us from the conference to discuss the focus of his latest research. Brown, Vice President of Edison Research, explained how Edison’s measurement of Americans’ audio consumption yielded the conclusion that non-probability panels should not be the only method used when measuring online behavior. And, talk about...


Fake Poll… Claims (Ep 42)

President Donald Trump recently cited a Reuters/Ipsos Poll to show his approval rating among African Americans is on the rise. But, even the organization behind the poll said, not so fast. In this episode, the Poll Hub team breaks down the controversy, analyzes the survey, and explains why the president’s argument was flawed. Also on the docket – the increased use of robocalls. Why these annoying solicitations and scams have a profound effect on the polling industry and where the field of...