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The Glass Ceiling is not your limit

The podcast is one of the results of the glass ceiling is not your limit study session on feminist leadership and master suppression techniques. This podcast was made by participants of the study session - women*, trans and gender-queer people. It starts with an introduction to the study session and the young greens, and contains of three parts: in the first part we are sharing cultural experiences, and how our different traditions and cultures can perpetuate or justify violation of rights...


Radio Green Europe (Ecosprinter Podcast 06): #overthefortress with Katri and Cengiz

We talk to two Young Green activists, Katri Ylinen and Cengiz Kulac who joined a massive solidarity mobilisation with refugees, #overthefortress, which took on the border regime of Europe at both the refugee camp Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border and the Italian-Austrian border crossing of the Brenner pass. Your host is Markus Drake, Secretary General of FYEG, the Federation of Young European Greens.


Radio Green Europe (Ecosprinter Podcast 05): MEP Michel Reimon on TTIP and Austrian elections

We return to the topic of the big transatlantic trade agreement being negotiated between the EU and USA: TTIP! MEP Michel Reimon (@michelreimon) tells us of the state of the campaign to stop it, but also of how it has shifted Austrian politics to the point where conservative candidates have to be against, while the Green candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen, is leading the polls for the presidential elections next Sunday, 24th of April! Your host is Markus (@Markus_Drake), Secretary General...


Radio Green Europe (Ecosprinter Podcast 04): Istanbul!

Today we meet three young activists in Turkey, in an Istanbul marked by terror threats, refugees and two civil wars. Onur (@onurfidangul) is a Green functionary and LGBT-activist who is forced to peace activism as the most urgent issue. Muhip is a refugee solidarity activist who travels Syria and northern Iraq. Marie (@mariepochon) is a member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Young European Greens who has traveled the world to settle in the most amazing of cities. We talk to...


Radio Green Europe (Ecosprinter Podcast 03): European Green Party! with Monica and Reinhard

The Young Greens talk for a while to their elders. As the European Green Party held their Bureau meeting we caught up with co-chairs (who we called spokespersons... oops...) Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer. Topics go from institutional topics internal to the EGP and on to the problems in Turkey and the Green electoral success in the state of Baden-Württemberg where Winfried Kretschmann's party became the largest in the state. So more #greenstrategy!


Radio Green Europe (Ecosprinter Podcast 02): Green strategy! Laura, Laura and Morgan

A discussion between Laura Slimani, President of the Young European Socialists (YES) and Laura Carlier, co-spokesperson of Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), and a critique of the outcome by Morgan Henley (also FYEG) Second episode of Radio Green Europe, by The Ecosprinter, the media project of FYEG. For the panel that Laura Slimani participated in, check out the recording: (And yes, Morgan does know Poland is 6th, not 4th, by population....