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"The commentary on the commentary on the Left." The commentary on the commentary on the Left, including articles in the latest issue of the Platypus Review.

"The commentary on the commentary on the Left." The commentary on the commentary on the Left, including articles in the latest issue of the Platypus Review.
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"The commentary on the commentary on the Left." The commentary on the commentary on the Left, including articles in the latest issue of the Platypus Review.




Ep. 10: On Cynthia Nixon, the Brazilian elections, and Afrofuturism

On this episode of SPS, we sit down with Jacobin contributor Alex Hotchuli and discuss Brazil's upcoming, presidential elections. With Audrey Crescenti, we take up Afro-futurist aesthetics, with clips from artist Frances Bodomo, the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Sun Ra, and Terence Nance’s new HBO show, Random Acts of Flyness. Alex Hotchuli on the Brazilian elections for Jacobin Mark Dery, "Black to...


Ep. 9: On trans politics, London's anti-Trump protest, and sexual emancipation

On this episode of SPS, we discuss the confusion around "trans politics" & sexual emancipation and examine the limits of anti-Trump activism. Audrey Crescenti, Pam Nogales & Berkeley member, Will Lushbough, sits down with comedian Will Franken, who lived as a trans woman for a brief time, to talk about sexuality & the state of stand-up today. Laurie Rojas talks to UK members, Rory Hannigan & Pádraig Maguire about the recent anti-Trump protests in London. And Suzy Vogenthaler drops by to...


Ep. 8: On Kanye, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Mexican elections

On this episode of SPS, we discuss "What is the DSA and where is it going?," the Platypus panel at this year's Left Forum (June 2018), with Erin Hagood, Marco Torres joins us to talk about the Mexican elections, and we pay tribute to the one and only, Kanye West. Mentioned on this episode: (1) DSA panel from the Left Forum: "What is the DSA?" panel held (06/06) at Left Forum which features Jack Devine, DSA; Jim Creegan, Weekly Worker; and Erin Hagood, Platypus...


Ep. 7: On 50 years of 1968, Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” and the Irish border

On this episode of SPS, we discuss Childish Gambino’s “This Is America;” “50 Years of 1968,” the opening plenary at the International Convention of the Platypus Affiliated Society in Chicago, April 2018; and the recent liberal hysteria over the Irish border, with Platypus members Cam Hardy (Toronto) and Rory Hannigan (Sheffield, UK). Hosted by Audrey Crescenti, Pam C. Nogales C., Laurie Rojas. Articles mentioned: (1) "Up in the air: The legacy of the New Communist Movement, An interview with...


Ep. 6: On Marx after Moishe Postone, Gun Control & the Roseanne Reboot

SPS tackles the legacy of the late Moishe Postone, the feud between Killer Mike and March for Our Lives organizers, and the reboot of (Trump-supporting) Roseanne. From the Platypus Review archives: Clip of Moishe Postone from Doug Lain's podcast, "Zero Squared" #108: The Subject of Capitalism with Moishe Postone:


Ep. 5: On "50 Years After '68: Does socialism have a future?"

On this special episode of SPS we discuss "50 Years After '68: Does Socialism Have a Future?" the annual European Conference of the Platypus Affiliated Society in London (15–18 February, 2018), and feature clips from our panels with Boris Kagarlitsky (Author; Institute of Globalization and Social Movements), Simon Elmer (Architects for Social Housing), Hillel Ticktin (University of Glasgow; Founding Editor, Critique), Robert Borba (Revolutionary Communist Party USA), Roxanne Baker...


Ep. 4: On #Metoo, the German Left, and the first year of Trump

On this episode we discuss: (1) The #metoo phenomena and the French Anti-#MeToo Manifesto with Chicago member, Carrie Graham and the London School of Economics' Platypus chapter head, Nunzia Faez Also mentioned in this segment were: - Gracchus Babeuf, "The Conspiracy of the Equals" (1796) -...


Ep. 3: What do the socialists want anyway?

A special holiday edition, with guests Reid Kotlas (Platypus Vermont, and Socialist Party USA) and Efraim Carlebach (Platypus London), on the Left today and the problem of the Democratic and Labor Parties. What do the socialists want anyway? We discuss: An interview with Lee Carter, a democratic socialist who defeated a Republican legislator in Virginia in the recent elections Seth Ackerman, "A Blueprint for...


Ep. 2: Why should anyone care about 1917?

On this episode: (0) Democrats are lame. #nuffsaid (1) A conversation with Philip Cunlife, author of Lenin Lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017, reviewed by Gregor Baszak on the pages of the Platypus Review November issue. (2)A convo about the Platypus panel "1917–2017" with members, Frederik Heinz and Lukas Hedderich, hosted by the Goethe University chapter in...


Ep. 1: On "Kill all Normies" and Anti-fascism today

On this episode, commentary on: (1) "The negative-sum internet" (Weekly Worker) Paul Demarty reviews: Angela Nagle, Kill all normies: the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump (Zero Books, 2017) (2) Platypus Berkeley panel: "Antifascism in the Age of Trump" Description: Since the Nazi seizure of power eighty years ago, anti-fascism has been a component of left-wing politics. In response to the...