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President Trump, 'Fake News', and the state of Journalism with McKay Coppins | Ep. 19

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and the friends are back, but this time joined by special guest, McKay Coppins (The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Daily Universe) to talk about all things ranging from Coppins flying on President Trump's private jet, what it was like writing for Buzzfeed, and the worst typo in Utah history. We also discuss what it's going to take for mainstream media to regain the public's trust and what it would take for an up-and-coming journalist to make it in today's landscape. Last...


Politics Classic: The wild 1992 Utah races for governor and congress | Ep. 18

Some people have strange obsessions, and in the case of Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and his distant cousin Jon Cox, it’s the 1992 races for governor and congress in Utah. Watergate-adjacent FranklinQuest CEO Bob Bennett (son of U.S. Senator Wallace Bennett and grandson of Latter-day Saint President Heber J. Grant) grappled in the 1992 primaries with Geneva Steel Chairman Joe Cannon, the son and grandson of Utah congressmen. After defeating Cannon, Bennett took on popular Democratic...


The Unthinkable, Abby’s Book Club, Joe Dougherty | Ep. 17

Abby Cox returns with Abby’s Book Club, featuring “The Unthinkable — Who Survives When Disaster Strikes” by Amanda Ripley. Lt. Gov Spencer Cox and the friends join Abby and Joe Dougherty from the Utah Division of Emergency Management to talk about what the state is doing to prepare for disasters. The friends describe their disaster personality types and discuss their approach to the moments we never want to happen.


Political ad season, hot takes on Yellowstone, smoked lemonade | Ep. 16

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox talks to the friends about the ads rolling out for the 2018 elections, how to spend the 18 summers you get with your kids, and defends his hot take about Yellowstone National Park. The friends talk about how they’d act if they were on a jury and serve up their own hot takes and hit tips, including sports bigamy and not trusting anyone who qualifies statements with “sincerely.” The group discusses strange local menu items, like smoked lemonade and carrot air. In the...


Prison riots, Granger 2nd Ward Rule of Politics, best national parks | Ep. 15

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox returns from a family vacation in Montana to talk with the friends about the year anniversary of Operation Rio Grande, the multi-agency effort to address homelessness and street crime in Utah. Jon Cox dives into obscure Utah history to talk about a 1957 riot at the Utah State Prison with hostages that included the Granger 2nd Ward basketball team and a drama club preparing a production called Felon Follies. The friends also discuss the best and worst national parks...


Hot August topics, saving Utah Lake, rethinking the state brand | Ep. 14

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is joined by Abby Cox and the friends to cover hot August topics, including Utah baby names, the inland port in Salt Lake City, the future of Utah Lake, ethics of food deliveries, and leaning in on Utah honey, funeral potatoes, and socks.


Visiting the Motherland, obscure destinations, hotel rooms for strangers | Ep. 13

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox talks about his recent visit to London. The friends talk about their favorite obscure places in Utah. There's talk of ligers in Pocatello and karaoke in filipino restaurants.


Pat Jones, CEO of the Women's Leadership Institute | Ep. 12

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is joined by Patricia Jones, the CEO of the Women’s Leadership Institute, which works to elevate the presence and stature of female leadership in business and politics in the state of Utah. Besides a 14-year career serving in the Utah legislature in both the House and Senate, Jones is the co-founder and former president of Dan Jones & Associates, an iconic public opinion and market research firm in Utah.


Baby contests, Supreme Court nominations, Space Force, and farm words with Abby | Ep. 11

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and friends discuss Supreme Court nominations and a possible senate vacancy, Space Force, and the Dominguez and Escalante exploration of Utah in 1776. Abby Cox also teaches farm words to the friends.


Late-night tweet-storms, Grayson Allen, and obscure history | Ep. 10

On the night of the primary elections, Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and friends discuss the races around the state, including Mitt Romney for Senate and John Curtis for Congress. The group discusses strange campaign tactics, bizarre campaigns in Utah history, and the importance of the late-night twitter veto buddy. SJC also discusses the viral reaction to his tweet storm in response to news of family separations at the border. On a lighter note, the group weighs in on the arrival to...


Gail Miller and Kim Wilson on “Courage to Be You”, their courtship and the Utah Jazz | Ep. 9

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by his wife, Abby, and special guests Gail Miller and Kim Wilson. The group discusses lessons from Gail’s new book, “Courage to Be You” and talks through what Gail and Kim’s courtship was like. The episode wraps up with what everyone wants to know about the upcoming NBA draft (and the Gordon Hayward split).


Lawsuits, ballot initiatives and promising Utah startups | Ep. 8

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by his wife, Abby, and friends Kirsten Rappleye, Jon Cox, Spencer Hall, and Owen Fuller. They introduce their newest segment: "Let's Sue the Lieutenant Governor," and share the latest on the ballot initiatives. Owen leads Tech Time with a look at some of Utah's most exciting startups, and we find out that the LG's secret obsession with Cold Stone has caused problems at home.


The implications of political tribes | Ep. 7

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by his wife, Abby, and friends Kirsten Rappleye and Owen Fuller, with Michael Jolley as a special guest. Abby leads the her first book club discussion on Political Tribes by Amy Chua. The group talks through the impact tribalism has had in the world and at home in Utah, and discuss what we can do about it. Then, Abby and Spencer answer a couple rapid fire questions that cover how they started dating and the surprisingly funny story of the time...


Hamilton, Boy Scouts & the LDS Church, and medical marijuana | Ep. 6

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by his friends Kirsten Rappleye, Jon Cox, Spencer Hall, and Owen Fuller. They cover a detailed breakdown of ALL the Spencer Halls in the world, then switch gears to talk about Hamilton and what happened when Lin-Manuel Miranda hung out in Utah. They also cover the breakup of the LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America, while sharing favorite scout stories. Finally, they hash out the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative. And don’t miss the send off...


Snark, sports and good eats in SLC | Ep. 5

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by special guest, Angie Treasure (@snark_tank), and friends Kirsten Rappleye, Jon Cox, Spencer Hall, and Owen Fuller. They discuss Angie's career path, what it's like being the Social Media Manager of the Utah Jazz, and challenges women face in sports & politics. Then they talk about their favorite places to eat in Salt Lake City.


The viral farm lecture and why Jon made the Jazz lose | Ep. 4

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by special guest, and friends Kirsten Rappleye and Jon Cox. They discuss Abby's dinnertime farm lecture that went viral and the Dream Mine annual shareholders meeting. Then they talk about crazy sports superstitions and the latest on the medical marijuana & Count My Vote petitions.


The incredible 2018 Jazz and how Spencer Cox became the accidental Lt. Gov | Ep. 3

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by friends Kirsten Rappleye, Jon Cox, Spencer Hall, and Owen Fuller. In this bonus pod, they talk about what makes this year's Utah Jazz team so special and they do a deep dive on the question of how in the world Spencer Cox became Utah's eighth Lt. Gov.


Nearly nausea-free political chat | Ep. 2

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox is joined by friends Spencer Hall, Jon Cox, Kirsten Rappleye, and Owen Fuller. They share their GOP convention hot takes, discuss Utah tech companies about to go BIG, and Jon launches Conspiracy Corner with a deep dive on NBA refs.


The podcast you didn't know you needed... and probably don't | Ep. 1

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox kicks off the podcast with his friends Kirsten Rappleye, Jon Cox, and Owen Fuller. They discuss the CRAZY 2012 GOP state convention, the sneaky fun 2003-2004 Utah Jazz year, and some lit genealogy.