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Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at for more!

Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at for more!
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Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at for more!




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Terror Tunnels (Short Show) 08/22/2015

We tell you every week that the mainline media and the herd are running in the wrong direction When it comes to virtually every aspect of society in this country so is our government In this week s boralogue John shows the need for reform in the economy government law constitutional rights education taxes and border security Societies go through cycles and a time comes when reform is needed We either reform and move on or dictators step in and take over Can we reform before our economy...


The More Things Change (Short Show) 11/10/2018

There are different ways to get to totalitarian socialism but in the end it still results in socialism In this week's boralogue John looks at the extremes of both the Left and the Right and their potential paths to bondage and slavery Freedom and capitalism are both at the gate to these paths and it's imperative that we stay there We must stay vigilant and always fight for our freedoms Anti-semitism is back in the news after the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania a couple...


Can the Divided Nation be Reunited? (Short Show) 04/26/2014

The country is seriously divided two groups of people starting from different worldview assumptions using different reasoning processes arriving at different conclusions What will this mean as the country plows into future crises in the near future Steve Deace www stevedeace com is author of Rules for Patriots How Conservatives Can Win Again Is the divide surmountable and which side rests on truth and which rests on narrative Listen to the two hour weekly program free for days at www...


Looking Forward (Short Show) 11/03/2018

Election mania is dominating the airwaves but there are some sobering stories surrounding the economy and Christian persecution that are flying under the media radar In this week's boralogue John reminds us of the economic cliff on the horizon and then gives us an update on Asia Bibi's blasphemy case in Pakistan and the latest with Pastor X and his family There are major changes in both cases so please be in prayer With an impending debt crisis looming how long can we continue to live our...


John Locke vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Short Show) 08/07/2010

Why does America seem so divided It s caught in a battle between the economic and moral worldviews of two different men from previous centuries In the near future America will have to decide whose view will prevail Locke or Rousseau One built this country The other has failed every time it s been tried in the last two hundred years Dr Michael Coffman Ph D www rescuingamericabook com returns with his new book Rescuing a Broken America Why America is Deeply Divided Listen to the two hour...


Weather Permitting (Short Show) 10/27/2018

What are the massive gorillas in the room that no one is talking about In this week's boralogue John looks at the murder of Jamal Khashoggi as well as the caravan marching north through Mexico There are narratives in those stories and others that are drowning out the truth When truth becomes a casualty and we can't discuss what's really going on the freedoms of America that so many are marching toward may soon diminish Is it possible to have a real fact-based conversation about climate and...


2+2=4 (Short Show) 06/26/2010

The country is about to discover that all debts must be paid sooner or later and that - no matter what politicians want it to be Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joins us for the first part of the program to discuss his new book To Save America Listen to the two hour weekly program free for days at www steelonsteel com free-trial


Wrong Side of the Law (Short Show) 10/20/2018

Politics today is nothing if not full of contradictions In this week's boralogue John looks at the many contradictions that exist with politicians including the need to label President Trump a dictator all while behaving dictatorially themselves Don't pay attention to what politicians say watch what it is they do Study your candidates thoroughly and understand these contradictions when you head to the polls next month A leaked document from Google shows that the platform has control of a...


To Save or Destroy the Republic? (Full Length Throwback Episode) 10/21/2006

We air a throwback episode from late First former U S Attorney General John Ashcroft joins the program for a discussion about his new book Never Again Securing America and Restoring Justice It s time for hard questions about the War on Terror and the laws that have been passed to deal with it since The next segment examines an alarming hostility to freedom of speech on college campuses John Zmirak is author of All-American Colleges Top Schools for Conservatives Old-Fashioned Liberals and...


Postmortem (Short Show) 10/13/2018

The Kavanaugh confirmation circus is finally over What can we learn from all of this In this week's boralogue John looks at the true nature of this battle the death of judicial activism SCOTUS may now return to correctly interpreting the Constitution But there is a devious pattern to defeat candidates and if they are not defeated there is a pattern to delegitimize them and the Court The battle may have been won but the war is still ongoing What is it like to walk off the Democrat plantation...


It's a One-World After All (Short Show) 06/24/2017

Globalists are always lurking around every corner pulling the strings on societal issues We welcome back historian and Former Senior Associate at the Department of Education Dr Dennis Cuddy www newswithviews com who not only discusses the deep state s ties to globalism and the history of corruption with the one-world movement but also predicts where the globalists are taking us and when that will happen Listen to the rest of this full hour show with your subscription at www steelonsteel com...


Change You Can't Believe In (Short Show) 10/06/2018

Is another government-led land grab happening in the name of preserving history Tom DeWeese www americanpolicy org Founder and President of the American Policy Center describes how change agents are trying to designate private land as National Heritage Areas and how landowners are fighting back Listen to the rest of this full hour show with your subscription at www steelonsteel com free-trial


Storing and Stacking (Short Show) 11/13/2010

We're plowing into a turbulent period where there is a high probability of price inflation and potential commodity shortages ranging from food to fuel to water It's time we discuss food storage as a way of life instead of running to the supermarket every time we think quot What's for dinner quot Joann Brusso www babybites info is back with us John's boralogue unifies numerous data points with insights on the sequential crises heading towards us and a focus on how we're going to handle them...


Liberal World Disorder (Short Show) 09/29/2018

Is the push for a liberal world order a conspiracy or an out-in-the-open slow-rolling agenda In this week s boralogue John looks the push for globalism in the past century and how Brexit the election of Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh s strict adherence to the Constitution all pose threats to the liberal world order When they are threatened globalist lash out viciously which we are seeing now President Trump spoke at the United Nations this week in favor of sovereignty and against globalism...


The Rules Don't Apply (Short Show) 05/07/2016

Do you suffer from PCT progressive collective thinking Probably not if you re listening to Steel on Steel In this week s extended boralogue John looks at the symptoms of PCT and dissects an audio clip of an anti-Trump supporter that shows perfectly PCT at work When progressives don t follow the rules they themselves set up they then claim they don t need them Group-think and liberalism have grown to the point where they have now seeped into nearly every facet or our daily lives Dr Kim Holmes...


Russia Russia Russia (Short Show) 09/22/2018

Steel on Steel has always focused on economics politics and religion In this week's boralogue John explains why those three are so closely intertwined showing as an example the political religious and economic implications behind China's social scoring system Once you have examined an issue from those three angles you will always have a clearer picture of what's really going on Will Russia ever be a westernized country Brandon Weichert www weichertreport com Manager of the Weichert Report...


The Day Cloward Met Piven (Short Show) 09/28/2013

Recently we did a round table on change agents and how they function in government board meetings to steer audiences to pre-determined outcomes and also to deal with dissenters This last week week a concerned parent was pitched out of a school board meeting and arrested for objecting to how the meeting was being conducted Arnold Ahlert from Front Page Magazine www frontpagemag com is the first guest up Then by listener request we ll jump into the Cloward-Piven Strategy and how it can be used...


Social Climate (Short Show) 09/15/2018

If socialism is such a wonderful concept why does it always fail and result in tragic results In this week's boralogue John looks at the evils of socialism using Nicaragua and Venezuela as case studies contrasting the totalitarianism in those countries with the freedoms our Constitution provides here The media will always praise socialism but we know the truth it fails whenever it rears its Marxist head Social justice has morphed into a politically correct cudgel against free speech but did...


When Change Agents Come to Town (Full Show) 09/14/2013

What do change agents do This is not an idle question because all sorts of agendas are being imported into local communities by well-funded foundations sponsoring change agents to create change in those communities oftentimes over the wishes of the people living there How do change agents work when they come town and what can be done about it Perhaps today s program will solve a lot of those questions Karen Shoen from Agenders www agenda today com and Steve Goss are joining us today for a...


White Horse (Short Show) 09/08/2018

Is it possible to understand what's really going on around the world and at the same time lower your anxiety level In this week's boralogue John explains his approach to looking at any issue always analyzing the truth of any situation and understanding how to wade through the several layers of nonsense to get at the real issue underneath The battle is between global socialism and traditional Judeo-Christian values Regardless of the battle or the issue God will prevail Evil always rides in on...