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15: Grabbing the mace, seizing the moment

Lloyd Russell Moyle MP ... Britain is in the middle of a constitutional crisis. With Theresa May facing a huge defeat on her Brexit deal she pulled the vote. Parliament was denied its say even though MPs had already debated the bill for several days. And our guest on this podcast wasn’t having any of it. In an act of defiance Labour MP Lloyd Russell Moyle grabbed the mace - a symbol of royal authority in Parliament that Oliver Cromwell referred to as a "fools' bauble". Now May is facing a no...


14: Are the fascists winning?

Asad Rehman ... Tommy Robinson has called a 'Brexit Betrayal' march in London. Backed by North American money - and with nearly a million followers on Facebook alone - Robinson has become an icon of this dangerous far right insurgency. How do we analyse this new movement? What lessons should we draw from the past? And how does Brexit fit in? These are some of the questions we discuss on the podcast with Asad Rehman, who works in the NGO sector but is speaking in a personal capacity. He's...


13: Meltdown

with Eloise Todd ... On what must be the most momentous day since the referendum result, with cabinet ministers resigning every hour, listen NOW while we're at the peak of our relevance and freshness. Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Eloise Todd from Best for Britain, who is a leading campaigner against Brexit and is well-equipped to explain what might happen next.


12: What future for Europe? Can the EU survive? Does it deserve to?

Ash Sarkar, Mary Kaldor and Gian Giacomo Migone ... Europe has been gripped by crises in recent years that increasingly throw the entire future of the European Union into question. In this first ever 'live audience' event, hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by three guests that cross generations and perspectives. They explore the history of the union, the distinctive vision of the socialist left for a united Europe free of capitalist exploitation, the entanglement of the project...


11: Are the Tories dead?

Zoe Williams, Luke Cooper and Jamie Coward … The Tory conference and May’s speech: a great exercise in fantasy and delusion or a fightback from our embattled prime minister? That’s the question on the latest Another Europe podcast. After the catastrophe of last year’s speech - when May could hardly speak and the sign fell off the boarding at the close of her disastrous performance - it could hardly have been any worse this time round. May has won plaudits for steadying the ship, some people...


10: Labour conference 2018: will members 'take back control'?

Alena Ivanova and Michael Chessum ... Are Labour about to perform what would be one of the great political u-turns of all time and swing behind the campaign for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal? As over a hundred motions on the Brexit question are submitted to the conference, are the members, to coin a phrase, looking to ‘take back control’? In this podcast, which is published a little ahead of our usual fortnightly schedule, we take stock of what’s happening with the Labour Party...


9: Brexit and the economy: project fear or project fact?

Alfie Stirling and Alena Ivanova … Remember project fear? It was Cameron and Osborne’s scare campaign. The economic collapse that never came. We on the left never bought this narrative. Ours was a positive vision for Europe. But as the possibility of a ‘no deal Brexit’ has come into view, project fear might be looking a little like project fact. What are the actual economic implications of Brexit anyway? And what do they mean for British workers? We talk to Alfie Stirling from the New...


8: Can Europe be saved from itself?

Paul Mason ... Oxi, Oxi, No, No, the Greek people chanted in the summer of 2015 only for their government to then - perhaps inevitably - accept Europe’s demands for a brutal austerity and privatisation programme. Back in 2015 no British journalist followed these events more closely than Paul Mason, who has since become a high profile backer of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. In this podcast we talk to him about Europe and the left, taking in some of the history of Europe’s...


7: Is Brexit racist?

Omar Khan and Brendan McGeever … This podcast returns to the question we’ve been puzzling over for some time: how can progressives push back against the rising tide of racism? Brexit is only one part of the nationalist resurgence. From Steve Bannon to Geert Wilders and Tommy Robinson a new far right international has emerged. Not only have they raised huge sums from American white supremacists, they also stand to make a breakthrough in European elections next year. What are the causes of the...


6: Should the left oppose Brexit?

Grace Blakeley and Michael Chessum ... Are the left at risk of sleep-walking into a Brexit emergency for Britain, or does the process of leaving the EU create new opportunities for radical change? A recording of a live audience debate with economist Grace Blakeley and Another Europe national organiser Michael Chessum.


5: Is Brexit dying?

Michael Chessum ... This week we’re putting our heads together to get a grip on what’s been a quite remarkable ten days in UK politics. David Davis resigned from the cabinet along with Brexit zealot Steve Baker. He was followed shortly afterwards by Boris Johnson - whose letter of resignation warned that the “Brexit dream is dying”. Somehow May managed to hold on for the long-awaited summit with Donald Trump. But just when she thought the ship might have been steadied, the Sun published an...


4: Are we all 'Citizens of Nowhere'?

Niccolo Milanese ... This week we’re joined by Niccolo, one of two co-authors of an excellent new book, 'Citizens of Nowhere; How Europe can be saved from itself'. As the name suggests, the book challenges Theresa May’s infamous phrase – that if you are a citizen of the world, then you’re a citizen of nowhere – and offers a radical new agenda for political change. The book isn’t just a new political vision but is also in part a history of the authors' own, decade-long attempt to catalyse...


3: Labour and Brexit

Stephen Bush ... Host Zoe Williams and producer Jamie Coward are joined by the irrepressible Stephen Bush to discuss Labour and Brexit. He’ll give us the lowdown on Theresa May’s awful escape, and the prospects for a Labour reversal on Brexit. What he doesn’t know about the hidden wiring of the Labour Party is almost certainly bollocks. Is it mad to think Corbyn might be persuaded to oppose Brexit? Find out in our unmissable podcast.


2: The left and the EU: the neoliberal conundrum

Ann Pettifor and Sirio Canos Donnay ... Reflecting on the polarisation between the right and left which has opened up in European politics since the financial crisis this podcast discusses the neoliberal conundrum: if the EU has been dominated by free market economic thinking does that mean progressive forces across the continent should support an exit? What are the lessons we might derive from Spain and other countries? And how can progressives mobilising across borders effectively confront...


1: Did Britain's imperial fantasies give us Brexit?

Gary Younge and Kerem Nisancioglu ... The first ever Another Europe is Possible podcast, with guests Gary Younge and Kerem Nisancioglu. Hosted by Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper. Today we'll talk about imperial fantasies and British exceptionalism. Was the case for Brexit essentially animated by golf club delusions about Britain's place in the world, and did that hubris make it inevitable that our leaving negotiations would play out in this shambolic way?