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38: Oliver Bullough on Fighting Corruption - Saving Europe From Itself

The best thing that ever happened for organised crime was financial globalisation. If you've stolen a massive wad of money there is an entire - largely legal - global infrastructure for you to pump it through. And if you've ever wondered why dark money loves the new far right, there's a simple reason: anyone who hates international cooperation is a friend of those moving dark money across borders. In the latest episode of our Saving Europe From Itself, Oliver Bullough has a big idea for...


37: Priyamvada Gopal on a Decolonised Europe - Saving Europe From Itself

In the latest episode of our Saving Europe From Itself series, we were joined by Cambridge scholar, Priyamvada Gopal. Her idea for saving Europe? Decolonise our politics and our entire way of thinking about global politics. This, she argues, can be the basis for a unifying narrative, that binds working class Europeans and the peoples oppressed by European empires together in a common, entangled history of democratic resistance. She draws out how the very essence of the contemporary EU is its...


36: Europe's democracy crisis - where next for our troubled continent?

Niccolo Milanese and Ruth Wodak ... What does it mean to say Europe is in a democracy crisis? And what exactly is the idea of illiberal democracy mobilised by the new far right? As the Austrian elections saw a drop in support for the far right did the centre-right just steal their clothes? Luke Cooper went to Vienna to talk to Ruth Wodak and Niccolo Milanese to find some answers.


35: Building alliances to transform Europe: an international dialogue

Expressing international solidarity is easy. But taking steps to build transformative change on a European and international level is much harder. At the World Transformed Festival, Another Europe's Zoe Williams hosted a discussion bringing together perspectives from two countries with quite different experiences of the EU: Portugal has been on the frontline of austerity and successfully stood up to a neoliberal Europe with its leftist government now riding high in the polls; Germany has...


34: A rule of law crisis in Britain

Jolyon Maugham QC ... Was the prorogation of Parliament illegal? And is the Supreme Court set to find against the Boris Johnson administration? As the British executive faces off against the two other pillars of the liberal democratic system - Parliament and the Courts - hosts Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams talk to one of the barristers at the centre of the case. Quite sensationally he says the government has failed to offer a defence in Court that its motives for prorogation were sound. He...


33: Britain in crisis - what happens next?

The Boris Johnson regime is moving from one crisis to another. And they are lashing out. This increasingly authoritarian government has even labelled the opposition traitors. As strategic debates break out on the left over how to defeat the most right wing government in Britain's post-war history, hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper talk to the economist James Meadway, the Labour MP Lloyd Russell Moyle as well as Ana Oppenheim and Michael Chessum from the Another Europe Is Possible team.


32: The Day He Shut Down Parliament

In this podcast Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams head to Parliament Square to join protests on the day that Boris Johnson announced his intention to shut down Parliament. We take in the atmosphere and discuss the constitutional crisis in Britain. Featuring a range of speeches and insights including from Nick Dearden, Amelia Womack, Owen Jones, Eloise Todd and Laura Parker.


31: Shaista Aziz on Intersectional Feminism – Saving Europe From Itself

Saving Europe From Itself is a new series from the Another Europe team. Each episode we’ll take one big idea, from one big thinker – and put it through its paces. In this show campaigner and broadcast journalist, Shaista Aziz argues that Europe needs to get serious about intersectional feminism. A former aid worker, who once described the culture in the sector as "patriarchy on speed", she picks apart how the idea of feminism has been used in international development and foreign policy...


30: Special Report - The Rise and Fall of Syriza

When Syriza won the 2015 elections they were the first government of the radical left seen in Europe since the 1930s. Leading the people into a historic clash with the European Union they were left bruised and defeated when they were forced to accept a new round of austerity six months later. Today they have lost power to a new right wing government. In this special edition of the Another Europe podcast, we sent Luke Cooper to Athens to learn about the Greek crisis four years on. What are...


29: When Boris meets Trump: the looming post-Brexit trade deal

Nick Dearden ... As Boris Johnson enters number 10 the spectre of a post-Brexit trade deal looms large. Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams spoke to Nick Dearden, a long time champion of trade justice, about the horror of a trade deal with Donald Trump and how trade affects every aspect of our lives. We also pick his brains on Brexit, globalisation and the rise of authoritarian nationalism.


28: Spitzen-WHAT?

Stephen Bush ... Following the Byzantine process for how the European Union selects its leadership is tough even for seasoned observers. Worry not. We have everything you need to know. Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Stephen Bush from the New Statesman to get their heads around the European corridors of power.


27: The European Myth and the End of Empire

Timothy Snyder ... The EU has a big historical narrative about itself. Once upon a time waring nation-states decided to finally put aside their differences. A project for peace and reconciliation was born. But what if the story is wrong? What if it's a myth? Luke Cooper caught up with Yale historian Timothy Snyder to get the alternative story on origins of Europe. He suggests Europeans keen to forget their imperial histories have lost sight of the real lesson and importance of today's EU....


26: Danny Dorling on Equality – Saving Europe From Itself

Saving Europe From Itself is a new series from the Another Europe team. Each episode we'll take one big idea, from one big thinker - and put it through its paces. In our inaugural show Oxford professor and author of numerous books, Danny Dorling, tears up the brief and argues that, with some of the most equal societies in the world, Europe could actually tell us a thing or two about how Britain could be saved from itself.


25: Hope and despair: how to make sense of the EU elections?

Laura Parker and Amelia Womack ... What do the European elections mean for the European left in all its variety? Co-host Luke Cooper surveys the electoral scene across Europe and takes in the atmosphere at the Another Europe results night party. He spoke to Laura Parker, the national coordinator of Momentum, as she failed to win a seat in the European Parliament. She talks candidly about the problems facing the Labour Party after the elections. He also talked to Amelia Womack from the Greens...


24: The Leaver Who Changed His Mind

Peter Oborne … Hosts Zoe Williams and Jamie Coward are joined on the show by Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne. In recent years Oborne has gained a reputation as the idiosyncratic representative of British conservatism. First he shocked polite opinion by having warm words for Jeremy Corbyn. Now he's expressed deep regret over Brexit, and the role he played as a columnist promoting it back in 2016\. On the show he muses over whether the whole thing should be called off and observes the...


23: Climate Emergency for the Planet, for Britain, for Europe

Clive Lewis ... Hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Labour MP Clive Lewis, who has been heavily involved in developing the ideas and campaigning initiatives we need to save the planet. We chat Extinction Rebellion and how to connect the goals of a climate revolution to social justice, asking whether there are opportunities as well as sacrifices ahead. We also link these huge global challenges to the upcoming European elections - what better place to promote these policies, you...


22: Britain Alone: The self-inflicted darkest hour

Ruth Wodak .... Has Britain exhausted the reserves of patience in Europe? As the extension is granted, but with no end in sight to the parliamentary deadlock, the Another Europe podcast heads to Vienna to find out. Co-host Luke Cooper is joined by Ruth Wodak, distinguished emeritus professor at the University of Vienna and expert on the European far right, to take stock of what it all means for the future of Europe and the left.


21: Britain's Brexit Disaster: What does Europe think?

Owen Jones, Brian Carty, Elena Crasta, Alena Ivanova, Helmut Scholz, Luke Cooper ... As Britain stares down a "no deal" Brexit abyss, we head to Brussels to talk to groups across the European left. In the latest in our series of international live audience events, we place Brexit in the context of the upcoming European elections and ask whether there is a way out of this terrible mess.


20: Britain on the Brink. What happens now?

Sam Tarry ... Hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper talk to Sam Tarry, national political officer from the TSSA union who has spent much of his time of late in Parliament convincing MPs to do the right thing on Brexit. After another extraordinary week in UK politics we talk to him about the next steps and whether hard Remainers are on the cusp of victory or defeat.


19: How do we beat the centrist party and stop Brexit?

Alena Ivanova ... There is a new centrist party in Britain as the Brexit crisis rumbles on. The electoral coalition to deliver a radical political agenda suddenly looks in peril. So this hasn’t been an easy week for left radical Remainers – with the forces of the status quo centre suddenly looking stronger. How do we beat the centrists, deliver the socialist programme that Britain urgently needs and stop Brexit in its tracks? Hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Coopear are joined by Alena Ivanova...