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Get the news as seen through the eyes of this openly gay, pro-choice, gun-owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist.

Get the news as seen through the eyes of this openly gay, pro-choice, gun-owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist.


Aberdeen, WA




Get the news as seen through the eyes of this openly gay, pro-choice, gun-owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist.




Pat Coyle at Young America's Foundation 800.USA.1776


Public Podcast: John Nolte Discusses Latest on Trump

I had the pleasure of speaking with our friend John Nolte of about the phenomenon of Trump and various GOP consultants attacking not Trump but his supporter. We discuss why this is the tactic, the impact of Trump on the campaigns so far, what the conservative grassroots can expect, and how important immigration issues []


Public Podcast: Janice Dean Intv

Heres the podcast of my interview today on Tammy Radio with Janice Dean. Shes the Fox News meteorologist and author of the Freddy the Frogcaster books for children. Her latest, Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane has just been released. Check out her Author Page at Amazon for all her books, follow her on []


Public Podcast: Carly Fiorina Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Tammy Radio today. While I am keeping an open mind about (almost) the whole field, I have to tell you, Im very impressed. I think you will be, too. Below is the public podcast. I hope you enjoy it! Related Links: Carly Fiorina Official []


Public Podcast: Bosch Fawstin Intv

Boschs winning Muhammad cartoon On Tammy Radio today I had the pleasure of speaking with our friend and the Muhammad cartoon winning cartoonist Bosch Fawstin. We discuss the events surrounding the terrorist attack on the event, the importance of free speech, whether or not hes in hiding (hes not), and what the future holds. At []


Public Podcast: An Interview with Greta Van Susteren

I had a great time speaking with Fox News reporter and host Greta Van Susteren today on Tammy Radio. We discussed a wide range of things including her Greta Talk podcast series. You can learn more about that at and her main blog is at Shes a very engaged Twitterer as well, where []


Public Podcast: An Interview Former Congresswoman Mary Bono

I had the pleasure today of speaking with Mary Bono, former Congresswoman and, as her Twitter bio notes, Mom, Grammy. Principal at FaegreBD Consulting. Working on Energy, Cybersecurity, Privacy Other Big Things. (Member of Congress from CA 1998-2013.) We covered a variety of issues including her expectation for the new Republican Congress, cybersecurity issues, []


Public Podcast: Tammy Special Report from On the Road

Hey everyone, heres a Special Report addressing some of the big stories of the week as I continue my road trip to New York. I expected to be in town by Tuesday, but alas Ill get there Friday. Gina and Snoopy are already in the Big Apple and all is good In the meantime, here []


Public Podcast: David Limbaugh About His New Book “Jesus On Trial”

Had a terrific conversation with columnist and best-selling author David Limbaugh about his new book, Jesus On Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel. When I spoke with him, the book was #1 in all books on Amazon, which means, obviously, David has a bestseller on his hands because the American people are []


Public Podcast: Andrew McCarthy About His New Book “Faithless Execution”

I had the pleasure of speaking with author and lawyer Andrew McCarthy today about his new book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obamas Impeachment. Heres the public podcast of our conversation. Youll find the player at the bottom of this page and can listen directly here or download. Please spread the word and []


Public Podcast==> Tammy Radio Special Report: Bergdahl/Taliban Swap

Here is Mondays Tammy Radio program. Normally, this on-demand podcast is exclusive media for subscribers, but many Tammy Army Members asked that it be released for everyone. So, if you missed the Monday show here it is, as I address all the aspects of the Bergdahl/Taliban swap and its impact on national security and the []


Public Podcast: Tammy Special Report 5-16-14

Due to todays busy day and my being on Megyn Kellys show tonight about my column, heres a public podcast with an hour of commentary on todays big news. This is in addition to the one hour live Tammy Radio tonight at 9pm PT. TAM Chat will be open as well! Hope you enjoy it []


Public Podcast: The Tammy Bruce Show–ObamaCare & Govt Shutdown Edition

With all the ObamaCare and Shutdown news I decided to make last nights show a public podcast for the weekend. Hope you enjoy and find it useful This program and all my work is made possible by subscribers and supporters. Click here for more information on how you can help keep our independent conservative message [...]


Public Podcast: “The Rest of the Show” 10-2-13

With so much going on, I decided to make tonights subscriber podcast public. I address Harry Reid not giving a damn about kids with cancer, the leaked emails revealing Boehner conspiring with Reid to exempt Congress from ObamaCare, Obamas comments on CNBC which appear to encourage a stock market crash, Ric Grennells terrific health news, [...]


Public Podcast: Bill Gertz on Iraq’s WMDs in Syria & More Intl News

For Tammy Radio I had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Gertz, the editor of and columnist at the Washington Times, about Iraqs WMDs in Syria, Chinas economic war on us, other international news and more. Heres the podcast which I hope you enjoy You can follow Bill on twitter @BillGertz.


Public Podcast: John Nolte of On Boston, Politics, & Terroris

John Nolte of was kind enough to join me on Tammy Radio today to discuss the Boston horror, and the current state of homeland security under Obama. We also discussed a few of his articles over at Breitbart including, Damage Control: Obama Calls Boston Bombing Terrorism, and Top Five: Medias History of Falsely Blaming [...]


Public Podcast: Tammy’s Tribute To Margaret Thatcher

The opening segment from todays Tammy Radio. We hope you like it. Here are the links to the video/audio included in the broadcast: Thatcher: There Is No Such Thing As Public Money Thatcher On Socialism: He Would Rather The Poor Were Poorer, Provided The Rich Were Less Rich Margaret Thatcher: The Ladys Not For Turning, [...]


Public Podcast: Dr. Thomas Sowell On His Book “Intellectuals & Race”

Really pleased to have Dr. Sowell on the show today. He has a new book out, Intellectuals and Race, so well be discussing that and everything else I can get into our 15 minutes Hope you can join us. After the show, well have a public podcast of the interview as well. UPDATE: The podcast [...]


Public Podcast: Mark Bielski from Stephen Ambrose Tours on the Importance o

As you all know Im a big history fan and love the idea of not only reading about it, but experiencing it as well by visiting historical places. Its a great way for us to connect with the important past of our great nation and is an excellent way to make history fun and interesting [...]


Public Podcast: Jamie Radtke, VA Tea Party, Leader On What The Heck is Happ

Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnells decision to raise taxes on Virginians hundreds of millions of dollars alarms not only the people of that great state, but conservatives everywhere. Many lament that McDonnells decision indicates a capitulation of the GOP to the craven policies of the left. Jamie not only unpacks what this means for the [...]


Public Podcast: Obama Wants a Fake Mustache? Tammy Gives Him the MST3K Trea

Obamas big confession in this interview with Israels Channel 2 is that he fantasizes about walking around Tel Aviv in a fake mustache so he can hang out with regular people. Thats right. The interview itself is about 20 minutes long, so in todays Tammy Radio I gave the end of the exchange a very [...]