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029: Taxation is a Prison. Is it Unfair to Buy Your Way Out?

What’s up freedom lovers? Thanks once again for stopping by. If this is your first episode I’m going to warn you, we get way down in the weeds in this episode. Today we talked about Corporate Welfare. We don’t hide the fact that we are big supporters of business, big or small. But what happens when taxpayer money is “given” to certain businesses? First off, we have to start with taxes. We hate them. We want the tax rate to be around 0% for everyone. But since we have taxes, is it fair...


028: Without Corporations, We All Would Die

It’s been another long 2 weeks since we last spoke and there has been a ton of news! Thanks for coming back to listen to our take on this crazy disaster called American politics. We started with a local story right here from Nashville, TN. Our very own HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) really stepped in it this time. Apparently they were given 1 million dollars in taxpayer money that had been laid out to support poor areas of town. The click-bait headline reads that they used that 1...


027: Libertarians - "We Care Harder"

Well, it has been awhile and to say we have missed you would be an understatement! Charlie was way south of the border, in Peru. There weren't any walls he had to climb over, either. Nate got married in the Bahamas! Congrats to him and his life-long decision. Jon has been working on his property and was robbed. So, it wasn't a fun time for all of us, just Charlie and Nate. You may be asking, how do libertarians actually care harder? Well, we explain that for you. Most libertarians are...


026: The Real Truth About Nashville And Big Transit

This week we take a closer look at a local issue. On May 1st, Nashville will be voting on a mass transit plan that promises to fix the crippling gridlock that’s plagued its citizens for the last several years. Yes you heard it right, government thinks it’s the answer to fixing gridlock. All they need is more money, and they can for sure fix the problem. Assuming they are the first government in history to come in within the budget and on time, it should only cost about $9 billion and be...


025: Congress Finally Declares War... On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, was grilled this week by Senate and Congressional hearings regarding Facebook's "failure" to not safeguard Cambridge Analytica from selling 87 million user's data to 3rd parties. Somehow, this has become Zuckerberg's obligation and fault. We will say that he has this obligation, but only because of the users of Facebook want their data protected, not because it should be government mandated. The market has already moved against Facebook, including...


024: March For Our Lives...From Spending

In lighter news, in today's show, Stormy Daniels defied her agreement with President Trump and told her story on 60 Minutes. I'm not sure why that's even news, but to each their own, we guess. Apparently, the Donald, or as we like to call him, Tariff Daddy, was reading and talking about himself when he made the cover of Time Magazine, and she took that magazine and spanked him with it. This was 11 years ago. Did anyone think that Trump wasn't going to cheat on his 4th wife. Or 8th wife -...


023: Trump Proclaims Death Penalty For Getting People High?

Another Libertarian show talking about drugs... Except this one is different! It's time to have a real conversation about drugs. Drugs are bad. Heroine destroys lives. The opioid crisis is real. Trump and his administration's plan is horrible. Here's why. In a speech, President Trump talked about being tough of drug dealers and drug traffickers. In fact, he called for the death penalty. Now, whatever your feelings are about drugs or this black market business, calling for the death...


022: Why Profit Isn't Greedy or Evil

Jon made the ultimate libertarian mistake last episode and talked about the Federal Reserve being a for profit corporation like profit was a bad thing. But have no fear! Mistakes allow you to expand on your intent and it brings you the newest episode on why profit is a good thing. First things first, what is profit? What is money? Well, money is just a representation of value to trade with others. Profit is trading to get excess value to trade for additional things that are needed or...


021: Why You Should Want The Government To Audit The Fed

I think it goes without saying that we believe in less government intervention here on The Big Freedom Show. So why is it that we should cheer on Rand Paul for wanting to audit the Federal Reserve? What is the Federal Reserve? We answer these questions and much more in this in depth episode. It's important to understand economics and financial institutions, because it's affecting your life more than you think. What if you could purchase 8% more groceries, gas, or clothes in your life?...


020: Even Libertarian Show Hosts Fall Down The Slippery Slope of Gun Control

Those that don't know history are destined to repeat it. Several have said this, but I believe this specific quote comes from Edmund Burke. It's a powerful statement, really. How quickly can humankind forget events that have so negatively impacted them? This phenomenon spans many issues, but in today's episode, we discuss some more gun debate and we are high on tariff watch. President Donald Trump has announced on social media and other outlets, that a steel and aluminum tariff are...


019: The 2nd Amendment is About Protecting Yourself From Tyrants

It wasn't that long ago that the Bundy's and a bunch of ranchers in Nevada held off federal agents in a standoff. An overreaching, tyrannical branch of the federal government, the BLM, was deterred from trying to achieve theft of property by citizens with guns. This is why the 2nd amendment exists. The constitution is nothing new. A light bulb didn't go off in the founders' heads, and they drafted the constitution. It comes from over 600 years of experience of dealing with tyranny and...


018: The Real Truth About Gun Control

We're back! We have missed every single one of you. The flu struck The Big Freedom Show, but we have persevered! There's nothing easy to say about today's topic. The shooting in Parkland, Florida, was nothing but tragic. How did we get here? What's the answer? We discuss some possibilities surrounding the surge in school shootings over the last 20 years. Just a hint: there are no easy solutions. We know gun control won't work. There are over 300 million guns in America, and confiscation...


017: Stock Market Flash Crash and Bitcoin, FISA Memo, Tariff Watch, Healthcare, and More!

We have a packed episode for you today! Lots of things happening on a Monday actually, for us to bring to you on this fine Tuesday. First things first, what's happening in the stock market? Whether or not you think it's Trump's fault, we tell you everything you need to know about the flash crash. Your Lispy Libertarian, Nate Thurston, watches the market every day. Bitcoin makes the market watch discussion as The Jon King chimes in with his Bitcoin losses by the second. At the end of last...


016: The Huge, Big League State of the Union From Trump Was Surprising to Say the Least

Most of you were probably like me, and didn’t watch the State of the Union Tuesday night. Jon did, but Nate and Charlie went to a hockey game instead. Of course, we watched/caught highlights, just for you! We have the good, the bad, the sad, the ugly, the huge, the bigly, but most importantly, the truth. Taxes, roads, military, jobs, DACA, Trump’s Twitter and more! We cover the whole thing so you’re caught up. If Trump did one thing really well, it was telling emotional stories. So much...


015: Nashville Government Says They Have The Authority To Tell You What To Do With Your Property

It's no shock that any form of Government loves power. Nashville's Metro Council is no exception. The city has decided that non-owner occupied short term rentals will be phased out. One councilwoman proclaims that they have a precedent and the authority. Is this just hotels not liking competition, or is there a real problem with homeowners using Airbnb to rent their property? We have the discussion for you! Trolling with Nate is back! In this dramatic reading on Twitter, Nate gets a...


014: Maybe the Government of Hawaii needs a Border Wall for Their Warning Button

If you needed more reasons to not trust the government, just ask the people of Hawaii about the emergency warning that a ballistic missle was headed their way and to seek shelter. Apparently it was an accident and it only took them 38 minutes to send the all clear signal. Only... What are your thoughts on a border wall? Is it necessary? We discuss if it's a good or bad thing, the cost, and if it should go up. Although there are probably wiser things to spend money on, we talk about why...


013: Redneck-enomics and poo-hole countries.

Why does it always have to be the right versus the left? In this week's Trolling with Nate, Twitter users respond to the House GOP's announcement of how many bills it passed committee and sent to the Senate. We won't even ask the question of why they passed so many, or why there's a need to put on display that over 400 bills made it out of committee. Nate responds to someone in particular whom shouted that not one bill benefited the poor or middle class. The reading is dramatic! Somehow...


012: Trump Pushes North Korea's Little Buttons, the Truth and Lies About Wal-Mart's Wages, and the Guys Describe Their Ideal Form of Government

Happy New Year! The Big Freedom Show is excited to be back and we have a packed episode to kick the new year off right. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way in 2018! President Trump is at it again on Twitter. He sent the media into a frenzy again. Apparently, Kim Jong Un mentioned in a New Year's speech that he has a nuclear button on his desk, and Trump responded by saying he has a much bigger nuclear button and his actually works. Obviously Trump is just firing up his base...


011: Should Idiots Be Allowed To Vote And Can A Government Company Really Make Money?

This week on The Big Freedom Show....We look at the story of a public internet utility that seems to be outcompeting the free market, and the outrage at taxpayer handouts to big telecom. We also pose the question: Should every US citizen should have the right to vote? Is there a better way than our current system? What do you think? E-Mail us at to join the conversation! This weeks incredible whiskey of the week is Stagg Jr. from the legendary Buffalo Trace...


010: You Have a Right to Life, but What About Healthcare? Also the Travel Ban, Tax Plan, and More

This week on The Big Freedom Show... Solar Tariffs save companies that can't compete, the frankenstein tax bill inches closer to reality (by way of ANWR?), and the Trump's travel ban passes supreme court muster, topped off with a Big Freedom breakdown on the real solution to our healthcare crisis. The whiskey of the week is Old Granddad 114 from Jim Beam.