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The C-Dubb Show #132 | When They Let Somebody Take Your Solo (feat. @SRaheem) | #TheCDubbShow

C-Dubb and the cast are joined by SRasheem to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Black folks' defenses of Bill Cosby, and dismissal of rape culture - plus, Bette Midler gets canceled again, proving that white feminism can't help anyone. SHOW NOTES: ◦ Meme Check-In ◦ Brett Kavanaugh Testimony ◦ Bill Cosby is a rapist, Cliff Huxtable was a respectable Negro ◦ Bette Midler is canceled WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


The C-Dubb Show #131 | Do You Know What Today Is?? | #TheCDubbShow #OneYearofCDubb

It's The C-Dubb Show Anniversary!! It's our Dubb-a-Versary!! The cast meets up to talk about what has happened over the summer (or to the date that this show was recorded), and celebrate the anniversary of the show with vodka and a mini audience!! SHOW NOTES: ◦ Post Summer Check-in ◦ The History of The C-Dubb Show ◦ Hands Of Maxine Waters/Protect Auntie Max ◦ Cardi B "My Mama Said..." Meme Check-in ◦ Is Joe Jackson in Heaven? ◦ London Breed elected First Black Woman Mayor of San Francisco ◦...


The C-Dubb Show #130 | Aretha Franklin: A Rose is Still a Rose (Pt. 2) (feat. @SSNPodcast & @tREBLEFREE) | #TheCDubbShow

On August 16, 2018, we lost a woman who represented the personification of Black American soul, gospel, and womanhood. So great was her impact on world culture that we cannot overstate her contributions, and only understate them to our detriment. The C-Dubb Show and the Say Something Nice Podcast join forces with special guest Greg for a special two-part tribute dedicated to Queen of Soul. In this second half of the special, we discuss our favorite Aretha recordings and TV appearances. We...


The C-Dubb Show #129 | The Six Degrees of C-Dubb w/ The Boi Doc | #SixDegreesOfCDubb

On this installment of The Six Degrees of C-Dubb, Dubb chats with Evolve Benton and Sir Lex Kennedy the creators of the film "The Boi Doc." They talk about the creation of the film, adding to the legacy of films that document black butch identity, the importance of building community and the importance of documenting our journey through creative narratives. WHERE TO FIND OUR Cast: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


The C-Dubb Show #127 | The Six Degrees of C-Dubb w/ Girlpile | #SixDegreeOfCDubb

It's PRIDE SEASON!! The cast is on a one month hiatus to celebrate PRIDE! That means a whole month of The Six Degrees of C-Dubb, our segment where Dubb sits one one one with dope members of the LGBTQ community that she is somehow connected with. This week, C-Dubb talks one on one with one with the creators of the Girlpile parties! This is one sexy episode, so get ready!!! WHERE TO FIND OUR Cast: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


The C-Dubb Show #128 | Only Princess We Acknowledge | #TheCDubbShow

It's our last cast episode before we go on a break for PRIDE MONTH!!! We discuss the Royal courtship and the Royal Wedding, Kate Hopkins aging like spoiled milk, and the new NFL Anthem policy. Then we use our favorite web series, "Zach Morris is Trash," to spin off a discussion about Kanye West's latest trash moves. Happy Pride!! SHOW NOTES: • Twitter Drags Kate Hopkins • The Royal Wedding • The Obamas' Netflix Deal • White House Sinkhole • Stacy Abrams Slays Georgia Primary • NFL Anthem...


The C-Dubb Show #126 | The Black Mama/”Dear White People” Season 2 Review Episode | #TheCDubbShow

We are celebrating our mamas!!! The crew discusses what they appreciate about their Mothers. Then, Dubb's mother and grandmother join the cast! Finally, the cast gives a full spoilerific for Season 2 of the Netflix series "Dear White People." SHOW NOTES: • 00:05:30 Black Mama Appreciation • 00:12:30 C-Dubb’s Mama & Grandmother • 00:22:20 "Dear White People" Season 2 Spoilerific Review WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram:...


The C-Dubb Show #125 | C-Dubb25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (feat. @tREBLEFREE & @musicdivac) | #CDubb25 #TheCDubbShow

It's the 25th episode of The C-Dubb Show!!! We celebrate by first commemorating the television special that birthed Dubb's obsession with black pop culture and shot Michael Jackson into the pop stratosphere. We touch on Donald Glover's appearance on Saturday Night Live along with Childish Gambino's amazing video "This Is America." Then, we cover the issues all the listeners want to hear: Kanye West, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. SHOW NOTES: • 00:08:30 Motown 25 • 00:28:00 #IfSlaveryWasAChoice...


The C-Dubb Show #124 | An Ode To Lovita Alize Jenkins-Robinson | #TheCDubbShow

It's been a while, but the crew is over their Bay Area hangover and back to discuss how one internet meme said so much about the complex ways that Black women are shown in media and what it says about our community. We also discuss Janelle Monae's PYNK slayage and the Beychella takeover. They do all of this while B. Willis shops for her HBeyCU line jacket! SHOW NOTES: • 00:08:50 Meme Check-In ≺ 00:21:05 Lovita/Cardi B/Tiffany Haddish ≺ 00:41:45 invasion Of Privacy ≺ 01:11:55 Janelle Monae...


The C-Dubb Show #123 | Live From the Bay Area!!! | #TheCDubbShowLive

We are LIVE FROM THE BAY AREA!!! C-Dubb, B Willis, Courtney, and Caleb meet for the first time and the show is full of shenanigans! There is popcorn, strawberries, wine and plenty of tea! They discuss whether the world needs Red Lobster & Waffles, mourn the end of Craigslist Personals, question why video girls aren’t part of the #MeToo conversation, and take apart all the white male rage that has been dominating the news. SHOW NOTES: • 00:04:50 Meme Check-In ◦ RIP Rita Owens ◦ Red Lobster &...


The C-Dubb Show #122 | Wakanda Particular Ish is That? | #TheCDubbShow

It's the last show before the crew meets in the Bay Area for the first time! Are they nervous?? MAYBE! But for now, they manage to dissect "Wakanda Particular Ish is That?" They use a clip from the Say Something Nice Podcast to perfectly say how they feel about from a long list of trending items, including O.J. Simpson criticizing Colin Kaepernick, shade from "The Queens Court," Rhianna costing Snapchat $1 billion, Beyoncé On The Run 2 tickets, Tiffany "New York" Pollard receiving her own...


The C-Dubb Show #121 | The C-Dubb Bracket Buster Show (feat. Tae & Shocka) | #TheCDubbShow

We are BACK! Dubb is back from Lesbians Who Tech, Courtney is back from drankin' in San Diego, B Willis is back from her tangle with angry white people, and Caleb is back from the golf course! We are ready for March Madness - are you??? We are joined by C-Dubb's homebois and resident basketball experts Tae and Shocka to share their NCAA Tournament brackets. Plus, the cast reacts to the two Black winners from the Oscars, the call for a Women's March Organizer to denounce a prominent Black...


The C-Dubb Show #120 | The Six Degrees of C-Dubb w/ Isis Asare (feat. @isisasare) | #SixDegreesOfCDubb

On the first installment of The Six Degrees of C-Dubb, Carolyn is live at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit as she interviews Isis Asare. Isis is a Senior Business Development Manager at Amazon and is also a serial entrepreneur in the queer community. She created the Sistah Sinema monthly event, which she successfully sold to investors in 2015. She was one of the invitees to the White House Inaugural LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit. WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter:...


The C-Dubb Show #119 | We Are All The Dude Behind Blac Chyna | #TheCDubbShow

We still in Wakanda and don't plan to come back!! We check-in with our one week post-"Black Panther" feelings. Courtney gives us a live-on-the-scene-with-three-mimosas report from the California Democratic Party Convention. We discuss Parkland and how the media once again showed how much they don't care about Black people. On a happier note, we discuss the leaked sex tapes from Blac Chyna and Donna from "Black Ink Crew". SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00 Check-In: Black Panther Feels • 00:18:00...


The C-Dubb Show #118 | Live from Wakanda Bih: The “Black Panther” Spoilerific Review | #TheCDubbShow

The C-Dubb Show is Live from Wakanda, y'all!!! We are giving up the Wakandan salute and barking at white people that speak out of turn like the Jabari Tribe!! This episode is all about "Black Panther"!! We have been talking about it for weeks and now it’s here!!! We start by recalling where we actually saw "Black Panther." What were people wearing? What were they eating? How often did they actually talk to the screen? Then, we go into a non-spoiler cast review, followed by a full spoilerific...


The C-Dubb Show #117 | Martin Luther King Didn’t Die For You to Butcher “Happy Birthday” | #CDubbBirthdayTurnUp

It's Dubb's Birthday!!! The gang celebrates by talking about a few of her favorite things - but first, they recap their boredom during the Grammys and give the State of The Union address the one-word treatment it deserves. They also talk about why they are recording DURING the Super Bowl and why Justin Timberlake's halftime show will be a terrible mess. C-Dubb breaks down the history of the black "Happy Birthday" song. Finally, they celebrate the reboot of Carolyn's favorite TV show and...


The C-Dubb Show #116 | He’ll Always Be Scooter to Me | #TheCDubbShow

The government may have shut down, but The C-Dubb Show did not!!! First, C-Dubb breaks down what the effects of the government shutdown would be. Would you still be able to use your EBT Card??? The crew will let you know! Then, we get a woman-on-the-scene eyewitness account of the 2nd Women's March from Courtney & Caleb. Next, the crew goes back and forth about the most decorated comedian alive...and talk about Mo'nique too. Finally, we give our initial thoughts on The CW's "Black Lightning"...


The C-Dubb Show #115 | In A 90’s Kinda World at the Red House (feat. @btouch) | #TheCDubbShow

The C-Dubb Show is joined by Brandon of the Say Something Nice Podcast to give us the "'Black Panther' Primer for Folks Who Don't Know What the Heck 'Black Panther' is About and are Just Going Because It's Black." But first, we discuss the Wal-Mart wage switcheroo, Serena Williams' hospital revelation, H&M's racism debacle, and "Black Panther's" huge presale numbers. We also celebrate the arrival of one of our favorite 90s sitcoms on Hulu: "Living Single!" SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00 Meme...


The C-Dubb Show #114 | New Year, Who Dis | #TheCDubbShow

The New Year is here and The C-Dubb Show is in a whole different world!! The cast kicks off the year by checking in with B Willis to make sure the Bomb Cyclone didn’t get her, laughing at Oregonians that are learning to pump their own gas, reviewing the premiere of "grown-ish," and killing any notion that black women are boycotting Marvel Studios' "Black Panther." SHOW NOTES: • Film Reviews • Bomb Cyclone Hits The East • Poor Oregonians • Steve Bannon The Outcast • "grown-ish" Premiere •...


The C-Dubb Show #112 | ‘Twas The Night Before Black Christmas | #CDubbChristmas

'Twas the night before Black Christmas and C-Dubb is having reminiscences of Black family Christmases of old with The Temptations, cussin' grannies, and Kirk Franklin while sipping Hennessy-spiced eggnog and reading "'Twas The Night Before Christmas". Happy Holidays, Folks!! SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00 Show References ◦ A Visit From St. Nicholas ◦ Friday After Next ◦ Kirk Franklin Christmas ◦ A Temptations Christmas Card WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter:...