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Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST

Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST


Sunland, CA


Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST






Zach Wilson done in NY? Vince Ferragamo joins discussion

Zach Wilson replaced- done in New York? Quarterbacks in the NFL and how they earn the right to lead a team LA Rams great, Vince Ferragamo joins the show

Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Shaq being sued over Crypto... Problem with artifical turf

Crypto lawsuit includes claims against Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Shaquille Oneal, Naomi Osaka, Shohai Ohtani, Trevor Lawrence, and more... Time to go all grass in NFL says Aaron Rodgers; Astro turf has hurt players for over 40 years says Fred Dryer and Rodgers should know this fight has been going on... Fan mail


NFL and Tom Brady head to Germany; Josh Allen's elbow; Laker woes

The NFL continues to go global with Germany trip Lakers seeking trades after disastrous start Fan mail responses and more

Why Fred didn't play baseball; A lunch date with Mike Fanning and Andy Warhol; Fred answers the fans

Fred answer's fans questions What drove Fred to play football over baseball... Fred's lunch date story with Mike Fanning and Andy Warhol

World Series talk; Dodgers/Lakers/Yankees; Ghost stories and more

World Series Time; Philadelpia Phillies vs the Houston Astros Aaron Judge and Russell Westbrook; New locations coming? Ghost stories with Fred

Halloween stories w Fred; NFL players Charged, Benched, and Called out; UCLA and USC undefeated

Davante Adams charged with misdemeanor assault for MNF shove Cowboys' Dak Prescott to start throwing; Cooper Rush expected to start Commanders' Ron Rivera apologizes to Carson Wentz for 'QB' remark Halloween stories with Fred

Concussions no joke; Future lawsuit to hit NFL? MLB hits playoffs

NFL under microscope after latest bouts of concussions, starting with Tua Tagovailoa; Serious discussion Aaron Judge and Shohai Ohtani with two historic seasons; CO-MVPS? Protester who was tackled during halftime stunt on MNF files suit Protester

NFL celebrates diversity; Justin Herbert, Tua Tugovailoa, Lamar Jackson; Remembering John Shearin

NFL to wear decals representing diversity of players Past week in the NFL; is Tua legit? Should Herbert have played through injury late? Lamar Jackson back to MVP level play Craig Kimbrel stresses out Dodger fans Remembering John Shearin

Don't sleep riding shotgun! Unpredictable NFL; Injuries derail some teams

Fred and Mike discuss riding shotgun and not sleeping, followed by the past weekend of football games. Major collapses and huge comebacks Joe Burrow says don't worry Kyler Murray forgives fan who hit him

Dodgers talk; Sports Reporter admits false claims; Revenge games highlight opening weekend of NFL

Opening weekend in NFL set up for Revenge Dodgers surging while Max Muncy thrives, Cody Bellinger slumps Radio Host admits false claims regarding Freddie Freeman contract talks

Stephanie Kramer calls in; Tom Brady calls out; Mickey Mantle card pays out!

Stephanie Kramer joins "Freddy" and Mike in the Lounge Al Simon talks Balance 7 Tom Brady deserves to make his schedule? Mickey Mantle card sells for over 12 million


MLB Trade Deadline; Watson suspended 6 games; Dolphins Lose 1st Round pick over Brady tampering

MLB Trades and more trades DeShaun Watson decision on suspension announced; NFL not happy Dolphins pay hefty price for tampering

Health and Fitness tips with Fred & Mike; Balance 7

MFred opens up about what he does to keep his health up and where he was taught it. Acid indigestion and Balance 7

MLB All Star game recap- Tradition ruin; Hunter Memories

MLB All-Star game; Black Road uniforms a fail, Tradition halted Kershaw soaks up Home all star experience Fan mail

Dodgers; MLB All star game; Lakers and Kyrie Irving

Dodger talk and the MLB All-Star game Kyrie Irving to Lakers trade talk Daniel Snyder avoiding subpoena Fan mail

Fred's birthday show! UCLA USC to Big Ten?!

UCLA and USC move to Big Ten Baker Mayfield traded to Carolina Panthers Fred's birthday! Fan mail


Social media ruining sports; Dodgers and Freddy Freeman; Dugout brawls; Contracts and more

Social media making sports less an escape and more divisive Los Angeles Dodgers' Freddie Freeman fires agents who led offseason contract talks Angels-Mariners punishment: 12 suspensions for Sunday brawl Fan mail

Gronkowski retires, again; Deshaun Watson lawsuits down to 4, and? Commanders still under investigation

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski retiring from NFL for second time 20 of 24 lawsuits filed against Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson settled Daniel Snyder conducted "shadow investigation" Fan mail

Galaxy Con Talk; Debate about pitchers going deep in games; Banter with fan mail

Galaxy Con Recap When should a pitcher be pulled?

Angels cursed? Aaron Donald signs new deal; More DeShaun Watson accusers

The Angels fire Joe Maddon amid 12 game skid; Are they cursed? More DeShaun Watson accusers come forward The Rams Aaron Donald signs new contract