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Episode 35: "Capitalism Laid Bare"

Episode 35: "Capitalism Laid Bare" Hosts: - Jazzy Vidalia - Dark Moonpaw Topics: - Capitalism: A death cult. - How the Pandemic is exposing capitalism - The psychology of panic buying - Workers strike back - Rent Strike - Encryption and the EARN IT bill - Sexism on the Internet


Episode 34: "Eyes That See"

Hosts: Jazzy Vidalia: Dark Moonpaw: Topics: - Nevada Primaries - Trump's Acquittal - Transgender rights under assault - Coronavirus and Racism - The Mass Surveillance State - Maoism Basics: The Mass Line


Episode 33: "Moving Forward"

Episode 33: "Moving Forward" Hosts: - Jazzy Vidalia - Dark Moonpaw Topics: - Australia Wildfires - A history of America's crackdown on dissent and free speech - A look back at Occupy Wall Street - Proposing a movement - The Iran quagmire - Shout out to a very special boy!


Episode 32: "Accelerating On ICE"

Episode 32: "Accelerating on ICE" In memoriam Willem van Spronsen, we discuss the deteriorating conditions of the migrant concentration camps, ICE employee conduct in private social media groups, Trump's calls for stochastic terror against US Congresswomen, US reinstates the death penalty, Boris Johnson becomes the Prime Minister of the UK, Walmart workers organize on Reddit, the looming recession, Puerto Rico protests, commodification of the Furry subculture and the Culture Industry. Hosts:...


Episode 31: "Antifa, In the Fur"

We chat with Bomberfox, the furry that showed up at an Antifa rally in Dayton, the revolutionary nature of the Furry Community, the deteriorating conditions of migrant concentration camps, American workers standing up for striking Filipino workers, sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction, and more. Hosts - Faolan: - Hemms: - Bomberfox:


Episode 30: Five Guys on Nigel Farage

Episode 30: "Five Guys on Nigel Farage" America beats the war drums for Iran after Venezuela coup fails, Far-Right militias patrol the border, the Supreme Court rush to attack Abortion, LGBT, and Labor rights begin, Amazon violates workers rights while taking workers tax dollars, Trump refuses to declare an national emergency on Native lands while ramming through oil pipelines, milkshakes, and more! Hosts: - Faolan: - Moonpaw: Show...


Episode 29: "The Time for Community Defense"

Episode 29: "The Time for Community Defense" New Zealand mosque shooting, the Right and stochastic terrorism, immigration and concentration camps, the end of a failed Venezuela coup, students paying rent for their desks, more union news from Burgerville, Little Big Burger, and Stop & Shop. - Hosts: - Faolan: - Hemms:


Episode 28: "Mockingbird is back, baby!"

Episode 28: "Mockingbird is back, baby!" Updates from Rojava, updates election scandals in GA & NC, rampant sexual abuse in detention centers, is operation mockingbird back in Venezuela? Portland police working with right-wing terror groups, and more! - Hosts: - Faolan: - Fibersinthe: - Show notes:


Episode 27: "One Word: Venezuela"

Episode 27: "One Word: Venezuela" Episode Info: - Hosts: - Faolan: - Dark Moonpaw: Topics - State of the Union & Combatting the Propaganda - The Polar Vortex & Green New Deal - Venezuela, Guaido, and the CIA - Yellow Vests - Hustle Culture or Human Cattle? - WV GOP Retaliates Against Teachers - The Armed Left - & More! Show Notes:


Episode 26: "Energy, But with an S"

Episode 26: "Energy, But with an S": - Labor ends the Government Shutdown - 2019, Year of the Strike? - Siege of the Unisto'ot'en Camp - More Tax Breaks ≠ More Jobs - Patriot Prayer Terrorizes Portland DSA Meeting Hosts: - Faolan: - Hemms: Music: - Ending title: “House of Frogs (Richard’s Villa)” from “Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: Threshold of a Dream” from OverClocked Remix. Show Notes:


Episode 25: "Showdown Shutdown"

This week we cover give you an update on the conditions in the migrant camps, the showdown over the government shutdown, the effects of global austerity, and update on Rojava, plus more! Hosts: Faolan (, Hemms ( Show notes:


Patreon Announcement (from Episode 24)

We just launched a Patreon! If we get $20K in donations before 31 January we will be testing out FAST, a new anti-pepper spary formula created by the Puget Sound Anarchists. If you want to see Faolan get #MaceInTheFace donate to our Patreon!


Episode 24: "The French and the Furious"

Episode 24: "The French and the Furious": We cover the Yellow Vest riots, an update on the caravan crisis, how failure to properly address Climate Change is created these problems and how Neoliberal solutions will only make things worse. In addition we cover the GOP Lame Duck coups in Wisconsin and Michigan, Ocasio's report on a bipartisan "orientation" that was lecture from corporate lobbyists, retail workers rising up, guerilla protests in a small Alabama town after a black man is executed...


Episode 23: "Marxist Crackdown"

Episode 23 "Marxist Crackdown": Election outcomes, Republicans use Yemeni children to pass a pro wolf hunting bill, China cracks down on Marxists, Trump endorses more terrorism against the Left, & the US military's "non-lethal" laser beam cannon. Hosts: - Faolan - Hemms - Ino (joining in the last third) Notes:


Episode 22: "Caravan of Conspiracies"

Episode 22 "Caravan of Conspiracies": We discuss the Trump Administration's attempt to erase Transgender identity, the Brazilian elections, voter suppression, the immigration caravan and conspiracies it kicked off leading to multiple right-wing terror attacks. - Hosts: - Faolan:, - Attica:,


Episode 21: "Self Defense"

Episode 21 "Self Defense": We discuss the Kavanaugh hearings and the appointment, the Proud Boys brawl in NYC and why self-defense is becoming increasingly more important on the left, what steps you can take to protect yourself, Google and Facebook censorship, and the treachery behind Amazon's "pay raise". Hosts: Faolan, Attica, Frets Show Notes:


Episode 20: Housing Labor

Episode 20 "Housing Labor": We make the usual late-night jokes about the Political Circus then do a deep dive, Attica talks about the voting machines going down in his precinct, gig economy workers are getting the shaft, and we discuss how labor unions made housing affordable in New York City. Notes Location: Hosts: Faolan, Attica, Arramall.


Episode 19: Fascists Gonna Fash

Episode 19 "Fascists Gonna Fash": The GOP is using the ADA to rig elections, Amazon has a Twitter bot army, we discuss how the Alt-Right is co-opting online communities, Trump's Fascist proclivities, US government begins revoking passports and denaturalizing citizens, the cover-up of deaths in Puerto Rico, and much more. - Hosts: - Faolan:, - Attica:, - Notes:


Episode 18: "Hostile Climate"

Episode 18 "Hostile Climate": a disturbing new report on climate change was released showing capitalism is unable to adapt, the Alt-Right rally flops, more Alex Jones hi-jinx, Internet censorship, a transgender lynch mob, major election victories, and more. - Hosts: Faolan, Attica, & Ino. - Notes:


Episode 17: "Vanilla ISIS"

Episode 17 "Vanilla ISIS": We cover the silence of both the mainstream media and Liberals to call out American war crimes in Yemen, how ethnic cleansing in Palestine operates, why you can't debate the Alt-Right and their brazen attempt to label all truth conspiracy while they pollute the political dialog, and more landlord shenanigans from Seattle. - Hosts: Faolan, Attica, & Ino. - Notes: - Background: - "Monolith - A Synthwave Mix"....