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AntiNews 08: "House Negro" Kanye, Viagra Vape Juice, & Stormy Gets Dropped (10.15.18)

Tonight on the AntiNews Live, tune in to find out what's supposedly going on in the world, as Dan and Craig report on all the most strange current events with a dark comedic twist. Call in: 309.716.3818 Topics on the docket include: *Kanye meets with Trump and gets called a "House Negro" *Viagra Vape Juice *Stormy Daniels' case gets dropped *The Roseanne is starting to miss Roseanne *The Rock isn't black enough to be black *Witches put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh *Michael Moore sadly...


80: A Rebuttal to #HampsteadJustice w. Flo Destroyer

Ok, so this episode was so incredibly unplanned that I'm not sure where to start... Last Monday morning I had Tom Dunn on to discuss the Hampstead case and his awareness movement, The Legendary Campaign. That same night Tom came back on to the AntiNews Live broadcast for what was supposed to be a short segment promoting his campaign again, but a few of our UK listeners with differing viewpoints from Tom's had different plans for the night. We received a barrage of comments from people...


AntiNews 07: Tom Dunn vs Angry YouTube Commenters on #HampsteadJustice

Well, our initial plan, stream, and ideas hit the fan on this one... but that's what this show is all about. The agenda for the evening was supposed to be... preshow, cover a news article, bring on Tom Dunn to talk briefly about The Legendary Campaign, then go back to the news. What ended up happening was something more along the lines of..... start show, stream crashes, restart tech, restart stream, back up just in time to bring Tom on, people who disagree with Tom on #HampsteadJustice...


79: Exposing Hampstead: The Horror You Never Heard Of w. Tom Dunn

Today's episode is my chat with repeat offender and friend of the show, Tom Dunn of Through the Black. Tom has a great new documentary out called This is a War, which is all about spiritual warfare. The initial plan was to have him on to discuss this new project... Then he informed me about this Hampstead case of seemingly very apparent satanic ritualistic child abuse, which nobody seems to be talking about, despite some very horrifying accusations. So, obviously, that's where the bulk of...


AntiNews 06: Kanye's SNL Upset & The Kavanaugh Boof Circus (10.01.2018)

Another week, another outrage. From Kanye West's gutsy speech on Saturday Night Live to Brett Kavanaugh's Circus Court hearing, tune in and call in to the AntiNews LIVE tonight with Dan and Craig, to find out what "Boofing" is. Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.


78: TriPartisan Triggering: Marxism

So, this episode turned into a whole different animal than the one I initially set out to hunt. If you're not familiar, TriPartisan Triggering episodes of TSID are episodes where we take a Republican, a Democrat, and a Libertarian, put them together and tell them to discuss hot button topics. If you think that's a surefire recipe for a heated cage match, then you've been watching too much mainstream outrage media. It's always a civil, informative, and fun chat. My initial plan for this...


AntiNews 05: Black Magic Beyonce, Kavanaugh Smear, BatPenis, & RIP MGK (09.24.18)

The world just keeps getting weirder and weirder, making our job easier and easier. Join Dan and Craig live as they cover all the absurdities and outrage that are supposedly happening in the world today. Tonights main topics: *Beyonce's former drummer accuses her of witchcraft *Brett Kavanaugh accused of #metoo scandal without evidence *Batman is uncircumcised *Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie are gay, or not.. *Stormy Daniels describes Trump's penis in a last ditch shot at...


77: Transhumanism: The Next Evolution of Man w. Zoltan Istvan

The question of the day is.... Will technology go too far? We've seen it in countless Hollywood movies; man builds robots, robots get too smart, man gets wiped out. With the ever increasing speed of technological advances where technology builds technology, will we allow it to get to that point? Today's episode is my conversation with entrepreneur, politician, and transhumanist, Zoltan Istvan about what the future holds for mankind and their relationship with machines. Zoltan is a big...


AntiNews 04: The FBI Hides Stranger Things, The New Norm, and Social Justice Outrage

The FBI mysteriously shuts down a solar observatory in NM, Norm Macdonald has a crazy new show, SJW's continue to melt the world and much much more. Tune in live as Dan and Craig cover what's supposedly happening in the world. Call in: 309 716 3818


76: Well, Let's Talk About the Jews, I Guess... w. Marty Leeds

Well, we're going for it. In a day and age where looking at someone the wrong way can get you branded an antisemite or a nazi,.... we are going to touch the untouchable topic and talk about the Jews. The entire point of this show since its inception, was to have the discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have or that we're not allowed to have. As I watch channel after channel on YouTube get wiped out for just bringing up this topic, it has become more and more clear to me...


AntiNews 03: The New Pandemic, A Handmaid's Fail, & HIV Positivity (09/10/2018)

Dan and Craig are back with their dark comedic take on the headlines and everything that is supposedly happening in the world today. Call in at: 309 716 3818


75: Spotting Mind Control Patterns. From 9/11 to California Fires w. Ole Dammegard

Today's episode is my latest with the great Ole Dammegard. Ole returns to the show this time, to break down what signs to look for in spotting a mind control false flag attack. We dug into a bit of everything from 9/11 to the fires raging all around the world including in California, to the Parkland shooting, to the video game shooting, to false flag attacks in foreign countries that I haven't heard of and beyond. All of that and more on today's episode of The System is Down, Spotting Mind...


AntiNews 02: Alex Jones' TBabe, Shady's Back, & Monkeying Around (09/04/2018)

With all the monkeying around that's been going on, there's a whole lot of nonsense in the world. Tune in and watch Dan and Craig give you the rundown of this week's happenings live! 309-716-3818


74: What the **** is Going on in Afghanistan? w. Scott Horton

The obvious question of the day is…. What the **** is going on in Afghanistan? I don’t feel like nearly enough people are asking this question. We’re going on 17 years at war now, Bin Laden has been dead for 7.5 years, John McCain is dead, the war death count is in the tens of thousands and still climbing, but nobody seems to have a good reason for why we’re even there. Today’s episode is my conversation with the great historian, Scott Horton, on why we went to war and why there’s still no...


AntiNews 01: Cannibals, Nazis, and Front Holes (08/27/18)

We're kicking off a new weekly show on The System is Down! The AntiNews is a segment that Dan and Craig have been doing exclusively for members of The Downers Club for quite some time, but we've decided it's high time to take it public with a bonus AfterParty for Club members! The AntiNews is our weekly unfiltered coverage of what's happening in the world with Dan and Craig's special blend of politically incorrect humor, which you can watch live and even call in every Monday night, or catch...


73: How SJWs Raped Comedy w. Brian McWilliams

The question of the day is.... Is there a line in comedy that should not be crossed? Are there things that just shouldn't be joked about? We're living in a strange time, where definitions of words are changing, where speech is violence, where you have to constantly walk on eggshells if you're concerned about offending someone. With all of these fragile new norms, comedy has tragically gotten more and more watered down to fit into a mold. Today's episode is my conversation with Brian...


72: Who is Q Anon?

If there’s a question of the day, the obvious one is... Who is Q?… or What is Q?… or Who are Q?… or where or what or when is Q? If you’ve been paying attention to the news, mainstream or otherwise at this point, there’s a pretty good likelihood that Q Anon has come across your radar in one way or another. The mainstream media spins him or it into an “alt-right absurd conspiracy theory” while many conspiracists believe he or it is something of a sinister distraction…. Then there are those...


71: Goth Christian? w. Skot Shaw of Leper

The question of the day is.... Has there been an area, a social group, or a time period in your life where you felt like an outcast? Today's episode is my conversation with Skot Shaw of the Christian Goth band, Leper, which was recorded on location at Audiofeed Music Festival. It's probably safe to assume that at first glance, people perceive Skot as an angsty sinister individual, but after only five seconds of conversation, it becomes very apparent that is far from the case. Just beneath...


70: Let's Talk About Masculinity

The question of the day is.... What is masculinity? We live in a strange time where men are either not "manly" enough, or they're "manly" to a "toxic" fault. So, where's the line? Is there a box that defines your level of manhood and are you less of a man if you step outside that box? I hope not because if I wasn't born outside that box from the start, before I learned to climb, I think I burned the walls of that box down and ran away... but that's just me. Today's episode is my...


69: Dan is a Jerk on the 29 Toes Podcast (Pt. 2)

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the 29 Toes Podcast AGAIN. Here's what happened... 29 Toes Podcast: The System is Down: The Downers Club: Open Discussion: Buy Some SWAG: Facebook: Twitter: