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88: My Path to Atheism w. Trenton Campbell (Pt. 2)

Today's episode is the continuation and conclusion of my conversation with my all-but-estranged cousin Trenton Campbell on his path from conservative fundamentalist Christian upbringing to atheist adulthood. If you haven't already heard part one, I would strongly advise you go back and check that out before proceeding. At this point in the conversation, Trenton and I are a few drinks in and the topics jump around a bit. Like I said last week, these episodes aren't the usual interview...


AntiNews 15: Rudolph the Problematic Reindeer, Neil DeGropes Tyson, Poppy Bush Passes (12.04.18)

Wondering what the hell has been going on in the world?... Fear not, for Dan and Craig return to fill you in on all the most important headlines with the least amount of irreverence on this week's episode of AntiNews! On the Docet: *George HW (Poppy) Bush passes on *Rudolph joins the 2018 problematic history chopping block *Neil Degrasse Tyson's rape allegations examined *IPAs are the best *The ABCDE's of "Name Shaming" *Harvard all-but bans sororities and fraternities *and...


87: My Path to Atheism w. Trenton Campbell (Pt 1)

Today’s episode is my discussion with my long-lost cousin, Trenton Campbell. Trenton and I had very similar small town Christian upbringings. We attended the same church and learned the same theology, but until very recently, he and I had basically never really discussed…. well, anything. When our church disbanded, Trenton and I rarely ever even saw each other for many years and neither of us really knew where the other was in life, thoughts, or beliefs until one day, thanks to maybe God...


AntiNews 14: Shooting Global Warming, Stormy Daniels the Victim, and Men Aren't Women (11.26.18)

On today's episode of AntiNews, Dan and Craig trek thru the frozen midwestern tundra to bring you all the most important headlines in the news and tear them apart with all due irreverence. On the Docket: *Stormy Daniels is a victim to herself or not *Aerosol is the solution to global warming *Russia to prove that the U.S. never went to the moon *Michael Avenati doesn't beat on women, he beats off men? *Banned from Twitter for stating facts... men aren't women *Why Dan is a shill *and...


86: The Real Assassination of JFK w. Ole Dammegard (pt. 2)

Today’s episode is the continuation of my conversation with the great Ole Dammegard on who really assassinated John F. Kennedy. We’ll be picking right back up where we left off last week, so if you missed part one, definitely go check that out first, so you know what’s going on here. Ole has been researching this topic for longer than I’ve even been alive and I consider him to be an expert on the topic, if there ever was one. It’s always great to have Ole on and pick the brain of someone...


AntiNews 13: Thanksgiving S**t Show Special!

Well, things don't always go according to plan, but we always make the best of it. This was intended to be a live-stream broadcast, but the internet overlords just weren't having it. Regardless, it was still a lot of fun and a great way to lead into our Thanksgiving week, with jokes, friends, news, and booze! This episode was our big Thanksgiving AntiNews party, where we invited a bunch of our podcaster friends and former guests on the show to join us as we discussed the news headlines with...


85: The Real Assassination of JFK w. Ole Dammegard (pt. 1)

On November 22nd 1963, 55 years ago, the world watched in horror as 35th (and likely final) president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and murdered in Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas. Like so many other suspicious acts of domestic terror, the official story was that this crime was carried out by a lone gunman with mental instability and extreme unnatural accuracy with with a gun. Now, in the case of this assassination, there is a great amount of US citizens, if not a...


AntiNews 12: Ginsburg's Tumble, Domestic Tuckerism, & Stan Lee RIP (11.12.18)

Well after technology kicking us offline about 10-12 times in one hour, we decided to kick it old school and just do a pre-recorded episode of AntiNews like the good old days when AntiNews was a patrons only show. Regardless of how much the internet or the CIA want to stop us, we are dedicated to making sure you know what's supposedly going on in the world. On the Docket: *Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls apart *Election results * The blue wave and Trump's impeachment *IL governor talks...


84: Interview with a Former Freemasonic Vampire w. Dr William Schnoebelen

The question of the day is.... Do you believe it is possible to literally sell your soul to the devil for power? We often hear celebrities use the line "I sold my soul to the devil", but what if they're not being metaphorical? Today's episode is my conversation with Dr William Schnoebelen on his story from Catholicism to Witchcraft to Satanism to Vampirism to Mormonism to Christianity. It's a fascinating story of a man who sought out ultimate power thru ultimate darkness and found...


AntiNews 11: Remember Remember, Kanye Flops, The Conners Flops, & Trump's Right to Try (11.05.18)

Dan and Craig return to cover the latest supposed happenings in the world. On the docket: *The Conners' looming cancelation *Kanye West jumps out of the political arena and plays the victim *Trump passed "Right to Try" Bill *Caitlyn Jenner's Marvel movie aspirations *Migrant hoard speculation *Midterm elections *much more


83: Welcome to Metal Mass (Metallimessu) w. Haka Kekäläinen

You may have seen the viral videos floating around about Haka Kekäläinen's Metal Mass... I saw several people and listeners of the show posting the video clip about this thing and I wanted to know more. So naturally, I watched a couple videos, didn't get all the information that I wanted to know about Metal Mass, so I decided to go straight to the man himself, the creator of Metallimessu, Haka Kekäläinen. Haka was gracious to come on the show and chat about the origins of the event, how it...


AntiNews 10: Megyn "Black Face" Kelly, Midterm Pipe Dreams, & Synagoge Shooting (10.29.18)

Tonight Dan and Craig return with their take on the latest news and current events of the week wrapped in their dark comedic package. 309-716-3818 On the docket: *Megyn Kelly gets fired for thinking out loud *Pipe bombs are sent to Clinton, Obama, and more *Synagoge shooting in Pittsburg PA *50 Cent trolls Ja Rule *Fake news *and more


82: Talking Witchcraft (Pt 2) w. Occultist Witch, Lailoken Scathach

Today's episode is the continuation of my conversation with occultist witch, Lailoken Scathach on the topic of Witchcraft. If you missed last weeks episode (ep 81), go give that a listen first, as this episode just picks right back up in the middle of the conversation. We also recorded an extended bonus hour, where we dug into some of the more sensational sexy things on this topic, like Halloween, Hollywood's portrayal of witches, Ouija boards, occult symbolism in media, and much more. To...


AntiNews 09: Canada Runs Out of Weed, Honduran Migration, & Avril's New Outlook (10.22.18)

On tonight's episode of AntiNews, Dan and Craig cover all the current world happenings in a dark comedic fashion. Is nothing sacred? On the docket: *Avril Lavigne Goes CCM *Hondurans Migrate North for the Winter *Canada Legalizes Weed, Then Runs Out of Weed *and other stuff that I don't remember right now Tune in. Call in: 309 716 3818 Let's get weird!


81: Talking Witchcraft (Pt 1) w. Occultist Witch, Lailoken Scathach

Well, here's one that's sure to ruffle some feathers, but that's the inevitable result in having a truly uncomfortable conversations podcast. I know that a good amount of my listeners are religious or conspiracy minded people, so while I am fully prepared for your inevitable "satanist shill" or "evil sympathizer" accusations, I would just ask that you go ahead and chill the heck out. This is the place where we have civil conversations about topics that are uncomfortable or misunderstood...


AntiNews 08: "House Negro" Kanye, Viagra Vape Juice, & Stormy Gets Dropped (10.15.18)

Tonight on the AntiNews Live, tune in to find out what's supposedly going on in the world, as Dan and Craig report on all the most strange current events with a dark comedic twist. Call in: 309.716.3818 Topics on the docket include: *Kanye meets with Trump and gets called a "House Negro" *Viagra Vape Juice *Stormy Daniels' case gets dropped *The Roseanne is starting to miss Roseanne *The Rock isn't black enough to be black *Witches put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh *Michael Moore sadly...


80: A Rebuttal to #HampsteadJustice w. Flo Destroyer

Ok, so this episode was so incredibly unplanned that I'm not sure where to start... Last Monday morning I had Tom Dunn on to discuss the Hampstead case and his awareness movement, The Legendary Campaign. That same night Tom came back on to the AntiNews Live broadcast for what was supposed to be a short segment promoting his campaign again, but a few of our UK listeners with differing viewpoints from Tom's had different plans for the night. We received a barrage of comments from people...


AntiNews 07: Tom Dunn vs Angry YouTube Commenters on #HampsteadJustice

Well, our initial plan, stream, and ideas hit the fan on this one... but that's what this show is all about. The agenda for the evening was supposed to be... preshow, cover a news article, bring on Tom Dunn to talk briefly about The Legendary Campaign, then go back to the news. What ended up happening was something more along the lines of..... start show, stream crashes, restart tech, restart stream, back up just in time to bring Tom on, people who disagree with Tom on #HampsteadJustice...


79: Exposing Hampstead: The Horror You Never Heard Of w. Tom Dunn

Today's episode is my chat with repeat offender and friend of the show, Tom Dunn of Through the Black. Tom has a great new documentary out called This is a War, which is all about spiritual warfare. The initial plan was to have him on to discuss this new project... Then he informed me about this Hampstead case of seemingly very apparent satanic ritualistic child abuse, which nobody seems to be talking about, despite some very horrifying accusations. So, obviously, that's where the bulk of...


AntiNews 06: Kanye's SNL Upset & The Kavanaugh Boof Circus (10.01.2018)

Another week, another outrage. From Kanye West's gutsy speech on Saturday Night Live to Brett Kavanaugh's Circus Court hearing, tune in and call in to the AntiNews LIVE tonight with Dan and Craig, to find out what "Boofing" is. Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.