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72: Who is Q Anon?

If there’s a question of the day, the obvious one is… Who is Q?… or What is Q?… or Who are Q?… or where or what or when is Q? If you’ve been paying attention to the news, mainstream or otherwise at this point, there’s a pretty good likelihood that Q Anon has come across your radar in one way or another. The mainstream media spins him or it into an “alt-right absurd conspiracy theory” while many conspiracists believe he or it is something of a sinister distraction…. Then there are those...


71: Goth Christian? w. Skot Shaw of Leper

The question of the day is…. Has there been an area, a social group, or a time period in your life where you felt like an outcast? Today’s episode is my conversation with Skot Shaw of the Christian Goth band, Leper, which was recorded on location at Audiofeed Music Festival. It’s probably safe to assume that at first glance, people perceive Skot as an angsty sinister individual, but after only five seconds of conversation, it becomes very apparent that is far from the case. Just beneath...


70: Let’s Talk About Masculinity

The question of the day is…. What is masculinity? We live in a strange time where men are either not “manly” enough, or they’re “manly” to a “toxic” fault. So, where’s the line? Is there a box that defines your level of manhood and are you less of a man if you step outside that box? I hope not because if I wasn’t born outside that box from the start, before I learned to climb, I think I burned the walls of that box down and ran away… but that’s just me. Today’s episode is my conversation...


69: Dan is a Jerk on the 29 Toes Podcast (Pt. 2)

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the 29 Toes Podcast AGAIN. Here’s what happened… 29 Toes Podcast: The System is Down: The Downers Club: Open Discussion: Buy Some SWAG: Facebook: Twitter:


68: Dan is a Jerk on the 29 Toes Podcast (Pt. 1)

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the 29 Toes Podcast. Here’s what happened… 29 Toes Podcast: The System is Down: The Downers Club: Open Discussion: Buy Some SWAG: Facebook: Twitter:


67: The Death of Dinosaur Media w. Frankie Val of Quite Frankly

The question of the day is… Where do you get your information?… As the traditional news sources continue to show their biased hands and become less and less trustworthy, where do you go? The internet is (sometimes) a wonderful thing. Thanks to the inception of podcasts and online shows, we now have the ability to look elsewhere, weigh the evidence and talking points for ourselves, and come to our own conclusions. In just a matter of months since my discovering of him, Frankie Val of the...


66: Soft America w. Gret Glyer

The question of the day is… How much is enough? Is there a point where you have too much or should feel bad for having more posessions in one room of your house than many people will ever own in their lifetime? Let me know. Today’s episode is my conversation with repeat offender Gret Glyer, the CEO and creator of one of my favorite companies, DonorSee. DonorSee is something that has honestly impacted my life in a great way and helped me to become a better and more charitable human...


65: Leftist SJW Maniac Changes His Mind w. Tyler Baggins

The question of the day is… What would it take for you to change your mind?… We all have deep set beliefs on everything from politics, to religion, to social issues, to conspiracies, and beyond. I would encourage you to question why it is that you believe what you believe and what evidence to the contrary it would take for you to believe the opposite. My guest today is a great example of the of value of having an open mind. You might not know him by name just yet. You might know him as...


64: Abortion Reality w. Former Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson

The question of the day is… Abortion? This is an issue that has been politicized and used to divide the masses. One side thinks that the other is trying to take away women’s rights, while the other side thinks that the first side is murdering babies… So where do you stand? It’s a sticky subject, to say the least, so it is, of course, perfect for The System is Down. I know a lot of people don’t like to take a stance, don’t like to think about it because it’s not something that has...


AntiNews: John McAfee, Sex Cults, Rape, and General Dicking Around

Here’s what’s supposedly happening in the world today…


63: Stay Away From the Libertarians w. Remso Martinez

You know… There are just not enough hours in the day… It’s something that I heard adults say many times when I was a child and teen, but there are seriously not enough hours in the day. Between eight hours of shutting your body down to 8-10 hours of work to family, friends, hobbies, etc,… life is just so full these days… And I’m not saying this to complain. I have a great life, a great job, a great family, and great hobbies, all of which I greatly enjoy, but there’s just not nearly enough...


62: TriPartisan Triggering: Transgenderism

The question of the day is… Transgenderism?… That’s it because there are so many questions around this topic. Should they get to choose their bathrooms, should they get to participate in the sports categories that they identify as, are their brains in the wrong body, should it be treated as a mental illness, and so on and so forth?… On today’s episode I brought my TriPartisan (Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian) team back on to discuss this sticky subject and the implications that it...


61: Update on the Horrifying #OperationBackyardBrawl (06-12-2018)

Well, we’re back again with another unorthodox episode to bring you another update on this case. Some strange twists have popped up and it’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust. Either way, something fishy is going on and I believe there is more to this than we’re being led to believe. You be the judge. Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable The...


60: The Horrifying #OperationBackYardBrawl Continues (06-07-2018)

Well, we’re continuing with the unconventionality because I feel pretty strongly about this case and keeping you guys and gals up to date on what’s happening. If you’re not familiar, check out episode 59 where we broke down the first days of Veterans on Patrol’s attempt to expose child sex slavery camps and what appears to be the media and government’s attempt to stop them. #OperationBackYardBrawl is a prime example of what this show is all about, Questioning Everything and Staying...


59: What We Know So Far About the Horrifying #OperationBackYardBrawl (06-05-2018)

Well ladies and gentlemen, this episode is a very unconventional one for this show. We were first alerted to this case on Tuesday and we recorded this episode documenting every thing that we knew so far about it. The plan was to release this in the normal Monday morning slot on June 11, 2018. However, this case is unfolding so rapidly in front of our eyes and because I think it is so important to get out there, I decided to do an early release. As more evidence comes to light, we will try...


58: The Mind and Life Altering Joys of Psychedelics w. Mike Brancatelli

The question of the day is… “Psychedelics: Good? Bad? Dangerous? Revolutionary?” Of course there is still a massive stigma around this topic and it’s very likely the result of lack of education or experience. From anarchy to death metal, people are always the most frightened of what they just don’t understand. I myself, have personally never tried psychedelics, so I cannot and will not speak to the values or harm, but I am fascinated by many of the stories I’ve heard from people that do....


Bonus: Dan Smotz Defends Flat Earth on Don’t Feed The Trolls

They say “Don’t meet your heroes”…. Well, at least don’t go on their podcast and debate them on Flat Earth. This bonus episode is my discussion with Matt Macdonald (The Classic Crime) and Nate Henry (Sherwood), where they invited me on their podcast, Don’t Feed the Trolls, for a little Flat Earth chat and oh, you know I had fun with it. While I’ve been a big fan of Matt’s music for about 12-13 years, Matt’s certainly not a huge fan of my thoughts and interests. Haha. Regardless, I had a...


57: Young Marriage = Divorce?

The question of the day is, should people get married young? I personally got married as young as I possibly could and it’s had many a rocky season, but I have a plethora of friends who seem to all have the same story as each other… they got married young, it lasted for a few years and fell apart. What is the cause of this trend or epidemic? Should you be making such life changing commitments several years before your brain, personality, and identity are even fully developed? What do you...


56: Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Tells All w. Kelly Jones

Divorce is never not messy, but custody wars are hell. Today’s episode is my conversation with Alex Jones’ (Infowars) ex-wife Kelly Jones, who is smack dab in the middle of an ugly uphill custody battle with a man of great wealth, influence, and power. You might think Alex Jones is maverick, an info warrior, or just a funny meme about gay frogs, but today you’ll hear the dark reality of who Alex Jones really is when the cameras aren’t rolling and what it’s like to fight for the right to...


55: MOM w. My Mom

What do you do when your mom finds out that you dig into and believe some crazy things… things that might go against how she raised you to think?… Whereas some might try to avoid bringing it up, as the host of the uncomfortable conversations podcast, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to not just invite her on the show to have a one on one uncomfortable conversation about it. So, that’s what I did. Enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day. Let’s get weird! The Downers Club:...